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  1. Boy, I was on the Fields train, and I still think Fields (on the field) was a better choice. However, my concerns are with how far Fields dropped, especially considering Lance went at 3 and there is just no way Lance performed better than Fields while playing. That makes me really concerned about intangibles with Fields, like did some team think he just wasn't dedicated or smart enough? Was he propped up by first round receivers in Wilson/Olave with a very good TE? I think I would have held stronger if Fields didn't go by the Falcons/Panthers/Broncos/Lions/Eagles. Wilson has be
  2. Oh wow, really sorry to hear. Having dealt it cancer myself, I know how hard it can be on everyone, so really praying she beats cancer's ass!
  3. Admittedly, I preferred Fields over Wilson, and voiced my concerns about Wilson. Saying that, what I've been hearing so far is absolutely wonderful, because the aspect that we don't have access to (his mental aptitude) seems to be coming off with flying colors. Far more important in today's game is the mental side of things, IMO. I think we saw it with Goff and McVay, where the system is wonderful but the QB needs to make his own reads. There's too much fluidity and breakdowns, to the point where you can't say Cover 2 zone, so I guess the Smash concept should work. Defenses are gett
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/07/01/wr-tamorrion-terry-was-indicted-for-felony-murder-before-seahawks-dropped-him/amp/ Just wow! I was so high on this kid, thought his on the field talent was high. I couldn't figure out why he didn't get drafted, but this makes sense I guess. Probably the hardest part of trying to keyboard scout, because there's no real insight into character concerns.
  5. Man, I was completely off with this one. Although, in my defense, the issue with Gase hasn't been individual play calls, because he does get people open. The issue was his lack of ability to develop a QB to understand the defenses to a point that they see it in real time as well. If we go to Darnold, we'll see the same missing open guys issues, but it falls on Gase. Yeah, I screwed it up. Gase sucked. In fact, the more positive about something Jets, somehow seem to suck. I spent a whole article breaking down the mechanics of Hackenberg, and why they were holding him back....
  6. I'm interested to see how they set up the offense, because Davis was known as a good blocker in TN. If he can set up in the slot, can act as an added blocker. Mims on the outside as the X receiver, and then have Crowder/Moore as the motion guys but it'll be interesting. But the rotation will be interesting, because Cole/Moore is better than pretty much anything we've had in awhile. I'd love to see Cager in the Evan Engram role, basically a WR that can possibly block weakly. But not sure he's ready, but he might need more time.
  7. I think OJ Howard would be interesting because I thought he'd be a stud by now, but I'm not hugely invested in TE. Prior to the 49ers, Shanahan had Jacob Tamme, Hooper, Toliolo at TE, and in his second year, Julio (obviously), Sanu, Freeman, and Taylor Gabriel had more targets. The Shanahan offense tends to favor Receiver 1 quite a bit (Andre Johnson, Pierre Garcon, Julio Jones, George Kittle) but that's mostly been a function of necessity than need. There are years where he's spread them out as well (Santana Moss/Garcon in RGIII's rookie year to (Julio/Sanu/Gabriel in the SB year),
  8. Yeah, not like Fitz did much to help Tua. In fact, one of the reasons I dislike Fitz was the whole Geno debacle, how Fitz threw a fit when he was benched (after quite possibly the worst QB I've ever seen, seriously, he had a legitimate chance at like 10 interceptions). I believe the OC and QB coach should be able to convey the concepts, rather than some veteran trying to fight for a job. I like to see teams roster upside guys at the back up QB position because we aren't going anywhere with Foles or Mullens. In fact, I want to take a shot on Jamie Newman now that he was released.
  9. I wasn't the biggest fan of Wilson, but so far, everything has been great out of OTA. Am I one of the few people that like the strategy of having younger backups, rather than this veteran presence movement? We brought in Brunell for Sanchez, did nothing for him. Fitzpatrick for Geno, did nothing. McCown for Darnold, not like it did much for him either. I think a veteran is extremely valuable if they are playing at a high level, because then the prospect is learning without pressure, and actually has reason to listen to the veteran. You think Wilson would give a crap what Nick
  10. Gase Spike: an uptick in performance in the battlefield, harvested through mental torture allowing gladiators to tap into their inner animal instincts on the field without regard for the opponent.
  11. Oh, I really wanted to target him because I thought he'd be a great buy low. I'm worried about his injuries, but there has to be some post Patricia spike like the Gase spike too. Would love for him to be in the room with Carter, Coleman, Perrine, and Ty Johnson. See who makes it out of camp healthy.
  12. I still have no idea why Fields dropped, there has to be something behind the scenes. I wonder if it's a personality thing, where folks felt he may challenge the system too much. I know he challenged the NCAA portal for immediate eligibility for the racial slur from the baseball player, challenged the Big10 decision on Covid, so maybe teams felt scared about his coachability? Or something else surfaced? Just speculating at this point. Wilson vs. Fields (While I like Fields better) I can understand because a team went with pure arm talent over pure athleticism, and while I disagree, I can
  13. Admittedly I wanted Fields over Wilson but I'm onboard now. In fact, I wanted to expand on a concept by Simms about Wilson in which "a throw is a throw", highlighting how Wilson makes some throws that negates a defense. Maybe next month. However, this is usual BS about everyone's draft. This is the journalist equivalent of the draft phone call. You never see those calls be like "Damn, we got sniped by.....I guess we're ok with you because the trade down offers suck, welcome to the Jets!". Everyone of those calls sound like the guy was top 5 overall on their boards. Same thing here, like
  14. It'll be interesting to see how it turns out. I was a big fan of Fields, so it hurts to not see him picked, but pretty much reduced to rooting for Wilson and hoping the mental aspects can be fixed. I do want to add, I still maintain the idea that a truly mobile QB is the best fit in the Shanahan system, which is probably why they picked Lance (over Jones). But the Fields one baffles me. I don't think people do well with change, it's all the "back in the day we did...." ways.
  15. Yeah, just not sure what the case could be. From everything I've heard, hard worker, studies film, coaches seemed to love him.
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