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  1. he played a decent amount of snaps with the first team most passing situations
  2. Lol all you QB Gurus know more than a 20 year NFL scout
  3. Lol shut up all you complainers if this kid if flying around making plays in a couple years we'll see how "horrible" this pick was
  4. lol Kap sucks prob the only qb more inaccurate than sanchez
  5. we already have a Baylor qb, with 2 working knees
  6. still no details on the contract?
  7. they're still playing for a bye
  8. Is Williams gonna have to play safety again since Bailey and Pryor are out?
  9. old Jets teams would've folded at 24-0 we fought back and make it a game
  10. he was open a bunch of times and made some catches did we expect julio jones numbers in his first nfl game?
  11. lol yea geno last year against buffalo 2 for 8 with 3 picks was way more impressive
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