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  1. Wasn't there some stat that he played like 90% of the season at safety?
  2. Equanimeous St. Brown - 2nd Round Target

    I think Ridley is the No. 1 receiver of this draft, absolutely love him. His speed in and out of breaks are excellent, and I love how he runs his routes. If he played with a system that emphasized passing, I think he'd be a top 5 pick. I see a lot of OBJ/Cooper in him, even though Cooper struggled this year. Unfortunately, we can't take a chance on WR with the first pick. I think St. Brown is the second best guy out there though, great physical set with ability to catch the ball and run routes. He has No. 1 upside in the mold of AJ Green, someone that acts as an anchor at WR for a long time. With the Anderson arrest, it muddles the pool a bit more because we might need a receiver if he's suspended. I would love to take him in the second round. I agree with going away from receiver at the first pick, as much as I love Ridley, I can't justify taking him with the 6th pick (unless we trade down I guess), but I'm not sure how much we're going to improve the line with second round picks, unless someone unexpected drops. My outlook for the first pick: We sign Cousins (or hopefully not Bradford/Bridgewater/Bortles), then we need to trade down in this draft. Too many teams want QBs, some team will pay up if one of them drops. If we sign Cousins, we need to pair him with a veteran receiver as well (I say Allen Robinson). This way, trading down fills the trenches, go offensive lineman and CB with extra picks. I don't see the point of paying top money to Cousins and WR, only to have problems with building a line through the draft and having them all get on one page. We don't sign significant QB, then we spend money on offensive lineman to bolster the protection for a young QB. We pick a QB at 6, and a WR with upside in the second, and use the free agent money to make sure that they are protected as they grow. The more veteran lineman make sure the QB has time to develop, and pair a high upside WR to go along with them since I don't think anyone on our roster is a No. 1 receiver. Very similar to Jags, pair Bortles with Robinson. We've seen this a few times in the past. Bortles - Same Draft Robinson Mariota - Same Draft DGB (Didn't work out, idea was there) Winston - Evans already on team from year before Carr- Cooper next year Ej Manuel - Watkins next year Luck - I think they went Fleener/Allen/Hilton right after Tebow - Demarius Thomas I don't see the point of signing a big name running back like Bell because he's going to be paid for what he did in Pitt with a good line and a HOF caliber QB/WR combination. I'd rather draft a RB in the draft that doesn't get paid nearly as much and has less miles. I'm of the theory that RB/WR positions rely heavily on the QB/OL/WR combinations. Someone that thrives with Tom Brady may not actually be that great with Rosen/Darnold/Mayfield/Jackson/Allen/Rudolph or whomever. Offensive line is more straight forward, you judge people based on individual blocking ability, same with CBs and LBs. That's why I'd rather shore up the offensive line through free agency, and go QB/WR with the first two picks. Then we can go CB with the other pick, I'll have my targets for that one later. I think he has tremendous upside, although part of me says he rises up too much in the pre-draft process and just goes in the first. He has the size/speed combination that usually rockets up the boards after the combine because I think he's going to run near 4.4, if not better, and that creates a ton of interest. Heck last year, John Ross became a top 10 pick just based on speed, when he was a late first/second round type guy at this time, albeit he ran a historic time. He's one of those guys I expect to see on Sports Science and they are like "He scores in the 92nd percentile of our lab created spinning while flipping upside down test". I haven't looked at running backs yet. There are a few that interest me. I was very high on LJ Scott, I thought he would be a sneaky 3rd round type pick, but he went back to school. What's your scouting on Adams? I haven't really looked at him yet.
  3. He has the size/speed combination with good production in college (albeit it went down quite a bit this year), and he reminds me a lot of Allen Robinson (who I'm in favor of signing as a FA). He's 6'5", and about 200 pounds, so lanky. I like to look at prospects that are facing good defenses, so here is the game vs. Stanford. :17 - Notice the CB is shading him to the inside, but he's physical, moves the QB the outside and gains inside leverage. On the replay, you can see him become open on the out-route. An NFL QB can hit that play consistently (Ok- non Hackenberg QBs) 1:03 - I can't see what he does, but he's wide open. That is a horrible throw from the QB. 1:37 - Shows off pure speed 3:10 - Once again elusive in the open field 3:20 - A great double move, absolutely blows by defender, QB decides to lob it for an interception. :02 - He gets behind the LSU secondary, and catches the ball, albeit it's a bit behind him. 1:05 - Evidence the ND QB might be blind. I think he's going to test very well and be someone in the discussion near the end of the first round/early second round. I think he's a No. 1 type receiver in the waiting, and would fit perfectly with our need for a red zone threat, along with a high end receiver. I don't see the Jets going this way mainly because Stewart/Hansen last year, but this kid could be special. I see a ton of Allen Robinson in him, and I think bad QB play really stifled his numbers. He has size, he has speed, good hands and routes. If we pick him in the second (once again, unlikely because I think they have bigger holes to fill) I think it'd be a steal. He compliments the receiving core extremely well since Kearse can be No. 2, Anderson in the slot, and Enunwa eased in as a TE/WR combo.
  4. Beningo vs Mehta. Wow

