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  1. Never forget. My second day of high school (first day of those classes since we used block schedules or something) and we didn't have a clue until the afternoon. Stupid kids making up rumors like Russia dropped a nuclear bomb, and before I had access to a cell phone. I remember my math teacher and later my geography teacher both saying "the world as we know it will never be the same". I remember the panic because my dad worked a couple of blocks from that place, and I had been to both towers countless times (large family + when visiting everyone wanted to go there). I didn't watch it in real time because I was in school and they decided to keep us out of the loop. But watching when we got home and just the utter tragedy was devastating. My dad had not gone in that day because there were no school buses to my school, so he was working on transferring to another office. His office was shut down in the area where you didn't have access for months I think, and eventually moved to CT. I can't even imagine the horror of folks that had someone work nearby or at the towers. I was reading about ATC shutting down American air space awhile back and realized the sheer panic people had about further attacks. Not knowing if this was it, or if there were more coming. I didn't know it at the time, but my wife's grandfather had died on that day in another country. But her mother couldn't go to the funeral because all flights were restricted. I still have trouble watching stuff on it because it just hits close to home. I hear some stories and I stop, especially with families that lost folks. When they ring the bells for the people that died, I end up in tears.
  2. I think it's weird. I was fine with the pick (albeit I liked Winovich better) but didn't think it was going to be this bad. He had great burst off the line and looked pretty good on the field. Once the season was over, his downfall has been quite drastic, which makes me wonder if there were drugs involved. He just has spiraled since, and I just can't understand why he would do so. I don't mind the drafting, as much the lack of vision from the front office. Examples: Geno Smith, coming from a pure air raid system to a west coast system based on timing. That's pretty much as far away from each other as you can get. One relies on simple reads and see who's running open to one based on intricate timing. Pairing those two together is just awful. Whole Hackenberg saga where they seemed to just ignore him after drafting, like he had an injury rather than mechanical issues. Almost to the point where I think they thought the trainers he hired would fix the issue. The lack of attention to the OL, which cause major issues for the offense. The lack of attention to the offense as a whole, when the entire league is turning towards the offense. I can stand taking risks on picks and failing because at least the thought process was right. I hate having terrible strategies combined with failing because it truly felt like there were actual amateurs that could do better.
  3. Good points. I don't think it was just the Polite pick though, I think it was the nature of 2-4th round picks, because Macc loved to take gambles there. Guys like Shepard, Devin Smith, Ardarius Stewart, Hackenberg, Petty, and Polite this year. I felt like he scouted based on upside than factoring in downside (which is what most of us fans do, but not get paid) and that is bad roster construction. You have to get consistent starters out of Rd. 2-4 if you are a bad team that needs to draft well. If you are the Pats or Saints, you can afford to take more risks. Macc didn't and he didn't mend his ways this year, and that seems like the final straw. To me, this draft was classic display of the philosophy between Macc and Pats. They both needed OL help, they pick up Cajuste, who I thought was the better prospect. They pick up Winovich, after Polite even though I think the Michigan star was the better player. Macc went upside in both instances (Edoga 5 star recruit, and Polite had a better pass rushing tape) without looking into the downside. I do love the silence about the rumors, albeit, we kinda said the same thing about Bowles after Rex left. The problem with Bowles was that the players pretty much ran the team.
  4. Congrats!! I have three weddings to the same person, lol. And eventually, after she throws out most of your furniture and wants a house, you know who to call for real estate in Nashville!!
  5. I think he's Crowder's insurance policy, while also returning punts. New England stresses 3 cone drill over 40 (from some articles), which makes sense because it's all about change of directions from the slot. I think a guy like Berrios shows well there. He does little things (sometimes illegal) to gain separation at the end, and that can be useful. (btw, watching the FSU video, was it just me, or did the official sound like he caught Berrios sneaking around with his daughter? There was some anger in him announcing those penalties, lol) I liked Dortch so I'm sad to see him go, but I think Berrios can be helpful.
  6. Doctson is the one I find intriguing because the potential is so good, and he hasn't been terrible. While watching Crowder film, I did notice Doctson, so it's someone I would take a shot on for sure. I'm not saying he's the No. 1 guy I thought he was going to be, but at least has potential, young, and should be motivated.
  7. I'll take the bite, definitely an interesting option. Also, I see this at a few threads. This isn't like fantasy where a claim and you go to the back. You can claim every single guy and retain the 3rd WW claim. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  8. I have to say I'm not only surprised, but definitely think this is a bad move. I understand sunk cost fallacy, but he looked like a legit talent at Florida. I don't understand cutting him based on one bad off-season where he didn't look good at all. For a team that lacks pass rush, it would have been better to stash him and hope he regains some form from Florida.
  9. This is actually something that I've been thinking of writing. It's a change in philosophy, from chasing home runs to opting for safer doubles. Macc had a tendency to chase home runs in the draft where Baltimore/Philly tend to chase doubles for depth. So a guy like Bellamy, who is great on ST, while being decent as a WR is a known double. A guy like Peake is a pure home run chase. If Peake puts together the WR part, he's a monster, but you don't know if he can. Same with Parry Nickerson, where the allure of potential makes you excuse the issues. It's also why I thought Winovich was the choice over Polite, but I have to say I'm surprised by that cut. Anyway, I might try to put something together on the change in roster building culture if I have time on Monday. It sucks because as fans, most are addicted to chasing home runs. The moment a Nickerson is picked, we go "oh boy, if he puts it together" dreams.
  10. I remember liking Tabor until he ran the 40, and then jumping off the bandwagon. I was discriminated against by the "football is played on the field, not in shorts" gang, and this is my story....
  11. Lol, I am watching this, and I think pretty much every Eagle player has been hyped so far. Josh Sweat for example. Falk moving laterally just trying to throw it away, and two Eagles chasing him laterally. Sweat comes from up field thus vertically, and Falk throws it away. Eagles broadcast: Look at that, No. 1 HS player as a junior. Look at the closing speed, two others are running, but Sweat closing so far. No mention that he is the only one running vertically towards the QB. And apparently, all Jets are veterans while Eagles are rookies.
  12. That was essentially a win-win trade. They got 2 all pro guys out of it, and we got a franchise QB. That's a deal that I would do, if I'm the Colts GM, because you can't assume a franchise QB is going to retire at 29. Considering they pay him well, they can't invest a top 3 pick for Darnold to sit behind him. If he had retired before last year's draft, we'd be finding ways to defend Josh Allen or Josh Rosen.
  13. Not getting to a SB with Luck is one of the worst mismanagement of talent by the Colts, especially Grigson.
  14. Vedvik missed 2 FGs for Vikings, coach seems concerned about kicking. Interesting because he was some that we all liked. Wonder how that shakes out. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  15. I thought about this, because he has connections to Douglas from both Philly and Chicago, where Gase also worked with him. The issue is that I don't see how he fits within the offense when someone like Enunwa would be sidelined.

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