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  1. the issue is you are not loosing his salary because of the cap hit plus the fact you wont get back value. So Sar is wrong yet again. Is anyone want to take a cap hit o 17 million in dead money out of 66 million to get a 3rd round pick. I honestly have to question anyone intelligence if they think any well run team does that. That is addition by subtraction that is subtraction for subtraction
  2. the issue is the jag versus the star. could the star have put up better numbers if used correctly and would he help the young qb more. if your answer is yes Gase is at fault, with what you said then he knowingly hurt the team potential wins and the development of a young qb. That sounds like good coach? honestly does someone who want sot win and develop a young qb does that knowingly?
  3. stop this trade bell crap first the cap hit is really prohibative second you wont get back value. I would blame Bell if he got the touches but he doesn't that is game planning and that is Gase and when the offensive guru has some of the worst offesnive stats that tells you all you need to know, Gase sucks
  4. when do layers start accepting they are part of the e issue with losing..It is not the fans fault he did not get any sacks, he is a decent player but not top tier
  5. he made the move cross the goal line so it is a catch then a td then a fumble but the fumble does not count as it is a td first if this was the one and he lost control it would be a fumble
  6. Cant even challenge inside of 2 minutes what a croc of crap
  7. wow doing nothing with our offense and and an offensive guru for a head coach. I can't blame the defense missing so many players and would have stopped him but for a face mask. Gase has had more healthy tools then the defense and had done less. If they lose this game gase should fing quit
  8. Sorry when you cant exclude yrs because of injuries by any metric he best yr was 2014 under Philbin. the other yrs he had 12 interceptions and missed games so don't you think his completions would drop and his interceptions would have gone up with more throws
  9. lol what you re seeing is Gase he had the same issues in Miami and they are here in NY. I highly doubt gase changes because he thinks he is too smart
  10. I think ryan is playing in a system that he fits in and is asked not to do too much
  11. in Miami he was the primary back in Philly he was platooning hence the lower numbers. People just pick and choose what they want
  12. more attempts and completions most td 27 versus 12 interceptions higher completion percentage over 4k yards passed in 2014 under Phil bin so you can pick and choose but over all his best yr in Miami was 2014 on a personal level. the yrs in Miami where he had a higher completion percentage he dod not play the full yr. but still had 12 interceptions
  13. this was a knock on Gase before he came here. He does not change his game plan to suit the opponent. I understand doing what works for you but you need to be able to change and update the game plan per opponent
  14. we lost because the plan called for running the ball against their strength in the middle, did we ever try tun off tackle?
  15. Look this on the coaching both sides of the ball the defense cant stop a bad Bengals team and the offense they are not really trying anything different, then when they do the line gets calls

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