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  1. Retarded? How about you go f*ck yourself and enjoy the rest of the day. Aside from using that term when you probably have people on the board with special needs family members, are you able to make a post without insuslting someone?
  2. Davis should have caught that, however, the ball gets there late and is behind him. The QB needs to start releasing that when Davis gets to the top of his stem. That's not all on Davis. It is difficult to allocate blame on "drops" if you can't watch the play.
  3. Gardner and Breece Hall keep popping up every practice. With the really good ones, you can tell right away.
  4. Why do you feel that way? I'm not looking to argue, just trying to understand.
  5. I wasn't a big fan of his film & age when he was being contemplated at pick 4, but I felt better picking him in the 20s.
  6. Happy to hear Jermaine Johnson is flashing, I'm sure @kdels62 and I would be happy to eat crow on that one.
  7. Does the Wilson family pay you by the hour or on a percentage of his salary? Not hating, I'm just curious.
  8. I'm still with you on how I expect that this ultimately turns out. It just really seems at times that some people on this board really think that White or Flacco are going to earn starts over Wilson this year and I just can't see that happening. It is Wilson's show this year, for better or worse.
  9. Guys .... say it with me .... "Outside of an injury to Wilson, Flacco and White will not be starting any games this year" Just take a xanax like I do before the game and try your best to enjoy it.
  10. Is he doing bumps of coke in that GIF? If yes, make sure he shares with Becton, its good for weight loss.
  11. 2 good days in a row for the QB, I hope he can keep it up.
  12. I hated the Montgomery trade. Along with the fact that the starting pitching is starting to show signs of wear and tear, they could have just promoted Florial if they wanted a CF.
  13. Zach Wilson, aesthetically, plays a beautiful game of QB. Some people are just born to throw a football and he is one of the lucky few. His ability to moderate between throwing fastballs and feathering a touch pass are a sight to behold. The consistency issue that the OP mentions applies to Wilson and every other QB in the NFL. Almost every QB in the NFL was all state or a hero at his college. These guys are genetic outliers, but very few are able to do it on a consistent basis and that's the issue. When Wilson's first read is open or he is under no pressure, he can make some eye popping throws, but that's not a recipe for consistent success in the NFL because the defenses are too good. He has to be able to consistently progress through reads from a tight pocket (with pressure coming), make the right read and deliver accurate throws. This is why I'm not as bullish on him as so many of you. I just don't see him making consistent plays when he is in a difficult position.
  14. I don't want to jinx it, but this appears to be Z Wilson's best day of practice so far.
  15. So everyone is high-fiving over a blown coverage where the defense essentially stopped playing? Ok.
  16. Oh I agree, but I'm trying really hard to avoid pi$$ing in anyone's Cheerios about Zach Wilson this year.
  17. You are generally correct, but I don't think using the Giants is a good example because they literally have a brand new coaching staff in place, the Jets staff has been in place since last year.
  18. Looks like the secondary blew coverage on that one, Moore didn't appear to have any defenders around him.
  19. Its hard to tell where the blame lies without seeing the play. Did the pressure get there in under 3 seconds or did the QB hold the ball too long?
  20. 2010 was pretty loaded as well. For god's sake, let's not get into a Sanchez v. Wilson debate. 2010 Rbs were LT (hall of famer on the backside of his career) and Greene (who was up and coming at the time). Holmes, Edwards and Cotchery were arguably a better trio than 1998 or 2015 Dustin Keller, at that time, was arguably a better receiving threat than Brady or any of the TEs on this year's squad.
  21. The reports out of camp so far are that Fields has been playing well, but its day 4 or 5 of practice, so take it with a grain of salt.
  22. Its 4 practices. Wilson (assuming he is healthy) is going to start all the games this year (as he should). We should all know by the end of this year what he is going to be. Part of the issue (at least for me) is that since the social media coverage of practices has started, we are getting more in depth coverage of the practices than we ever could in the past. Unfortunately, the Jets have not had very good QB play over the last 10 years so I can't really compare Wilson's practice performance to how "good" QBs perform in practice. That being said, I think we should all agree that we would like to see fewer days where Wilson throws picks in the red zone. Then again, if he plays lights out in the first month of the season, no one will remember what happened in the 4th practice. This is all a very long way of saying that I don't know what the hell to make out of what we are reading about Wilson in practice.
  23. He threw 2 picks today along with picks the last 2 days. Also, is someone actually tracking the yards thrown? I don't think I've ever seen that in practice.
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