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  1. Amari Cooper

    Buy Low, lol. I'm not sure if he's hurt, but I would take him top 5 moving forward at WR if I was building a team (taking age/contract). One of the best at maintaining speed with his breaks, which cause CBs to commit so hard, opening them up for big plays with double moves. For drafting purposes, Calvin Ridley reminds me a TON of Cooper.
  2. Over 2,000 Posts Today

    I think it's good to see people coming in and talking, because Jets forums were pretty hopeless earlier this season. When most of the news is negative, I think people shy away from reading and responding anyway. I think next week is the litmus test, not only for the team, but the fan base. Jets win, and I think interest is going to spark big time. All those people that stayed away to avoid negative points will more than likely make up for lost time. Jets lose, and we'll be back to the off-season level of "Well, we won 3 games for no reason vs. We root for the jersey" arguments that can't be proven either way.
  3. JetNation FanDuel League; Week 5

    Yeah, I used to be into DFS really hard until about Week 3 of last season. The pro level players that play invest such an insane amount of time into this, that it's ridiculous. People running scripts to make last minute changes, vegas odds analysis, weather reports including cross wind or head wind analysis, one on one match ups, team match ups, etc. It's actually ridiculous, and unless you can spend devoted time towards it each day, it's impossible to keep up. When I was playing baseball, there was so much information out there from umpire tendencies to match ups and fastball/slider strengths, streaks, etc that I didn't know where else to research to stand out. I remember looking up atmospheric pressure to see if there was a correlation for home runs, just because the data was too much to digest, so a lot of people ended up with the same sleepers. I'm not sure why people don't return. I definitely enjoy playing.
  4. JetNation FanDuel League; Week 5

    I really appreciate playing with you guys and would love to participate every week. This was probably my worst fantasy week across the board for a lot of things. I bought hard on Devante Parker across the board, which doomed all of my teams with injury. Gurley not playing well also torpedoed my team. Other failures, I could understand risk/reward, but those two guys were locks for me and it backfired, lol.
  5. Game Balls vs Cleveland?

    It has to be Hue Jackson and Kizer. In baseball, there is a stat for pitchers called FIP (and xFIP) which tries to assign a value to a pitcher for the things he has in his control. This game was a win for the Jets because the other team constantly screwed up. Two turnovers in the red zone for Kizer, going for it on 4th down, when a FG ties the game, etc. If we have to pick the Jets, I'll say Morton. The coach's film isn't out, but I loved some of the set up stuff for routes. McCown played horrible for most of the day, and we didn't have a running game, so I'm not giving it to anyone on offense.
  6. JetNation FanDuel League; Week 5

    I joined early this week, hopefully goes through.
  7. JetNation FanDuel League; Week 4

    Definitely an exciting end this week. Only reason I won was because Wilson threw a 30 yard TD in the final minute on a 4th and 3 or something, while being up about 30 points. Yay!!
  8. Game Observations (JAX)

    It's perplexing that he hasn't taken off, because they gave him everything to be a successful QB. Although, Robinson is injured this year, he has Robinson, Hurns, Lee with Yeldon/Ivory, an OK TE. He had the opportunity to be a decent QB but he just hasn't progressed at all. I was surprised because I was expecting him to be caught down the line but no one did. He always looked fast on tape, but seemed to have limited top end speed. There were a few highlights in college where he was caught from behind. However, he has great agility and make guys miss really well. While it's not a sexy pick like Alvin Kamara, I think it could really help the team down the road.
  9. Game Observations (JAX)

