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  1. Brissett traded to Colts

    New Colts GM is sticking his neck out a bit on this one -- he will get barbecued in the court of public opinion if Brissett does a Kevin O'Connell impression in Indy while Dorsett turns into Deion Branch in the Patriots system. But if Brissett can tread water for a couple of games while Luck is out and Dorsett struggles to pick up the Pats offense, the deal will look great for Indy.
  2. Your 2016-2017 New York Knicks Thread!!!

    I know it's an empty gym, but Frank looks great. He is going to be a really good player.
  3. Your 2016-2017 New York Knicks Thread!!!

    Haha. Thanks for the hot take, Koby Altman.
  4. Your 2016-2017 New York Knicks Thread!!!

    Were you shocked because you thought the trade would have been fair without the pick? Or were you shocked that they added the Bkn pick to the package instead of some other pick(s) or player(s)? As a C's fan I would have preferred a top-3 or at least a top-1 protection on the pick. But objectively speaking, I think it was a rare deal that was fair value for both sides and should leave both fan bases without much to complain about.
  5. Your 2016-2017 New York Knicks Thread!!!

    Trade seemed fine to me. Looks like a good deal for both teams.
  6. Reminds me of 2:25-2:29 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJkHm2WtSsk
  7. Cheaters Gonna Cheat

    You've convinced me. Paging Ted Wells.
  8. Cheaters Gonna Cheat

    Most of the comments in this thread seem to assume that if/when Brady suffers a concussion, he runs and tells the team "I hurt my head, please put me in the concussion protocol and sit me out for the next couple of weeks at least". I doubt very much that that is how he operates. Brady always wants to play. Giselle's comments tell me that she does not feel the same way.
  9. Patriots are going to sign this beast for short dinero.
  10. What are u listening to right now?

    Wow -- great cover.
  11. What are u listening to right now?

  12. What are u listening to right now?

    Wait . . . there is a Jimmy Buffett song that I actually enjoy listening to?? Very catchy tune.
  13. Hernandez was far more talented than Phillips (on the football field) IMO. Hernandez was one of the most elusive, ankle breaking (on the football field), runners in the open field I have ever seen. Never once saw the same "wow" factor from Phillips in college or the pros. Plus, my grandmother could have averaged 7 yards a carry behind that great Nebraska O-line.
  14. And the Sandy Hook victims might have been actors. Welcome to the Internet, where opinions are like a-holes.