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  1. Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is about as slow as me, ran for 60+ yards vs the Jets D. Lamar may get 250 yards.
  2. If Ficken is the answer, we need a different question.
  3. Is that the measure for the players we want as jets?
  4. Gase called a worse game than Sam played, and Sam played meh.
  5. He’s a kicker! Who gives a rats ass what he has to say about QB play?
  6. He’s supposed to get better, isn’t he? i think the issue in this thread is whether Sams skills are a good match for Gases system.
  7. Why are we throwing the ball on first down against a cover 2 without play action?
  8. It hit the ground and moved. C’mon! What the hell are these coaches doing?
  9. Ray Lucas would’ve taken the jets on a deep playoff run if Parcells had not waited so long to move on from Rick Mirer after Vinnie was lost in the opener in 99 (i think).
  10. Hire Rivera for the “created” position of “Manager”. Designate it as a coaching position, and put him over Gase in the organizational structure.
  11. Gore and singletary combine to average 107 yards per game. Singletary is averaging 5.6 yards per carry. Brown has 61 receptions.

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