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  1. A very good pick yes. I would expect an O lineman selected 4th overall to become a long term starter. He is not a HOFer and was never all pro. While he made 3 pro bowls, I believe at least two were due to players opting out of the game. Not sure how that translates into the pick being "great". Just cause I'm a jet fan, it doesn't mean I have to lower my standards for what qualifies as great. For example, Wayne Chrebet qualifies as a great signing of an undrafted free agent. He far exceeded anything anyone could expect of a player signed as an undrafted free agent.
  2. But if he's a chalk pick in the first round and plays as expected, rather than better than expected, what makes it a "great" pick as opposed to a very good pick? Shouldn't "great" pick be reserved for the players that over perform their draft slot? Like a 3d round pick who becomes a long term starter with a couple of all pro seasons. Perhaps I just feel that "great" is a more seldom occurring event than others.
  3. Can a first round draft pick be characterized as a great pick if the player does not either end up in the HOF or play in integral role on a championship team?
  4. PFF Scouting Reports: Quarterbacks.

    Ha! For months I've been saying that Jackson is the 4th best QB in the draft and that Rudolph is likely ahead of Allen.
  5. Allen discusses his inaccuracy.

    WTF!! So, in reality, we've been pretty close to seeing Allen the same way. Who knew?
  6. Allen discusses his inaccuracy.

    I do believe that Josh Allen will have a similar career arc to Vinny T. The main difference is that Allen is more athletic. Basically, Allen will flash from the get go, but throw lots of interceptions because he will not recognize coverages and doesn't possess above average accuracy. But, he will be durable and after about 7 years as a starter in the league, he will become serviceable above average starter. After year 7, if placed on a talented team with the right coach, he may even put together a couple of MVP caliber seasons. I'm really unsure if the above is what people want out of the QB we draft at 3. Perhaps it is for some.
  7. Allen discusses his inaccuracy.

    Character? Dic pic Favre, gamblin Len Dawson, drunkard Joe Namath, prick Aaron Rodgers, rapist ben rothlissberger....
  8. Allen discusses his inaccuracy.

    There it is. Attack the person if you can't really question the talent and production. As to adjusting to pro-concepts, that is every college QB. The adjustment has very little to do with what the O does. Most any of these guys can call and run pro-plays. The adjustment is to the pro D. Nothing in college is anything like a pro D when it comes to disguising coverage, blitz packages, and sheer talent of the guys on that side of the ball.
  9. Allen discusses his inaccuracy.

    Because he has yet to play his position well, but people think he could be really good in the NFL?
  10. Allen discusses his inaccuracy.

    The hack example was not meant to equate them. It was meant as an example of things changing. Hack was projected by many as the first overall pick BEFORE his last season at PSU. He went from top prospect to middle round project (to everyone except Mac). Allen didn't fall as far. IMO, he went from possible first overall pick to middle to late first round QB with a very high ceiling and high bust potential. IMO he is the least safe pick of the top 6 QBs, but he could be the best of them. His value depends on your view of "could". I personally, after watching him play all season, do not like his chances. I think the NFL will prove to be too fast for him. He's just not a good decision maker.
  11. Allen discusses his inaccuracy.

    And Hack was a top prospect until his on field play in college made him not one.
  12. Allen discusses his inaccuracy.

    Josh Allen Defending 101 1) He is really tall and athletic 2) He has an unusually strong arm 3) He can throw fairly accurately in a scripted setting in shorts 4) Emphasize that his college teammates sucked. Be sure to ignore the fact that his team played many other bad teams in their non-power 5 conference. And that on any given play it is virtually impossible for even the best defense to have every receiving option covered. Stay away from any conversations about timing patterns, which require a pass to be thrown before the receiver is open, and the concept of throwing a receiver open. 5) Note that before College football actually started using passing as a main component of offensive play, many great QBs had completion percentages of less than 55% in college (use Joe Montana as an example even though he was not rated as a first round QB). 6) Accuse both Mayfield and Rosen of being bad guys in addition to being short and having suffered a concussion because if we can't raise our guy up, we had better knock the other guys down. 7) Avoid watching game film of Allen at all costs because it will only serve as evidence that he lacks the innate abilities to play QB in that he lacks any powers of anticipation and intuition. This may very well be linked to his inability to read a Defense --- because if he could he would have been able to make a pre-snap ID of the open receiver. 8) Claim that ALL of Allen's problems can be cured by fixing his footwork, and that Jordan Palmer has that job about 80% complete.
  13. Allen discusses his inaccuracy.

    I find it telling that the Allen detractors base their criticism solely on his play, while the Rosen and Mayfield critics like to work in that they don't like them personally i.e. they are jerks.
  14. Anyone else like all 4?

    I too, like all 4: Darnold, Rosen, Mayfield, and Jackson.
  15. Jets 5th worst to agents

    It's a poll of 25 agents! How long have they each been an agent? How many times have they negotiated with each teams current front office?