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  1. The more I think about, the more I believe the Raiders will attempt to trade for Mac Jones.
  2. No too long ago some people on the board were saying that White would command $20 million per year as a free agent. IMO, he'd be lucky to get $4 million. While he is a capable back-up. Can you really count on him staying healthy if pressed into action for more than a few games?
  3. Totally agree. Also, JD's "all out" is always couched in terms of only if it is good value to the organization and makes sense for the future. I just don't see a scenario where JD pays out the nose in both salary and draft picks for a player near the end of his career. Jimmy G makes the most sense for he Jets. After that, we're looking at Daulton or Minshew. Bottom line is that JD has a strategy and it does not include a high priced (in both salary and draft picks) QB. Look at Philly and Baltimore - the two organizations that trained JD. The formula is to build the team and wait for the QB.
  4. He has to willingly redo his deal to whoever trades for him so he has a high degree of control as to where he is traded.
  5. NJ income tax rate for Rodgers would be 10.75% and it is higher with the addition of a local income tax as well. Nevada's income tax rate is 0%. Joe is going to have to pay Rodgers significantly more than the Raiders just to have the deals be equal.
  6. They should so get Bateman and Cole to call the match
  7. I didn't read through the whole thread and apologize for the repetitiveness if someone has already pointed this out. Brady played 21 seasons as a starting QB (he missed one season due to injury and did not start his rookie season). In those 21 seasons 47.62% of Brady's seasons ended in the Super Bowl 33.33% of Brady's seasons ended with him as a Super Bowl Champion 23.81% of Brady's seasons ended with him being name Super Bowl MVP That is astounding. Truly remarkable. What is even more astounding is that it is far less impressive than Bill Russell who started all 13 of his NBA seasons and 92.31% of Russell's seasons ended in the Finals 84.61% of Russell's seasons ended with him as a NBA Champion Russell won 100% of the NBA Finals MVPs he was eligible for because the Finals MVP was not a "thing" until Russell's final season in 1969. So, when people want to talk GOAT, no one even comes close to Bill Russell. After all the entire point to playing and competing is to win the Championship and no one did it better than Bill Russell.
  8. Were you their marriage counselor? Do you know giselle? From what possible perspective are you able to say she was the best thing in his life. And he certainly does not need her money to make ends meet. It sounds like you've got a personal beef with Mr. Brady.
  9. In no particular order Gerry Philbin Wayne Chrebet Mickey Shuler Nick Mangold
  10. Pep Hamilton, Tom Clemens, Ben McAdoo and Matt Nagy all were better choices for OC than Hackett. Frankly, I’d even prefer brian schottenheimer over hackett.
  11. He cites “league sources” as having intimate knowledge of jet front office workings. Unless it’s coming from someone in the jets organization it is speculation. And i doubt anything is coming from inside the jets, JD fixed that leaky boat awhile back.
  12. Perhaps Bosa was double teamed all game, and Q was concerned that Bosa would take offense to Q pointing out Bosa’s lack of production in the game. Hence Q telling Bosa “no offense”, to which Bosa would hopefully reply “none taken”. At least that’s what I’d tell my teammates and coaches if I was Q.
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