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  1. Hacken-buried?

    So true. Goff has a skillset that resulted in him being ranked as a player to be taken at the top of the draft. While most agreed Hack was a reach in the second round. They are not comparable.
  2. Realistic 2018 starting QB

    It is not a question of who is a better college QB right now. It is a question of who will be a better pro QB 3 years form now. No question in my mind, the answer is Rosen. I've watched a couple of UCLA games this season, his teammates seem to follow him fine. BTW, the majority of Namath's teammates hated him.
  3. Realistic 2018 starting QB

    I see their being 5 players at the top of this draft: Darnold, Rosen, Key, Barkley, and James. After those 5, right now any player available at 6 is not worthy of being the 6th selection in the draft. If the Jets slip to 5 and James is the last one available, the Jets should be able to trade out of the pick and get some value since more than a few talent evaluators view James as the top overall talent in the draft. If Darnold and Rosen are off the board, I'd be happy with a first round pick of Key or Barkely (both make the Jets a much better team), and to try to trade back into the first round or wait until the second round for a QB. It will be a disaster if the Jets pick 6th and all 5 of these guys are gone. So, that is probably what will happen.
  4. Huge? at 4years and 29 million, Winters is the 17th highest paid Guard in the NFL, with a salary commensurate with such household names as Jeff Allen and Josh Sitton. Coming into this season, the consensus was that Winters was the Jets best O lineman. And why wouldn't it be a credit to Mac for the Jets to have much greater depth on the O line than anyone on the outside imagined?
  5. From the looks of the Cardinal O, they could use Forte until David Johnson returns, and who will the Eagles replace Sproles with? IF Forte could just stay healthy for 8 straight days, the Jets might be able to get a 4th or 5th round conditional pick for him.
  6. Jamal Adams vs Darrelle Revis

    3 games into Revis' career, he was OK. No one was saying, "Hey, this guy might be one of the best CBs' ever". Adams, on the other hand, has not just Jet fans, but also the so-called football experts/analyst saying he is something special. So, if I've got to put money on it, Yes, I do believe that Adams' career will eclipse that of Revis. It also helps that S is just a bigger position than CB, with far more opportunities to shine. Reed, Lott, Polamalu, Atwater, Lynch, et al...
  7. SHAME on Jet fans

    LOL. It's a 15 yard penalty for hurting your opponent's feelings, but piss of half the paying fans by kneeling during the Anthem and you have ownership and the NFL's 100% support.
  8. SHAME on Jet fans

    East Rutherford, NJ?
  9. Why do we need the first overall pick?

    Amen. If they end up picking a defensive player, I'll be pissed (unless he ends up being the second coming of Lawrence Taylor).
  10. Why do we need the first overall pick?

    If Darnold/Rosen are off the board when the Jets pick, I would really like to see the Jets pick Barkley in the first and get a QB in the second, or trade back into the first round to get a QB. I could live with a backfield of Barkley and Falk/Rudolph/etc...
  11. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Rosen was under pressure most of the game and his receivers dropped a lot of passes. It didn't help that the bruin D could not tackle or catch Stanford's little RB.
  12. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    So you didn't see enough yesterday to make you realize Barkley is special?
  13. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    If the bears are picking near the top, they'll take Barkley. They already have their QB.
  14. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Disagree as to Rosen. That kid wants to play on the biggest stage. I honestly think if he had his choice of the teams likely to have a top pick, he would select the Jets.
  15. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    UCLA team is not worthy of a QB with Rosen's talent. No way he stays in school another year. Darnold could decide to stay in school because winning is fun and no matter which NFL team takes him, he's going to lose for awhile. I hope he wins the national championship because I really get the feeling that unless he does, he will seriously consider staying in school to try to win one next season.
  16. Frankly, ownership should consider next year as year 1 for Mac and Bowles. No excuses. Mac has money to fill holes and a top pick in a QB rich draft. Bowles has had time to develop his team culture, has some players with one to three years experience playing for him, and is no longer green behind the ears. If the team doesn't take a big step forward next season, both should be fired. BTW, just learned that in 2012 laveon bell tweeted he's a life long jet fan with #bleedgreenandwhite. Good timing for the Jets to have $85 million because he'll want a lot of it.
  17. Since I see no one who is a definite upgrade who would be available for either spot, I'd rather stand pat. Who knows, after 2018, it may be clear that Bowles should be fired and that Morton would be an excellent head coach. I may change this position by the end of the season if really good job candidates emerge, but right now any change would be a lateral move, not a definite upgrade.
  18. This is one reason I like Bowles. I think he is really trying to learn offensive football, so he can coach the whole team. Unfortunately, his effectiveness doing so is as yet unproven.
  19. Herm sucked at coaching, but he was a great cheerleader.
  20. Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE

    Not to long ago coal miners faced greater long term and daily risks for a lot less money, and most felt the risk was worth providing for their family. I'm not trying to diminish the significance of CTE, but it is now a known risk. And it does seem that a vast number of ex-players are not profoundly effected by it. I mean it seemed rare to find an ex-boxer who was not "punch drunk" (as they said in the day), but there seems to be plenty of ex NFL players commentating and such without showing significant effects from CTE. I'm not saying I think it is worth the risk, but I can understand why someone else would feel that way. I am also curious as to any connection between steroids and CTE because I don't recall any stories of ex player CTE type conduct until the players from the late 70s started to retire. I seem to recall more then one ex steeler lineman from that time having a terrible time with what was without doubt CTE, and I'm pretty sure those guys really roided it up in their playing days.
  21. Well that's weird. I think I'm one of the few people who like Todd Bowles.
  22. I'm not sure what you mean by Payton not looking like Bowles or Edwards, and I'm almost afraid to ask.
  23. But Bowles is a Parcells guy too! And, honestly Rex has not had a top 10 D since 2010.
  24. Payton with Gregg Williams as DC: 3 seasons; 37-11; 3 seasons with 11+ wins; 3 playoff berths; 1 superbowl win Paytone w/o Gregg Williams as DC: 7 seasons and 2 games; 57-48; 1 season with 11+ wins; 2 playoff berths; 0 superbowls At the conclusion of this season Payton will likely have posted his 4th consecutive losing season --- with the most accurate passer in the history of the NFL as his QB. If he can't win with Brees, why would he win with Darnold?