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  1. You can blame the scheme, the play calling, the offensive line, etc. At the end of the day, you can't play QB in the NFL if you are afraid of getting hit. Wilson collapses under pressure and this has been statistically proven. There is no offensive scheme that lets you completely avoid pressure from the defense. Wilson's selection at 2 (along with his subsequent atrocious play) is a stinging indictment of the team's scouting department. How could they fail to account for the huge pockets Wilson played with his junior season and how poorly he looked the prior season when the pockets were tight? I have no idea what the team is going to do at QB for next year, but if they are planning on drafting a QB, they should go "old school" and let the player sit and learn his rookie season. Sanchez, Geno, Darnold and Wilson all started as rookies from opening day and it hasn't worked. Roll with Mike White or some other vet for a season or 2 while the rookie develops. Let the vet take the team to the playoffs while the rookie develops behind the scenes.
  2. Brother, I was literally SCREAMING this in the draft forum leading up to the 2021 draft. Watch this tape from when Wilson had to play in a tight pocket and it will remind you of what you are seeing at the pro level.
  3. Are these angles we haven't seen yet? Should he be throwing the ball backwards? Between his legs?
  4. Oh, it got me fired up, just not the way he was expecting.
  5. I'm going to respectfully disagree with you here. The deep 3rd safety is about 10 yards away from the spot where Garrett was running and even if the throw to Elijah is on a rope, its a longer more difficult throw (this isn't even taking into account that he completely failed to notice the other defender dropping into the deep zone).
  6. Hi Mr. Wilson, how's the weather in Utah today? What are you getting Zach for Christmas?
  7. When are some of you going to understand that having a strong arm doesn't mean you are going to turn out to be a good QB? Jamarcus, Kyle Boller, Browning Nagle, Drunkenmiller, Dan McGwire, JP Losman, etc.
  8. Stop that play at 7 seconds when Zach is at the top of his drop. If he throws with any anticipation, Garrett is starting to break open. Just a complete lack of understanding how to throw with anticipation.
  9. Given the options that are left, I'm mildly intrigued by rolling the dice on Conforto. That lefty swing would bring nice balance to the lineup and play well at Yankee Stadium. He has played well in this market before.
  10. Do we have the all 22 film to show what routes were being called after the INT? Maybe there were deep routes being run and Zach just got spooked because of the INT so he didn't want to risk it.
  11. There were rumors swirling about the Jets and Wilson prior to the pro day. Why? I will never understand, but I think that was cooking from December 2020.
  12. Thanks DJ, I’m so glad it took you 2 years to admit Fields was the better player …. FOH
  13. Do they have a statistic for side arm throws? Throws while wearing a headband? Stop being such a hater.
  14. @Lith was speculating the same thing when we were at the game.
  15. I'm not that broken up about letting Benintendi walk depending upon who they replace him with. I've read rumors that they are looking at the Diamondbacks' outfielders.
  16. What system is going to work when the QB typically only flashes on roll out scramble plays and can’t complete passes under pressure?
  17. I haven’t loved what I’ve seen from Brady this year.
  18. There is no one on that free agent list that really moves the needle. I'm fine with White being resigned, but he's too often hurt for me to be comfortable with no other options. Zach is coming back because ..... cutting him doesn't make financial sense, looks bad for the franchise and they won't get anything of value in return for a trade. They will give him a chance to win the job next year, but I'm extremely confident that you won't ever see any significant improvement from him. Some potential release/cut/trade candidates I'd be interested in: Jared Goff Jordan Love Carr Geno.
  19. Exactly. The Ravens have theoretically designed a great offense for Lamar, but they haven't executed the talent part very well (aside from the OL which I believe is still good).
  20. Let me get this straight ...... After rooting for this team for close to 40 years, spending more $ than I care to calculate on tickets, memorabilia, etc....... I will be an idiot tomorrow if the Jets get shut out and I don't cheer throughout the entire game? Or is Zach the only player I'm not allowed to boo? What if I want to boo another player on offense? How can I communicate that I'm booing, say, Berrios for dropping a pass instead of Zach? I've got a better idea. Zach (who is almost at the end of his second season after being the number 2 overall pick) can play well OR him and his feeling can go f&ck themselves. Seriously, do any of you get as much slack at your own jobs as you want to give Zach? "Sure Dr. Smith has operated on the wrong leg 10 times in a row, but lets not fire him because he went to a good school."
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