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  1. Obviously Sam played poorly but I don't get how he can be considered a 'bust' on the one hand but on the other hand believe that he will probably be successful if he gets traded to the Steelers or another team with good coaching. That doesn't sound like a bust of a player, but really a bust of an organization.
  2. Also having seen just about every game of both players, Klecko was the better and more impactful player which is not meant to take anything away from Gastineau who was a terrific pass rusher. Would love to have a player of Gastineau's ability on today's Jets, but Klecko at his peak was really special. The recent player that reminded me of him was the 2008 version of Kris Jenkins who was almost impossible to block one on one. Only knock on Klecko was that he was often injured, most times playing through the injuries, but they did take a toll on him and his prime was not as long as it was fo
  3. Dan Alexander, 12 year starter at RG who played every game for his first 10 years. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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