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  1. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-bold-predictions-every-nfl-team-2022-afc-east 1. Jets will rank top 10 in sacks on defense The Jets have attacked their biggest areas of weakness with impressive resolve this offseason, and their pass rush will get the added benefit of Carl Lawson returning from injury. Lawson was a big free agent addition a year ago but missed all last season with a ruptured Achilles. He may not be 100% in his first year back, but he can certainly team up with John Franklin-Myers (80.3 PFF grade last year) and rookie Jermaine Johnson to bring some heat. Quinnen Williams didn’t have a good year in his first season in Robert Saleh’s defense but is still made to generate pressure up the middle. The pass rush will also benefit from an overhauled secondary, buying the unit more time to get to the quarterback. 2. The team will have a top-five offensive line The Jets have rebuilt their offensive line very well in recent years, finishing last season ranked 11th in PFF’s offensive line rankings. For 2022, they added Laken Tomlinson in free agency (No. 11 guard in PFF’s rankings last season) and will be hoping to get the return of a healthy Mekhi Becton. 2021 rookie Alijah Vera-Tucker also flashed huge potential and should improve in his second season. The Jets should expect this group to be a top-10 offensive line, but there’s a good chance it does far better than that and ranks inside the top five. 3. Zach Wilson will struggle badly again in Year 2 Wilson was arguably the worst of the rookie quarterbacks last season, and certainly the one who did the most harm to his overall reputation. Every data point screams a player who was in over his head. He had one of the slowest average times to throw in the NFL despite scrambling a fraction of the time compared to the players around him. He had an awful completion rate (worst in the NFL) despite an average depth of target that ranked 24th. Only Baker Mayfield allowed a greater percentage of pressured plays to result in sacks, and he had one of the lowest big-time throw rates in the league. Wilson was making a huge jump from BYU to the NFL, but last year showed how far he has to go. An improved supporting cast is great, but Wilson looked further than a year away from good NFL play.
  2. I think those of us that are planning on going to Monday's game should know whether they are planning on playing the starters.
  3. maury77

    Freak List

    If Zach Wilson doesn't pan out, I'd be intrigued by AR-15 or Levis next year.
  4. I wish I had something to recommend, but the entire lineup has gone into a malaise and I'm not sure Stanton and Carpenter coming back are going to fix that. I'm utterly clueless about how to fix what is going on.
  5. IMO, the biggest difference is that Glenn Foley was, I believe, a 7th round draft pick? It was not a big deal for the staff to sit Foley and play Vinny because no one expects 7th round picks to pan out anyway. For the Jets to sit a 2nd overall draft pick in his second season is an admission that they made a mistake and I'm very confident the front office will do everything it can to avoid that.
  6. And you will also discover that you are probably gay
  7. Just out of curiosity, are there any areas that you feel Zach Wilson needs to improve on at all?
  8. Who knows what it ultimately means in the grand scheme of things, but I had a crappy day and these reports were great. The first 4 draft picks flashed today, you can't really ask for anything more. Also, the offense could look like The Greatest Show on Turf 2.0 with Flacco and Wilson is still going to be the starter when the staff feels he's ready to play. Whether you think that is a wise decision or not, it is still the reality.
  9. Please stop, my wounds still have not healed.
  10. Phoebe Cates presumably, but I don't think she would be interested after walking in on him in the bathroom.
  11. I think it is a technique issue with Wilson, Matt Waldman talked about it prior to the draft https://mattwaldmanrsp.com/2021/12/29/matt-waldmans-rsp-boiler-room-no-316-wr-garrett-wilson-ohio-state-save-the-clapping-for-the-fans/
  12. I had to sit through Freida to get a good look at those.
  13. Oh please, try being a lawyer, nobody likes us.
  14. Accurate. I think I've read that the feds have a conviction rate of over 95%. The resources they have (particularly compared to the state level) are ridiculous.
  15. I really enjoyed it. Light hearted and doesn't take itself too seriously.
  16. The decline of western civilization, exhibit J
  17. All this arguing about who sucks the worse between Zach Wilson, Quinn and Mike White reminds me of most current discussions about politics.
  18. I realize I'm parsing words, but Saleh said if Wilson's "ready" he will play, not if he is "healthy". They could say he was physically ready to play, but they wanted him to get more reps in practice because he missed a few weeks, etc.
  19. Waters is definitely all political, but he played the hits. Gilmour looks like he just rolled out of bed and mostly plays the non hits
  20. I love Pink Floyd. Never got to see them together, but I've seen Gilmour and Waters individually. Very different concerts.
  21. Still my favorite SB halftime show ever.
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