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  1. Thanks for clarifying. I'm with you on Rosen. I thought skill-wise Darnold, Mayfield and Rosen were on a level above the others. I didn't like Allen at all and was totally frustrated with with the evaluators who elevated Allen because of his raw physical abilities and dismissed Jackson as an athlete better cast as a WR or RB when anyone who watched their games would know that Jackson was a more accurate passer.
  2. So, you were afraid Darnold was young and needed development, but you ranked Allen third?
  3. In all seriousness, the last few pages of this thread reads like a Duck Season, Rabbit Season argument. Shoot me! Shoot me now!
  4. Whether Adams is a DPOY type is opinion at this point. However, IMO, he is. I agree that it would be foolish to sign him to a new deal now without a discount, but why is it unreasonable for him to ask? The Jets have cap room, and he is the highest profile player on the team that the Jets actually drafted. Now, is an ideal time to ask before the Jets have to start thinking about Sam's next contract. His leverage is, I'm your highest profile player and you want to change the Jets image? Start by paying your own. The NFL field of failure is littered with exceptional athletes. Jamal certainly seems athletic enough to excel at his position and, in my view, a SS with his skill-set and mind for the game, is the future. Positional flexibility is what everyone will be looking for in LB's and Safeties. Can they rush the QB? Can they stop the run? Can they cover? The age of the specialist is over. You can game plan against a specialist because you know what he will be doing on every play. You can't game plan against a player that can perform multiple roles, and even if he is not the best at any of those roles, the element of disguise gives him a clear advantage.
  5. You do realize that this is their job -- their career. I guarantee their is not one player in that locker room who looks down on Adams wanting to get paid. As a business decision and strategy, Adams has as much leverage as you can possibly have as a high draft pick entering the 3d year of a 5 year contract. But you can only exercise that leverage by saying pay me or trade me. And why wouldn't he attempt to use that leverage to get a new, bigger deal? It's about maximizing your career earning potential, and the sooner Adams gets into a new deal, the better for him because that puts him that much closer to a third contract. If you were Adams agent, what advice would you be giving him? If it was to play out his contract, you'd be out of the Agent business faster than Mac can order a Dunkin Donuts Large Coffee with Sugar and Extra Cream. This is not to say JD will pay him. JD gets the business side, and unless he gets something in return, like a slight discount, there is no way is he going to give Adams a new deal any sooner than year 4.
  6. So the prediction that the third pick in the NFL draft, who was rated as the #1 QB in the draft by many experts, will be a star in his third year in the league, is a "bold" prediction?
  7. If the Jets were a bowel movement, we'd still be on the crapper.
  8. I could not disagree more with the OP. YES, Sam Darnold is excellent at extending plays through his mobility and pocket awareness. NO, he should not be put in an offense that emphasizes those traits. WHY, because you want him to be the franchise QB. What does a franchise QB do? He makes pre-snap reads and gets rid of the ball quickly from the pocket. That is how it is done. Your QB is not supposed to hold on to the ball and run around. Why in the world would you want to create an offense for your QB to extend plays in a meandering pocket? Darnold needs to be trained to put his big boy pants on and play like a franchise QB. That means knowing which play will work based on the pre-snap read, making the correct play call adjustment, and then (if it is a pass) getting rid of the ball quickly. The other sh*t -- extending plays with his physical ability and throwing accurately on the run -- is a plus. It is NOT what you build around when you are training a QB to be the franchise QB.
  9. Mims, like just about every college WR, has stuff to work on. The "route" issue worries me less than the question of hand fighting to get off the LOS and getting re-routed by DBs. I didn't watch the videos but I'm curious as to what Mims is like when a play breaks down. Sam extends lots of plays and the WR who becomes his goto guy when a play breaks down, will benefit greatly. Antonio Brown was a great WR in Pitt, but he was even better at making himself available to Ben after a play was extended by Ben. I think it is great that we have Heinz Ward as a WR coach because I think Sam and Ben have a lot of similarities in their "style" of play. Also, doesn't Gase have some connection to Mike Martz, who ran an offense the simply LOVED long crossing patterns. I would think that Mims running sideline to sideline would be virtually uncoverable in any man D. And seriously, it has struck me that the Jets have accumulated, by accident or not, the "type" of players that excelled in Martz's system. Bell has all of the attributes of Marshall Faulk, even down to being a great pass blocker and a student of the game. And if you are a WR, the Jets seem to have no interest in you unless you have top end speed. Then you throw in a deadly accurate QB, and the only thing the Jets are missing is a premier O line. The only other difference is the Jets have better receiving TEs than the Rams had.
  10. Totally agree but there is one curious aspect to guys like Gholston. If when you’re picked everyone agrees you are a boom or bust player, are you a bust? After all, you were forecasted as likely possible bust. On the other hand, a guy like Leaf was not thought of as boom or bust. Some even had him ahead of Manning.
  11. I saw an interview with JD where he said they did countless mock drafts and concentrated on worst case scenarios. That’s the way to do it. Anyone can make a chalk pick that falls to you, but a true GM has a plan for when the board goes to sh*t. The trading back was a product of great preparation.
  12. It’s not about the contract total for jamal and his agent, it’s about guaranteed money and money over the first three years, which is virtually guaranteed. Both sides can talk about the same number of years and contract total, but depending on how the payments are structured and calendared they can be very far apart.
  13. Not a big fan of the Morgan pick. What's done is done. I'm a little curious about the coincidence that Morgan has a lot of the same attributes as Flacco. It's like they have a "type" for back up QB.
  14. Guys like Revis sit. Guys like Jamal hold out during camp, show up in time to play, and then sulk to the media during the year. All the while playing the game the only way he knows how --- with high intensity and great passion.

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