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  1. I’m a big believer in Bateman. Route running translates well from college to the NFL, and he seems so fluid out there. Need to see how his physical attributes stack up but the guy is always getting open. Reminds me a lot of Van Jefferson. The other guy I've looked at is Terry and I think he's going to be really hurt by the lack of games. If he had a big year, I thought he was a first rd guy. Raw with routes but speed is ridiculous. I'd take either with the second Rd pick. I haven't looked at the others closely. Moore seems like a stud slot guy, but I don't know much about him. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  2. I kinda like the deal. 1) It's a conditional pick for a guy about to dropped, so I'm going to guess it's not going to be an easily reached condition. 2) Last year, Miami sucked in terms of running because their OL is terrible. We excuse Bell as being stuck behind a bad OL, but Ballage was in a similar boat. He had good numbers the year before, and then fell off the boat. Kenyan Drake fell off the cliff last year as well, until he was traded. After he was dealt? Stud. 3) I see this as more of a 2021 move, where Bell most likely will be traded/released because I doubt they carry his cap hit. Gore probably moves on. That would leave Perrine and the need to draft a RB, whereas Ballage knows the system and has high upside. Yeah, I'd love to trade for a WR as well, but I'm sure other teams value WRs just as much as we want one.
  3. I'm surprised by Cager. He seemed to catch with his hands, and didn't have a big drop issue in college. I thought his main problem was route stems because he did the "Stephen Hill high jump" on everything for catching a ball, limiting his YAC. It really sucks they cancelled pre-season games. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  4. I think it's going to be a tough year for injuries, with a ton of guys that barely got in work during the summer.
  5. Jalen Hurd possible ACL tear, so it could be worse. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  6. Yeah I haven't really looked at them either. I kinda have prospect blue balls or whatever, in that when you try to scout them yourselves, you tend to fall in love with them, and then bitter when your team passes on them. I think that was probably my like prospect hugging lose my virginity moment with Mims because it was like the one time they actually took the guy I loved. I usually get into it in October, after we find out where we pick, but might just start earlier. I'm not sure we pick a RB high to be honest. I assume we move on from Bell, but with how he's been a leader, I think they might just restructure that contract at this point.
  7. I think right now, it has to be: Mims (obvious) Perriman (obvious) Crowder (obvious) Berrios: His contribution in special teams helps, and directly a back up to Crowder in the slot. Smith: He made improvements as the year went on, has size speed potential. Ever since Douglas was here, I see a concerted effort to add speed. Cager: The WR coach loves him and I think his potential is too good to risk on the PS. Wallace:. PS, potential but he really needed to show out in a preseason game or two to have a chance. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  8. I think Mack had more leverage because positional value was on his side. A lot of folks derided the deal for the Raiders, but the Bears probably have to regret that one now. In Adam's case, I think positional value hurts his worth.
  9. Oh, I'm not actually tallying the draft points, because then yes, next year's first becomes a second based on time value. I'm just comparing the compensations for these three trades, and using the draft slot charts to have a numerical value associated with it.
  10. All three deals were the same, a pick next season, then another the year after.
  11. I don't want to value them based on their pedigree because they also gave him up in this deal. Boston is getting $6 million a year while Bradley makes 4. I'd rather have Boston and - $2 million cap space and keeping a pick than Bradley and 2 million cap space. I'd honestly rather have Ryan move to SS/FS than McDougald as well. I don't think they'd value him at a 6, but I also disagree with the Wilson trade, which used a 6th.
  12. They were projected similarly but it didn't end up like that. That side of the equation is already covered so figured we might as well only speculate on one side.
  13. I think the Texans needed that one, because Watson was getting murdered, like 60 plus sacks. It went down last year, and OL is so important that I don't even know if I can blame the Texans on that one. It was a steep price, but I could live with it since Watson needs protection. I think the Fitzpatrick deal was made with the idea that Pitt would suck and end up with a top 6 pick. I believe it was after Roethlesberger got injured, so they figured it'd be a freefall. I'd much rather have Fitzpatrick because not only is he a great FS, he can cover recievers if needed as well.
  14. From what I read, again very limited info because I didn't know who he was, he struggled last year until Diggs came on board as the FS. So I'm guessing they are going to keep Maye at FS.
  15. I think a 7th might be pushing it because he is 30 I think, has been decent but nothing spectacular unless we go narrow into man to man coverage. He also plays a position we've been arguing as less important with Adams. He's only signed for this year at 4 million, ufa after that. What's the difference between him and say signing Tre Boston? Tony Jefferson? McDougald has starting potential but I don't think it's a value where we would have given you that pick to get him in a stand alone deal. More likely he was included because he'd be the backup safety making 4 million, when they also have a youngster they want to play a bit too now behind Adams. He has 0 dead cap hit so it's worth it for the Jets to take a shot.

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