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  1. Seems like a great trade for the Jets and a waste of draft capital for the Giants.
  2. Let me know when you find one of those fans from other teams. Preferably one that knows how to spell the last name of one of the most iconic players in NFL history.
  3. I hear what you are saying but I'm not sure there is a perfect solution - and that being the case, I'm not sure that the current rules are any worse than the alternatives. If the goal is to treat personal fouls "above all", then are you OK that defensive PI on deep passes is a much greater on-field penalty than even a dangerous personal foul? Would you be in favor of a rule that gives an offensive team that is the victim of an illegal helmet to helmet hit an automatic first and goal from the one? That would presumably have some additional deterrent effect, but it would dramatically change the game of course. One modest proposal maybe could be to net out the personal foul against the penalty on the other side of the ball instead of nullifying the play. Not really a game-changer from a safety/deterrence standpoint, but it would at least give the team who did not commit the personal foul a 5-10 yard benefit (depending on the type of penalty committed) rather than an offsetting "no play".
  4. Very smart man. Unfortunately, not smart enough to find a kicker who could keep the ball in the field of play under the bright lights.
  5. Chris Thompson (not the Redskins RB) is a very underrated vocalist.
  6. Marty Hurney went on a 50-state "Patriots are cheaters" tour after Deflategate broke. It would have been more surprising if he hadn't said anything to you about it.
  7. Great share. Never seen this version before. I like the Woodstock solo much better (much more dynamic and varied in tempo than this version) but I like the post-solo performance much better in this version than in the Woodstock version. Both versions are great though - I'm a big Shrieve fan.
  8. Fair enough. I personally wouldn't rate Stidham ahead of Allen, Rosen, or even Fitzpatrick at this point in his career (put Stidham on last year's Bills, Dolphins or Bucs team and see how well he does), but I understand your point.
  9. Not sure if serious? Former 4th round pick Rohan Davey was the backup QB on arguably the greatest Patriots team in history and he was absolute trash.
  10. Easily the dumbest comment I have seen all day.
  11. They traded Plunkett to the 49ers for a king's ransom. Didn't cut him.
  12. 3 that jump immediately to mind are: 1. Darryl Roberts. 2. Ted Larsen. 3. Kamu Grugier-Hill. I'm sure there are a few others, too.

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