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  1. Loving Josh Rosen (merged)

    I am happy we made the trade but I was and still am against taking, but with that said I wanted to play hack all yr to know what we have.... IDK what the plan is do they carry 4 and cut petty?
  2. Did geno's mother write this? where are the parts where he makes the same mistakes over and over? where is the discussion of the forced interceptions, the pick sixes, hanging on to the ball to long. Seriously this is not about race this about being anything other then successful and not correcting the mistakes you have made. If Geno made team mates better then he would be on a roster, Maybe it is because he thinks the earth is flat? That should tell you about his mentality in itself
  3. wow a troll from the vikings? whats next. Do use all a favor and don't come back in a few months or really ever again talking crap. The board IQ should have recovered from the this thread by then. O and 4 in superbowls and you your talking crap.
  4. unless he can play offensive tackle that is the position we should be looking at more quality olinemen
  5. Demario Davis To The Saints

    he was supposedly looking for 10 million Mac said fine go get it and signed someone with the salary slotted for that type of player. I think Davis woke and did not get the offer he was expecting and signed for what he could get
  6. Bridgewater 1 yr deal

    they need to draft the best qb they can in the first round it is pretty simple, i think Petty is gone he has had a few starts and has not looked good, HAck might get a buy but not sure on that
  7. dude did I sell Bridgewater was a hall fame qb in development? you have an issue fine, but do not put words in my mouth. There have been other players in the league with bad injuries and have come back. Cousins for this team at that price does not make sense sorry you disagree but allot of people think long run this better for the team. I happen to like Sanchez and sorry he never developed but can we see the Bridgewater play before you write him off? I think the Jets need to get a few offensive lineman, I like the pickup of Crowell also. To me I think they need to take the best qb available at 6 double down on the qb this season. While the knee injury was horrid, if he was a running back I would be more scared off. But think about players that have suffered injuries an have come back Drew Breeze torn labrum and rotator cuff in his throwing shoulder... Andrian Peterson mcl and acl same time comes back and gets 2000 yrds rushing Laquon Treadwell tears up his knee comes back as a 1st round pick There are a bunch of players that have had career threatening injuries and have come back to finish their careers strong or get them started. I am saying I would gamble on the Bridgewater and a draft pick for this team right now then spend guaranteed money have multiple holes we wont be able to fill
  8. ny player is one hit away. if he passes a physical then Bridgewater plus a drafted qb would be great, I am meh on Mcnown
  9. 4 and 19 as a starter against winning teams to fully guarantee a contract to what may amount to an average qb with all the holes on this team is not to smart. 90 million guaranteed to a 30 old qb that has been to the playoffs? I will take bridgewater and draft a qb any day of the week. That shows how desperate you are in trying to justify cousins at any cost. In the long run we are in a better position. Now they need to draft a qb as well with the 6th pick http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york/jets/post/_/id/75043/after-kirk-cousins-snub-jets-gm-under-pressure-to-draft-right-qb http://www.nbcsports.com/washington/washington-redskins/kirk-cousins-redskins-not-beating-playoff-caliber-teams This guy is worth 100 million dollars guaranteed cant win against winning teams hasn't been to the playoffs. Because that is what is being report 30 million a yr with the contract fully guaranteed. We can get olineman a rb and additional playerrs to make this team better rather then investing in a qb that cant beat teams with winning records. You can say the redskins are a mess but so are the Jets if he could not do it there what makes you think he would do it here? I am not saying Bridgewater is going to be all pro but I will gamble on the 6th pick and Bridgewater that one of the two could be better. And for the record look at the sampling first two yrs and bridgewater was a slightly better qb average wise. that is the sampling I am judging by. Because if I look at the winning when it counts...Cousins leaves allot to be desired. If he could not lift a redskin team how in the world do expect him to lift a Jet team?
  10. you guys have this failing and he hasn't even signed. Let's bust the bank for a qb with a loosing record against winning teams. The idea should be get younger and better and not older and maybe slightly better. Teddy +drafted qb would be better long term for this team versus signing Cousins and then not drafting a qb because of the money we having to much money wrapped up in one position. My god you make it sound like I dont want to spend the money I do want to spend money but this team needs help over I dont want to sink all the cash into one or two positions when we need help at 8 positions
  11. jensen as an oline Achoattoua from the chargers young player stuck behind great players worth a shot at outside linebacker Mingo as an inside lber
  12. so much optimism on the board....not this move is smarter for the team because we are not tying up 90 million long term 3 or 4 deal mat 12 mill starting take the extra 16 million and sign some decent o lineman or a line backer. draft a qb a rb and go from there
  13. the reason he was not on the active roster was they were trying to stop him from being a free agent they wanted one more yr of control that was determined by an arbitrator that he would be a ufa. Short contract 3 yrs less money draft a qb ,sign a few more olineman or a receiver and go from there http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000917691/article/teddy-bridgewater-expected-to-become-free-agent
  14. I am happy we are not spending 30 million on a qb esp one that has not won a championship. Lets sign bridgewater and draft a qb sign more olineman lets get better in a few positions