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  1. in this case if your theory holds true then Mac was right and Bowles sucked
  2. unless your colorblind
  3. rammagen

    Jamal Adams back to recruiting!

    I like he is excited and speaking to other players. Sam makes the destination more desirable, we need help in o-line and pass-rush so I hope he talked to the linemen and linebackers
  4. Thank you I could not agree more
  5. I am not getting into this it has been covered to the point of making everyone sick, it very easy to pick holes on a coach esp one that had an easier strength of schedule and a loosing record as a head coach overall, when they could have had a super-bowl winning coach with a winning overall record. I am just pointing out the fact allot of the fan base has long memories and this coach has to hit the ground running and show improvement and win games. So what is going to be the defense if this coach flounders? Blame the GM and wash rinse and repeat the cycle, this was the most important hire in recent history and the bottom line is we hired a guy with a loosing record and ex players are criticizing him (I know that unhappy players always do that), but somehow he will get a pass from the half that loved the hire. But let the other half of the fans voice their opinions and we get the above, esp when I did not say anything outlandish did I? But somehow you want to take that direction It is all about Sam if the owner feels this is Sam's best chance then so be it. but you need to remember the fans by the tickets and the merchandise. with this hire he alienated 1/2 the fan base and we are unhappy. What is the easiest way to show you are unhappy with a product you stop watching and don't by the product. Sorry for pointing out the obvious
  6. NO I think the OP and I agree gase had more talent and did less with it. While Bowles the amazing piece of work he was had less talent and got more out of it. This team with another coach has 7 wins do you think Gase could get 7 wins out of this team last yr. These were games they were in or ahead and and coaching was the deciding factor
  7. the op's point is still valid maybe there were outlying issues but still everyone knew the Jets were and are about Sam. Miami was bad as well. i just dont understand the worship for this coach. I will say he needs to hit the ground running another bad season for the Jets and the fans will have had just about enough of loosing.
  8. rammagen

    Forget about Hunt

    I can understand this but this team lacks talent. So they just need to upgrade and no player should be left unexplored
  9. rammagen

    10 year old proves Brady cheated.

    exactly that is the sad part
  10. we can afford to give this guy a fair deal with a ton incentives we can over as well to an extent. I prefer him to bell mostly for the workload Bell has had
  11. rammagen

    Dowell Loggains Hired as OC

    that's not true I love that song danger zone....wrong guy? so the above statement may be correct
  12. not caught, please use the word called because i have seen refs look directly at the holding and not call it they were caught but not called
  13. rammagen

    Jets Should Pursue Jadeveon Clowney in FA

    you get the player that fits the defensive scheme and hope it impacts Williams production here as well
  14. rammagen

    Adam Gase Day 1 on the job

    and he screamed at the owner........that should get you fired if scream at the boss
  15. I think Jets fans are disillusioned at this point by wall the inept moves by the front office and bad player management. There is a reason to question this hire of a coach with a losing record. I hope he does well but the these are the same people who hired idzick and Bowles and we are supposed to be impressed with Gase? I ws talking to a few friends having a beer and there was an Eagle fan a Falcon fan (another yr like this and they are talking about firing their coach) and pats fan they all said the same the Gase? I know some fin fins (live in south Florida for 20+ yrs before moving) and they did not like him, I had two friends email me and told me they though he was over rated and would not listen to his staff. I hoped he learned but again you have to question the move when you have a coach that won a super bowl and has a winning record and would have brought credibility to the team versus a Gase

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