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  1. All coaches are obsessed with a player's "potential". Unless and until the coach has actually experienced THAT player screwing the coach over by failing to make the most of his opportunities, the coach will put THAT player at or near the top of the depth chart and make every attempt to tap THAT player's potential. The Jets new coaches have yet to be screwed by Herndon, so they will make every effort to put him at the top of the depth chart because they believe (rightly or wrongly) that Herndon's previous failures arise from the previous coaching staff's shortcomings i.e. they did not know
  2. If Q stays healthy, the O line will have nightmares dealing with these guys -- Establishing a running game against Lawson, Q, Foley, JFM will is a tall order for any O. Plus those guys can be kept fresh due to the D line depth. And on passing downs with JFM going inside to DT, good luck to any QB having room to step up in the pocket. Whoever gets to play the DE spot opposite Lawson on passing downs has a chance to put up some big numbers.
  3. That is the answer right there. Wilson plays as long as the first string O line plays. And the first string O line should play a long time because they need the reps together. The caveat being that if the first string O line is playing sh*tty, pull Wilson early.
  4. Hot unsweetened hazelnut with cream and sugar .... because only a pussy would drink coffee with DD's hazelnut syrup.
  5. Speaking of new stadiums, when are the Jets getting one?
  6. You would say the same thing about Buffalo if it didn’t already have a team.
  7. Last time I went there was parking at the facility? Is that no longer the case? Do you have to park at the hotel and take a shuttle? If so, are facemasks required on the shuttle?
  8. In the vast majority of contract talks, the player has no to little leverage and the GM's give the Agents "the business". So, I can find room to forgive an Agent insisting on getting what he can when he has all the leverage.
  9. People need to Relax. This is all part of the plan. The other players need a few days of practice to catch up with Zach, who has already digested the new playbook, and the Jets coaching staff is still figuring out how to allocate Gregg Knapp's job duties. If there ever was a time and a QB who could afford to miss his first 2 or 3 days of pro practice, this is it.
  10. When JD does cave, Wilson's team will throw him some kind of token bone to save face -- ya know make it look like JD got something out of the negotiation. But anyone who has ever negotiated knows that JD has a weak hand. If Wilson's team caves, they should be fired.
  11. Your mental make-up is not just who you are on the field, it is who you are off the field. I am totally confident that Wilson will sign soon and I love the fact that he is willing to stand toe to toe with management. It takes mental toughness and cojones to do so before he's ever taken an NFL snap. BTW, who has the better hand in this negotiation? The rookie #2 pick QB who is the team's only real option at QB, or the GM of the losing franchise that refuses to give the rookie stuff that other teams would give him in a heartbeat. I'm not saying that JD is being a dick. He has his way of
  12. Predicted resolution: Jets agree to pay bonus money sooner rather than later and Wilson agrees to offset language.
  13. Am I the only one looking at his feet? I think he needs orthotics for that left foot. His "plant" seems to make it prone to injury. And get him out of those crocs and into sneakers or something with more support!
  14. What does JD care? He works for a business. That means the job includes being responsible with the finances and not giving away money if that can be avoided.
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