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  1. I think everyone has talked the talk, but not a lot of walking yet. The offense is tailored for a medium arm QB with quick release, which is what Garrappolo profiles as. A guy that can hit the intermediate areas, and is seasoned enough that he can recognize defenses at the line. I don't see the changes implemented for Wilson because the personnel doesn't even fit. You can't have Davis as WR1 and then surround him with two slot guys and expect the defense to respect the deep pass. I don't know if it'll improve with Becton but the running game is absolutely useless right now. Either
  2. I agree, I don't have much against Leo, and nothing against Sam. He was completely professional the entire time he was here, and after he was traded. I wish both of them nothing but the best. Jamal on the other hand is just a diva who has a massive ego, well above his skills. I mentioned it on Reddit, but I see him very similar to Stephon Marbury. On a team where he's the star and results don't really matter, he'll look like a superstar. When he has to be a cog, he looks selfish because he cares too much about his perception. Marbury wanted out from the Timberwolves because he wan
  3. I'm not sure I blame him for the Wilson pick, I can see the reasons he was picked because his arm talent is special. I'm not sure about the makeup of the team though, because that has been entirely confusing for me. If you have a rookie QB pretty much anointed as QB 1, you need a guy that is known to install an offense, that fits the player. Bills had Daboll cater the system to fit Allen, Roman catered the system to fit Jackson. Steanski changed the system to fit Baker. Even Lawrence is most comfortable in a horizontal spread, which is what Meyer runs. Yet, we seem to be putting th
  4. I liked Fields prior to the draft because I thought (and still do) he was a better fit for the Shanahan offense because it relies so much on misdirection. Fields has looked about the same as Wilson, taking some risks, playing with a mediocre offense and bad OL with terrible play calling. However, he has that extra gear athleticism that can keep defenses honest and that was my biggest attraction to him. Look at Lamar Jackson, he's not a great thrower, but because he runs so well, he gets one on one matchups for his receivers. Fields isn't as good as Lamar in terms of running (Lamar ju
  5. I think I floated the idea of just picking up Sam's 5th year option and letting him play it out this year in front of whatever QB we pick. Worse case scenario, we have a somewhat overpaid backup QB which is off-set by the rookie QB savings in the next two years. Best case, Darnold looks better and raises trade value, and prospect gets time to develop. Pretty much panned lol. Everyone was off the Darnold train. Although, he's looked up and down so far, but that's partially because that offense is essentially based on McCaffery. They really need to get a better receiver on the outsid
  6. I see this has gone about as well as the pre-draft discussion. There were a few things that were concerning prior to the draft, based just on Wilson's traits. He has the same backside defender blindspots that our previous QBs have. His completion charts in college heavily favored the sidelines, which also usually means you can take the backside defender away because the sideline offers protection. It's further exasperated by the level of competition because they aren't used to QBs having arm strength and accuracy to hit that outside shot from the far hash mark, so defenders play differen
  7. I gotta say, I was all in on hiring Meyer because I thought his ability to install the spread system was going to be worth the trouble. I was wrong. He's been terrible so far as a coach, and really defacto GM.
  8. Thanks. Yeah, I didn't understand some of the hype with him because there were a bunch of red flags, that theoretically could be ironed out on the bench. On a POTENTIAL base, I could absolutely see the Mahomes/Rodgers case, much like I can see the Favre case for Josh Allen. His ability to make off platform throws are ridiculously similar to those guys, and I don't think I've ever seen a guy get this much torque without planting his lead foot. On a pure arm basis, he's the best QB in the class, his arm talent is better than Lawrence or any other guy. However, there were so
  9. I did a bunch of scouting on Zach, and his biggest issue right now is that he doesn't have receivers bailing him out, nor does he have pocket integrity. Pocket integrity was a main issue with him in college, he tends to drift backwards in the pocket, which is a nightmare to block, especially against speed rushers. He needs to learn to step up in the pocket when there are extra rushers, but he's way too comfortable throwing off-balance. Saying all that, I've been encouraged with what I've seen, because this team somehow turned good WR depth in BS, with Mims sitting and Crowder hur
  10. Wow, really sorry to hear. RIP. I remember interacting with him a few times.
  11. I think he's a stable OL away from being decent because the underlying ability looked a lot better than any of the QBs we've had since Sanchez (his rookie season is distorted because he had a great team around him). Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to fix it with Becton out and Fant looking like he needs lasik.
  12. I went and made a website to convey that I liked Justin Fields better than Zach Wilson, but I trust in Zach Wilson. I do think he's a franchise QB now. Issues that I saw that remain: 1. He needs an adjustment period to NFL lines because he had great OL play at BYU. I'm not even sure we can call our line an NFL line because it sucks. 2. His biggest issue in terms of passing is that he's not quite adept at passing into tight windows in the middle of the field. He does MUCH better working the sidelines (think reverse Lamar Jackson) because Wilson focuses on looking off de
  13. Really hope she fights through, **** cancer. It's horrible that it returned, the side effects of these medications are terrible down the road, so it's really amazing to see that she's willing to fight through it. I went through it once decades ago, and I swore if it ever returned, I might just skip treatment and live out the rest of my short life, so all the props to her for fighting it head on again.
  14. There's a lot of things that get deemed "unforgettable" these days or you'll remember where you were when it happened that gets glorified in the moment and then forgotten. 9/11 will never be part of that. I still remember exactly where I was, all the rumors before finding out, and the aftermath of living in NY. My dad had gotten a job right near the WTC (it was part of the blocked off zone, which eventually led the company to move) and me being paranoid that he was caught up in it. Thankfully, he had not gone into work that day because we had just gotten back from vacation, and it wa
  15. Boy, I was on the Fields train, and I still think Fields (on the field) was a better choice. However, my concerns are with how far Fields dropped, especially considering Lance went at 3 and there is just no way Lance performed better than Fields while playing. That makes me really concerned about intangibles with Fields, like did some team think he just wasn't dedicated or smart enough? Was he propped up by first round receivers in Wilson/Olave with a very good TE? I think I would have held stronger if Fields didn't go by the Falcons/Panthers/Broncos/Lions/Eagles. Wilson has be
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