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  1. I'm not thrilled with the deal, even if the value falls in the late second, early third round value. I thought Moore fit in well with Rodgers, who likes guys that win one on one match ups, so a little disappointed for the team now. However, I was wondering if this was a move predicated more on Rodgers cap hits than roster construction. Moore going into his 3rd year, would mean that he needs an extension next year (best case scenario as he breaks out) or a contract extension the year after (He doesn't break out, but shows potential as a WR2/3). The cap would be hamstrung by Rodgers salary (dead cap or salary if he keeps playing) at which point they would have to run a tight cap. QW would have a large chunk, and the big WR money needs to be saved for Wilson, and they would still have Lazard on the books, and guys like Becton (if he proves healthy) and Vera Tucker (if he keeps being a stud) would all come to a head 2 off-seasons from now. Furthermore, if the rumors about the staff still believing in Zach Wilson are true, his 5th year option hit would also be in play. So I don't think this trade may have been for the best value in present day, but more about long term roster construction, where they wanted to get value for him now (with 2 years remaining on his contract) against the risk that he turns to an absolute stud in the next two years. If you take a guy like Juedy (who I think is a better prospect) having trouble getting high offers (rumors they want first), because he only has year left, without factoring in the 5th year option. It sucks, because I like Moore the player. I love his route stems and his ability to get open. However, he was certainly a locker room malcontent, and his contracts line up in a spot where re-signing him would be a numbers crunch if we get Rodgers.
  2. I've read some stuff online (ok, Reddit, so take it with some salt) that Carter had maturity issues well before the car incident, it's just that he was such a dominant force that it got swept under the rug. I remember hearing Isiah Wilson (Titans OL first rd pick a few years ago from Georgia as well) had similar concerns and flamed out spectacularly. On the field, I think him and QW next to Lawson/JJ/Huff and others could be a nasty front. However, I feel like it might be too much of a risk. @Chrebetfan80 On a side note, JSN apparently ran 4.48 to 4.52 today, so I'm assuming he's now cemented in the first round. With the Hardman move, I think Dell is off the table for us as well. I'm still on Jayden Reed though. I'm guessing they are skipping WRs in this draft.
  3. Yeah, I'm kinda hoping they trade down as well because I don't really love this draft. It has some guys I really like at RB, TE, and IDL but those don't really match our needs. I just think it's wiser to wait for next year's crop or just hoard picks. Although, judging from some of the player for picks trades, I don't know if this year's picks are valued as high. I'm still looking at the Saints as a possible trade down, albeit less likely now that they got their QB. But Saints and Chargers intrigue me right now.
  4. Zach Wilson. I understood the impact of a developmental project, if we don't trade for Rodgers, but otherwise it needs to be Wilson. I always think of QB2 or any backup as someone that needs upside, and development. I don't see the point of having a Joe Flacco on the team as a back up because he's not leading the team anywhere. I see the backup as a less developed version of the starting QB, and Wilson fits that mold with Rodgers. You let him sit for at least a year behind Rodgers, and hopes he learns from it. No point in paying for some guy like Went to provide below average stats that take us nowhere in case of a sustained injury.
  5. I was very much on Demus last year, I think I had him as my sleeper last year before he got injured. I was hoping he'd run a little faster because his catch radius is massive with his arms. Not fully sold on his routes, but he's certainly someone I have my eye on as well. The long speed is fine, I just want to see him have his old lateral mobility with his cuts.
  6. The Jets need a QB, but the only other viable option (IMO) was Carr. I'm not a fan of Garropolo, and the middling "He can maybe keep up afloat" gang like Mariota/Tannehill etc. Either go for the studs at QB that can bring in a championship, or tank. I don't want to end up like the Colts, where we try to sign these middle of the road guys because we have a playoff ready roster. They wasted years of their playoff ready rosters to either miss the playoffs, or get bounced early. If we don't get Rodgers (and assume Lamar isn't available), I would sign an older vet and let Zach play. Either he improves, then great. If he sucks, I love next year's QB class, as I think Williams/Maye are a tier above this year's class. I think GB made their bed last year with that contract, in a win-now move. They caved into Rodgers, because they looked like they could make a SB run. If the fans wanted the Wilson deal, it would have been there last year, but trading for one year of Rodgers (maybe 2) with the cap ramifications of dead money for the trading team makes it less attractive.
  7. He's a Packers fan with ties to the organization, so of course he's going to try and support the franchise. He said something cryptic, like "The Jets offer will rise, it will be more than it was yesterday" because that's about as vague as you can get.
  8. I got it from Andrew Brandt's tweet, how it can only be exercised on the 17th, and that it might lead to some restructuring.
  9. The Jalen Carter one is so intriguing to me. I hope he drops, and some team trades up for him, so we can get more picks. I like the talent, but investing heavily in Q, and then dropping a first rd pick on a DT seems excessive when we have more needs. I'd rather go OL/CB/Edge as of now. Prior to all of these issues, I think Carter would have been the exception, but just too many red flags right now.
