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    this makes no sense. I think they go after teh guy from Philly they were denied a chance last yr to talk. Either way this is no way to try to develop wither qb on the roster
  2. and to add looking at https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/nyj/draft.htm 3 picks in two drafts that is part of the reason we have so many holes . I understand the posts above but jesus that is awful look at the picks since 2012 it is embarassing
  3. I am reading some of the comments I understand people are upset but figure Mauldin was injured and if you watched the games jenkins did agood job setting the edge and playing against the run. Jenkins was never expected to be a pass rush guy Mauldin was projected to be that guy and due to injuries he has not panned out but to bash Jenkins :(. Again as other have noted rushing stats are slewed only 1 rb taken, same with throwing Hack has not seen the field bad pick quite possibly but when we have had a chance to play him the coach has not. Before bashing the gm I am bashing the coach, I have some of his choices and quite honestly they are mystifying
  4. Josh Allen better suck!

    I would rather we get Mayfield for the body of work. but if he is there and Baker is not I would not mind it in the least. I think the kid is an all weather qb with a great arm. Fought his way up into a school and get noticed. Similar but not as successful a path as Baker did as a walk on juco transfer.
  5. Baker Mayfield

    those are qualities that are important. Esp the last one, that to me shows he make players around him better with his play, I also saw he was stomping around the sidelines talking to everyone as a leader should in those games
  6. Todays bowl games....

    someone will buy all in on chubb he is a good running back
  7. Todays bowl games....

    true, I think they will come out because money will talk
  8. Todays bowl games....

    I say we don't panic Mayfield should be there I like him before Allen,Darnaold and Rosen. One of those players will fall to six. I am not against moving up but I would rather save my second round pick to get some skilled players for the offense. Try to sign some olinemen, maybe a skilled player 100 million should get help for whom ever we draft
  9. MY issue with the extension is he has not developed enough young players, maybe the young players are crap but also young players have regressed under regime. I also disagree with not getting hack any playing time. So we do not know what we have in him going into next yrs draft. If the idea is to play hard great but I thought the idea was to grow and then win. I did not see that (growth)enough in the players we drafted and the way they handled them. Of defense is supposed to be his forte his defense made stupid mistakes time and time again which is a sign of poor coaching
  10. np I am just pissed with this coach the choice not to put hack in a loosing game is really piss poor
  11. No just really pissed the **** off on that choice if you check I corrected it
  12. Bowles just on this choice not to put in Hack and believing that petty has played well when he has missed open receivers should be fired
  13. they are not going to put in Hack what a bs move by the coach. How bad is that get the kid some freaking reps
  14. I think the coach is playing out of position and has not really plyed them to their strengths he is trying to fit players into his defense which is bend but dont break