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  1. Agreed. I'm also happy that Chris Johnson may actually be paying attention to how the front office works. From the accounts I read he correctly arrived at the conclusion that Mac was a waffler and lacked leadership skills because Johnson actually started involving himself in the activities of the front office. Ownership is useless if the owner is clueless about what is going on in the building i.e. Woody Johnson
  2. Every day Mac came to work for the Jets as GM was one day too many. His firing was a good thing. Sooner would have been better, but doubling down on stupid is never a good move. Bravo, Christopher Johnson for firing Mac now even though you knew the press would be bad.
  3. Sonny Werblin

    Gase did NOT want LeVeon Bell-Cimini

    Great player with history of hating pre-season team practice doesn't show up for non-mandatory practice? New coach not happy new star player is a no show? Wake me when there is real news. They'll like each other fine when the real games start.
  4. People are making the wrong comparison. It's not Darnold vs Jones. It's Rosen v. Jones. Last year is done and Barkley is a Giant. But Gettleman could have easily added Rosen (who the dolphins got for next to nothing) to Barkley along with Allen at #6. Instead of Rosen, Allen and Barkley (3 young stars), he has Jones, Barkley and no one. That is a monumental failure to capitalize on the circumstances. And isn't that what a good GM does? Make the most of a situation. IMO, the Giants will never recover. For those that believe Jones is better than Rosen....... That's just plain silly talk.
  5. I think Polite was worth the risk in round 3, but after that I agree. You can't fill your draft card with guys with question marks. The Jets need bodies. The remaining rounds should have been used on healthy good character BAPs, preferably at Center or CB.
  6. Sonny Werblin

    Daniel Jones vs Sam Darnold

    Jones is the new Mr. Intangibles. He's got the "imeasurables" in spades. It's that whole throwing the ball accurately thing that is the problem. Nothing a few sessions with Jordan Palmer can't cure.
  7. Sonny Werblin

    Is Edoga a potential year 1 starter?

    Great, now all we need is another Tackle, a Center, and a Guard.
  8. Sonny Werblin

    Prove me wrong

    Not a lefty. BB uses left footed punters. He feels the reverse spin increases chance of turnovers.
  9. Sonny Werblin

    Jets 4 biggest needs following the NFL Draft.

    Center, Left Tackle, #1WR, GM, and QB coach
  10. I really am looking forward to this kid's rookie season. He plays with ferocity with a great motor. There hasn't been a player with his tools on the Jets roster since John Abraham.
  11. Sonny Werblin

    Prove me wrong

    Mac's record as GM is 24-40 and the team's win total has never increased during his tenure. Mac sucks. Prove me wrong.
  12. Sonny Werblin

    Prove me wrong

    It's hard to find new starters for a dynasty team. Regardless, does any legitimate NFL expert believe the Jets have added more talent than the pats in that time period? And how many of Macs draft picks would start on the pats. Finally, does any of this explain Mac's outright refusal to draft O lineman?
  13. Sonny Werblin

    What do we think the plan is with Leo Williams?

    Nathan Shepard better hurry up and improve. He turns 26 this fall.

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