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  1. win4ever

    2021 Draft

    Justyn Ross- Spinal surgery. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/06/01/clemsons-justyn-ross-will-have-spinal-surgery-miss-season/ Really sucks, I thought he could be a target next draft. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  2. Well they are kinda set on offense really, unless it’s specifically sinking resources into OL. Sutton/Juedy/Hamler/Fant seems pretty set, so something would have to go wrong to add a weapon. Adding someone like Adams would help slow down the offense, by going with a pass rush/safety approach, forcing things into the middle. You wouldn’t stop them but slow them down enough that their offense can match.
  3. Minkah was an absolute stud, and a ball hawk. I know he plays FS but man did he make an impact. He was who I thought Hooker would be coming out.
  4. Obviously we’re just speculating here, but my line of thinking is that they want to shore up the back end of their passing defense. With Chiefs and Raiders going heavy on speed, they’d want a SS that can do both, while having Simmons be the rangy FS. Offense has Gordon on a decent deal, then cheap QB, rookie contracts for top 4 receivers plus TE. So they would have the money moving forward to invest in a SS, at the level Adams expects. Miller was saying something to the effect of not trying to stop Mahomes, but keep in up with them. A DL of Chubb/Casey/Miller is a monster, if they can hold the back end, which is what Fangio specializes in. They funnel the game into the intermediate area, so a stud SS works well, alongside Simmons. I think they are a good target if we’re looking for straight picks. Maybe Daesean Hamilton as a No. 4 type guy.
  5. I think Jamal Adams is a great player, but his viewpoint is the same thing we derided OBJ for, a me first attitude. If he can’t accept that a GM takes calls on him, he’s not going to ever be happy. Minkah Fitzpatrick, someone who I think has a bigger impact on the passing game, got traded for a 1st and 4th (I think the Steelers got a couple picks back too), and it’s a fairly even trade in terms of value (it would have been better if Miami made a better pick with it). I don’t want to see Jamal leave because he’s obviously a very good player but I’m taking the picks plus cap space in the future over him. To me it boils down to his impact on the game from the SS position. If he’s getting paid 90% of a No. WR, I’d take the receiver plus premium picks. My dark horse team is the Broncos in this. Although reality is this will most likely amount to nothing and he’ll play for the Jets. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  6. Lol, Establish opinions as fact. Cite these aforementioned facts. Now, use these facts to form a narrative. Hit post. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  7. It's a good site, and there is definitely some effort into it, I rather watch those videos than 10 min snippets vocalizing what you read in the newspapers anyway.
  8. I’ve watched both videos, and a bunch of others......because I have an addiction, lol. Mims doesn’t run a full route tree, but the routes he does compliment each other. He runs curls, slants, outs and go routes. Essentially 4 different directions, which is very similar to what Josh Gordon used to run his first year with the Browns. When you are that fast and have size, defenders have to respect the deep speed. However, Mims has the lateral quickness to be good in slant or out routes as well. The issues with him will be the nuances of the game, setting up his breaks, release form, etc. If he gets those things down, could legitimately be the top tier WR from this draft. I think the real factor for him and the Jets depend on Perriman. If Perriman is on the field, that’s either a two safety look, or someone is getting a one on one outside. That’s really the biggest change I’m looking forward to seeing from the offense. The YouTube guy, Joe, used to post here I believe, I think he was co-hosting the radio. He posts a ton of in-depth pieces that don’t seem to get much views. Wish he went more concept oriented because if you know “middle field closed for a mesh concept” you can probably watch film on your own. However, he puts in a great effort so it’s kind of a shame that it’s not more popular.
  9. We have the same talk with every controversial piece. It’s not the media, it’s the people that feed the media. 1. Big market with two teams in one sport means one is always billed as the red headed stepchild. Lol Nets (although lol Knicks too), lol Mets, lol Islanders, etc. it’s because there is a geographical rivalry. Giants/Yankees/Rangers fans will read things bashing Jets/Mets/Islanders respectively. Therefore, you aren’t losing much in your geographical area. You don’t do this in KC, because if the Chiefs fans are against you, better start packing. Negativity? Sure. Blatant attempts to stir the pot? Not much of a shot. 2. The business model for the media is no longer about reporting. It’s the same thing with the news. If you drove by a bunch of cops three blocks from your house in the early 90’s, your options were pulling over and asking the people for unverified accounts of what’s happening. Or you waited until the 11 o’clock news after 2 commercial breaks. That was it. Therefore the news could report what happened and still retain your interest because you had a desire to know what was going on. Nowadays, with social media, you can probably get a live twitter feed from those cops, and people scanning the the police scanner to know what is going on. You no longer have the need to know, so just reporting is now boring and useless. So they sensationalize it to hold your interest. Instead of news, let’s pump if they entered the house legally, because of race, police brutality, etc. The actual news is the foreword. The meat lays in their analysis of the situation, which is just meant to stir up controversy. Same thing with the Jets. “Adams and the Jets negotiating like 28 other teams” has no value to them. However, here’s the news cycle for “high tension