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  1. maybe but I am of the thought sign olinemen and make a run at fowler then you draft the best available player (hopefully and edge rusher or an olineman) I would not move a high first for Evans not because he isn't young and good but the the pick and he might hit the market for less. why bid against oursleves
  2. another reason to fire Bowles. he does not put players into a position to succeed. Come on you are supposed to be protecting a rookie Qb and this. That is a poor job.the Only Player I see having a good yr is the Safety look at all the players we have that seem to disappear under Bowles and we blame the GM and players. How about we get a coach then make a determination on the players. Mac i am split on if he goes or stays I am blah
  3. rammagen


    really we had a lead I dont recall that until the last 3 minutes when they opened up the passing game, my point was no matter what choice the coach made with his track record it would be incorrect but apparently you seem to have issues with that. I actually said he could not hit water if he jumped out of a boat in the middle of the ocean. I also said to try something different because it was apparent during a 6 game loosing streak the choices he made were not working. So why defer when your offense is struggling, Why not try to get them in a rhythm. But you just want to pick and choose what I wrote. His great choices lead the bills to score on the first drive and when he deferred everything that could go wrong did as with all his previous choices. Yes coaches can control the flow of a game what was the worse that could have happened if he took the ball in the first half they punt,we already know they drove down the field and scored They fumbled in the second half so we have that as well. So please stop. We disagree fine but stop trying to push your opinion down my throat when I disagree.
  4. do not say it we shall treat this like Harry Potter we shall not speak of that
  5. rammagen

    The one week we should’ve lost

    look take the win for Sam and be happy. Most of if not all of the top 5 picks are defense. it is time we took an offensive player with this pick. Sign an edge rusher via free agency but get that offensive player to help Sam and o-linemen or a RB. I don't think there are allot of receivers o trade down with someone who needs that defensive player
  6. rammagen

    Kareem hunt mega turd

    regardless even with the fighting it is the smart football play not the smart pr play. I get it people hate him for what he did deservedly so. But at this point with the lack of talent, some team will give him the chance to play again why should we miss out on that because he is a horrible person, new flash Lee the tiny linebacker got saved by the BigKat from attacking a date he is a horrible person as well the difference is people around Lee saved him, get a support system around him to stop him put in a heavily ladened contract with a strong coach and lets see what happens. Or we can flounder looking at old running backs that are pains as well. We are not in a position to be to choosy if they have talent and will play here. Between Bell and Hunt I take Hunt I respect the other position but the need for better players is higher priority for then to sign better citizens
  7. rammagen


    it is obvious you completely miss my point. when you offense is struggling and your team is on a loosing streak lets do what hasn't worked right? instead of getting the ball first and trying to get your offense in a rhythm. Stupid coaches yes not for the fumble but not trying things to win, let keep the status the same, and hope for a different outcome. What happened to being aggressive to try to put your player into a position to succeed rather then struggle. I would go further and say fans not seeing the obvious should not try to argue a bad point and try to be a smart @ss
  8. rammagen


    we need offensive weapons drafting 3 or 5 may not be that big of a difference sign an edge rusher but get Sam help
  9. rammagen


    5 out of 6 coaches do not have dysfunctional teams as direct result of their choices. 5 out of 6 coaches aren't getting fired at the end of the yr.5 out of 6 coaches do not suck as bad a bowles, that was a safe bet and it backfired 2x once at the beginning of the game when they walked down the field and scored and second when they recovered the ball on the turn over. Take the ball in the first quarter, and get your struggling out on the field to try to build a rhythm and get a first down or two. Do something to shake something up for the team
  10. rammagen

    C Nico Falah Watch

    he may be back
  11. rammagen

    Kareem hunt mega turd

    between him and bell you take hunt with a heavenly laden contract . Football and money wise it is the best move. Taking out the fighting he is younger less wear and tear, and will be cheaoer
  12. rammagen


    not complaining we won but it is way to little way to late
  13. rammagen


    we are going into a time managment coaching situation, does this count as a handicap?
  14. rammagen


    that is why Sam next yr with a real coach will be much better. I just hope this staff did not do much damage

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