  10. First of all, I appreciate the inside information shared here. It may not always turn out right, but I like having access to that information. Sometimes even the right information turns out wrong, because things change last minute. I work negotiating with people in real estate, and people change their minds over the stupidest of reasons. Saying that, my personal opinion is they are waiting until the 17th to make this deal, because it helps the cap numbers. I think the Jets have pretty much all the leverage here because Rodgers publicly mentioned he wants to play for the Jets, and GB backed themselves into a corner with the contract. The ideal time for them to trade was last year, when I'm sure the Broncos offered the same deal for Rodgers that they did for Wilson (or at least something similar). The interesting aspect of it is something that I think Rodgers mentioned very carefully and intently in the interview yesterday, the treatment of older players leaving. You don't want to drag this out as long as possible, make Rodgers lash out more about how they are holding up this deal and treating him without respect. You want to make the trade, do a "Thank you for everything" video/statement, and then move on. If this falls apart now, it's the GB front office that look like clowns. The only pressure on the Jets is from fans that hate Woody Johnson or just the team in general. I saw the argument that JD may not cave to fan pressure, but Woody will, as a indictment of Woody Johnson. So if Woody Johnson is an idiot for caving to fan pressure, aren't the fans bigger idiots for creating the pressure in the first place? Everyone seems to want a handoff owner, but revels in creating pressure and being hands-on fans. Let them negotiate it out. Right now the only leverage GB has, is from the media and impatient Jets fans.
  11. I actually didn't really want to re-sign Berrios last year, because letting those WR3/4 types go are what most good teams practice so they can have someone younger take it over with a late draft pick. Last year, it was "our only Pro-Bowl guy, Zach's best friend" argument, so I'm not surprised to see him leave. I think he just signed with Miami (Campbell to the Giants too on a fairly low deal). I'm actually surprised the compensation was that low for Parris, he did decent for an anemic Colts offense. Yeah, Mims had this weird stutter step he did before making a cut at times, which worked good in college, and great at the Senior Bowl practices. If I remember my wrong scouting reports correctly, I remember JJ Arcega-Whiteside did the same thing in college, and I thought he could create separation. I was wrong, lol. It works in college because the CBs are too afraid of the speed/size, but in the NFL they just wait it out and then pounce at the route stem. Mims hasn't learned to quite adjust yet. However, my hesitation is the system, because Mims doesn't really fit the Shanahan system. They work better with precise route runners (ie Wilson), coupled with guys that are very good at YAC. More about scheming guys open, and that easier on the intermediate level where LBs can be manipulated, rather than safeties deep. Rodgers changes that aspect, he doesn't need to scheme guys open anywhere on the field (it helps, but he doesn't really need it), rather he attacks based on the post snap reads. This lends much more to Mims style to make an impact, where he might be the target if the defense leaves him 1 on 1. I wouldn't get rid of him, but I'd listen on offers just because of the contract situation. Even if he breaks out, he's a free agent at the end of the year, to the point he will get paid (assuming he puts up say 700 yards, 5 TDs) because everyone will assume he was held back by the Jets the first 3 years. It's even more interesting because size/speed isn't the strength of this draft for receivers, so there could be some interest I guess.
  12. I think Cobb can be passable, but figure there are better options out there like OBJ. I have a soft spot for Parris Campbell, but he never stays healthy to justify a decent contract. The other aspect seems to be the free agent market is rather thin this year at WR, and I'm not really sold on the draft with WRs at the top. It has some depth, but question marks. On the cheap, I'm intrigued for a possible KJ Hamler trade if Denver wants to restructure their WR group. Considering Denver was in on Lazard, and Payton seems to love bigger WRs in NO (Colston/Graham - TE but basically a WR/Thomas), I wonder if we can entice them with Davis or Mims now that Lazard is on board. Davis for Hamler? I think Sutton/Juedy would be out of the price range. Mims is weird because he has all the tools to be a monster WR. He runs good routes, good cuts, good speed, good size with some drop issues. My big concern with him is his lack of separation. Someone of his size/speed/route running ability should create separation, yet he doesn't. It's almost like he's tipping his routes as the CBs are reading it and just beating him to the spot.
  13. They are already painting it like Rodgers will be using JD's office as his own.
  14. WOW, that's some great news!! Hopefully, everything goes well!
  15. I just don't see the consistent separation for a guy that should have the speed to separate from these corners consistently. As a late round pick, I like him, but it's almost purely just the physical profile. But I haven't really dug deep in this class, so idk. Just scouting him based on highlight films because I don't have WV film, so I don't have a good idea on his skills. I kinda like Marvin Mims, but I'm not sure how much he falls as a late round guy.
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