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  1. If the Jets do not draft Wilson, Douglas's comment at his press conference when asked about Steve Young saying the Jets will be drafting Wilson, which was something like -- "Steve is pretty well plugged in to all things happening at BYU" -- will go down in the annals of GM'dom as one of the greatest burns ever. (note: there is not a lot of competition for this accolade)
  2. The better question is Would you get a Jets tattoo if doing so would guarantee the Jets would get to and win the Superbowl? I would in a second
  3. Pennington was a fine first round QB done in by injuries. sh*t, up until last year he was the only QB to win the division other than Brady and he did it for two different teams. If you look back at the "you play to win the game" season, prior to his injury Pennington's arm was not the noodle arm people like to believe it was. And the kid had every other QB quality in spades. Sanchez was working out fine when supported by a great O line, running game and an above average receiving corps. There is little doubt he was actually kind of clutch turning in some really good playoff performances a
  4. Good post. Love your observations on Lamar Jackson. The guy really had a great season for an undrafted free agent. I was concerned that he would be thrown to the wolves after being screwed by Williams with his man coverage all out blitz in the Raider game. I have no idea how you are supposed to cover Ruggs one on one in that situation -- stay deep, he beats you on a slant and has open field ahead of him; stay up and he beats you deep. Jackson should have punched Williams in the face after that call.
  5. Take a big strong fast RB and put him behind a crap line and you get a lot of 2 yard runs. Put him behind a great line where he sees daylight on his runs and the Tackle can seal the edge on outside runs and you get Shonn Greene putting games away in the fourth quarter against a worn out D.
  6. Gholston was the chalk pick at 6 and everyone knew he was boom or bust. I can’t fault the Jets for taking Gholston at 6. i can fault them for taking Kyle Brady at 9 and Roger Vick at 21.
  7. “Stink” used to piss his pants before every game. He thought this gave him an advantage. His video to Jet fans is simply a rhetorical pissing of his own pants. Just some nonsensical stupid act that he thinks elevates him while in reality it just exposes his neanderthal side.
  8. After taking a QB at 2, draft a C, G, RT, RB in no particular order with the next 4 picks. Than sit Wilson for at least ten weeks, maybe more, before starting him. Let a vet take the lumps as the O line and offense get on the same page
  9. Starting to get the knack of drafting Wilson at #2, giving him much needed help on O and still coming away with something for the D. 2. Zach Wilson QB BYU 23. Creed Humphrey OC (McGovern to G) Oklahoma 34. Alex Leatherwood OT Alabama 76. Joe Tryon EDGE (DE) Washington 86. Trey Sermon RB Ohio State 107. Deonte Brown OG Alabama 116. Paulson Adebo CB Stanford (trade) 146. Monty Rice LB Georgia 154. Dazz Newsome WR (return man) North Carolina 186. Trevon Grimes WR (red zone target) Florida Traded Pick 66 and Pick 226 to NYG for Pick 76 and Pi
  10. Needs? The jets have only one need, and that is to ease the path to success for their new QB. That takes priority. The 4 picks after Wilson, in no particular order, must be 3 O lineman (C, G, RT) and 1 RB. Screw the D. They can draft D players next season. Protect the rookie QB with high caliber O linemen and a running game. And who knows, the D might look a lot better when complimented by a functioning Offense.
  11. I didn't see Walker Little on the list. I think he deserves consideration. Frankly, I think JD needs to abandon his best value draft pick strategy, take the bull by the horns and draft 3 O lineman and RB like Javonte Williams because Job #1 is the development of Wilson. He can not be developed without protecting him. High caliber O linemen and a running game is job #1 in protecting and developing Wilson. At this point, JD has to consciously decide to screw the rest of the team and go all in on building the O line and running game.
  12. Four 1's, Three 2's and Three 3's. Ideally, on a team that is so devoid of talent that becomes 10 starters even if they don't win the job right away as a rookie. 22 starters makes a starting lineup. Do the Jets have 12 starting caliber players to begin with to begin with? I've got them with no more than 10. JD really has a lot of heavy lifting to build this team through the draft. With the exception of Maye, Becton, Q and Mosely they have an expansion team level of talent. C/G - McGovern (I prefer G) T - Becton WR - Mims, Davis Crowder (could use an upgrade, but we'll s
  13. Nah, just going for the joke on kyle Wilson. I did buy the others. Some for my son, some for me. Good thing Bruce Lee has goos deals.
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