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  1. Mehki Bechton - One big, strong dude who looks like a prototypical RT, but may have the athleticism to play LT. Multiple instances on video of him just tossing guys. Difficult for him to get low for leverage purposes, but he is so strong it often doesn't matter. Very good length. Very nimble getting to the second level in the run block game. In pass protection, he has to work on his pass sets, which can be unconventional at times. Biggest issue I have with Bechton is his mental processing. You see him miss frequently on stunts and this is something that may not improve in the pros. Solid LT prospect who can go in the second round, but may need to play next to a very good guard in order to really flourish.
  2. Prince Tega Wasomething - Good looking athlete. Tall with long arms. Not a lot of fat on him. Agressive and lands a solid punch. Generally does a good job of keeping his chest clean. The video we have unfortunately does not show a lot of him in pass protection, so that is up in the air. I think he is the most underrated guy I've watched so far. Late 1st early 2nd who might be in play for the Jets at the top of round 2 pending what they do in round 1.
  3. Trey Adams - I'm ..... not a big fan. Significant injury history that has caused him to miss multiple seasons. Very tall prospect with long arms. Moves in a straight line very well and looks impressive on pulls (even though he has a tendency to whiff on blocks when he gets to the second level). Doesn't get a huge push on run blocks, but he is able to redirect the defender out of the way. Takes odd sets in pass protection at times. Although he moves well in a straight line, he looks robotic moving laterally and that can effect his pass block ability. Overall, I'm not a huge fan. Day 3 pick.
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    Iowa / USC Tonight

    I'd like some deeper thoughts on Wirfs and Epenesa
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    Iowa / USC Tonight

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    Iowa / USC Tonight

    Austin Jackson, Michael Pittman, Alaric Jackson, AJ Epenesa, Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Creed Humphrey - This is one short, squat SOB. His lack of height gives him a leverage advantage and once he drops that anchor he generally doesn't budge. Shows some quick feet in pass protection. Because of how Oklahoma uses him, I can't comment on his mobility getting to the 2nd level or pulling because you just don't see it on tape. I think Biadasz is a superior prospect. On another note, if you watch the Oklahoma v. Alabama film, Quinnen is absolutely lethal on that tape, holy sh!t.
  8. There is no dead $$ for cutting Williamson. That being said, I'd renegotiate and extend his bonus over 2 years, giving the team some cap flexibility while allowing them to keep Williamson. If the Jets switch to a 4-3 next year (which they should), Mosely, AW and Cashman is a nice LB corp.
  9. I disagree on this one.I think Williamson is significantly better than Hewitt and Burgess.
  10. Tyler Biadasz - decent size for a center. Plays in a pro style offense, so he should have an easier transition to the pros. Pretty athletic and moves well on pulls. Awareness on pulls could be better as he sometimes misses a defender. Gets a good push in the run game, but has a habit of bending at the waist which causes him to lose balance and fall. Pretty good prospect, but I don't see the stud that some people make him out to be. 2nd rounder.
  11. Austin Jackson - Good length and feet. Moves really smooth in pass protection. There are some that question his strength, but he looks like he can add another 20lbs or so. Once he puts on weight, his play strength should increase good agility too and plays with good leverage. Bends a little more often than you like to see and lets defenders get their hands into him frequently on run blocking. Looks a little soft too as you often just see him grazing around without trying to hit anybody. 2nd to 3rd rounder and a tier below the other guys I've reviewed thus far.
  12. I'm sorry, but how the hell is Baker above Darnold. Darnold is having a better year statistically (albeit not by much), while Baker (who is 2 years older) has been throwing to OBJ, Jarvis Landry, and handing the ball off to the league's leading rusher in Chubb (along with Kareem Hunt in the back field) You can't argue with Lamar at #1 right now, but time will tell. Whether it was Cunningham, Vick or Kapernick, we have seen mobile QBs set the world on fire early on and then have their careers fizzle out.
  13. I expect Wirfs to have the best combine of the group as far as testing, but I'm interested in seeing that arm length. Wirfs is also a little stiff athletically, so I'm interested in his 3 cone (not that it matters much for a tackle).
  14. His game tape is in this thread. You don't have to look on youtube, we have most of the top prospects here.
  15. Tristan Wirfs - I'm not sure if this kid ever wrestled, but he looks like one. Not a lot of bad weight on this kid. Moves well in the run game and in pass protection. Once he gets his hands into the defender, you see that explosive strength and he absolutely decleats guys. I have some questions about his arm length and whether he will ultimately wind up at guard. Also, for as explosive as he is, he is a little bit stiff and he has a tendency to play high. Exciting athletic potential, but there are some questions about certain aspects of his game that may not be fixable.
  16. He needs to dedicate himself this offseason to eating better and getting stronger. As technically refined as QW is, his physique still has room for growth. If he takes his career seriously, I think he can get a lot better (and is already pretty decent).
  17. It's nice to see the team learning how to win these admittedly meaningless games. They are a young team and you have to hope that they can carry this into next season.
  18. Anyone else besides me and @RobR going to give some feedback on these guys? Where you at @bitonti?
  19. Andrew Thomas - This kid was built in a lab by someone looking to make a LT prototype. Looks bigger than either of the Alabama kids. Moves very well going forward, but he lumbers a little bit in pass protection. His pass sets are great, but once the defender engages, Thomas doesn't move quite as well as the Bama kids.Thomas is very clean technically and seeing him get low and explode into the defender is very impressive for a guy his size. Also a really bright kid who passes off the first defender to pick up the second defender with ease. I don't think Thomas is going to test as well athletically as some of the other top tier OT prospects, but he is a very high floor player who should be able to start right away as a rookie. I'd be very happy to see him in green.
  20. Alex Leatherwood - He looks the part. Has really long arms. Moves very well getting to the second level and is twitchy for a big guy. He needs a little more development to his game. He can be a little slow with his punch and allow defenders to get into his chest. He also takes odd pass sets at times and I saw a few instances where he lost his balance because he was bending forward too far. Jedrick Wills - I love this kid. Tough and aggressive. Also moves very well for a big guy. Has a wide stance in pass protection that allows him to maintain good balance. Always keeps his feet moving. His punch is lethal and absolutely stuns defenders. If the Jets grab this kid, they are going to be set at LT for the next 10 years. Wills and Edoga would make a nice set of bookend tackles.
  21. FYI, I’ll set up similar threads for WR and CB Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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