    The Lee drop was huge because if he catches that, they are in FG range with a first down. That was the play that changed the game back in the Jets favor. McCown played a very safe game, and I'm going to look at the tapes to see what kind of formations were the Jags using in this game. Most defenses have been using 3 wide or 4 wide lines against us, leaving the middle of the field open, and we saw 3 huge runs. I would like to see if this affected a change. Once the Rbs were slowed down, McCown was McCown again. He doesn't do much by himself to win games and it would behoove the Jets to give Petty a shot, which they won't because they are winning right now. Bortles sucks. Caldwell, after rejecting the Jets, went to the Jags and did a really good job of building up that team. Take out the QB, and they are actually very talented. Unfortunately, they screwed up big time on Bortles. Remember, they picked him ahead of Carr/Bridgewater/Garrapolo. It's a horrendous draft move, one that may cost him his job down the line. Bortles checks all the boxes in his ability, but he can't read defenses, and his delivery is extremely slow. I see a bit of Bortles in Josh Allen. McGuire is a nice find. He dropped a bit because his 40 wasn't quite as fast as expected, but he outran the defense yesterday.
  10. How does Brady get so much time?

    It's their system. It's why they have guys like Welker/Amendola/Edleman/White, because those quick passes cause LBs to pause on their rush. If they blitz, the quick pass will beat you because he's extremely accurate and has great timing. You rush 3, he will sit in the pocket all day and pick people apart. It's all about timing with them, because it's almost impossible to disguise defenses. For example, if a defense has a slot corner blitz, with a LB or safety covering, they have good enough timing to get the ball to the receiver before the replacement guy can cover, and then make people miss in the open field.
  11. Wasn't this reported a month or so ago? I don't see the point of staying in school because right now (unless he falls apart down the stretch- in that case, who cares?) he's a top 5 pick even with an average year. He goes back and then he HAS to be a top tier QB because they aren't going to be as forgiving after an average year followed by a slightly above average year. For some perspective, following Hackenberg's sophomore year, he was still projected as a high first round pick, I think a couple of places had him No. 1 overall. Then he followed up his below average sophomore year with an average junior year and his stock took a nosedive.
  12. Ofcourse, we miss the field goal. Offense definitely looks better, and I think it has a decent amount to do with ASJ being back.
  13. JetNation FanDuel League; Week 4

    Ah I see, interesting to see some of the picks week after week.
  14. Big Game Tonight ...

    I think he could be in consideration, but it's so impossible to tell with that offense. I think Falk is in the second round range right now, but I think he drops during draft time, unless he goes nuts at the combine. I actually disagree with the line of scrimmage authority. Almost all of these offenses run on a system where they run a consolidated set number of plays from formations. It's the QB's job to run to the line, and then read the defense, usually one particular player and change the play. It's based more on blocking numbers than reading the defense. For example, if the right safety moves up towards the line, the offense has an advantage down the field in numbers and it's usually audibles to a deep pass play. I think this was part of the issue with Petty because he was limited in his pre-snap reads because he didn't have to read the defense, just particular targets on every play. So for an RPO, it might be a LB being in a certain spot, and then changing the play. So even with the audibles, they usually aren't reading the field. Darnold looks off this year. I don't know if it's the mechanical changes, but something seems off. I didn't mind the interception because that's an anticipation throw, since he threw that before his guy made the break. The CB just made a great read on it. The near interception in the end zone bothers me more because that was a terrible throw, completely wrong throw. He threw it like he expected a slant instead of a back shoulder pass.
  15. JetNation FanDuel League; Week 4

    Joined tonight, was at 94 or so. Honestly was surprised, last week was like 15 at this point, lol. I guess the win opened up some wallets. Should be exciting, feel like I have a good group this week.
  16. Caught some parts of the game: - Glennon is bad, but that Chicago offense is horrible. Kendall Wright/Marcus Wheaton/Zach Miller? That team needed Kevin White (who by the way had a ton of fans clamoring for to be drafted by us) to step up, and once he went down, that's a very sub par group. Or on another note, Kearse, Anderson are easily starters on that team. -Saying all that, Glennon sucks, and probably should invest the money he gets this year, because he won't be getting much in the future. - Aaron Rodgers is great, has a special talent taking advantage of coverage down the field. -Tony Romo is probably the best announcer in the game because he actually sees the field well and can call out plays and reads. I do think it's going to go down as the years go on though. It's great now because he is just fresh from playing, therefore he still knows scouting tendencies and the stuff being run. As the years pass, defenses change, and his ability to predict the plays will also go down. However, right now, there isn't another announcer out there that I would rather listen to.
  17. JetNation FanDuel League; Week 4

