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  1. And to me tds and yards mean more to me. his rating went up because of the types of passes attempted. The exact opposite is true Tannehill did not through down field more. the difference between last yr and 2015 is almost 1 yrd more 9.7 to 10.5 with a long of 39 and a long of 50. Sure players have to do with that but it is also the type of routes they ran. He does not through the ball down the field as much as shorter routes hence the percentage goes up. Maybe he will through deeper with here IDK. Anything over 2 to 1 tds to interceptions is pretty good for a qb. Gase believes in short passing game http://dailydolphin.blog.palmbeachpost.com/2016/08/12/dolphins-coach-adam-gase-believes-in-10-yards-and-under-passing-game/ the one thing he hangs his hat on, well the phins finished with the lowest amount of pass yards since 2003 last yr. I can see players he traded not being happy and taking shots but there were some older pros in there on the team that had issues with him as well. That should not be ignored. you hoped he learned but lets wait and see https://www.thephinsider.com/2018/12/31/18162804/former-miami-dolphins-players-taking-shots-at-adam-gase-firing-head-coach-nfl-fired-twitter So what do I hear? I heard a surprising number of veterans, including SURPRISING ones like Frank Gore, Kenny Stills, and especially Cameron Wake, all rose up and disavowed Gase privately. Wake and Stills directly to Steve Ross. Kenyan Drake wanted a trade if Gase remained. — Chris Kouffman (@ckparrot) December 31, 2018 I dont think the players disavowing him or complaining is overblown and it is a valid point to pay attention to. If it was Landry alone big deal but you have some players that have been around the league for awhile that complained and put their name to it
  2. Sorry but developed a qb does not mean taking a pro-bowler and winning with him. Develop a qb means he turns him into a player. Tebow and is out of the league and Tannehill is a backup. Tannehill also had a higher qbr in 2014. His passer rating went up which is good but it is because of the type of passes in the offense he also had 19 tds to 12 interceptions in 13 games who knows what would have happened in the last 3 games coould his tds have gone up yes but also his interceptions. His best combined yr for yards tds and rating is 2014, again not under gase, Gase's young qbs he worked with are not a track record guaranteeing success. I wish him the best as a fan cause I want to win but lets be realistic this has as much potential to blow up really ugly, the minute he starts a loosing streak
  3. Tannehill did not have a career yr under gase that is wrong it was the yr before gase got there. This is one of the things people are stating as fact and it is not. Tannehills best yr was 2015 I dont understand why people are repeating this, it is not you sveral people on the board say this when I correct it I am a basher. I simpley question Gase's ability to work with a young qb and show improvement the only othe young qb was Tebow and he is left field now, so not a great track record Overall, in the 2015 season, the Dolphins finished with a 6–10 record and Tannehill finished with 4,208 passing yards, 24 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions.[72][73] 2015 coaches Head coach Joe Philbin (fired on October 5; 1–3 record) Dan Campbell (interim; 5–7 record)
  4. not only him the South Florida papers and the dolphin players were saying as much. I am not defending Manish cause I think he sucks as a beat writer more interested in click bait then telling the truth but you cant discredit everything based on only one source.
