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  1. I will say this Sam makes any offense better , any questions I had about the kid watching him perform healthy has been answered, He makes everyone better even this oline
  2. that might work if the coach did not throw players under the bus the first 3 weeks
  3. They added olineman you would expect to be better ... at some point you have to look at the blocking scheme yes they ignored the offense but they did add, they have some talent at wr, tight-end without Herdon is a series of back ups. But you have one of the best running backs in the league and the coach cant figure out how to get him into positions that succeed, and the line can fun block? To me the offense is not as devoid of talent as people are making it seem most of the issues I see is on the coach. play calling and the rigid scheme he is running
  4. the guys were not open so it was not enough
  5. here is thing center, lg were supposedly upgraded. and wether you want to blame age or scheme they are not performing, the only time Gase has had some playoff success is either with a weak schedule (miami made the playoffs) or with peyton manning. I think a good qb covers for gase more then the teams weakness. These bad play calling wil have some success based on same how much remains to be seen though
  6. here is the mistake with this article...... they are thinking most fans are looking at 4 games we are not. We are looking at these 4 games Plus his 3 yrs in Miami which ended less the spectacularly the comparison to BB is a joke at best and completely wrong. Gase started strong in Miami with a playoff appearance then 2 straight loosing season where players and fans complained about his ego play calling and game planning the same things we are complaining about here. Was fired for performance after screaming at the owner that he knew more about football ect... not the smartest move if you want to stay employed. And no I do not believe this was some sore of genius move to get out of Miami. I think he let his ego get in the way. So far it appears he has learned nothing from that life experience. In his third yr BB had the browns in the playoffs and was fired not on performance he was fired in part because the browns moved to Baltimore and Modell wanted a clean slate. Modell set that team to fail. They were 4-4 before the announcement on November 6th 1995 after that they won 1 more game. The just came of an 11-5 season and beat the Pats in the playoffs. Things were looking up and then the move was announced. That is the owner screwing the coach and the players to the max. Who could win in that environment ? https://www.si.com/nfl/photos/2015/11/06/cleveland-browns-fans-react-move-baltimore#21 Hey I want the Jets to win but we need to see improvement, those who say the 3rd string qb is at fault well that is Gase's boy he brought him up from Miami and has said he knows the offense better then anyone. That leaves 2 options where gase still has blame one either he cant evaluate talent or or he has not adjusted his game plan to help the player succeed. No one expected to win against Philly but that game plan was horrid and 14 points thru 16 quarters of football from an offensive guru....come on what is the next excuse people will come up for Gase?
  7. No one not a single fan here wants to loose, we want to compete and try to win look like an actual football team on the field. For the offense that has yet to happen, if we did not care we would not post. That is not hating or rooting for a team to lose, that is pointing out faults and blame without excuses. it is Gase's fault the team has looked like crap, he has made choices and play calls that led the team to this point, it was not the special teams or defensive coaches. And if I had my Choice of imaginary coach it would be Walt Michaels
  8. This article really spells out the points allot of us have been trying to make here. Like the author read some of our posts
  9. any way you want to cut or peel the responsibility lies with gase, 3 rd string qbs that he brought with him from Miami and he says knows the offense better then anyone else should be able to execute a set amount of plays, you as a coach find those plays and put in the gmae plan or you find someone who can. He has had 2 yrs o evaluate this kid and the excuse is the qb cant play? so what was the excuse the first game? what is going to be the excuse the next few weeks? Sorry but this does not fly and it is not to hard to understand if you perform poorly you either need to adjust or get replaced. The same goes for everyone. Gase has not performed as the offensive Guru people were calling him. If he did we would have more then 14 points in 16 quarters of football. Holding the coach responsible for this under performance is a given when you look back at his last yr in Miami and his first 4 games here.
  10. those are teh two guys you dont trade one because of the cap hit...the other because he is a young Probowler on a rookie contract. most anyone else esp Leo should keep a bag packed. Leo is rated as a top 25 Free agent coming up so I am not sure you duplicate or double down when you can use that resource to get a corner or an olinemen and help the team
  11. I am meh on this because you think people who are anti gase are saying he should be winning...we are not we are saying he should be coaching and making adjustments to help the qb and better play calling short drops quick slants ect... do let the kid have too many choices he has to get rid of the ball Gase has not done that from what I can see Gase has not really coached to anyone's strengths. We are not saying win but coach and plan to be competitive. he has not. If this was your job and you had 4 bad performances over a month and cost the team money (that is what is happening when fans turn off and tune out stop by merch ect) how long would you expect to have it?
  12. Blame the team not the player, I think the kid will be fine. It is about time they drafted someone who has impact after how many times I am sure you saw this above QW is least of issues on this team. I would have traded down for more picks myself ....
  13. to me that is scheme. Carpenter is great example of taking a blocker and zone him into a zone scheme and he struggles with assignments because of shifts and stunts. that is what I think we are seeing now. They need to simplify the scheme something Gase did not do in Miami and I have not seen that change here or change the scheme a together. gases offense should not rely on needing a probowl qb to make the reads and audible every time to be successful.
  14. get the whole quote what does going to Rutgers have to do with anything....So Ray Lucas went to Rutgers he was in the NFL and played Qb there along with other positions. I have met a few times, I found him to be bright and articulate. I think I would value his opinion over most people about playing in the NFL since he has been there and done that.

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