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  1. The Giants should have taken a QB. RB's if you trust your scouts can be found through out the draft but a QB that has franchise potential (there were 4 this draft) is pretty rare. Everyone was on Lynch's bandwagon where is he now? for every qb that succeeds there are 12 busts. If you had a Luck (younger qb in his prime) then you take Barkley but with an aging qb and decent weapons take the qb. Let's put it like this for every Sam there are 10 Geno's with talent but not with mental aspect.
  2. not only a new defense but we need to look directly at the staff and see how they are using him.
  3. I understand and agree, Maybe he has been misused, but 6 tackles and 1 sack. IDK how many qb pressures or hits but on a payday yr that seems a little low
  4. this is simply a bad thread there is no guarantee with our coaching you can tell me these other players would have succeeded under Bowles. What players have really just blossomed under Bowles? I have prof in Richardson and Wilkerson that players have regressed. So these should have would maybe threads are a waste until we get a coach that actually has a track record of helping players. You want to get mad at Mac great get on hm for not investing higher picks for the offense, but for not picking players other teams missed on a few times and are drafted after round three. If that is case get on all 31 other GMs that missed
  5. I grew up in Broward (Margate/Pompano) in the 80s and also know the area. It is not a bad 'Hood' you could call middle class, with a mix population last census has it 41% white with the rest being a mix of Spanish and African american. I agree with you you think with his attitude he was from Coral Springs, Weston or Coral Gables
  6. Actually he grew up in Miramar which is way better then the hood in Miami. But back onto losing the playbook what an idiot. I mean people were defending him and blaming the staff and everyone else for his failures. When does he own it up to himself he is his own worst enemy
  7. wow impressed you just prove why people think most Jets fans are obnoxious.. You keep trying welcome to the ignore lsit
  8. rammagen

    Any Nathan Shephard sightings?

    We have Jenkins who might be able to play a 4-3 DE (he has the size)but after that it gets real slim pretty quick
  9. rammagen

    Any Nathan Shephard sightings?

    scheme also plays a role. what are they asking Shepard to do?
  10. rammagen

    colts ruined luck

    Luck shares some blame here for the skiing accident. If he was healing he should not have been out on the slope
  11. I have been a jet fan since 1974,Nice try at a insult there (5 minutes) Dwell or or not the facts are........ They have always been a work in progress, When do we see results? We have had this coach going on 4 yrs and we are seeing the same mistakes and lack of being prepared. We have been rebuilding basically since Rex's last yr here. The difference is we finally maybe found a QB. Our record is result of the coach you can preach all you want about being a young team but when do the people start calling out the staff for doing a really crap job. This is not 2nd grade where you get a participation trophy for loosing. That is what thread sounds like well they are 2 and 3 and we are happy, but the reality is they should have been 3 and 2 if not better, if the staff did his freaking job.

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