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  1. Mayer looks a little less athletic than usual, I guess its because of the talent on Ohio State. Ohio State's athleticism is starting to overwhelm the Irish.
  2. Definitely. The safeties are hopefully solid, but can definitely be improved upon. LB has question marks. DL has some young talent, but we don't know what Jermaine is yet and its now or never for Quinnen. I'm ok with the interior of the OL, but the tackles could be a major question mark going into next off season. I like the tight ends on the roster, but I wouldn't pass on Mayer from Notre Dame if he was available. I'm excited about the RB and WR rooms. I'm not derailing this thread with a discussion of the other position I haven't mentioned.
  3. Nice throw by Stroud on the TD, he plays the position really smoothly for a 20 year old.
  4. Pretty much any position except RB, WR and maybe CB.
  5. I said he played well. I know having a nuanced take is heresy here, what can I say.
  6. Here is a link to the video of his passes for that game: The Jets running game was very effective that day and it took the Bucs a while for their offense to get going (probably in part because of Antonio Brown's "distractions"). When the Bucs had to honest on defense because of the Jets running game, Wilson played well. Go to the late 3rd quarter when Brady started putting up points and the Jets were being forced into more obvious throwing situations on offense. Wilson could not move the ball as well. He played better, but all the stars had to line up in order for him to do so.
  7. The only time I’ve actually seen recorded for Wilson was a 4.8
  8. They were good plays and we shouldn’t discount them. It would be the same as someone saying “if you take the 2 interceptions away, he had a good game”. Re Wilson’s “elusiveness”, I think people are defining the word differently in this thread. I don’t think Wilson would have a great 40 time, but I think he would have a very good 10 yard split. He’s “twitchy” and very quick in a short area, but he’s not going to pull away from people in a foot race. He’s the opposite of Justin Fields, who isn’t as quick in a short area but will dust you once he gets a head of steam going. I do think Wilson showed impressive elusiveness in the pocket at times, but his pocket management was often terrible last year and one of the areas he most needs to improve on.
  9. I agree that he was noticeably better, I just don't think that even the improved version was particularly good. I think he went from one of the worst QBs I've seen to mediocre. So yes, technically better, but it still did not impress me that much. At the end of the season I felt that he seemed like a passable game manager. We need to see a lot more out of him than that. I won't call him a bust because the sample size is too small and he could be great this year; however, IMO I did not see anything special towards the end of the year (even though it was a significant improvement).
  10. Listen, there is a huge difference between "hope" and "expect". I hope you, me and all the other usual Zach critics are wrong and that Zach wins more Super Bowls than Brady and breaks all of Peyton's records. We would have an awesome next 15 years as football fans and we could talk smack to all the people that have clowned us for being Jets fans. I would take unbelievable joy in that happening. I don't take any great joy in having my expectations pan out about a given football player. Who the hell cares about my opinion about football players? I can barely get people to care about my legal opinions and they actually pay me for that! That being said, there are some of us that just don't see the "special prospect' many of you see in Zach Wilson. Aesthetically, he throws a beautiful pass and he has an ability to throw with impressive velocity from odd angles. He's also a twitchy athlete that can run. Aside from that? I don't get the hype. He is inaccurate, is constantly late on this throws, has trouble processing what the defense is doing and he becomes skittish the minute there is any heat in the pocket. I just don't think the kid has it upstairs. To me, he's like a sober, non-doucehbag Manziel with a much stronger arm. Its just hard for me to see stats like the following and be optimistic:
  11. Saleh is a prolific gaslighter, he should go into politics if coaching doesn't work out for him.
  12. I was right there with you until the end, Wilson is a twitchy athlete. He's not going to be Lamar or Josh Allen, but he can pick up yards with his feet, but the threat of injury worries me if he starts running too much.
  13. And that's with the Jets as the home team, neutral field line is probably +10
  14. That might be the beginning of the end for him if it happened.
  15. I can't find anything about it on the social media.
  16. Send Cashman with him.
  17. Italian is my favorite cuisine and my Cuban family vows to disown me whenever I say this (maybe they shouldn't have raised me in New Jersey).
  18. I don't think I've ever met a person that was actually born in Italy who calls it gravy. An Italian guy I know from overseas was telling me that marinara actually started as a seafood sauce which makes sense because "mare" means sea in Italian.
  19. I think the reason for this (and I'm not going to do the research to pull up the stats) is that down the stretch, Wilson seemed to improve on plays where the offense was not very likely to pass (2nd and less than 10, 3rd and less than 5) and the offense was able to manufacture an open first read for him. Wilson could look to his first read, find the open receiver, make the accurate pass. If the defense had to prepare for a possible running play. Whenever the offense was in a down and distance that a pass was more likely and the first option was taken away, Wilson still seemed to struggle moving the offense (even though he stopped throwing picks).
  20. They also pick up a lot of yards running the ball as well (which Zach is also capable of, but then the injury risk increases).
  21. 1000% the bolded part. The off platform, Houdini element is rarer and nice to have, but if you can't consistently operate efficiently within the contstruct of the offense, you just aren't going to move the ball on a consistent basis.
  22. I hope that the Jets win enough games this year so I CAN give kudos to Saleh and Douglas, but I'm past the point giving credit for what I imagined was a good off season only to see it manifest itself as a poor season.
  23. Oh wow, he was a prety good football writer as well, RIP
  24. Some of us just value different things in QBs. Mac Jones can't make something out of nothing if all of his receiving options are covered, but he will run the offense the exact way its meant to be run and that's honestly 90% of what being a good QB is about. Others of you prefer someone that can pull an occasional rabbit out of the hat, but struggles with the more mundane aspects of QB play, like getting your drops right, timing your steps with the receivers' routes and playing in rythm. Ideally, you have both.
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