between Adams and the Jets” - Should the Jets resign Adams? You have Yes/No pieces with people invested in both sides. Then a subset of, what should the Jets sign him for? Another subset of “that’s too much/that’s not enough” reaction posts and discussions. -Should the Jets trade Adams? You have Yes/No articles with people invested in both sides. Then a subset of, where the Jets should trade him? And if so, for what. We have rampant trade discussion for possible matches. Then all the discussion surrounding it. -What is wrong with the Jets? A subset of articles discussing the issues with Gase, Douglas, and Johnsons. A whole bunch of people reacting to it. - What’s wrong with Adams? Is he a diva? A leader? A subset of reactions to it. - Then a meta sports insight into how players are standing up for their rights. Subset of are they right/wrong reactions! Bunch of root for the jerseys/individual posts met with root for players/not owners posts. - National media exposure for controversy because everyone loves a car fire. It helps build a narrative about Lol Jets, and we’ve completed the circle. Now, when a story spins into a controversial slant, it’s more believable. Just go through this sub, and see the number of posts generated from this subject. The media isn’t at fault because they make money with clicks and ads. To achieve those, they need discussion and controversy. It’s why a reporter like Manish, widely hated by most fans, stays employed because people pay for it by spreading it. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  10. A great signing! A numbers post. 2019: Flacco: Passer Rating: 85.1 QBR: 48.7 DVOA: 29th PFF: 67.2 Y/A: 7.0 Y/G: 227 TD%: 2.3 INT%: 1.9 Turned 35 this year Andy Dalton: Passer Rating: 78.3 QBR: 40.1 DVOA: 26th PFF: 66.3 Y/A: 6.6 Y/G: 268 TD%: 3 INT: 2.7 Will be 33 later this year. Yet, I see places like Rotoworld with this quote on Flacco “If he does nail down the No. 2 job, he will be one of league’s worst backups”. This is the blurb on signing Dalton “The Cowboys now have quality insurance as Dalton would be able to put up quality numbers in this stacked offense, and it comes at a very affordable cost” Flacco cost pretty much half of Dalton. Walter Football (Yes I know, useless) ranked Flacco 11th FA QB this year, Dalton 13th. Why does Flacco get sh*t on, but Dalton was a quality signing? Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  11. I would take him regardless of Perriman to be honest. I think running Terry, Mims, Perriman (assuming latter two perform well this year) would be just fine because teams may not have three corners that can match those guys in size/speed. In his second year with Peyton, they were running DT, Sanders, Decker, Welker, Latimer. I think it was all about creating 1 on 1 matchups, and having either a size or speed advantage.
  12. Yeah, it almost seemed like there was a large distance between roster construction (GM) and roster utilization (HC). I don’t think it’s that Gase didn’t want Bell, I think it’s that he wanted an OL first. We have RBs being underpaid all through the league because they are deemed a product of the offensive line. Yet, we invested in a RB at top money with an abysmal line. I think the discord was over Jonah Williams, and the Jets not trading down. McCaggnan seemed to hate the OL in the draft, and that probably caused the rift. We’ve basically replaced the entire line after one season, and one of Douglas’ first moves involved the ill fated Khalil move. So I think the lack of OL and the lack of attention paid to it probably set the rift to the max. I’m not going to hate on the Polite pick much because I liked it at the time. His on field production was great. Apparently, everything else was crap. The pick that drove me nuts was Wesco. It made no sense. His route tree was of a eligible tackle on trick plays. It just showed a lack of understanding for roster construction. McCaggnan preached BPA but he seemed to be only in a scouting mind, and didn’t know how to adjust for value. Yeah, Wesco may have been a great blocking TE, grading highly, you can’t spend a 4th rd pick on that.
  13. My favorite guy from next year is Tamorrion Terry. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  14. I don’t know if I trust Fuller to be healthy though. I was looking back at the rosters, and noticed that Denver paired Demarius Thomas (sub 4.4 forty), with Emanuel Sanders (4.41), picked up Cody Latimer (4.38) to go with Welker in the slot. In Miami, they had Parker (4.45) with Landry when he came in. The next year, they add Kenny Stills (4.38), and they picked Carroo (4.5) in the 3rd, but I think he was injured at senior bowl. From googling, he held a private pro day but I didn’t find stats. Then the next year, they signed Albert Wilson (4.43), Jakeem Grant (4.38) in the 6th. I want to take a deep dive into it, but Gase subscribed to the Erhardt-Perkins scheme with Peyton, which essentially works to simplify route concepts, making it conducive to a no huddle offense. My theory is that he wants speed on both sides of the field, because a single high safety against that means a one on one shot with a speedster. Keep the safeties back, and then the middle opens up. I want to take a deeper dive on EP and the Gase scheme, but haven’t found the time. This year, we were connected to Robby all off-season, and our pivot was to someone faster. We took a sub 4.4 guy in the draft as well. I’m wondering if the McCaggnan relation soured last year when he took Polite over say McLaurin/Boykin or Wesco over a speedy guy like Slayton. It was quite odd to see a GM fired after hiring a coach and conducting a draft. I’m wondering if that’s the reason there was a rift because Gase relies on speed to operate and McCaggnan like a slow roast than instant coffee.
  15. I would love to get Robinson, although I’m not 100% sure he fits. I’ve been looking into some roster construction with Gase, and I think he wants speed as the best asset. I think they may target Samuel more so than anything, although probably unlikely he makes it.

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