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  1. Jackson played what Bill Parcells used to call "non-competitive defense" in the playoffs against the Bills. He seemed more interested in trying to avoid injury to preserve his market value than actually trying to win a playoff game. I would be very wary of overpaying for him.
  2. I know this stat is intended to sound damning, but it is misleading. First, Mac has a whopping 2 pick-sixes, tied with 4 other QBs in the league (Carr, Burrow, Stafford, and Ryan). Second, one of the pick-sixes was entirely the fault of Jonnu Smith and a slapstick hot-potato routine. The single worst play I've seen by a receiver all season and one of the worst plays by any player, full stop. The other pick-6 was followed immediately by a 75-yard TD pass to Kendrick Bourne.
  3. Lots of pearl-clutching from the Panthers about this play, but I guess it depends on whether you believe Mac when he says that he thought Burns had the ball. Mac has had plenty of other opportunities to cheap shot opponents but this is the first example I am aware of, so he might get the benefit of the doubt. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if he gets fined so that the league can appease the lobbyists.
  4. If you look solely at the numbers, Mac Jones is on pace to have a rookie season that is at least comparable statistically to Tony Eason's two best - and only decent - seasons in 1984 and 1986. (And, by the way, I was shocked to see that Eason even had two decent seasons, as he was never even the best QB on his own team at any point in time). But the numbers don't tell the whole story, as Mac is widely praised in his current locker room and by his college teammates as a great leader and for his poise and toughness. On the other hand, Eason was reviled by his teammates and derided by them as "soft". Despite a couple of decent statistical seasons, Eason never seemed to have the makeup or leadership qualities of a NFL QB, which Mac appears have in spades.
  5. He is better than I was expecting. During the preseason, I thought his ceiling was prime Kirk Cousins. I think that still might be the case, but after watching every snap he has taken so far in the regular season, I think it is more likely than not that he will reach that ceiling … and he is already better than the young Kirk Cousins I thought might be his floor.
  6. RIP Savage. Great guy and was always super gracious to me here and on JI … no easy task during times when I was letting my Pats fandom show.
  7. Mac Jones's floor is young Kirk Cousins and his ceiling is peak Kirk Cousins.
  8. Here's BB singing Wilson's praises on the "Belestrator". https://www.patriots.com/video/belestrator-preparing-for-zach-wilson-and-the-new-york-jets
  9. I've played her online a couple times in 1/0 blitz (won 1/lost 1) - I am just over 2100 FIDE so we are pretty evenly matched. The cool part was going to her twitch accounts after the games and watching her commenting on the moves as we were playing.
  10. Great set list from your HS band. Physical Graffiti is my favorite Zep album ... and The Rover is my favorite tune from that album. Random story about my love for that song. My drum teacher had a monster 3-ring binder with transcriptions of every Led Zep tune. At my first lesson (with this particular teacher - I had already been playing for years), he says he wants to test my sight reading . . . and I am a bad-to-mediocre sight reader. He says, "I'm going to pull out a lesser-known Zep tune at random from this binder and see how you do". He happens to pull out The Rover. This is a tune I have listened to thousands of times in my life and played hundreds of times on the drums. Of course, I play the tune perfectly, note for note, with no mistakes. He thinks I'm some kind of prodigy. I didn't have the heart to tell him that I knew the tune so well that I didn't even glance at the sheet music while playing. But he found out soon enough where I was really at musically when we started playing other stuff. :)
  11. Great selection for your top 10. Low Spark is probably my favorite Traffic album by a slight margin over JBMD, mainly because Winwood's and Capaldi's drumming on JBMD (apart from Capaldi's masterful performance on Empty Pages) is just not in the same league as Jim Gordon's on Low Spark. No shame in falling short by comparison to Gordon though - and major credit to Winwood for doing a more than passable job behind the kit on Stranger to Himself and the bonus track Sitting Here Thinking of My Love. Both albums are great and in my own personal top 10.
  12. I clicked on your video expecting to hear the masterpiece below, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear RATM instead.
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