    I think they just do it to get ratings, because he just yells and screams most of the time. There he is, wax poetic about the Fitz signing and how Macc is a genius for bringing him back, back when it was Fitzmagic, the record setting franchise guy. He just stays in the moment, yells out something that he considers the popular opinion and sticks with it. I have no problem if people take a stance, I hate Todd Bowles, I think he's an idiot too. However, I hate it when people take a side and don't back it up with anything. He's about par for the course I guess, but it makes for a tough listen. Lol, the loudest bulb.
  5. Beningo vs Mehta. Wow

    Lol, I wasn't sure if anyone could make Mehta look reasonable, but Joe managed it. Manish pushes his own agenda, gets people riled up, and probably hates the Jets. I'm not sure there is another reporter out there that I like less than him. However, Joe just played right into it by going on a tirade that doesn't make sense. If you want to argue Bowles, you talk about the lack of progression, how besides Leo, there weren't many guys that seemed to actually improve. We saw Wilk, Sheldon, Revis, Fitz, Marshall, and countless others regress. Instead Joe arguing about the record just comes off as idiotic, because he's just being loud and repeating the same idea. I agree with his idea, Marrone was probably a better choice than Bowles, and I hate Bowles as a head coach. However, you can just yell that a bunch of times, then act all mighty as if you won the "argument" citing your memory about the 1972 Jets. I like Joe because he's passionate and loves the Jets (which was kinda rare), but he's not the brightest bulb. He chases the in the moment with headlines, and doesn't get off his "How many times I have seen this team suck" idea. In summary, they both suck.
  6. *** wildcard weekend games thread ***

    The Titans/Chiefs game was interesting to watch. 1. The forward progress non fumble has got to be one of the stupidest calls I've seen. He literally got tackled with a strip sack, and they blew the play dead. I even liked the ref coming in with his arm in the air like a preacher that was preaching to his congregation with how sure he was. 2. The Kelce concussion was another one with an issue because it looked like he fumbled too, but they didn't review it. 3. Mariota to Mariota TD, with Revis acting as the human garage door. 4. Speaking of Revis, he absolutely dogged it on the final run with Henry, just giving up on the play. However, also notice the Henry touch down as well, because Revis was covering Decker on a crossing route, so he was heading right into Henry's path. Even Decker stopped and tried to block Revis, who was behind him. Instead of lunging at the runner and trying to make a play, Revis literally just slows down and maintains contact with Decker and watches Henry run by. He clearly has no interest in tackling, and I expect him to be cut soon. 5. Decker had a horrible game, dropped passes, and ran mediocre routes. However, that TD was set up magnificently. 6. That Chiefs defense really misses Eric Berry.
  7. Deshaun Watson v. Lamar Jackson

