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  1. RIP Lee. A shame that he never got the recognition he deserved with Ozzy. Part of the reason for that is understandable (Randy Rhoads's performance on those tracks is truly sublime and his early death only further overshadowed the outstanding work of the rhythm section) and the other part is truly despicable. Thanks MM for the tribute to a legendary drummer and for shining a light on Sharon's deplorable behavior.
  2. Such a masterpiece. So far ahead of its time.
  3. I've seen this movie before when Chad OchoCinco, Reggie Wayne, Michael Bennett, Albert Haynesworth, and other highly-touted vets came to Foxboro. Don't believe the hype, there is a good chance that Stidham simply beats Newton out in pre-season.
  4. Great call re Jimmy Fox. Very good - and rather unappreciated - rock drummer. Another drummer who falls into that category for me is Greg Dewey from Country Joe & the Fish. He provides a nice glimpse of his great energy and slick chops in this catchy Woodstock clip.
  5. As a Patriots fan, I have debated the opposite side of spygate and deflategate on this board over the years. As overblown as I think both those situations were, I think the Patriots should have lost every pick in their next 5 drafts for the Cincinnati video. Losing just a single 3rd round pick was an absolute gift under the circumstances.
  6. Speaking of Traffic, probably my favorite outro in all of rock music is buried at the end of this obscure Traffic tune (starts around 3:25):
  7. Just watched the "Unsolved Mysteries" 6 episode reboot. Solid B/B+, after you average in the lame first episode, which is a non-mystery (a seemingly open-and-shut suicide case, where the only "mystery" is the victim's understandably heartbroken family saying "but he seemed so happy" and asking how his suicide could have occurred at a public building without having been witnessed). The second and third episodes, though, are fascinating/chilling and both solid "A's". There are worse shows to watch and it is not a big time investment if you do not enjoy it. I do recommend skipping the first episode, however.
  8. AFCEastFan

    Dad jokes

    I went to the store to buy some dead batteries, but they were given to me free of charge.
  9. AFCEastFan

    Dad jokes

    My yacht-building business has been going very well. Sails are going through the roof.
  10. AFCEastFan

    Dad jokes

    I almost bought a burial plot today, but then came to my senses. It's the last thing I need.
  11. Remember those old action movie trailers from the 80's and 90's ... "Get ready for the WILDEST ride of the summer" . . . that kind of thing? I remember thinking in those days that there should be a law that Paranoid must be the soundtrack for every such trailer.
  12. Zal and Barriemore Barlow of Jethro Tull did an obscure project together in the early 1980's called Tandoori Cassette with Zal on vocals and guitar and Barrie on drums. It was supposedly much more New Wave than their work with SAHG and Tull, respectively, but was reported to be pretty good by those who had claimed to have heard it. I tried to find it a few times over the years, but it was impossible. Out of print and very few copies were ever released in the first place. But thanks to the magic of youtube and the generosity of a Tull fan who actually owns a copy of the album, I present you two of their songs. They are exactly as advertised. So cool to be able to find stuff like this now that simply never would have been accessible to me in the pre-internet era.

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