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  1. Chris Simms is a whiny little bitch. He's making these absurd statements to protect his delusional belief that he is some kind of QB savant. If you follow the draft, you are going to be frequently wrong about players you thought would excel or stink, but at least most of us acknowledge our error and move on. Simms is 2 weeks away from arguing that Wilson would be a hall of famer if they served better concessions at Met Life.
  2. Its also the same fan base that cheered for his scrub brother to start games for the team.
  3. maury77

    2023 QBs

    I'm hoping Hooker's ACL tear is a blessing in disguise for the Jets so he can drop to the third round.
  4. maury77

    2023 QBs

    Calling @JiFields, @Paradis, @win4ever, @derp, @Chrebetfan80 and anyone else that likes to break down tape that I may have forgotten, its time to start digging into the tape of this year's crop.
  5. Are you talking about @bitonti's theory?
  6. I'm not blamiing La Fleur. He's been limited for 2 years because he has to play Cobra Kai, for some reason BB is the only one that has figured out how to defend Cobra Kai. Unless La Fleur is going to start playing QB, I don't know what else to expect out of him.
  7. I think there is another season of Cobra Kai in the works, maybe Zach can land a role as an extra.
  8. Yesterday, Mims made a nice adjustment on a deep pass that Cobra Kai underthrew and was wide open for a 30+ yard TD but Cobra Kai didn't throw it, so its difficult for me to assess. I'd be perfectly fine going into next season with a starting group of Garrett, Moore, Mims and maybe a better TE as long as the QB situation improves.
  9. Look at his feet on that throw. HIs lead leg is going left while Conklin is running right and there really isn't heavy pressure. Just consistently awful mechanics from this scrub.
  10. Improved at what? Figure skating?
  11. Yeah, what happened to the "elite" arm talent on that throw? Better zip and placement doesn't give the CB the chance to pick it.
  12. How the hell did management interview this guy before the draft and come away convinced that this was the man to lead the franchise moving forward? He has no leadership qualities, none.
  13. And it was a significantly worse team.
  14. F&&k this guy. Have some integrity and admit you played awfully today. I'd be absolutely livid if I played on the defense and heard his response.
  15. Can we start rumors about Caleb Williams so he drops in the draft? I've read he might be Jack the Ripper.
  16. How can you say that the best players play and allow Wilson to trot out next week as the starter?
  17. Another aspect I love about Williams is how tough he is. I've seen him stand up and get in the face of linebackers.
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