    I wrote this in 2016: I was super high on Watson at that point, and I really liked him until I heard the arm strength issues at the combine last year. That made me a bit worried because the reports made it out like he was lobbing the ball out there. In the same vein, I don't think Jackson is a similar prospect to Watson, because they are extremely different in terms of how they play. If you are comparing Jackson, you have to go to Vick/Pryor because he has that type of athleticism. Defenses have to change game plans solely based on these guys. Much like we talk about runners going against stacked boxes, we have to factor in a bit of mobile QBs going against stacked boxes, because it helps them retain one on one match ups down the field, because teams can't afford to lose the guy. Watson was far more accurate (albeit he had better receivers) in the sense that he had great ball placement. Watson also seemed to read the field faster, move on from progressions. Jackson is much more elusive in the open field, and a one on one nightmare. Jackson also has better arm strength to make difficult throws. The big negative with Jackson or any mobility reliant QB is that their value takes a massive hit with a foot injury. I would love to take Jackson, as long as we also make the effort to run a fast paced system. We can't run a west coast system based on precision timing with him. If we go up-tempo, then I think he can be a stud. I would place him below Vick but above Pryor.
  8. Amari Cooper

    Buy Low, lol. I'm not sure if he's hurt, but I would take him top 5 moving forward at WR if I was building a team (taking age/contract). One of the best at maintaining speed with his breaks, which cause CBs to commit so hard, opening them up for big plays with double moves. For drafting purposes, Calvin Ridley reminds me a TON of Cooper.
  9. Over 2,000 Posts Today

    I think it's good to see people coming in and talking, because Jets forums were pretty hopeless earlier this season. When most of the news is negative, I think people shy away from reading and responding anyway. I think next week is the litmus test, not only for the team, but the fan base. Jets win, and I think interest is going to spark big time. All those people that stayed away to avoid negative points will more than likely make up for lost time. Jets lose, and we'll be back to the off-season level of "Well, we won 3 games for no reason vs. We root for the jersey" arguments that can't be proven either way.
  10. JetNation FanDuel League; Week 5

    Yeah, I used to be into DFS really hard until about Week 3 of last season. The pro level players that play invest such an insane amount of time into this, that it's ridiculous. People running scripts to make last minute changes, vegas odds analysis, weather reports including cross wind or head wind analysis, one on one match ups, team match ups, etc. It's actually ridiculous, and unless you can spend devoted time towards it each day, it's impossible to keep up. When I was playing baseball, there was so much information out there from umpire tendencies to match ups and fastball/slider strengths, streaks, etc that I didn't know where else to research to stand out. I remember looking up atmospheric pressure to see if there was a correlation for home runs, just because the data was too much to digest, so a lot of people ended up with the same sleepers. I'm not sure why people don't return. I definitely enjoy playing.
  11. JetNation FanDuel League; Week 5

    I really appreciate playing with you guys and would love to participate every week. This was probably my worst fantasy week across the board for a lot of things. I bought hard on Devante Parker across the board, which doomed all of my teams with injury. Gurley not playing well also torpedoed my team. Other failures, I could understand risk/reward, but those two guys were locks for me and it backfired, lol.
  12. Game Balls vs Cleveland?

    It has to be Hue Jackson and Kizer. In baseball, there is a stat for pitchers called FIP (and xFIP) which tries to assign a value to a pitcher for the things he has in his control. This game was a win for the Jets because the other team constantly screwed up. Two turnovers in the red zone for Kizer, going for it on 4th down, when a FG ties the game, etc. If we have to pick the Jets, I'll say Morton. The coach's film isn't out, but I loved some of the set up stuff for routes. McCown played horrible for most of the day, and we didn't have a running game, so I'm not giving it to anyone on offense.
  13. JetNation FanDuel League; Week 5

    I joined early this week, hopefully goes through.
  14. JetNation FanDuel League; Week 4

    Definitely an exciting end this week. Only reason I won was because Wilson threw a 30 yard TD in the final minute on a 4th and 3 or something, while being up about 30 points. Yay!!
  15. Game Observations (JAX)

    It's perplexing that he hasn't taken off, because they gave him everything to be a successful QB. Although, Robinson is injured this year, he has Robinson, Hurns, Lee with Yeldon/Ivory, an OK TE. He had the opportunity to be a decent QB but he just hasn't progressed at all. I was surprised because I was expecting him to be caught down the line but no one did. He always looked fast on tape, but seemed to have limited top end speed. There were a few highlights in college where he was caught from behind. However, he has great agility and make guys miss really well. While it's not a sexy pick like Alvin Kamara, I think it could really help the team down the road.