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    Anderson? How so? He is an undrafted free agent?
  2. Rank Your Free Agent QB's

    In a word, Yes. Either is a much better option than the wheel spinning they've been doing at QB since they drafted Geno Smith basically wasting two 2nd second round picks and one 4th round pick on bad QBs and starting non-answers to the QB problem like Fitz and McCown. When was the last time the Jets drafted a QB with the talent level of either Allen or Jackson?
  3. Rank Your Free Agent QB's

    Cousins and Bridgewater are the only two that even warrant consideration. I'm in the camp of doing whatever is necessary to trade up as close to the top of the draft you can get, and take the highest QB on your board. If the Jets have not signed either Cousins or Bridgewater and do not walk away from this draft with one of the QBs out of Rosen, Darnold, Mayfield, Allen, or Jackson, my belief that Mac is a "competent" GM will have been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be wrong.

    I agree with you, but under Morton Petty was worse. So, he made a bad QB, worse. He couldn't even maintain Petty's level of suckiness. But, maybe that comes down to Morton making a very big point of him not being a QB guru. Frankly, I think being a QB guru is a really important quality in an OC since the QB is an extension of the OC on the field.
  5. It makes a point of Bates being a great play caller and that he was the Bronco's play caller (but not OC) in 2008. Bravo to the Bronco's. I've always wondered why teams don't view play caller as requiring a different set of skills than an OC. Being able to write a play book and teach your players how to run the plays has zero relationship to play calling. Teams should consider making play caller a different coach than the OC. Or even having a competition for the privilege of being the play caller. Perhaps teams could have multiple coaches who could serve as play callers. Frankly, I just don't see the logic behind reflexively making the OC the play caller when logic would dictate that the QB coach would be the most obvious coach to be the play caller.

    No argument hear as to Petty abilities, BUT he went from really bad to even worse under Morton. 2016: 75/133; 56.4%; 6.08 ypa; 3 TD; 7 Int 2017: 55/112; 49.1%; 4.86 ypa; 1 TD; 3 Int Even a bad QB is supposed to improve or, at lease, not get worse with experience.
  7. Best is very subjective. Most years as a top player? Or better than the others at his peak? Brick was not the best at his peak, but my God the man played at a high level and he played every O snap except 1 (a gimmick play at the end of a game) from the day he was drafted until the day he retired. Mawae was likely the best at his peak. Marvin Powell, Dave Herman, Winston Hill, and Nick Mangold are right at the top too. And Chris Ward was better than a few of the guys on the list.

    McCown's numbers weren't so terrible elsewhere. In fact, his Chicago stats are similar to his jets stats. Not sure of your point....? McCown is bad, the Jets O had no talent, and it was all Morton???? If that's the case, why didn't Chuckie want him for Raiders OC? Hmmm.... Maybe we should wait and see just how much demand there is for his services now that he's available. That will be a good barometer of his performance.

    Because the O kept ticking like clockwork when Petty wen in for McCown......?

    Seems like it was all McCown. Once he went down, the entire offense disappeared. Perhaps your giving kudos to Morton that should be directed to McCown?
  11. Kiper's Mock 1.0 (JN server would crash)

    Is there a second round? Did we at least select Lamar Jackson in round 2?
  12. Kiper's Mock 1.0 (JN server would crash)

    It is flawed because it has the Skins taking a QB assuming Cousins is gone, but doe not account for where Cousins ends up. If it's Denver, they are most certainly not taking a QB.

    IDK. And what does that even mean "ONE of the better OC's the Jets have had IN A WHILE"? That, my friend would be a pretty low bar. Regardless, he called an awful lot of pass plays inside the 5 yard line that didn't work. Only ran it 19 times in the rain against Atlanta and apparently the O line and RBs have confirmed that he frequently abandoned the game plan early on in games. And apparently he did not impress the other coaches with his creativity. Sounds like he was not a good fit. Bad organizations keep people who are not good fits around because they performed OK. Good organization cut people who are not good fits loose, and they do it quickly.

    why do you think he was not addressing it? And what would firing Morton during the season accomplished other than feeding into the same old jets story line?

    I love that Bowles pulled the trigger and let Morton go. He was not going to wait to see if they could work it out. No, he is in charge, made the decision and he took action. I know he takes a lot of crap on this board, but Bowles is a cold, hard man when it come to what it takes to put together a winning team. I like the cut of his jib. He's still got some growing to do, but he has the personal qualities of a very good head football coach. And I do sincerely believe he will end up being a great HC. Even the great Bill Parcells couldn't always win. In fact over 25% of BP's seasons as a HC ended without a losing record. We Jet fans have been patient for so long, but for the first time since they hired Dick Steinberg as GM, they actually understand the goal is to create long term success, rather than become instant winners. I'm willing to wait a little longer. I feel, in my bones, that this organization is on it's way to great things. The hard work and sense of accomplishment and pride of turning a loser into a winner is what creates a winning "organization" allowing those that follow to excel fueled by the high expectations set by their predecessors.