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  1. Ignore sar is is fool who wants to argue and insult people, everyone in the world knows gase is a bad coach but Sar that should be a tell on what he is thinking. When everyone is calling out gase and the come back is with the right roster, f that with the right roster anyone can win that is weak answer at best a stupid answer at worse
  2. Gase sucks and is an idiot anyone who thinks gases did a good job needs to learn the sport. gase did not have the team prepared had an entire off season to game plan for one game and failed. It starts at the top and the idiots that support a terrible coach need to be called out as being bad fans who dont know the sport
  3. this is my issue with teh Jets in a nut shell they owe the fans the best team they can field every yr. they money and resources on the table that could have been used to make this team better but instead they did not sign any free agents of note traded away Adams they could use those picks as leverage to get a ddecent player that will help them now. I am tired of watching them save cap money and putting crap on the field yr after yr.
  4. well a qb coach like gase should always have his qb aware of what is happening and what to do.
  5. same can be said about gase exactly what did he do in Miami as an offensive genius he looks bad no innovation bad play calls sam is forcing the ball and stuff sam should have been coached out of he is still doing fire gase don't let him on the bus back. He offense is going to finish bottom 5 again from the small sample, at least the payers like Bowles
  6. Gase was hired to make him better maybe Gase sucks and cant coach
  7. fu this board stan is the worse person out there try to email about a cocenr and he he has issues with reading comprehension.

  8. All things are equal right? so if the players were smaller they were all smaller even the qbs? equipment was less protective and dirty hits were allowed. All I am saying is it ia fallacy to compare eras of qbs against different eras and say one guy is tougher then another. Remember when Thiesman broke his leg(clean play by the way)? Or when Namath missed a year on a cheap shot on his knees? Those plays were allowed then and are not allowed now. You take the exception qbs from any era and they would still be exceptional qbs. Rules now are meant to protect the qb when 30 yrs ago they were not as tough and 40 to 50 yrs ago a qb was fair game. It is the evolution of the game but if you take brady and place back in time 30 to 40 yrs ago he might not have survived with some of those hits they were giving out. Namath did not his career should have gone on longer but cheap shots took their toll on him and he is one of the tougher guys I have met.
  9. No they don't sorry but qb since Brady has come in have been untouchable compared to Montana and then compare that to when Namath played. When qbs got smacked around 10x as bad.
  10. O down voted because they played in different eras, where qbs were allowed to be hit IMagine comparing Brady to Namath when QBs were allowed to be killed. Sorry but you lost me when you compared the ages they retired. Fine the lets line up and smack brady like Montana and that era was hit then we can talk about ages when they retired
  11. I wonder what it would be like if he actually showed up and coach the philly game or won one of the 2 games against win-less teams. You also ignore the fact that his offensives have been bad and for caoch that hangs his hat on being a offensive genius people claim he has not performed in 4 yrs. after 4 yrs there are no excuses if you can only win as a cordinator with a hall of fame qb. But let's ignore all of that we got rid of a bad coach for another bad coach and until he his offense actually performs there are no excuse,injuries or other wise. The defense performed above standards with injuries and less then adequate corners. A good coach can put players into position to succeed and Gase did not do it but Williams did
  12. What drives me crazy about Sar besides the point he tries to dig at everyone who dislikes the coach is he says we are part of the problem NO SAR you are the problem you have basic issues with facts that disproves anything you have said about him. there is a reason I blocked him and then see his post. Do I wish Ill on gase no but I hope he learns how to coach or gets fired I mean for an offensive genius to finish in the bottom 5 for 4 yrs running says something either he s a bad coach and Sar knows nothing about football or he is genius waiting to prove everyone wrong. Don't let history and stats fool you though, one yr gase will be a winning coach and Sar will be there saying he told us so. It may be 10 yrs from now but hey Sar has time
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