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  1. This one was always very subtle
  2. That's my concern. I don't have a problem with the offense manufacturing easy reads for Wilson (that's their job after all), but he's going to have to consistently make plays when the defense doesn't guess wrong.
  3. @Doggin94it I agree with most of your post (with the exception that I see a good arm, not an elite arm, and as @Warfish stated, I didn't see many plays that only Wilson could make), however, I think a big area that needs to be watched is whether Wilson's pocket management improves. Aside from his accuracy, I thought his pocket management was Wilson's worst area. We need to see him stop bailing the pocket so early and running backwards; instead, we need to see improved confidence and stepping up into the pocket.
  4. JJ basically dropped because he’s an older prospect and his analytics aren’t great.
  5. This is where I’m at as well. What concerns me about this team is momentum. The schedule before the bye is brutal. The most winnable games are on the road (Cleveland and Pitt). Cleveland even without Watson has a good running game and defense while the Jets (in their history) have only have 1 victory in Pitt. I fear that a bad start to the season for a young team could cause them to spiral downward.
  6. Wilson is a very talented rookie who we have no idea whether he will pan out or not. Moore was a good rookie who missed games and had 538 yards. The TEs should be improved. Its a solid group. The Dolphins have arguably a top 5 trio in the NFL. Waddle went over 1k yards as a rookie. Hill is Hill. Gesicki had 78 catches for almost 8 hundred yards last year.
  7. No weed??!! As if I needed a reason to dislike Chris Simms more than I already do.
  8. As much as some people love to talk about arm strength, mobility, off platform throws, etc., 90 to 95% of being a good QB in the NFL is still about being able to calmly sit in a pocket, go through your reads quickly and make an accurate throw. Jones does this well already. His arm strength is limited, but he can work on that (Brady's arm improved from his second season). Jones will never have Wilson's arm, but he doesn't need it to be successful.
  9. Leaving the QBs aside because I'm bored of the Wilson debate, as excited as I was to add Garrett Wilson, the Dolphins have a trio of Hill, Waddle and Gesicki that is significantly better than what the Jets are going to be trotting out next year.
  10. Technically I'm Jets, Yankees, Celtics. I also grew up in the 80s. Jets - I actually started as a Steelers "fan" when I was 7, but the Dolphins beat them in the 84 championship game. Next year, the Jets beat the Dolphins on MNF, so I figured "Jets must be a better team than the Steelers" and I became a Jets fan instead (wish I could take that one back TBH). Yankees - My cousin was a fan, so I followed the Yankees. Celtics - My grandfather loved Larry Bird, so I became a Celtics fan.
  11. That's a brilliant post once you understand all the references. Cheers.
  12. Westworld trailer for season 4 is out. I completely forgot where last season left off.
  13. A mid first rounder, 6th rounder and 2 street FAs, all from a different era when stats were not as inflated as in the current game.
  14. If Wilson is the real deal, we will know it by the end of his second season and you won't see these debates anymore.
  15. Dude, you had that avatar since the great Tangini on JN, I need more notice for these changes.
  16. Agreed. I’m a lawyer and my mom still thinks I’m an idiot.
  17. Did you change your avatar?
  18. Anyone hear anything about Jermaine Johnson AKA the other first round pick?
  19. You knew that sh*t was going to happen the minute he announced it.
  20. With the reports about Bryce Hall in OTAs, you may not have that problem come week 1.
  21. Happy to hear that Wilson and Mims showed up today, but man it sounds like Bryce Hall was getting torched out there.
  22. Somehow, it was even worse than that. Haley would stroke it while telling the other guys in the locker room he was stroking while thinking about their wives. Absolute nut job.
  23. This is very modestly concerning given what was an otherwise excellent day by Wilson. Wilson struggled vs. man coverage last year compared to how he did vs. zone. Hopefully it just a trivial end of practice thing.
  24. It would be HUGE if they could salvage Mims.
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