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  1. I have not read all of the posts so maybe someone has pointed this out. Why would we give up any assets to get a player for the rest of this year who we are, by rule, precluded from signing to a contract extension during the season, and whom will undoubtedly attempt to establish his value by entering free agency? If he wants to be a Jet and the Jets want to pay him, they can have him next season and keep their draft picks. This is a no brainer. Only teams who feel they are SB caliber should be interested.... Green Bay, Denver, Miami, and Washington maybe?
  2. Sonny Werblin

    Dare I say that the pig is........

    I'll be a fins fan next week as they attempt to throw the first shovel full of dirt on the Patriot Dynasty.
  3. Sonny Werblin

    Leonard Williams is flirting with busthood

    I a have re-watched the game. Williams is doubled far more than any other player on the Jets line. Most of Williams doubles look like by design i.e. the second blocker makes goes at Williams without hesitation, while when the other guys end up being doubled, it looks like a second blocker is looking for something to do rather than doubling by design.
  4. Sonny Werblin

    Leonard Williams is flirting with busthood

    LOL. All d linemen to not see double teams. Every O designs plays to work with one blocker for one man. Show me the base schematic for any play design that calls for a double team on a generic defender. It is when you have adjust to dedicate two blockers to one man that the numbers start favoring the D. The more D players you have that can not be blocked by one man, the better your D is.
  5. Sonny Werblin

    Leonard Williams is flirting with busthood

    It's not his fault the Jets picked him 6th. And he has yet to behave in a manner to make anyone think he is expecting some huge payday. I'm fairly confident that he is more disappointed in his "numbers" than you are. However, by all accounts, he is taking on continual double teams and doing his job. The Jets have much bigger problems than complaining about Leo.
  6. Can we give Bart a job with the Team, any job?
  7. Sonny Werblin

    Leonard Williams is flirting with busthood

    Idk, Is a 3-4 DE who requires a double team on most plays worth a high first round pick. I gotta say it is not a definitive No. It's more like a maybe. At this point it depends. If he plays a long career with the Jets and does not demand a bunch of long term guaranteed money, it probably was worth a first round pick.
  8. Bottom line Sam didn't play well. A rookie in his third game on short rest on the road against a talented Greg Williams D. That's gonna happen more often than not. Regardless, Sam's play was not the reason for the loss. The D lost that game. Not Darnold.
  9. Sonny Werblin

    College Football Gameday Thread

    4-0 baby!!! Crushed Liberty yesterday 47-7. The D is playing great. 15.75/game and only once has a team scored more than 20 on them. On the O side they are averaging 48.75/game with 44 being their low output. Earlier in the season Liberty crushed Old Dominion, which beat #13 VaTech yesterday. So, clearly North Texas is top 20 quality this year. 😉 Big test next week in the conference opener in Denton vs. Louisiana Tech (which was only down 24-21 in the 4th quarter at LSU yesterday). It's Mean Joe Greene Day and UNT will unveil an 8 foot bronze statute of its famed alumni and team namesake. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/24516174/north-texas-mean-green-build-statue-alum-mean-joe-greene
  10. What part of "this is not a defense of bowles" eluded your attention?
  11. I totally agree. It is human nature that you are working for the next contract. Once you get your final pay day, the motivation to put in the extra work is removed. There are exceptions, however, some players put in the work for other reasons --- winning, HOF career, or they might just be hard workers by nature. Me, once I got my final contract, I'd stop the extra work in the off-season to enjoy the fruits of my labor and pretty much go through the motions from that point on. I wouldn't necessarily mail it in, but I wouldn't kill myself over football because it would have served its purpose. i.e. made me financially well off.
  12. As the article says, no o line, no #1 WR, no edge rusher. Mac's seat should be hotter than Bowles. The only thing he excels at is taking the chalk pick in the first round. I would also note that much of the "lack of discipline" comes from free agents signed by Mac. PS this is not intended as a Bowles defense. He needs to get his players to play like they respect him and his message. Right now, they don't.
  13. Sonny Werblin

    Interior D tackles

    Thanks for recognizing that I'm older and wiser than you.
  14. Sonny Werblin

    browns fan perspective

    True, but with our O line it is entirely possible that a few spry residents of the local old folks home could effectively pressure Darnold. They would, at the very least, force Carpenter into 3 or 4 early starts penalties.

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