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  1. Tom Brady. He got Vinatieri into FG range playing QB against 11 angry defenders. All AV did was kick a football.
  2. I understand what you are saying, but winners win. They just find a way to do it. Brady is not the most talented guy ever to play QB, but he is a winner. I'll take a winner over the most talented player every day of the week in any sport.
  3. In Tom Brady's first 3 seasons as a starter he had 36 fumbles on 3481 snaps, which is one every 96.69 snaps. I don't think you have any idea what you are talking about.
  4. Want to be great? Win the freaking game. Kirk Cousins has great stats an he is not a winner.
  5. Bottom line is that a great QB finds a way to win. You want to be considered great, you've got to win. A QB who wins 4 SB with pedestrian stats would be a shoe in for the HOF. Why? Because winning matters. It is literally the reason you play the game.
  6. Frankly, I don't even get the coin toss. It is understandable for the Superbowl since it is at a neutral site, but it seems the more logical choice is to allow the visiting team to decide if they want the ball or will be deferring at the start of the game AND for overtime. The home team has every other advantage, why in the world are they given a 50/50 shot at getting to decide whether to take the ball? Also, why flip the coin in overtime at all? It is essentially the beginning of the third half. The team that got the opening kickoff should get the ball.
  7. Wrong. In his his first 14 games he played 906 snaps resulting in s a fumble rate of once every 75.5 snaps. In his last 13 games he played 724 snaps resulting in a fumble rate of once every 120.6 snaps.
  8. He had 12 fumbles with 11 lost fumbles in his first 14 games played and then 6 fumbles with 4 lost fumbles in his next 13 games played. So, I would say that like many rookie/young QBs, by playing he learned better how to protect the ball while standing in the pocket.
  9. The QB has the greatest influence over whether a team wins or loses. I'd say judging them on their wins and losses is pretty darn fair. Heck, from 2010 through 2012 the Colts were a playoff team with Manning and 2-14 without. Look at most NFL games and the QB is most often the reason for the Win and/or the Loss. There are aberrations, like Josh Allen against the Chiefs. Allen did NOT lose that game for his team, but the guy on the other sideline certainly did Win the game for his team.
  10. By conservative estimate, I've easily taken in excess of 5,200 dumps since the Jets last won a playoff game, and sadly they all, cumulatively, pale in comparison to the gargantuan dump the Jets have taken on me since then.
  11. Anyone else as surprised as me that the Bills didn't go for it on 4th and 1 near midfield on their first drive?
  12. I learned that if Buffalo gets and effective edge rusher and adds a big do it all RB, they might just be unstoppable.
  13. He's thinking that Buffalo might be willing to trade up in the draft to land an edge rusher.
  14. Poor choice of words. Perhaps inexcusable would be better. And by no means was I implying that anything should be done to the coaches because of it. Buffalo has excellent coaches and I am sure they will learn from the experience.
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