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    Mac has had 11 picks in rounds 2 through 4. How many are on the Jets? FOUR! 4 out of 11! let that sink in. And two of those guys are from this years draft. In Mac's first three drafts, he had 9 picks in rounds 2 through 4. And only 2 of those players are on the team. That is 22%. Mac must wake up in the morning and think, "Whose desk do I gotta $hit on to get fired around here?"
  2. Sonny Werblin


  3. Sonny Werblin


    And don't even get me started on the fact that Mac has taken a total of two O lineman over the past 4 years. TWO!!! Five out your 22 main starters are O lineman. That is 22.72% of the starting lineup, and this jabroni takes only 2 in 4 years, and he takes them both in the 5th freaking round!!! Hey, I've seen Trumane Johnson's contract so I know that Mac is not good at math, but Mac has used 2 of his 28 picks on O lineman, that's 7.14%. How do you put anyone in control of building your franchise through the draft and judge him as anything but a complete and total boob when he uses less than 8% of his draft picks on a position that makes up more than 20% of the starting line-up. C'mon man. A spider monkey throwing $hit at a draft board on the wall is Mac's equal.
  4. Sonny Werblin


    Looking for a CB? There is no place like the 6th round. Mac has selected 3 CBs in the 6th round. Justin Burris was taken in the 4th round, but that's probably why we cut him loose. If you want to stick with the Jets as a CB, make sure they take you in the 6th round, or just become an UFA for another team and Mac will be sure to sign you for big bucks because he has no idea how to evaluate CBs in the draft.
  5. Sonny Werblin


    But wait, Mac may suck at a lot of things, but the man knows his WRs. Over the past 4 years he has used a 2d, 3d, 4th, and 7th round pick on WRs. Who's on the team now? Only the 7th round pick, and the best WR taken out of college by Mac was an undrafted college free agent (Anderson). Ugghhhh. It's like he has no idea that good teams find good players in rounds two through four.
  6. Sonny Werblin


    Mac has had 4 years and his list of accomplishments to turn this into a successful franchise are what exactly? 1) Didn't screw up first round selections (for teams that are not the Jets this is not an accomplishment) 2) gambled, and won, on trading to the #3 spot to draft a QB 3)
  7. You know, I like Todd Bowles, but I think he is simply not obsessed enough with football and HC'ing to be really good at it. Seriously, if you want a really good HC -- the kind of guy who turns a 3 win team into an 8 win team -- you are looking for someone who is totally obsessed with the job. That's not Todd Bowles. He's just too well-rounded a human being to be a good NFL coach.
  8. Sonny Werblin

    Man Cites Jets Sucking As Reason for DUI

    Soon, any level of alcohol in your blood will get you arrested because no politician (you know, the people that pass the laws) will defend the act of drinking before you drive. Seriously, there will never be a PAC for defending a moderate amount of drinking before you drive. Sadly, this is why men live under bridges in the south (mehgan's law). Who is ever going to say, "Hey, I think we're being a little harsh on those child molestors"? It is also what led to 3 strike laws and lengthy prison sentences for drugs. We are well on our way to a zero tolerance society. One screw up and we'll put you away and rob you of any future you may have had.
  9. Sonny Werblin

    Nation-hampur Cultrual Exchange

    I did not do that. What happened there was that my attention to detail was, as usual, lacking.
  10. Developing hemorrhoids one hour before the big chili eating contest.
  11. Wow, just wow. All of it, every word about the Jets, Bowles, their scouts, Mac, and ownership rings true. We are totally FU¢KED.
  12. Sonny Werblin

    Man Cites Jets Sucking As Reason for DUI

    Considering he's a Jets fan, the judge will likely sentence him to time served.
  13. I seriously think that Adams and Darnold should sit in on part of the HC and GM (hopefully) interviews. Afterward crus Johnson should ask one thing: which of the candidates are winners. Bottom line is that winners know winners and Adams and Darnold are the only true winners we've got in the entire building.
  14. Sonny Werblin

    Nation-hampur Cultrual Exchange

    http://www.jetinsider.com A moment of silence please. The hampurite ancestral home is for sale.
  15. Sonny Werblin

    John Harbaugh

    Any experienced HC, like Harbaugh, would probably insist on the power to overrule Mac on personnel decisions.

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