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  1. That makes sense. Just like TEs like Gronk and Kelce have no value either.
  2. I'm on board. There is just something about him that makes me feel like he was made to be a pro receiver. And not for nothing, but he is going to kill the interview at the combine. He talks football like a coach.
  3. Edoga - RT Lewis - G (compete with a signed free agent) Shell - if the price is right, re-sign for depth While I'd love to say the Jets can sign Brandon Scherff as a free agent, I believe he has already turned down a $13 million per year contract offer, and I do not believe Joe Douglas would pay Scherff's asking price (which is the smart). I think Douglas is a guy who trusts his skill to evaluate O-line talent and I see the Jets perhaps adding a lower profile free agent, or even 2, who Douglas thinks is ascending. Regardless, I expect the Jets to select at least 3 O lineman in the Draft. A Center, Left Tackle, and Guard. Anything less will be a disappointment. And I will only excuse selecting an O lineman with their first round pick if a #1 WR is taken in that place, but after that in rounds 2, 3, and 4 O linemen only.
  4. Namath Alabama highlights.... at 50 seconds when he pulls down the ball and runs you get an idea of what he lost when he injured his knee in the Orange Bowl.
  5. You’ve got to be pretty pretty pretty tough to make it to the NFL when your name is Neville.
  6. Wait? Does this mean there is a chance Herndon can play Monday Night? I thought he was definiately out until at least the Jax game due to his tweaked hammy.
  7. On another note, I'm shocked the Pats didn't pick up Luke Falk to help prep for Monday Night's game. Although I did also have a suspicion that Falk was cut for the sole purpose of having him feed BB false info and then Falk would be rewarded with a spot on the practice squad with the Jets. #conspiracytheory
  8. I'm at a loss that all Jet fans do not understand how special Darnold is. In all seriousness, if you were building a QB to lead your team, what quality would you add that Darnold does not already have? We are so freaking lucky right now. If Joe Douglas just builds the O line and adds a #1 WR, the Jets will be a perennial SB contender. Once you've got the QB, all you need is a competent front office to keep the train rolling. I think we have that now, but I acknowledge we don't really know yet and I temper my expectations with the reality that for the vast majority of my time on earth, the Jets have not had a competent front office.
  9. Excellent review. Especially the shout out to Edoga who I didn't even notice during the game. Like the OP says, Demarcus Lawrence was a non-factor, a sure sign of excellent play by Edoga. What about the interior of the Jets line? They had some bad penalties but Malik Smith normally is a factor in Cowboys games and I didn't here his name either. Ryan Griffin deserved some recognition for his 3 catches on 3 targets with 1 TD. While we are waiting for Herndon to return some TE's gonna have to make some plays because no matter who plays the position, Sam is going to trhow to the TE at least a few times per game, more if he's being ignored by the D.
  10. He reminds me a little of Bob Sanders in the way that he flies into the picture to make jarring hits from time to time. Ironically, I think that is why he injured his shoulder and missed last season.
  11. Who "hangs" 50pts a game? Even the great Pat Mahomes has been struggling. But I get what your saying. Troy Palamolu, Rodney Harrison, Steve Atwater, John Lynch, Brian Dawkins, Ronnie Lott, Eric Berry et. al. Any old average safety could have been put in their spots and their teams would have been the same in the W and L columns. The simply fact is great D's have great players at all levels. I don't think the Anti-Jamal Front (AJL) has any real understanding of the repsonsibilities of a Safety in the NFL.
  12. He not only plays hard, he's smart. Both his coaches and opposing coaches laud his ability to read plays. On top of that, not only does he want to be the best player he can be and is willing to put in the work necessary, he would do anything to help his team win. Now I see, why in the world would we want a player like that on the team. He is very un-Jet-like.
  13. Braker Maypole is reeling for sure. But his talent is undeniable. The kid can sling it. Yes, he is a dick. But, that is not stopping his success. He's always been a dick. This is 100% on "Coach Freddie", as his players call him ... that reaks of respect, right? The guy is totally out of his depth. He fields an undiscplined team and his game management skills are not poor, they are non-existent. Is that really a surprise to anyone since he was hired with zero experience as a HC at any level and less than one season's experience as a coordinator? So, as poor Braker Maypole wallows in the impotence of playing for his friend Freddie, he will week by week become a more desparate and less effective NFL QB. And rather than feel sorry for the dire predicament of this former #1 pick, most will bask in the glow of Braker meltdowns as he continually assures us all, in the face of his repeated failures, that he is truly as great as he thinks he is.
  14. Brady certainly will take notice of the beating the jets put on Prescott. Look for he and BB to start planting seeds for roughing calls during the week.

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