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  1. rammagen

    Mike McCagnan 3rd worst GM in NFL?

    esp high because he did not really hire bowles that was the owner. You can pin poor drafts but not poor coaching hires on him
  2. rammagen

    Atlanta Falcons-Quinnen Williams?

    he wdoen't look at his produtio the last few yrs. 13 million for 6 sacks last yr. Pass
  3. rammagen

    Atlanta Falcons-Quinnen Williams?

    the market was set last yr for 1 and 3 2nd rounders. So why would we take less. Remember that one was at 6. Sorry but t1srt rounders and 2 2nd rounders is the starting point with a team outside of the top 8
  4. I prefer an edge rusher outside lber Allen fits the bill over bosa..... Oliver I dont know anything about
  5. I hope while his drafts have been as good as i hope i also question bowles input into the. for his sake and ours i hope it is a great draft
  6. rammagen


    I think your numbers are skewed. I think the fact he did not draft well did him in period nothing to do with Rex. his time had came and went they needed a change at HC. It has nothign to do with him not being white trash it had to do with him not being able to pick
  7. rammagen


    For Hugh Douglas the defense changed and he was a end not a LBer so that was how he was shown the door. For McKenzie hew as a free agent and the Jets needed to spend money elsewhere but lets not pretend McKenzie as as a good as Hugh he was part of a line that had 1k rusher but had limitations as a pass blocker
  8. rammagen


    looking at this as a football move this makes no sense. a probowl player on his first contract and lets trade him? cost efficient talented player on a team that needs talent traded because you think he is a load mouth. fans like you bring down the collective IQ of the world
  9. to me after reading the article it makes the qb look like the ass in the relationship. You could call the coach complacent or even lazy as he checked out but really if you read the article it makes it look like the ass is Arron, the Coach checked out after the qb decided he was going in his own direction, changing plays freezing and calling out young receivers ect.... That is on AR not the coach the staff never reigned in Ar and he went wild.
  10. living in the ATL there is a ton of questions about him. He may even end up being a cap causality. They tagged their dt and are trying to rework Julio's contract and little money left when they exercised the 5th yr, they would eat a portion but would get some cap relief fast. even a afternoon guy Mike Bell has a bet with his partner that he will get Vic's face tattooed if he can get double digit sacks.
  11. you can get on almost any coach but I read the article and even heard some talk radio show about it adn the hosts had the same opinion Aaron Rodgers is a jerk with no people skills. Sorry but tell me exactly how this makes McCarthy to be a jerk. When the qb is changing plays you can not rationally blame either the coach or the qb for failed offense because only the team actually knows what happened. they gave Rodgers a big contract so the coach had to go. The real difference will be how they do this yr. time will tell if Gase is good so far he has allot to prove to allot of fans quickly, McCarthy would have brought the team more time to build a winner. If gase flops fans will turn quick
  12. so we hired a loosing coach (this is my point people are defending a guy that has limited experience at best and has a loosing record...it is easy to win when you have a good qb, hopefully we found him) when you had a chance at a coach with a super bowl and a winning record, time will tell if he succeeds but my point is still how long do you give them to start winning? if they come out and play bad all the good will they would have had with a different coach is used already. The fans will turn quickly esp if gase acts like he did in Miami the reporters will turn fast.
  13. how many bb are there the odds are against this guy. and it also depends on where you come down on the alleged cheating, and if you think the commish also helped cover up. 1 last point on that he also had a loosing record till Mo Lewis smacked Bledsoe and forced him to play Brady
  14. 1x come on man he has a loosing record as a head coach and we should be happy he is our head coach.......everything else in defending him is an excuse. if he was sooo good he would not have had a loosing record
  15. I hope so but the odds are long against it. The owner wanted to tank...that's news to me and to the fins as well. You are making gase in this case seem like an evil genius instead of what he comes across as some kind of a D%^K https://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/fl-sp-dolphins-combine-20190227-story.html

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