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  1. I live in Atlanta if the Jets make IM me and I rent you my basement
  2. I did not see The number one pick play did he look this good against the Aints?
  3. imagine good QB play with a TD there sorry a penalty called back very weak call though
  4. That was nice by Sam came off the primary and did the smart play even froze a blitzing lber for sec before throwing it.
  5. if they called that on Skrine they should have called that on the Falcons
  6. first of all I think teddy's knee is fine and he has no more of a chance to get hurt then anyone else. Asa matter of fact if you play the odds his chances might be less. Horrific injury yes but if recovered he should be as good as any other qb. If he was a running back or a receiver with this injury I would be shy but as QB I think people are over blowing the fragile part. Any player is one hit away from retiring https://williamsterett.com/blog-dr-william-sterett/pro-injury-watch-teddy-bridgewaters-knee-injury
  7. I feel you Pets enter our lives and make such huge improvement into the daily rituals. It hurts beyond belief but we give them the best we have as they give us the same unconditionally.
  8. I am so sorry. My thoughts are with you. My best buddy is getting treatment for cancer. every morning for the next 3 weeks I just want him to be pain free and make it to old age. It is heart breaking
  9. rammagen

    Jets "caved" in Darnold negotiations?

    what you are seeing more of is players that need time to develop not getting it. Players like Hack (as an example) who should have had time to practice could not so the development curve is now faster and for players that need more time they do not have it
  10. rammagen

    Jets Training Camp - 8/1

    well the bright-side with two broken hands he did not get so many holding calls