    Making a comeback this week!!
  18. Thanks. There is a play in the pre-season, I want to say it's Hackenberg playing, where he rushes to his left towards the sideline in the same fashion and the RB in that situation goes for blocking, which was the wrong choice. I think it was No. 30, but I forgot who. However, I remember calling it out saying it was a useless block since he could accomplish a much better result by running down the field. Either the defender stays home and he's open down the field. Otherwise, the defender follows him down the field, which accomplishes the same goal as blocking. I think it's in one of the pre-season reviews. And Forte (or the RB here) does the right thing because this is absolutely the right play. He's wide open for the pass and McCown probably took the safe route because of the score. It's great fundamentals honestly.
  19. I swear I thought of putting that in, but I heard it recently in a Brett Kollman video and I didn't want to put it in by rehashing it. Thanks. I did that with the Bad McCown film, which took maybe 1/5th the time to do, because a lot of time is spent on just watching the same play over and over again to notice what each players are doing. It actually bothered me to write less because I felt like there was so much I felt could be explained, and expanded on. I think the issue for me is not just the time, but the timing. If I put these out on say Friday, everyone has moved on. Thanks. Thanks. Yeah, I kinda pride myself with going in-depth analysis to the point where I feel like I'm taking the easy way out. I'm going to go in-depth for the other one because I need to establish myself there, and then see if I have time left over to go in-depth as much as possible. The lesser ones take much less time because recording the gif, and implementing it doesn't take as much time. However, I feel like I'm just calling play by play instead of analyzing it, which honestly bothers me. Thanks, I'm guessing by the end of the season, I'll be in a much better spot with my timing.
  20. So a bit of an update for the future. I got a new job, which also requires some self marketing. I'm looking into making a website, and doing film reviews for the team where I live, because I need to market myself for my job. Since my job is full time, plus I'm in school for accounting, while being married, I don't think I can dedicate enough time to go 4000+ words on each of these posts. I'm going to try and be more concise with my breakdowns because I feel like the large word count is causing people to stay away, with other options available. I'll still write them, but I'm going to see if I can cut down on the amount of words. I've been talking to @Maxman about cutting down on the words anyway, because more and more people seem to favor less analysis.
  21. I was wrong on Adams

    I'm with you on the same boat. I preferred the range of Hooker, especially his ability to create turnovers because that's been such a problem for us. Stories of him picking off countless passes at practice and how teams stayed away from him made him my pick for safety. I wanted the Jets to trade down a bit and pick Hooker and thought the Colts got an absolute steal with the pick. However, Adams has been nothing short of impressive. I still like Hooker and I believe he has an interception already but Adams definitely is impressing.
  22. Game Observations (MIA)

    A win is a win is a win. Although I will say, this team had me fooled last year during the first Buffalo game. I thought the offense was going to step up and my evaluations were wrong, and it came crashing down. The team took a bit more risk, although I haven't watched the film yet. Brooks looked much better, although the interception on the punt is a bad result. He was better off dropping the ball, but still a good effort. What I found best about his interception was the recovery speed, because I guarantee you Cutler threw that pass expecting Brooks to lag behind. On a hand off in the middle of the field with a receiver running the crossing route, it's usually a formula for a completion because the defender can't get up to speed fast. Brooks showed excellent ability to get up to speed quickly and stay with the target, which allowed him to make that interception.
  23. It has a fair amount, but it's not constant like football, especially in the trenches. I think there is a fair amount of risk with any sports, although ones like football/boxing stand out.
  24. Jermaine Kearse

    Congrats. I had a similar group at first, and then reworked my team because of injuries. I took out Diggs when Bradford was ruled out for sure. I took out Parker after he was questionable, didn't want to rely on an injured guy. Swapped Kelce for Gronk because of injuries. Although I faded Brady today, so probably wouldn't have come close anyway, lol. Although, got Chris Thompson right, lol.