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  1. I’ve watched a lot of Bears games this year and, without Fields, they are going to have a lot of trouble moving the ball and the defense has been dog poop since trading away Roquon and Quinn. If not for the rain, this should be an easy game for the Jets.
  2. I know, its just the current QB on the Jets roster has made me over correct to the point that I hate when QBs leave the pocket
  3. He just had to talk about a subject Zach found interesting ..... like older women.
  4. If I'm going to nit pick anything about his game, I'd like to see him get the ball out in rhythm a lillte more often.
  5. Caleb Williams is so good he manages to get @RobR to post on the board.
  6. Aside from MAYBE Gholston and his zero career sacks, I can’t think of anyone
  7. If Zach Wilson never starts another game for the Jets, he’s in the conversation for the biggest draft bust in Jets franchise history and ……. that would be quite an accomplishment.
  8. God bless Jamal, the Jets got 2 first rounders for him and he isn’t even that good.
  9. Jesus, 5 pages of talking around the fact that Wilson just sucks. It’s not the end of the world guys. I thought Sanchez, Geno and Darnold were all going to pan out, just take the L and let’s move on.
  10. Seeing those fun bags get deflated was borderline criminal.
  11. maury77

    2023 QBs

    Do any of you see Stroud or Young falling to the 11-15 range? If yes, would you be willing to trade up to get either?
  12. I don't know how many more warning signs people can hear about Cobra Kai and still continue to hold out hope that he's going to turn it around.
  13. She's so delicious, I hate that she lost some weight.
  14. Have you tried prunes?
  15. I mean .... we WERE right and whenever Wilson was modestly better, everyone let you have it, so ........
  16. I'm now convinced you are Zach Wilson's dad.
  17. Thank hod for the rookie salary cap, can you imagine if the Jets had signed Zach Wilson to a Sam Bradford type rookie deal?
  18. I'm just going to chalk up Becton and Zach as Douglas having to learn on the job under Covid and making mistakes. The last draft was arguably my favorite Jets draft ever and they are playing better. Sign Mariota if he gets cut, pick a QB on day 2 next year. Let all 3 QBs compete next year and if WIlson doesn't win the competition, keep him on the roster until its economically feasible to cut him (unless his camp starts demanding a trade which I can absolutely see happening).
  19. I think Mahomes is just an outlier. 99% of the guys that play his style of ball probably don't work out, he's just a freak and teams need to stop trying to get lucky. It would be like only selecting QBs in the 6th round because of Brady. Process > results.
  20. I agree with a lot of what you say, however, the guys you described in the bolded part were probably a lot younger than Wilson and didn't have the number of reps he has had. Mike Tyson famously said, "everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face." I think Wilson just lacks the emotional intelligence to play the position and whenever he is exposed to pressure, he's going to fold. IMO, the ability to keep composure under pressure is something innate, not something that can be learned.
  21. You think he does fine under pressure???? Have you seen his stats under pressure?
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