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  1. Kirk Cousins is trash

    well at least you know now the feeling is mutual. You sir need to learn the sport and stop trying to troll people with memes what are we 12? The whole point was you are trolling people with garbage nonsensical points and invalid arguments. GTFO nice little attack tell me to kiss your ass. Where would I start you appear to be all ass moron
  2. Kirk Cousins is trash

    this is where you are mistaken for 2 yrs Sanchez was exactly what this franchise needed. He never developed beyond that guy though. For you to post that garbage just make you look like Geno supporter rather then IDK a rational football fan. Meanwhile you call me nuts I am not the one posting garbage. How about this stop posting garbage like you did and I will stop responding like I did and we can call it a truce.
  3. Kirk Cousins is trash

    you should edit that geno smith because Sanchez won playoff games, this bum ate himself out of the league. The hate you have for the wrong people is incomprehensible. Or are mad because I said the people that think Geno smith is starter don't know football. With post like the above you are just making my point
  4. I question the coaching seriously
  5. We should all be on therapy watching people fend geno smith as if he is actually good. Over a course of 31 starts we have seen him make the same mistake over and over again and yet people defend him. One thing I have noticed though it is never Geno's fault it is always the team he plays on fault. Miss an open receiver several times it is the Geno being harried , he fumbles the ball the olinemen missed the bloc,k he throws an interception the receiver should have fought harder. Geno Smith sucks and really is no more then a back up qb until he learns and unfortunately his comments show he hasn't. And for those two yrs here Sanchez did was what expected and did not hurt the team which is more the Geno Smith could ever say
  6. geno smith sucks 39 interceptions in 32 starts how many fumble, never learned the pro game after his first yr. Anyone comparing Geno Smith with Sanchez's 2 yr playoff runs is either a smith fan boy or does not know football plain and simple. there is no argument based on numbers where you can make Geno smith successful in his tenure so far in the nfl wins and loses turn overs to tds. He could not eve get free agency right. it was his chance to get out of the medi spot light and start from scratch in stead the moron stayed in the biggest media market where he has media issues.
  7. no argument there but why drag Sancheez into this when we are bitching about geno or are you bitter that even though sanchez was bad we still went to two afc championship games. Imagine if we had decent qb play
  8. What if Geno does well ?

    There is always an excuse with Geno. And it goes to show you win people forgive the issue here is geno is not a winner
  9. my opinion, he fumbles twice, but he looked good. It is always someone elses fault with geno smith. the guy had to fight for a roster spot and number do not lie 39 interceptions in 31 starts how many fumbles geno smith is not a good starting qb. He could have the highest passer rating in the world and still suck because he can not read defenses and does not learn from his mistakes. Next yr if he is in the league because chances are the giants move on from him then.... Geno smith is back up at best, all physical talent and no brain
  10. Geno smith sucks I can believe we are still talking about the bum anyone who has more interceptions then turn overs more interceptions then starts, more turn overs then games he has played in does not have room to talk. If I recall that 8-8 team was set up by the gm to loose and the defense bailed them out. Geno showed some promise but it went to to his head and he never developed the mentality to play in this league at a constant high level. Any one defending geno smith as a nfl starter needs to really question his knowledge of the game. Rex has his issues an he has a biog mouth but he did something with the jets to championship games he lost but hey he was the coach there and the people that hate him have to remember those yrs with some happiness or joy. Rex ran his course and needed to go but neither has room to talk
  11. What if Geno does well ?

    one would say except for getting hot at two times during the year to win the super bowls it is debatable but lets play how many interceptions to starts does eli have more interceptions to tds? I know Eli has more tds but does geno? My point is valid good winning qbs do turn over the ball but people who like geno will do anything to try to make a point. who would you take 334 tds to 222 interceptions or 29 tds (including yesterday) to 36 intecerptions
  12. What if Geno does well ?

    well two numbers 18 and 19 ...the fumbles he has had in this game in 31 starts. Good winning qbs do not have that many fumbles or turn overs. other then losing the game and those fumbles he played well .......
  13. disagree the first roughing the passer the lner was blocked into the qb that should have not been called and without that they don't extend the drive and score.... It is not just one call but the combination of calls. I did not see the ASJ call back and would need to review that
  14. I tell you what for a caoch that is known for defense his defense certainly makes allot of mistakes at the wrong time. That is a sign that the coach is having some type of issue, whether it is the players are not good enough or they are not right for his system but after three yrs they should have made a better improvement It is not his fault they do not have a good offensive line but it his fault that the two former first round picks on the dline seems to have regressed. He should be fired on the performance of the defense overall because if I went into a job and said I x really really well and sucked at x why should they keep me around
  15. that was questionable, we saw it in slow motion show it in realtime to get the feel. Like the first quarter call where the lber was blocked into the qb? or the two called back tds? it is not just one call it is all the calls compounded that makes it worse