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  1. Started on JI, not really sure exactly when. I noticed some former JI posters have indicated the JI was becoming unbearable even before the sellout to Scout. I guess their unbearable was my nirvana. I loved the free form posting at JI and all of the inside jokes. I especially loved that most of the prolific posters took pride in not taking themselves too seriously. I will forever miss JI. I wandered the internet for awhile in search of a substitute for JI, and found none could meet the high standards of witticism set by JI posters. Ultimately, I landed for a while in The Hampur with many
  2. Steve needs to volunteer his services for the remainder of the season.
  3. This guy..... https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/agents-take-davante-adams-tyrann-mathieu-chandler-jones-headline-2021-contract-year-players-to-watch/
  4. Things look a heck of a lot different at field level, behind the line of scrimmage with 21 other guys flashing around the field.
  5. I'd love them to make a reality show of Gruden heading to London to coach a soccer team. He's the anti-Ted Lasso.
  6. The game needs to slow down for Zach, and that only comes with time and experience.
  7. Two thoughts: First, Gruden needs to explain that he had anger management issues and would lash out against people in what he felt was the most hurtful ways. It was wrong, he ashamed, and he profoundly apologizes to everyone that he has hurt and let down. He needs to follow this up with sizeable donations to Minority, LGBQ and Feminist causes. Second, have his agent call Barstool Sports because they are the only "media" outlet that would even consider affording him the opportunity to reform himself. No one wants their legacy to be based on the worst moment of their lives.
  8. He played the first half of his first pro game with Becton. Of course he's improved since then. It's because he's getting experience, not because Becton isn't lining up next to him.
  9. That story is a complete fabrication. No one who has ever personally met Gregg Buttle becomes a Gregg Buttle fan.
  10. Mrs. Werblin and I are flying to Dallas to visit our daughter. I need to be well rested to survive the 12 remaining games in the Jets season.
  11. He needs to have someone who has has played QB in the NFL with some success to mentor him. Lafleur doesn't know what it is like to be under Center in the NFL. He needs an experienced hand to give him sage advice. Give Chad a call to become the QB coach. His kid is playing in his final HS season this fall (Chad's the HC), so Chad is probably going to be looking for something to do. I honestly think personality wise and mental make-up-wise Chad and Zach are a good match as QB coach/QB.
  12. Has he made his tuition deposit with Jordan Palmer yet?
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