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  1. I'm trying to get @Paradis and @Lith to a bondage club Saturday night.
  2. How the hell else are we supposed to get through some of these Jets games?
  3. Can we be happy and sad at the same time? Reminds me of this meme
  4. About time, I've been asking since rookie camp
  5. He has the physical tools and he is allegeldy a smart guy, but his "emotional IQ" is garbage.
  6. I'm happy they got Benintendi for peanuts. Any suggestions on where he should bat in the lineup? Leadoff? I hope Luis Castillo is the next move.
  7. Anything on Breece Hall or Jermaine Johnson today?
  8. Good for Becton, I'm rooting for him.
  9. Other headlines "Gardner is already better than Revis because he got an interception on the first day of practice" "Garret Wilson might be a bust because he dropped a pass" "Pass rush is screwed because Jermaine Johnson didn't have 5 sacks his first week" "Breece Hall will probably win MVP this year"
  10. I'm SO looking forward to over analyzing (both good and bad) Wilson's practice completion percentage over the next few weeks.
  11. I’d love to, but I don’t have Apple TV
  12. I played D&D as a kid, but this movie looks like utter dog sh!t to me. I still think the cartoon D&D from the 80s has been my favorite version.
  13. This is literally how I felt about the film as well. And I think we can say it was Hercules in the mid credit scene at this point (although I've never watched Ted Lasso and I'm not familiar with the actor).
  14. Ted Washington was a beast for a very long time
  15. Just when I thought this place could not suprise me anymore, we have people advocating keeping Saleh (he of the 4-13 record) over hiring Payton. Keep on trucking guys.
  16. Finally watched Hustle with Adam Sandler and I really enjoyed it. It felt like a love letter to the game of basketball in many ways. One of Sandler's better performances.
  17. Santonio is also my number 1. I hated him.
  18. If Zach banging my wife means I don’t have to watch him play, well ……..
  19. I now regret buying a ticket for my wife to the tailgate party
  20. I was there last night. As good as things are, the Yankees definitely need another high end starting pitcher. Additionally, why even play Gallo at this point?
  21. I finished The Offer last night, what a great series. Lincoln Lawyer is next.
  22. I feel the same way. Now that Gleyber is back to playing well, there won't be a place for both Volpe and Pedraza on the major league team.
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