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  1. When Jets start subs, they lose and use the experience and talent level of the subs as an excuse. When the Jets opponent starts subs, the Jets lose with the subs making significant contributions and the jets use their inability to prepare for the subs as an excuse.
  2. Jets cannot afford to miss on the next HC. No chances will be taken. They need to hire someone who has been a HC and groomed a QB. Jason Garret is exactly what the doctor ordered for what ails the Jets. He will bring stability and be HC of the whole team.
  3. I think he’s made some excellent decisions. If Van Roten wasn’t playing so terribly bad, the O line would be average, which is a huge upgrade. You can question his failure draft or sign another WR or ILB, but you can’t predict injuries or Mosely sitting out.
  4. How you relate to people is a far more important characteristic for a HC than smarts. For example Herm Edwards, Rex Ryan and Jerry Glanville are all without a doubt far less brilliant than Gase, but they can all get a group of men to perform better as a football team than Gase ever could.
  5. Handley was a genius. Seriously, he had a genius IQ. So much for brilliance having anything to do with being an effective HC.
  6. I agree. Walt Michaels was a great evaluator of talent and the GM'less Jets pretty much deferred to his preference for draft picks. But I ranked just based on "coaching". Had to put Weeb first since he won the SB. Parcells edged out Walt because he turned lemons into lemonade overnight when he came to the Jets. But, it is very close between the 2 regardless. Nice guess on Mangini since he authored a pretty good turnaround himself. But, you should have stuck with Walt - the 1978 UPI and Pro Football Weekly NFL Coach of the Year. Other than that, no Jet HC has ever won any formal accolades while HC of the Jets.
  7. He’s got multiple talents. Don’t forget he’s the “holder” too. Heck of a job wrangling that high snap on a FG this past week. So that’s 1 draft pick filling 2 roster spots - punter and holder. Kudos to JD. 😎
  8. It’s a tough call, but for my money Gase is the worst because he only coaches the offense and makes non pretense that he’s involved in the rest of the game. Heck, sometimes he’s sitting on the bench with his face in his play sheet when the O isn’t on the field. So, it’s hard to give him credit for the team’s wins, and i chose to evaluate hime based solely on the O’s performance.
  9. BB never coached a game for the jets. It’s a coach on my list who won AS the jets coach.
  10. Gase is the HC. I'm tired o this notion that he only coaches the O. Only the Jets could be this screwed up.
  11. From my time watching the Jets, best to worst: 1. Weeb Ewbank 2. Bill Parcells 3. Walt Michaels 4. Rex Ryan 5. Herm Edwards 6. Eric Mangini 7. Pete Carroll 8. Al Groh 9. Bruce Coslet 10. Todd Bowles 11. Joe Walton/Charlie Winner (tie) 12. Lou Holtz 13. Ken Shipp 14. Mike Holovak 15. Rich Kotite 16. Adam Gase Extra Credit -- Who was the only HC of the NYJ to ever win Coach of the Year honors?
  12. Yeah, sam going nuclear. That would play well in the NY press. Plus, if Sam’s paying attention he knows that his HC pulls players who become “emotional” during the game.
  13. Meaning that those 3 teams did not lose in an embarrassing fashion like the Jets have, but then again, maybe the embarrass/compete meter directly corresponds to your opponent's ranking. The lower the rank the higher the compete level. The higher the rank the higher the embarrassment factor.
  14. Darnold got a 28 on the Wonderlic and is emotional. Not sure why you say he is otherwise. He basically has a similar demeanor as Brady. Your statement that most QBs are loud is demonstrably false.

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