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  1. Fair enough. I personally wouldn't rate Stidham ahead of Allen, Rosen, or even Fitzpatrick at this point in his career (put Stidham on last year's Bills, Dolphins or Bucs team and see how well he does), but I understand your point.
  2. Not sure if serious? Former 4th round pick Rohan Davey was the backup QB on arguably the greatest Patriots team in history and he was absolute trash.
  3. Easily the dumbest comment I have seen all day.
  4. They traded Plunkett to the 49ers for a king's ransom. Didn't cut him.
  5. 3 that jump immediately to mind are: 1. Darryl Roberts. 2. Ted Larsen. 3. Kamu Grugier-Hill. I'm sure there are a few others, too.
  6. I know I'm singing to the choir, but it never should have come to that. No way he falls to the Patriots if Douglas (or any other non-lame duck GM) had been in charge. Either the Jets would have picked him early in the 3rd or they would have picked someone else competent that likely would have altered the subsequent selections and kept Winovich from falling to the middle of the round. At least you guys still have a strong young core plus a GM who looks like he knows what he's doing so hopefully Mac's final draft (which at least netted Williams and Cashman) will not be too much of a setback.
  7. I like him too. I was hoping the Pats would be able to keep him. A couple of UDFA's surprisingly emerged at the WR and returner positions and he got caught in a numbers game. Think he is a worthwhile pickup for the Jets.

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