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  1. Makeup call Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using JetNation.com mobile app
  2. Not really, when you have an oline this bad with a qb this bad it makes sense. Unless your implying some other nonsensical thing about it being on Gase.
  3. You obviously never went to many Jets games. All throughout the Mangini, Herm, and Rex years the stadium was generally rocking. That first home game against the Pats during Rex's first year was the loudest I've heard any stadium ever. Massive stadium wide chants of Brady sucks that could be hear over the TV broadcasts. It was great. Your obviously upset, and trying to push a stale agenda. Go back to watching Fox news if you want to learn how to spin nonsense.
  4. Did you see the play? He had all day in the backfield and was throwing to Ju JU smith who was WIDE open.
  5. Why? Would 2 days of practice make him able to throw the ball? Faulk's problem isn't lack of practice don't be freaking credulous.
  6. McGagnan wasn't worse than Idzik what are you smoking? He wasn't much better but some on this board is rediculous. I don't understand what people are bitching about or why anyone is surprised at how this game is going.
  7. why, faulk wasn't going to beat the eagles regardless if he had 4 weeks to prepare for it. The only shot the jets were going to be competitive was if Darnold started so it made 100% perfect sense to give him the reps.
  8. Stupid excuse. You think 3 days of prep would have made Faulk competent?
  9. exactly. I think think he has to get this year, but if he doesnt start wowing us by the end of the year you have to start looking elsewhere.
  10. Fixed that for you. Rex was much more successful with the Jets than parcels.
  11. Lol are you serious. It's the exact reason why he's so hated. Someone used post gifs of empty sets with 5 we on 3rd and 4 with everyone running three yard routes. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using JetNation.com mobile app
  12. They beat us by 30 and 2 fluke defensive plays. They will beat the bills by 21 at least.
  13. With a bad oline and a bad qb and bad skill position players there isn't a lot of plays to call that would work. The QB isn't protected on 5 step drops but you want to air it out all day on 3rd and long? You are not going to be successful when you are in 3 and long all day. If you never get into a rhythm and aren't completely easy passes you aren't going to hit long shots when the defense knows its comming. I have zero issues with dumping off passes on 3rd and forever with the way the offense was able to execute all day.

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