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  1. RIP Savage. Great guy and was always super gracious to me here and on JI … no easy task during times when I was letting my Pats fandom show.
  2. Mac Jones's floor is young Kirk Cousins and his ceiling is peak Kirk Cousins.
  3. Here's BB singing Wilson's praises on the "Belestrator". https://www.patriots.com/video/belestrator-preparing-for-zach-wilson-and-the-new-york-jets
  4. I've played her online a couple times in 1/0 blitz (won 1/lost 1) - I am just over 2100 FIDE so we are pretty evenly matched. The cool part was going to her twitch accounts after the games and watching her commenting on the moves as we were playing.
  5. Great set list from your HS band. Physical Graffiti is my favorite Zep album ... and The Rover is my favorite tune from that album. Random story about my love for that song. My drum teacher had a monster 3-ring binder with transcriptions of every Led Zep tune. At my first lesson (with this particular teacher - I had already been playing for years), he says he wants to test my sight reading . . . and I am a bad-to-mediocre sight reader. He says, "I'm going to pull out a lesser-known Zep tune at random from this binder and see how you do". He happens to pull out The Rover. This is a
  6. Great selection for your top 10. Low Spark is probably my favorite Traffic album by a slight margin over JBMD, mainly because Winwood's and Capaldi's drumming on JBMD (apart from Capaldi's masterful performance on Empty Pages) is just not in the same league as Jim Gordon's on Low Spark. No shame in falling short by comparison to Gordon though - and major credit to Winwood for doing a more than passable job behind the kit on Stranger to Himself and the bonus track Sitting Here Thinking of My Love. Both albums are great and in my own personal top 10.
  7. I clicked on your video expecting to hear the masterpiece below, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear RATM instead.
  8. Love this band. I was trying to think of my favorite rhythm sections of all time the other day and Radle/Gordon is definitely on the short list.
  9. My bad for not telling you. Their eponymous song is arguably the best concert opener of any band in history. And their cover of Hey Joe is by far my favorite version of the tune (and that is coming from a huge Hendrix fan). Their late drummer Victor "Beatmaster V" Wilson is a monster on the kit and one of my faves - very underrated performer.
  10. Glad you enjoyed! Per the below article, the band leader is a Moscow-based music producer. The band members are Russian and Ukrainian. https://www.pennlive.com/entertainment/2019/07/how-the-whim-of-a-moscow-music-producer-created-a-chicago-cover-band-made-of-russians-leonid-friends.html
  11. Happy New Year to you too! I actually owe it to JN that I am now hooked on the second of the cover bands I posted. It was years ago, in this very thread, that someone posted the following Todd Rundgren cover. I was blown away by the quality of the performance and post-production work despite the humble venue, which appears to be outside a Chipotle or similarly random restaurant in a strip mall. And as great as this performance is, it probably doesn't even break my top 10 favorite performances from these guys. Well worth exploring their full catalogue if you like their sound.
  12. Here is the original demo of Athena, when it was called "Theresa". Like or hate the tune (I happen to be closer to the "like" side of the spectrum), you might find this version interesting. Quite a bit different from the "It's Hard" version.
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