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  1. I read a report today that Lynch's wonderlic score was 18. Doesn't that worry anyone else?
  2. Somewhere above the company that makes your adult diapers
  3. I'm pretty sure Houston fans hate both players ... because they both suck
  4. Houston fans also hated Fitz, calling him "sh*tzpatrick".
  5. Clearly you are unable to engage in a discussion without resorting to insults. This may come as a shock to you, but sometimes colleges don't list players at their actual height and weight. Watson looks kind of small to me. Neither you nor I have any way to verify this until he shows up for the combine.
  6. Agree to disagree. I think Watson is smart, accurate and athletic. However, he is short and slight, so I have concerns about how he will hold up in the NFL (particularly since running is such a big part of his game). He is mostly a one read quarterback who stares down his WRs and honestly, I don't think he has a very good arm.
  7. Uhm, that sound's pretty gay dude (not that there is anything wrong with that).
  8. No one that I know thinks that Lynch would start opening day his rookie year. The thought is that Lynch would sit a year or two behind Fitz (or some other mediocre veteran). I can't kill Lynch for the passes that he threw when he is constricted to the offensive system he is playing in. I have no idea if he can play in a pro set because they didn't ask him to. I do see a tall player with a very good arm, who is a good athlete, pretty accurate, not many bone headed throws and he led Memphis, a rather untalented team, to a defeat of Miss.
  9. RB and Edge Rusher look strong next year, but the quarterback class is kind of meh. The only QB is like so far is Chad Kelly. I think Watson is going to be another Tommie Frazier, great college QB, but not a very good pro player.
  10. It's going to be tough to stomach another CB in the first round. I understand the BPA argument, but exactly what year is this organization going to start investing premium picks on the offense?
  11. I think the Jets should bring in Hoyer for a visit to turn the pressure up on Fitz (even if they don't have any interest in signing Hoyer). Fitz needs to realize this is a buyer's market at this stage, he's like a jackass trying to sell his home for 250k when it appraises for 150k.
  12. How about Clady-Carpenter-Mangold-Harrison-Germain Ifedi (Texas A&M tackle selected in the second round)?
  13. Clady may not be Jonathan Cooper, but Clady did make the pro bowl in 2014.
  14. Well, for those people, they should know that Clady was arguably a top 3 LT before the injuries the last couple of years. In fact, in Clady's last healthy season, he still made the pro bowl. If Clady is healthy and hasn't lost a step, he is a superior player to Brick in the latter's prime.
  15. To all the people criticizing this selection, what was your alternative plan? Start Brent Qvale? I saw some of his tape and it was very Adrien Clark-esque. You can't go into the NFL draft counting on getting a day 1 starter at a particular position when you are drafting at 20, there are too many variables. Let's say, hypothetically, that Tunsil, Stanley, Conklin & Decker are gone before pick 20 and one of the top 3 QBs and a pass rusher are available. Do you really want the Jets to have to reach for an OT at that point? That is not how you build a perennial winner. With the minimal cost involved (along with the modification of his existing contract), the Jets ABSOLUTELY had to make this trade.
  16. The way that last year's contracts were structured, we were going to be tight on money this year, but I believe we are projected to be about 30 million under the cap going into 2017. 2016 was going to be the tight year.
  17. Also, regarding Clady's injury history. In 2013, he missed almost the entire season with a lisfranc injury. Last year was missed because of an ACL tear. These are injuries to different body parts, so it may be more of bad luck than a degenerating body part.
  18. That David Harris guy has been pretty good.
  19. Were you expecting a pro bowler in the fifth round?
  20. I've felt the same. Even if he uses Mo just to move up in the first, I think he will get a mid rounder back to make up for the pick lost in the Fitz deal.
  21. Let's try this again ... if you send them one pick and they send you one back, you have not lost a draft pick.
  22. No, they dealt a 5th and got a 7th back
  23. Lynch has some nice arm talent, but he is going to need a year or two to fix his mechanics. Even in that throw, he is able to complete the long pass, but the ball floats a little bit because Lynch is falling off to the left a little as he throws. He has to work on his weight transfer.
  24. I can't believe Sanchez is already 29 years old, time flies. I always liked the kid, but his time here was over. If he does become the next Rich Gannon, that is going to be tough to take.
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