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  1. Seriously. Look at Mims now after he was in the dog house basically from inception with this coaching staff. Give Moore some time, he didn't magically lose his ability overnight.
  2. The quick throws aided the pass protection, but the OL did a great job with run blocking too. That last drive for the go ahead FG, the Bills HAD to know the Jets were going to almost exclusively try to run the ball and they just couldn't stop it. One of the most impressive performances from a Jets OL (given the number of backups that were playing) that I can remember. Just an all around great performance by the coaching staff today.
  3. Look man, I hear you and no one agrees with you more than me, but we can't change it so let's just enjoy today's win and that the team is 6-3. I can't even remember what a playoff game feels like but it looks like I'll get a chance to remember this year.
  4. Its the same formula from last year and this year: if the running game is working and you can scheme Wilson's first read open, he can deliver it to the receiver. If the Jets fall behind and the offense has to rely on the pass (like last week against New England), the defense brings the pressure and it goes poorly. The trick this year is that the defense has been so good that the offense is rarely in a position where it has to pass.
  5. Waiting for what? This is basically what he did all season except for the Patriots game.
  6. He didn't blow the game today so I'm thankful for that. He was ok today and avoided all the backpedaling BS that has littered his career. If that's "eating crow", so be it. I'm going to enjoy this huge upset, the Jets being tied with Buffalo for the most wins in the division and I leave the Zach hive to enjoy your belief that today's game means he's a superstar.
  7. Absolutely, its well deserved today. Ulbrich too as he got a lot of crap from people (including me) this year.
  8. Happy to see they blew the hurry up call on 4th down because Zach didn't watch the game clock. Guy is awful.
  9. Are the Jets going to start throwing downfield now to try and score or are they going to stick to the running game?
  10. I assume because they want to bring him up mid season and defer his arbitration year down the road.
  11. If Zach Wilson is a living nightmare, does that make him a mormon Freddy Krueger?
  12. https://beargoggleson.com/2022/02/17/chicago-bears-luke-getsy-shanahan-offense-scheme/ Well, the Bears new staff is running the Shanahan offense and Fields has looked pretty good in it over the last few weeks. When you have a running threat at QB, it stresses the hell out of the defense because they no longer have a numbers advantage. Maybe Kyle Shanahan is just not as good of a talent evaluator as some consider him to be.
  13. I hope you're wrong, but I can certainly forgive a bad game against Diggs given how Sauce has played so far this year. Even Revis had a couple of meh games against Stevie Johnson.
  14. We've never recovered, Ming is to blame for all our misery.
  15. maury77

    2023 QBs

    Lol, overcorrection I suppose. I agree with you re QB and even though Hooker lost to Georgia yesterday, I'm still bullish on him as a second day pick.
  16. I was just watching Flash Gordon ..... and despite it being so objectively awful in so many ways, I still love watching it. I'm sure a lot of it has to do with watching the movie since I was a kid, but the soundtrack is great, Brian Blessed is so much fun and the colors and costumes are so over the top that it almost makes it feel like a parody. A guilty pleasure.
  17. maury77

    2023 QBs

    I've got concerns about his size and build, he's not a great athlete, but ....... man, that kid can move in the pocket. Some of the best pocket presence I've ever seen in a prospect. He's so fun to watch. If he stays healthy, I think he might be a really good pro.
  18. But I don’t pay for the content, it’s free. You just have a limit to the number of free articles you can see in a given month.
  19. That should be a flag on the Tennessee defender for the helmet to helmet agaInst Bennett
  20. If Hooker has a big game today, it might clinch the Heisman for him.
  21. I'm in the same boat. Neither of us were high on him, but he's been better than I expected. I don't think he's every going to be a consistent double digit sack guy, but I think he will be a consisten 8-10 sack guy who defends the run well and I'm more than happy with that if they pair him with a "bendier" DE on the other side.
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