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  1. And tell me the names of the defenders that shut down Allen's receivers. Bottom line is that his garbage receivers were playing against garbage defenders. They were open, he failed to complete a high percentage of passes, and his receivers didn't have a ton of drops. The guys not accurate. Maybe he can improve his accuracy, maybe not. But people need to stop searching for excuses for him. He needs to own it if he wants to improve.
  2. Sonny Werblin

    anyone going to training camp?

    I normally go on a weekday and it's never too crowded. But, I'm not sure how much Sam may effect attendance.
  3. Jeremy Clark 6'3" 220 Michigan. Seriously!? That is huge for a CB. Can this kid actually run? Move him to ILB where the team is in desperate need of depth.
  4. Sonny Werblin

    RIP Dwight Clark

    Very sad news. Horrible disease. Could never figure out how Hawking survived so long with it. Most people succumb a few years after they are diagnosed.
  5. What do you think practice is for? He had plenty of snaps with the 1's in preseason. He couldn't do it. It is what it is. Why do people think after sucking in the pre-season and in practice, he was going to magically become a competent, or even less than terrible, QB if only given the opportunity to take snaps during a regular season game. It is laughable logic.
  6. In all fairness, why would anyone groom a nose picker to be their starting QB?
  7. Totally agree. That QB room -- with great guys beloved by their teammates wherever they go in McCown and Bridgewater -- was IMO created because the Jets thought that either Mayfield or Rosen would be their pick at 3, and both of those guys need some mentoring. Darnold reminds me of Derek Jeter. The moment is never too big for him, he stays out of the non-sports news, and he always says the very vanilla right thing when talking to the press. The quotes in this article speaks volumes about how high the character is in the Jets QB room. https://nypost.com/2018/05/22/what-sam-darnold-showed-his-competition-on-jets-day-1/
  8. You earn your spot on the field in a regular season game by playing well in practice, regardless of whether the team is out of playoff contention. Your draft position may get you more "opportunities" to earn your spot, but you have earn it. Hack did not. That's on hack and nobody else.
  9. Good read. Thanks for posting. Not sure if you are making any kind of hack comparison? Since wentz was the second pick of the draft and hack was a reach pick in the second round, their really is no basis for comparison.
  10. When you suck for the better part of 4 years, it is not an anomaly. I'm disappointed that hack chose to hang his frustration on the Jets. That just speaks poorly of him as a leader and a pro. He need only look in the mirror to find the person that is most to blame for his lack of success. The Jets were begging him to win the starting job last season, and he couldn't even out play Bryce freakn Petty. See ya Hack. And I can't say it's been fun.
  11. Sonny Werblin

    NY Jets Trade Christian Hackenberg

    Head coaches don't teach technique. Kevin Greene was probably brought in because of the failure of the olb coach to teach technique. As to Williams, c'mon young man you are a pro! It is your job to get your body in top condition. If he was relying on the coaching staff for conditioning, he must've been listening to Mo.
  12. Sonny Werblin

    NY Jets Trade Christian Hackenberg

    Yes, Gholston was a bust, but he was still the chalk pick at #6 in that draft. There were 6 consensus top players with Gholston having the biggest question mark of the six. The other 5 were taken, and no one was interested in trading for the 6th pick. The Jets had to take Gholston. Yes, he was a bust, but he was still the chalk pick, so it makes him less of a bust than hack who was a reach pick in the second round who most teams considered undraftable. So, that makes Hack a bigger bust than the ghost. Biggest in jets history??? I'm not sure. There's a pretty crowded field for that distinction.
  13. NFL coaches win games by preparing their team and creating a culture where players can excel. In-game decision making is so over blown and misunderstood. The fact is, Bowles decisions kept an undermanned talent depleted team IN almost every game they played last season. People that don't get that Tood Bowles is a really good HC, don't understand what a HC does. Gameday decision making is like 3% of the job.
  14. Sonny Werblin

    Jason Witten compares Sam Darnold to Tony Romo

    I just thought it was funny that Whitten saying Darnold reminded him "a little bit" of Tony Romo turned into a big thing. BTW, I totally agree on Romo. IMO he was a great QB. I echo the sentiments of the Jones Family on "All or Nothing" when they were reminiscing about Romo. They very accurately said it was the failure of the entire organization not to win, or even get to, a SB while they had a QB as great as Tony Romo on the team. They truly felt like they let Tony down. And I totally agree. I could never figure out why they could never get their sh*t together on the D side of the ball. And then suddenly it's Romo's fault he can't lead a comeback after the D blows a late lead? But, I would say their are two ways Darnold is NOT like Romo. First, Darnold is strong and is not unwilling to train. Romo was gifted and rarely spent much of his off season doing anything physical other than playing golf. Hopefully, this will allow Darnold to miss few or no games due to injury. Second, Romo is a savant. He only had to see something once to remember it forever. It is one of the reasons why his off-season was essentially devoid of football stuff. He didn't feel he needed it. I really don't know if Darnold has a brain like Romo's. I doubt it. I think Darnold has a normal brain, which should be just fine.
  15. Sonny Werblin

    Jason Witten compares Sam Darnold to Tony Romo

    Lol.... He said Darnold reminds him "a little bit" of Tony Romo. A little bit! Why is this even a story?