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  1. I'd pour myself a large cup of coffee and let someone else make the picks because I suck at drafting players.
  2. Best offensive player consideration has to factor in position. If by best you mean most impactful, QBs and RBs have a leg up on all other positions since they touch the ball so much. On the other hand, if best means best at their position in relation to all other guys who played their position in the NFL, there is a lot more to consider. Anyway, if the former is the question, I don't see how the answer is anyone but Namath. He had other worldly arm talent and was only limited by an ego that made him call passing plays when the correct call would be a run. If position is considered, I'd go with Don Maynard. People don't appreciate just how good he was. He was an A++ player in every aspect if his game. And PS, Bell has yet to play for the Jets. By this criteria, LT is the winner
  3. Totally agree. With the exception of Lee, he's had a top 6 pick and selected the chalk pick that fell to him. When he was forced to use his noodle in the middle of the first round, he selected an undersized ILB.
  4. He's a Center and a guard. Played Center in college. He started for Pouncey when he was hurt.
  5. Sonny Werblin

    Vontaze Burfict released by Bengals

    He'll be a Raven before the sun goes down.
  6. Sonny Werblin

    Free Agent Centers

    The Steelers made the second round tender because they had not yet negotiated new contracts with Pouncey and Foster, and Finney is the back up to both. Now that both Pouncey and Foster have new contracts, Finney can be had since the Steelers would prefer to draft a new backup G/C in this years draft.
  7. Sonny Werblin

    Free Agent Centers

    The last jet linebacker who went to the Steelers was James Farrior, and that worked out pretty good for Pittsburgh.
  8. Steelers gave Finney a 2d round tender while negotiating with Pouncey and Ramon Foster. Finney is the back up to both. Then they signed Pouncey to a three-year, $29 million contract and Foster to a two-year, $8.25 million deal. Now the steelers would like to move Finney in a cost saving measure and replace him in the draft. Lee is worth a flyer to the Steelers who have struggled to replace shaziers production. A swap makes sense. But if the Jets don't act, the saints will trade for Finney to replace Max Unger.
  9. Trade him to Pitt for BJ Finney.
  10. Sonny Werblin

    Trade down scenarios with reasoning

    Despite the first round falling our way the past few years, as a lifelong Jet fan I know in my heart of hearts that Bosa and Williams are gonna go 1,2, The Kyler Murray market will never develope, and if we wait until draft day, we will have very few and unenthusiastic buyers for our pick. For this reason, I now believe the time to trade the #3 pick is now, while some schmuck still thinks Bosa or Williams might fall to 3. I'd be calling any team with a first round and two seconds. I think that would be the Texans, Eagles, and Colts. If Mac is confident that Bosa or Williams will fall to #3, he should stay pat (even though I think he'd be wrong). But, even in that event, he should be shopping next seasons #1 pick for multiple 2d round picks + some.
  11. Those are all time great players, but LT and Jim Brown stand far above the rest in their ability to single handedly win a football game.
  12. Sonny Werblin

    For those who complain about current management

    What's the point of the the OP? That we've suffered perpetually poor management since Hess forced me out of the ownership group?
  13. Sonny Werblin

    Trading down makes sense

    Mac should explore trading next seasons first round pick for two seconds and a third this season. Hmmmm.... Do the Giants have two seconds and a third? It makes sense. Sam needs O line help now. So the Jets can pick 2 or 3 with the selections they get. The Giants keep their #6 and get ammunition to trade up next season (if necessary) to get their QB. Because next season is the QB draft, not this season.
  14. Sonny Werblin

    Trading out making less sense

    I'm torn. the Jets need a boat load of new talent because Mac drafts so poorly. But, how in the world do you solve that problem by giving Mac more picks? If Bosa or Quinnen Williams fall to the Jets at 3, it's a no brainer, you take him. And I think Mac would do just that. He excels at the no-brainer picks. It's when he uses his brain that is the problem If both are gone, I view other players as far less of a sure thing and have zero trust in Mac to make the right call. In that case, they might as well trade out of the pick for volume to increase Mac's odds of finding some decent players. Bottom line, unless some team absolutely blows the Jets away with an offer that far exceeds the chart value for the #3 pick, the Jets need to wait until the draft to decide if they are going to use the pick or trade it. Fortunately, if Bosa and Q go 1 and 2 some QB hungry team may very well overpay for the #3 pick to secure their QB.
  15. Palmer "fixed" hackenberg. I'm sure he'll do wonders for Allen.

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