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  1. Glad you enjoyed! Per the below article, the band leader is a Moscow-based music producer. The band members are Russian and Ukrainian. https://www.pennlive.com/entertainment/2019/07/how-the-whim-of-a-moscow-music-producer-created-a-chicago-cover-band-made-of-russians-leonid-friends.html
  2. Happy New Year to you too! I actually owe it to JN that I am now hooked on the second of the cover bands I posted. It was years ago, in this very thread, that someone posted the following Todd Rundgren cover. I was blown away by the quality of the performance and post-production work despite the humble venue, which appears to be outside a Chipotle or similarly random restaurant in a strip mall. And as great as this performance is, it probably doesn't even break my top 10 favorite performances from these guys. Well worth exploring their full catalogue if you like their sound.
  3. Here is the original demo of Athena, when it was called "Theresa". Like or hate the tune (I happen to be closer to the "like" side of the spectrum), you might find this version interesting. Quite a bit different from the "It's Hard" version.
  4. Maybe the 3 best cover bands on youtube (in no particular order):
  5. RIP to a legendary artist and performer. I burned a hole through my Mountain records as a kid, so rather than post one of those tracks, here is an inspired cover of one of my favorite Mountain tunes from a group of kids from NJ.
  6. Great recommendation from you and MM. I've watched the first 5 episodes and am hooked. One other great thing about this series, which I appreciate as a chess nerd: The chess details themselves are pretty much perfect. The actors/players are making real, legitimate, moves and talking about their games in a way that is (for the most part) technically accurate. I cannot tell you what a huge accomplishment that is in and of itself. At least 95% of the time that chess is shown on the big or small screens, the board is set up incorrectly from the start, the players are making ridiculous or illegal moves, and/or the players are making idiotic comments about the game that they think sound like chess terminology but in reality have as much to do with chess as my dog barking. Huge pet peeve of mine and one that would have made a full mini-series about chess unwatchable if they hadn't gotten it right. But, thankfully, they really did.
  7. I've done a bunch of draft pick quizzes on sporcle. FWIW, the most useful thing I learned to improve my scores (setting aside whether that is a worthwhile goal) is to immediately guess Brown, Davis, Jackson, Jones, Smith, Thomas, Walker, White and Williams without even looking at the clues. That usually results in a bunch of blanks filling in automatically and then you have plenty of time to go through the remaining blanks in closer detail.
  8. Great quiz. 32/34 (missed the '85 Eagles OT and the '88 Bengals DB). Thanks for posting.
  9. RIP Lee. A shame that he never got the recognition he deserved with Ozzy. Part of the reason for that is understandable (Randy Rhoads's performance on those tracks is truly sublime and his early death only further overshadowed the outstanding work of the rhythm section) and the other part is truly despicable. Thanks MM for the tribute to a legendary drummer and for shining a light on Sharon's deplorable behavior.
  10. Such a masterpiece. So far ahead of its time.
  11. I've seen this movie before when Chad OchoCinco, Reggie Wayne, Michael Bennett, Albert Haynesworth, and other highly-touted vets came to Foxboro. Don't believe the hype, there is a good chance that Stidham simply beats Newton out in pre-season.
  12. Great call re Jimmy Fox. Very good - and rather unappreciated - rock drummer. Another drummer who falls into that category for me is Greg Dewey from Country Joe & the Fish. He provides a nice glimpse of his great energy and slick chops in this catchy Woodstock clip.

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