  5. First of all what your saying is beyond belief and makes no sense. he signed a deal before they got another running back is that too hard to believe? he made a team friendly deal for what at the time was a starting running back. The deal he made gave him guaranteed money yes but next yr they will cut him as his dead money is less then his starting salary. I am not saying everyone should hold out or demand new contracts and gathering that from my statement is just F********* idiotic. Baker should just shut his mouth and not get involved period end off story. Duke Johnson is looking out for Duke end of story. His demands to be traded which you or I don't know what promise was made to him was made after they acquired Hunt. Who are you or I to speculate that Johnson was not promised the chance to start or be the 3rd down back.. It is a business but if they made a promise to Johnson and then got hunt breaking the promise what is the player to do? watch his livelihood go down the drain for the benefit of the club which will cut him next yr after they play him for 8 games and bench him for hunt? Why would the team be the only one to benefit and it seems you are taking the teams side which is fine but all the facts matter before making a decision or even a statement. Duke Johnson signed a 3 year, $15,610,000 contract with the Cleveland Browns, including a $3,000,000 signing bonus, $7,757,000 guaranteed (at least get the facts before rounding up), and an average annual salary of $5,203,333. In 2019, Johnson will earn a base salary of $1,800,000, a roster bonus of $400,000 and a workout bonus of $100,000, while carrying a cap hit of $3,050,000 and a dead cap value of $4,050,000. By cutting Johnson next yr the Browns the browns save money while carrying the hit for bonus. Again it is a business but it is moronic to think he did not concede something to the team and they promised him something and by getting Hunt maybe they reneged on the promise. He has the right to ask for a trade never once did I say get a new contract, if they cut him they will pay him the remainder of the guaranteed money (maybe). Guaranteed money in the NFL is not really all that guaranteed and you should know that considering your base argument, do you know if his contract was fully guaranteed or was it only for injury? I don't and no where I found online would clarify that. So what we know is his Bonus which was paid at one time and prorated and any other bonuses payed are counted he received $5,957,000 which was paid at signing is considered guaranteed leaving under 2 million left to be paid. Duke this yr is the 20th highest paid running back. to clarify So basically you are saying Duke should shut up and play because he got paid, and I am saying he has the right to ask for trade so he can earn his next contract rather then sit on the bench for 1/2 the season when hunt comes back and loses some of his earning potential before they use him and cut him. https://overthecap.com/position/running-back/2019/ next yrs cap salary Bonus Bonus Bonus Cap hit if on the team Dead Money $3,600,000 $750,000 $400,000 $100,000 $4,850,000 $1,500,000
  6. except they would cut him him in a heart beat of it was in the teams benefit. That is why Baker should not talk about it. next yr with 1.5 in dead money they may cut him. What he did for them last yr was take a deal that paid him a 2 million dollar bonus which helps bith the team and the player he gets some money up front and the team spreads the hit. but that was before getting the kansas city rb so je basically signed a team friendly deal to be replaced. Iy is business but we dont know what was promised in the contract or to the player
  7. baker is making a stand about another player's money not about the browns no matter how it is spun, that is bad business to interject yourself into that equation. The browns tried to move him last yr and we dont know what was told to Butch. He went from from 1st to 3rd on the depth chart (that happens) and wants another payday in the NFL for that he needs to play. He is a very good 3rd down back. Baker should either be smart enough not to put the player on the spot because it is his living and as a leader he needs to look everyone in the eye in the huddle/locker room equally.
  8. this I think is the wrong take. while fans may take the above attitude for the player sit could cost him a living and if you are 3rd string and know you are better you need the chance to earn a payday. The players should support each other first esp if they are on the same team sharing a locker room
  9. no matter how many team mates he pisses off. I know winning cures all but they have to win. How long till some loses and his mouth starts a fight on the team?
  10. O am for letting him play out the tag is still in play next yr
  11. 3yrs with the files then how did he get to sign with the browns? Not to be snarky but he signed a one yr deal wit h the vikes and then a 3yr deal with the browns. And Adams has more aQB pressures and one less sack then to agree on last yr
  12. What part of of what I said was incorrect..........Philly can't block block him if it is a promotion. I understand if he is not given full control but if it is a promotion again Philly can't block him.
  13. I have even Listerine on this. Philly can't block a promotion. During the season they can block an interview and they even did that to Houston who wanted to interview him. If he already had full control of the roster in Philly then the Jets would need to give him a promotion on top of that. Philly can not block the move they can counter offer but it would need to be equAl to the Jets offer to satisfy the N.F.L. Rules
  14. Philly can't block him from taking the job as it is a promotion with foster control. He does not have that now.
  15. 3rd he already let it be known he wants out driving down his price.I would start low and if the skins alternatives are to cut him or get something....
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