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  1. Interesting that you associated Saleh's minority status with being Muslim. He's an ethnic minority as an Arab American with Lebanese heritage. He could be a Christian (like Danny Thomas, another famous Lebanese American) and would still be considered a minority.
  2. Very fair point, but why was that. I think what really separates JA from the rest is the power with which he runs the ball. He can pick up 7 yards whenever he wants and when he's scrambling around defenders are bouncing off him.. This puts so much pressure on the defense and allows receivers to get wide open. JA made a few tight window throws but most of his long completions were throws that most above average QB's make 9 out of 10 times.
  3. I don't think there anyone is claiming 'Wilson is Elite'. However, there are some saying he is definitely a bust which does grow tiresome TBH. But I do agree that the majority of the board is taking a very reasonable wait and see approach with some more optimistic than others
  4. Good question. I don't know as I am not a PFF subscriber. I got this info directly from the Narnia article. Perhaps someone else has a subscription and can answer that, but I would assume the same criteria was used across all QB's so Wilson having the highest % was really eye opening for me.
  5. Lots of competing stats out there, but the one that Narnia referenced is from PFF. If accurate, Zach had significantly more drops than anyone else According to Pro Football Focus, Wilson had 12.7% of his catchable passes dropped, which was the highest rate in the NFL among 35 qualified quarterbacks. Not only did Wilson rank No. 1 in the category, but he was in his own stratosphere: Zach Wilson, 12.7% Jacoby Brissett, 9.6% Sam Darnold, 9.3% Trevor Lawrence, 9.3% Baker Mayfield, 9.0% Matthew Stafford, 8.0% Justin Herbert, 7.9% Ben Roethlisberger, 7.8% Justin Fields, 7.6% Daniel Jones, 7.6%
  6. Agree it was great to listen to him speak of his time as a player. Whenever I see the current Jet receivers dropping pass after pass, I think of an interview where he claimed that between he and George Sauer, they went an entire season without a drop. There may be a bit of hyperbole there, but watching those two as a kid, I don't think he was far off. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
  7. Where was it reported that LeFleur said handoff, handoff prior to the snap? Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
  8. Not sure why this came off as a mess. Seems like Wilson did what the coaches have been drilling into him. Only problem is that the coaches didn't give him a 'never mind what we told you before, this time forget the sneak' Saleh obviously regrets the miscommunication because it would've been a touchdown As Zach matures, he'll hopefully overcome coaching gaffes like this
  9. I might be wrong, but my impression was not that he audibled out. Based on Saleh's comments it seemed more like an RPO where he had the option to keep it or hand off based on what he saw in the A gap. And the A gap definitely looked open - see Cimini tweet. In the end, it was a mistake by Zach that the coaching staff could have prevented from even being a possibility so that's why I think the majority of blame lies there. https://twitter.com/RichCimini/status/1478011833407746057?s=20
  10. 1. Multiple tweets from reporters have confirmed that from the end zone view the A gap was open 2. Saleh said Zach ran the play AS DESIGNED which means if he sees the A gap is open, sneak the ball, otherwise hand off 3. Mistake - as Esiason also mentioned - was not telling Zach to hand off no matter what the A gap looked like 4. The A gap closed quickly so seems like Zach got baited into the sneak......hence why point 3 was the critical error here Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
  11. But that's what you're missing. He is developing and yesterday was another step forward. Is he where we would like him to be, no, but a win along with an improving ZW is a very good outcome. TL had (maybe) the better stats, but he had all the time in the world to throw the ball. Also noticed what some analysts have pointed out about TL having a long throwing motion that gives DB's extra time to make a play. While Zach needs to clean up his mechanics and make decisions quicker, his throwing motion is very compact and the ball comes out with plenty of zip. Overall Zach outplayed the generational talent,
  12. It's very hard to assess blame for sacks just from watching the games live or from these isolated clips. There are however a number of analysts out there who break down Jets film to an excruciating level of detail (like the guy who did the 42 minute video that has been referenced in this thread). One of these, Michael Narnia, does a regular breakdown of every Zach Wilson throw and IMO offers a very balanced critique. Regarding the sacks in the Dolphins game: 'This was the worst job the Jets have done of supporting a quarterback this year, and it is not even remotely close. Of the six sacks Wilson took, I thought he had almost zero chance of avoiding five of them. On one, Wilson should have handed the ball off on an RPO (run-pass option), but he kept it and had no passing option, so he scrambled and took a mere one-yard loss. That was the only one on him. Left tackle Conor McDermott and running back Michael Carter were particularly terrible in protection. One or both contributed to four of the six sacks.'
  13. Obviously Sam played poorly but I don't get how he can be considered a 'bust' on the one hand but on the other hand believe that he will probably be successful if he gets traded to the Steelers or another team with good coaching. That doesn't sound like a bust of a player, but really a bust of an organization.
  14. Also having seen just about every game of both players, Klecko was the better and more impactful player which is not meant to take anything away from Gastineau who was a terrific pass rusher. Would love to have a player of Gastineau's ability on today's Jets, but Klecko at his peak was really special. The recent player that reminded me of him was the 2008 version of Kris Jenkins who was almost impossible to block one on one. Only knock on Klecko was that he was often injured, most times playing through the injuries, but they did take a toll on him and his prime was not as long as it was for some of his peers
  15. Dan Alexander, 12 year starter at RG who played every game for his first 10 years. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. St sr Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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