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  1. rammagen

    Jets minicamp - Day 1

    we have had some good young qbs but few and far in between, Richard Todd was not bad neither was O'Brien, then Chad that is three that had good careers but god that position has been a void of talent for a long time
  2. very simply put the NFL is a private organization but they have to deal with the players union on everything. Why do you think they are fining teams and not the players? Think the new 'rule' would stand up when it was not bargained for like practices, think the ACLU would not jump at a chance for this. This is more or a less a political plow and a way the NFL to say he we did something. But in context the NFL was not loosing money it made 1 billion more then it made the yr before. 31 out the top 50 shows were NFL games. Most fans on a study done by 538 believe the players were not disrespecting the flag or the military. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/how-do-americans-feel-about-the-nfl-protests-it-depends-on-how-you-ask you are putting in a rule on a subject a majority of fans do no find offensive. You have the right to free speech at the office as well. They have right to implement a rule but the NFL also need the Players association to back them on this and I do not see it happening. That is also the reason there was no real official vote. I see more and more teams just staying in the locker unless it is the playoffs like they used to until the Military started paying 15 million a yr to salute the Armed forces in 2011. I also love the part "Failure to be on the field by the start of the National Anthem may result in discipline, such as fines, suspensions, and/or the forfeiture of draft choice(s) for violations of the above, including first offenses." but it up to the team. I think a majority of teams will put to a players vote. I think the Jets made a more liberal choice along with the Falcons owners statement. Let me ask you since they want players to stand as described above what is to stop the players from raising the right fist like in Mexico city? They are standing still and not talking there is no mention of the right arm or hand. I wonder how that would be handled.
  3. i think we can all agree this is a personal choice. To me it is offense to the first amendment and the freedom of speech. Whether you agree with Kneeling or not it is a belief. The difference being that the right kneel is covered under the first amendment. There is no law that states you must stand for the national anthem, and I ask someone to show me me that. It is OK to kneel in church (freedom of religion is also cover under that amendment)if you try to take away this right then what is next? What right will stripped because someone finds it offensive. I personally find it offensive kids can't go to school safely but this takes a bigger stage? I say this a Army Vet who has lost friends, it is shame their memory is being slandered, I know how my friends would want to be remembered and honored and never a single time in the army did we discuss standing for a song. It is called respecting your neighbor and not infringing on their rights as long as it is not a threat to your rights or safety. The sad part is it is vocal minority. In this I side with Steve Kerr
  4. rammagen

    NY Jets Trade Christian Hackenberg

    depending on if he makes the team prolly and it may go up higher if he sees the field
  5. rammagen

    Did the browns blow this?

    In one word yes because Mayfield is more of a gamble at one then at three. He may have all the mental gifts but is short and not an outstanding athlete so comparing to every other that is short except Breese(Wilson for example) is not right, he does not have the same physical gifts. I dont think he has the arm Drew has or the mental gifts. Physically and athletically he is not even Darnold ( Darnold was also very good at basketball enough to be considered a prospect as a pg) giving the lack of Height and athletic ability is a big gamble at one. No one knows if either will be an allpro but I would lean to the guy with the all the gifts
  6. Hack goes to the practice squad or gets injured more then likely and Petty they supposedly had 2 offers for. I would have taken the best one and ran
  7. rammagen

    All Draft QB Rumor Mill Thread

    to completely change the subject I count 14 cups of coffee.........hmmmmmm
  8. he should have insurance to cover anything he may have lost esp if hes representation
  9. this is the smartest move he has done get out of the media spot light work on your game because you make the same mistakes over and over. all the physical talent in the world and 0 upstairs. Hopefully while he is flying he can see the curve of the earth and tweet he latest discovery the world is round and not flat. His evidence will be Looking at a globe it is round and not flat as his proof
  10. but they miss more often then hitting on those picks. esp in the first round what they do well is sign vets that fit their system and cheat like the devil https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_New_England_Patriots_first-round_draft_picks
  11. but they should play common opponents , the thing is something should be done to keep the market balanced, for all sports.
  12. are we being rick rolled?
  13. It is not about championships but leveling the supposed salary cap across the league. How does the NHL and NBA deal with the Canadian dollar which is worth less? It should be adjusted to a flat rate and adjusted for state taxes
  14. actually the practical solution s to adjust the cap so the pay is the same. Call it an adjustment for taxation, say in Florida you do not pay income tax for those 8 games so you would adjust the salary to make the difference in the tax. the play makes the same the pay level is the same and the home state makes a little more
  15. rammagen

    Loving Josh Rosen (merged)

    I am happy we made the trade but I was and still am against taking, but with that said I wanted to play hack all yr to know what we have.... IDK what the plan is do they carry 4 and cut petty?