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  1. What separates successful organizations from the ones that are constantly in rebuild mode is continuity throughout. Each time the slate gets cleaned someone comes in trying to do their version of building a winner. One reason this organization has suffered is how it was structured. We endured several arraigned marriages between GM and HC, HC and OC, HC and DC. We had both GM and HC reporting to the owner. This is not the typical structure of a NFL organization. This is why I give Chris Johnson credit for reestablishing traditional structure. 
    Another reason for struggle is the development of players that we draft, or lack of player development. How many picks from previous years remain on the roster? Every time a new HC is hired, they have certain type of players they covet. They remove players here not fitting that makeup and scheme they intend running.
    I can at least relate to the vision of the current regime. They bring in high character players, those that love the game. They plan on developing the players that they draft. According to Salah, they don't have any jerks. They can be cancerous when things don't go right.
    We are on the outside looking inward. I believe that they trust each other without much dissension. We have the youngest team in the NFL, giving the most minutes to rookies. Why is that? Because they are in it for the long haul. Again, this regime has nothing to do with the past problems associated with the history. The players here have very little to do with what happened before.
    When matched against opponents having veterans, we learn on the fly. Inconsistencies are expected. Yet we come expecting competitive games. I am guilty too. We are starving for wins, any signs of life. But the reality here is there are no quick fixes. Would we rather see them play close to 500 and miss blue chip players in next years draft thinking we don't need a lot of changes here because of the strong finish? That's fools gold, see 2019.
    We were told early this is a process. They are showing exactly that. It will get worse before it gets better. If Salah says he sees improvement then the team is doing what is asked. Does that translate into wins? Not yet. But I believe in the process. It's a change from what was here. This too shall pass. I rather see slow and steady instead of quick take offs followed by crash and burn. We deserve better. We just need to wait. Too many new parts to judge in entirety.

    The reporting structure narrative has to die. 45% of the league has both coach and gun reporting to the owner.

    It’s not the structure it’s the people

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  2. Wow all this after 5 games??? We have hit some lows in fandom now. Guys and gals, we have to give this QB/Coach/GM some time. Not all the pieces in place yet. Let's be patient. 

    Do we need to give them time? What has more time done for any of the past regimes?

    Most people knew Sam was trash at the end of year two, everyone knew at the beginning of year three.

    If you have a bad product throw it out, don’t sink more resources trying to fix a dud

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  3. I completely disagree. Since leaving the Pats, Brady has become a lovable doofus off the field while remaining a killer on it. Belichick is the same humorless, sociopathic prick he’s always been. This is to say nothing of Pats fans, who are lower than pond scum. I hope Brady leaves Foxboro a smoldering crater.

    Wtf is wrong with you. Brady a lovable doofus that made me sick.

    He is scum a cheater and garbage

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