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  1. I think a lot of guys benefitted from sitting because it allows them to reset. The most important aspect would be seeing how guys approached the game, how to make in game adjustments, and most learn the speed of the game. I think the biggest thing that helped Mahomes was not only reading the defenses with Smith, but knowing that angles were just as important as arm strength.
  2. Allen to me suffers from the trajectory issue, because his arm is legitimately one of (if not) the best in the league. He didn't know how to put touch on the ball down the field, which I think he vastly improved this season. You can see the touch on those passes, mixed in with laser beams. Him understanding that a fastball is counter productive at times is his biggest leap. There's a deep pass at 5:14 against the Broncos that highlight this change. The defender is in perfect position for a laser beam pass because he's just one step behind. However, the rainfall pass doesn't give that guy a shot at all. This is also what I like highlighting in videos with Fields, where it's not just pure arm strength, it's the ability to fight angles down the field.
  3. I do believe there is hope for Darnold, which was why I advocated retaining him (and not trading him) prior to the off-season, but then also picking a QB with the high draft pick. Essentially, we'd have Darnold in the system which many expect him to be ideal for, AND we delay throwing out the young QB to the fire. Essentially we can evaluate Darnold and top pick, and pick who we want to keep. If I remember correctly, when Douglas was with the Eagles, they got Sam Bradford, and then traded up for Wentz. During the pre-season, they felt Wentz was ready enough that they traded Bradford. If Darnold thrives, then we have a good problem, and rely on the coaches to decipher. which guy is better. If Darnold struggles, we hedge our bets with the high draft pick being successful. Assume Jags take Lawrence, we take Fields/Wilson, Lions take Lance, and Pats take Jones. Stafford to Carolina. That leaves: Steelers (unknown future) 49ers (unknown) Miami (I think Tua busts, but we'll call this ?) Rams? (Goff doesn't seem like he's the absolute answer) WFT? Giants? Denver? TB? (How long begore Brady retires) Colts? Bears? Atlanta (Ryan has to be nearing the end as well) In the next year, there seems to be a lot of uncertain places for QB for the 2022 season with a relatively weak class of QBs. If Darnold shows some improvement, his market should be fairly large. I think the main issue for Darnold in the Gase offense was it's lack of flexibility to adjust once the defense adjusted. Too many times we'd come out looking good, only for the defense to make a change, and we'd be clueless.
  4. I think every QB in this class (even Lawrence) would benefit from sitting behind a competent starter for at least half the year, because the speed of the game is just different. I think the biggest problem for Darnold (and my biggest fear with Wilson) is the defensive shell games. We see Bellicheck basically own him because he's one of the best at hiding and adjusting defenses for a young QB. We saw this sometimes with Rex as well, where the pre-snap look had nothing to do with the post-snap defense. I think this is where coaching failed Darnold, because Gase's system was based on his system being superior. With a veteran like Manning, he could read the shell games and audible accordingly, but an inexperienced QB just can't do that. I think the private interviews are going to be huge, and I wish they would start to incorporate more VR into these interviews. Show them a shell from the QB position, and the options once the play starts, rather than the whiteboard.
  5. His deep passing game is criminally under-rated for some reason. A part of me actually likes the arch he puts on the ball, because that's nearly impossible to defend with angles. This was a big issue with Geno, where it was throw it from Point A to B, but he didn't know how to do it efficiently when the defender only was behind by one step. Russel Wilson is someone who absolutely excels at this aspect of the game, and he had the same trait. While we're at it, both were very good MLB prospects as well, which to me says hip fluidity. You'll see both of them throw on the run, but get good hip motion on the passes to create torque. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2020/2019-20-deep-ball-project If you look at that list for deep ball accuracy: Murray, Mahomes, Watson, Mayfield, Ryan, and Wilson all played baseball competitively in college. I didn't check for many others. Further down, you can also see deep balls outside the pocket, with Watson/Mahomes/Wilson (all with different degrees of arm strength) do good. Outside note, Darnold had the highest amount of deep throws outside the pocket albeit not that successful. One thing to note, it's easier to throw a spiral in the NFL than in college. Our favorite backup QB foe, Matt Barkley comes in and states in that thread, that he couldn't wait to throw with the NFL balls because they didn't wobble as much. I think Fields is the No. 2 QB, but the media doesn't get paid for being right. The media gets paid for reactions and viewership. It helps them to build up competition as much as possible, and then provide differing opinions. Remember Geno Smith vs. EJ Manuel? I remember after his pro day, networks were wondering if the Jets would need to trade up in the first round to get Geno. I wouldn't rely on the media to educate anyone, I'd rely on film breakdowns that go in-depth to see pros/cons. The truth is none of us really know which QB is going to be great and which will suck, but we make our educated guesses.
  6. That very well could be true. It's an inexact science, so I could be wrong, you could be right, or we could both be right/wrong. My feeling is Fields is better than Wilson but I respect your opinion.
  7. To Cossel: https://www.google.com/amp/s/sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/greg-cosells-draft-analysis-josh-rosen-refined-perhaps-best-qb-class-151629623.html I don't think there's a perfect fit because the system he runs has concepts that fit into the Shanahan system. The idea being that he's familiar with the concepts enough that he understands the playbook better, which is definitely an advantage for sure. However, Lawrence and Fields have adjusted to their system extremely well, thus there is no evidence they can't fit into a Shanahan offense. I don't think he's a loser, I think he has top 10 talent, I just think Fields is better. The system issue for me stems from the competition. If the opponents are far inferior in talent, then his transition is cloudy. He can stare down a comeback route in against some colleges, but can't do the same against defenses that can match the talent. It's also why I don't like scouting Ohio State vs Florida Atlantic or Clemson vs bottom feeder because the mismatch hides issues. It could be fine, it could be an issue, but that's added risk. I don't think the premise is "Would we take Wilson on the team?" because the answer is yes. We would all take him. The issue is, would you take him over Fields and why?
