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  1. I'm sure Bellichec and Brady will care no one believes they didn't cheat hoisting their 4th Tainted lombardi
  2. Well the NFL wants it to go away. NFL.com has barely any coverage of this issue. Every other news website sports or otherwise has this plastered all over.
  3. Bellicheat's latest press conference is obviously in relation to the media saying there was no outrage over being falsely accused. So now they feign outrage to make him seem more innocent? Kraft has said nothing, Goodell has said nothing. Nothing will come of this.
  4. The stat that shows the fumbles for the Pats since 2010 which coincides with the rule change are probably just as damaging as the 11 deflated footballs.
  5. If the Pats suddenly start getting called for holding in the superbowl, and close calls all magically go against them in the superbowl. You have to think that something fishy is going on. And I HATE HATE blaming refs for anything, but if the refs are suddendly anti-patriot in the superbowl after a decade of letting things slide...
  6. After hearing him speak and listening to him a few times now I have to say I am not impressed with him at all. Just on a first impression strictly superficial assessment he doesn't strike me as a great leader of men, or the next great coach. I will say I was impressed with McKagan though. He seemed like an executive who was confident and seemed to carry himself well. Again all superficial stuff, not making any proclamations.
  7. Idzick made that decision. No one on the team, or the coaching staff wanted anything to do with Geno since the moment we signed Vick
  8. I like how that article at least mentioned Brady. In all of this, it seems no one is gutsy enough to implicate him. He obviously was aware of it, and may have even requested it. He won't rat out his coach, but I'm sure if anyone knows the extent of the rule skirting in NE its Brady. He loves how his helmet's headset doesn't turn off during home games.
  9. I'm new here, but I can already tell your clueless. None of your posts are based in the slightest drop of logic.
  10. your right. Our new coach is a first time HC from the defensive side of the ball. We haven't had one of those is a while. I'm sure we'll make the play offs, it will only go with the trend. We will over rate Bowles and call him some silly nick name. Only to turn on him and call him the worst coach in the league in 4 years. No no no. This time its different. I can feel it.
  11. It's probably going to end up much worse. Luck has the same problem Manning had. No coaching, and has to beat the Pats by himself. I predict 37-14
  12. Any FA QB would be better than Geno. Winston is the only QB worth taking at 6. I'm on board for OL or cooper.
  13. I see three steps, then a dive. Like I said. The reason its different then the Megatron catch was that it was in the endzone, its either a TD or not, no advancing the ball further down the field or making a football move.
  14. I agree. The calvin johnson catch that keeps getting brought up was a jump ball in the end zone. Dez's was a catch, two steps, and then a dive.
  15. I've been a big Rex supported, but I'm really surprised he took the Buffallo job. It's a horrible situation for him. If I were him I would have taken the Atl job or TV, then wait for a better opportunity. On the other hand. I can see Rex wanting to beat the crap out of the Jets because his pride his hurt. What is it with the AFCE and its incestual coaching changes? Hope we beat his ass twice a year now. At least it brings something to the Bills rivalry, which I felt was the tamest of the three rvials.
  16. Good. Hopefully he drops in the draft so we can take him at 6 sent from my Lumia 1020 using tapatalk.
  17. He was the best GM we've probably ever had. He built a roster that was filled with Talent, just couldn't get the QB. He was excellent with the cap, and had some really good drafts. His biggest problem was trying to reload too many years, instead of starting to rebuild earlier. That only works when you have a great QB. I liked Tanny, his biggest blinder was giving the contract to Holmes over Edwards, and the tebow move. But overall a pretty damn good GM.
  18. It is used as a point of reference to illustrate why a person might be interested in coming to NY. Not everyone wants/likes the idea of working in NY, and certain individuals aren't cut out for it. So yeah its pointless as a qualifying attribute, but it is relevant for media articles when trying to give some background into the person.
  19. I'm new here, so I'm not sure if this is your schtick or whatever, but really you sound foolish. To be glad that Rex gone is fine, I think most of us are, but to act like he's an awful coach responsible for destroying the Jets is ridiculous. Considering he's the 2nd most successful coach in our franchise history second only to weeb who brought us a title. Maybe its just still too soon for people to have level heads about the situation hopefully it'll calm down soon.
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