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  1. Brings back some fond childhood memories. I once led the Chiefs to a 15-1 record and a Tecmo SB title with the Chiefs by running Christian Okoye on every single offensive play. He racked up over 3500 yards on the ground for the season. Dan Saleaumua played the Bill Pickel role described in the article.
  2. Stunning to see the extent of the overlap between the songs on my playlist and yours. This is one of my favorite MSG songs. Great performance by the whole band, but Simon Phillips is especially sharp behind the kit on this one.
  3. I highly recommend the movie "High Life" starring Timothy Olyphant. Low budget flick, but very entertaining and with an April Wine-dominated soundtrack including this tune, I Like to Rock, and - my favorite of all - Say Hello.
  4. Loved Daredevil as long as Foggy was off-screen. I enjoyed Punisher as well.
  5. I thought 2 was every bit as good as 1, except for the whole UFO thing. 3 was a major drop-off though.
  6. Got it. Pats will overdraft him then, just like they did with Gostkowski. Assuming no significant "Spygate II" draft penalties, they will have three 3rds, a 4th, and a 5th. Wouldn't surprise me at all if they trade one of the 3rds for a 4th and a mid or late round pick in 2021 then use one of their 4ths on the kicker. Based on their draft history under Belichick, I can almost guarantee that they will draft a kicker in Rd 4 or 5.
  7. Don't know Blankenship, but if he is the best kicker in the draft, it will likely cost more than a 6th round pick to get him ahead of the Patriots. They took Gostkowski himself in the 4th and tend to draft all of their specialists (including punters and long-snappers) no later than round 5.
  8. Seems like a great trade for the Jets and a waste of draft capital for the Giants.
  9. Let me know when you find one of those fans from other teams. Preferably one that knows how to spell the last name of one of the most iconic players in NFL history.
  10. I hear what you are saying but I'm not sure there is a perfect solution - and that being the case, I'm not sure that the current rules are any worse than the alternatives. If the goal is to treat personal fouls "above all", then are you OK that defensive PI on deep passes is a much greater on-field penalty than even a dangerous personal foul? Would you be in favor of a rule that gives an offensive team that is the victim of an illegal helmet to helmet hit an automatic first and goal from the one? That would presumably have some additional deterrent effect, but it would dramatically change the game of course. One modest proposal maybe could be to net out the personal foul against the penalty on the other side of the ball instead of nullifying the play. Not really a game-changer from a safety/deterrence standpoint, but it would at least give the team who did not commit the personal foul a 5-10 yard benefit (depending on the type of penalty committed) rather than an offsetting "no play".
  11. Very smart man. Unfortunately, not smart enough to find a kicker who could keep the ball in the field of play under the bright lights.
  12. Chris Thompson (not the Redskins RB) is a very underrated vocalist.

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