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  1. he played a decent amount of snaps with the first team most passing situations
  2. Lol shut up all you complainers if this kid if flying around making plays in a couple years we'll see how "horrible" this pick was
  3. lol Kap sucks prob the only qb more inaccurate than sanchez
  4. Is Williams gonna have to play safety again since Bailey and Pryor are out?
  5. old Jets teams would've folded at 24-0 we fought back and make it a game
  6. he was open a bunch of times and made some catches did we expect julio jones numbers in his first nfl game?
  7. lol yea geno last year against buffalo 2 for 8 with 3 picks was way more impressive
  8. so that was fitz's fault? lmao never knew geno had such a huge fan club
  9. Id guess Skrine starts outside on base D. Then slides insides on nickle packages with Willimas on the outside. We'll probably be in nickle for most of the game
  10. damn hopefully a decent TE gets cut that we can pick up Cumberland is so useless
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