  8. His upside to me is better than Fields. He has special arm talent, but it also harkens back memories of Trubusky. Watson dropped in the draft after he had an abysmal showing for arm strength. I think it was like 48 MPH, and everyone questioned his arm talent, and I'm starting to wonder if the same thing happens to Fields. Trubisky was the quick release guy with arm talent, that played in a system that they thought would transfer over better than Clemson or Texas Tech (At that point, Clemson QBs hadn't succeeded either). I think the upside is alluring, but I think the risk is high with this kid just on the field. The competition aspect is a big thing because I'm not sure I see the quick reads/progression reads that translate. In my eye (and I've been wrong before), I see a lot of Watson in Field's game. The ability to hit deep passes with an arch, throwing on the run, and having the ability to be a threat in an RPO situation, and good accuracy. I'm intrigued to see the report on him, but I think Fields is a step above Wilson before we even factor in the injury history with the shoulder. Well, sure, but that's essentially true for most positions. A top 10 OT can go top 2 as well. I agree, his arm strength is definitely up there, although it's not the Allen/Mahomes class. I remember at the Combine where Allen legitimately made the crowd go wow with a deep pass down the sideline. Arm talent wise I think he's right there with Lawrence, with Fields maybe one notch below. Although I'm not fully sure, because Fields throws such a pretty deep pass that I don't think it's that far behind. He does have the quick release, and he is accurate. The aspect that I worry about is really the competition when he goes through his progressions. There's one pass where it's a quick RPO pass to the TE that goes for 5 yards, and he makes a nice side arm throw. However, looking at that play, I couldn't understand the RPO aspect. The main point being that an RPO is intended to get the unblocked rusher to commit one way or another, and then counter it with the option. In this case, the edge rushers didn't even look at the RB, yet he still pulled it out and threw it. There's another pass where he looks off the linebacker, but doesn't factor in the safety. This makes me wonder if the competition level creates false security. One of the plays highlighted in that video is a TD up the seam on a switch route, but a quick glance the other way sends the safety scrambling. Would that kind of defense translate in the NFL? I'm not saying he's not a top 10 guy, I just think Lawrence/Fields are both ahead of him on the field, and definitely ahead once you factor in the shoulder injuries. I'm not seeing the progression reads, where there is an understanding of the defense. I'm seeing very good anticipatory throws though, but I saw the same thing with Darnold, and here we are. I agree completely in that sense, the main issue with him seems to be that he doesn't understand risks on the field like Darnold at times. His arm talent is good enough that it's just not a match for these defenses at all. They aren't defending against NFL caliber arms on a normal basis, and you can see them be fooled extremely easily. I thought footwork could be fixed to an extent, but it takes time. If you have talent like Josh Allen, where if his footwork was fixed, he was MVP caliber, then it makes sense. I'm not sure Wilson has the talent to be that level, but his footwork needs drastic improvement. His arm is great, he has very good accuracy, and he throws with anticipation. There's no arguing that. In fact, I think he throws with better anticipation than Lawrence. The issue stems from him having the ability to take those shots without much risk, and how much is it going to change in the NFL when reading the defense makes a huge difference. In fact, I think that is still Darnold's biggest problem, in that he doesn't read defenses well once the concepts get complicated. We have the ghost game and others where defensive shell games confuse him, and make him tentative. I think Fields still goes above him. However, I think the media will hype up all of them at some point because that gets views and clicks.
  9. I'm going to just post this here as well, because I don't want to make another thread for it. The issue for me is that, he has a good amount of flaws that are somewhat hidden by competition. In this video, watch one of the back shoulder passes, where the defender is running 5 yards ahead of the guy. Wtf is that defense? I don't even think that was a scripted back shoulder pass, but it was so stupid that Wilson could just throw it out there and have his guy adjust. You'll also see a couple of examples of not reading the backside defender, and him having trouble recognizing complex fronts. His footwork needs upgrades as well. Just too much risk for me. I like his release and his arm talent but with the injuries, it's too much risk. Same guy will be doing one on Fields next week, and Lawrence afterwards. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  10. I don't think Saleh doubts than Darnold could turn things around. I like the confidence, but it doesn't mention if he thinks Fields/Wilson could be better. While I like Darnold, it makes more sense for the team to move on because I think someone like Fields can thrive in this system. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  11. Not a fan of the deal. One, I think Fields is an elite talent in himself, so this would require a ton of talent to move out. For example, when Washington traded for RGIII in a similar draft set up, they gave up the first and second pick in the draft (6 and 39 overall), plus 2 first round picks the following year. We'd be falling even further back, and these picks go to a team that we all expect to be good, so the picks next year are going to be in the 20's, most likely. I'm not going to go into much detail over the mock because it's way too early and things will change. However, for that drastic of a drop for a QB, I would want more.
  12. Yes, that vaunted Bears passing attack.
  13. I think he looks just as impressive on tape as Trevor, the mental aspect is the one that I can't comment on. However, I've been wrong before, so I would love to hear your breakdown of the tape as well. I want to see to plays where he looks more impressive or how he looks more impressive. I'm not disagreeing with you, I feel it's better if we can point it out.
  14. Thanks @Mogglez and @football guy Appreciate the inside information!!
  15. I think it's going to be a college guy or Pederson, In fact, I'd rather have Pederson than Smith to be honest.

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