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  1. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Actually, Maccagnan himself was at the game.
  2. Just got back from Laramie

    LOL. I went to Colorado and Wyoming for college visits with my daughter. Laramie is only 2 hours north of Denver. I thought I'd scout Josh Allen while we were there. As I said, he looked impressive live and I watch a fair amount of college ball, so I have some basis of comparison. I can't talk about his attitude as I have never seen him interviewed.
  3. Josh Allen looked like a pro-level QB on Saturday. I know he wasn't facing an NFL defense, but he has a rocket arm and was mobile. Locals say that a new set of receivers let him down early on in the season. Terrific outing on Saturday.
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  5. Let's hear it for the play-offs!
  6. Maynard. An original Jet (Titan). Cut by the Giants and became a HOFer. Then Klecko. Should be in the HOF.
  7. Face = $125 each, OBO. We're going, but will only will use two seats. We really do not want sit next to Browns fans. Please. Help us out.
  8. Welcome JI Posters

    Hi, folks, JI refugee here. Member there since ... gulp ... 2001. Not happy with Scout. Honestly, I am amazed to see the number of former JI posters from years past and it's great to see (including TX, who makes me laugh and who shines a spotlight on our homer blindness). It's like reunion week. Anyway, like what I see here at JN. I am not a big contributor, but I appreciate all that you folks contribute. CT Green