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  1. A manufacturer of one of those self massage guns ought to sign Watson up as it's spokesperson.
  2. Watson was saved by the lack of video evidence. It here was any video at all, he'd have been Ray Riced right out of the league.
  3. Is that the process the same process that resulted in Ridley being suspended for an entire season for a few bets? Or was that a non-discretionary type of deal because it was betting?
  4. Jim Otto Dwight Stephenson Wike Webster Everyone Else
  5. My money is on Baker, but the competition my save Darnold's career as a starting QB. This might be good for both of them.
  6. As I've always said the Jets intend Becton and AVT to line up next to each other for the next 10 seasons whether it is on the Right side or the Left side doesn't really matter, so long as it is the Same side.
  7. Looking more and more like the Ravens every day.
  8. Funny thing is that if I consider who would be on my top 5 most hated Jets of all-time, I'd have to put Namath on it because his selfish nature cost a great team a shot at winning 2 SBs. What's funny about it is that Namath would also be among my 5 most loved Jets. ..... It's complicated.
  9. How is Mickey Shuler not on this list?
  10. Since John Mackey invented the TE position, he has to be #1.
  11. Water Slide? Alpine Slide? How long/steep is it? I need to know more.
  12. Sham was just born at the wrong time. The greatest race horse no one has ever heard of.
  13. I predict that Becton plays the same side as AVT because I do believe the long term goal is to have them play next to each other and become an irresistible force in the run game.
  14. What kind of sci fi glasses doe that guy have around his neck?
  15. Joe Namath gets celebrated for this quote: “It seems almost un-American to me for a bachelor not to go around and have a drink with a lady now and then.” So long as Zach's mom' friend is not married, what did he do wrong? Frankly, I like what it says about the kid. No matter the down or distance, he's looking to put the ball in the end zone.
  16. I suspect Zach's little bro will be hitting him up for some digits.
  17. Crazy game. I was so jacked I couldn’t go to sleep for a couple of hours after it was over. And what a great season. The flashlight game, Abraham and Ellis rookie seasons, losing to the eventual SB champ Ravens in a final week win and your in game because of a punt return TD and pick 6 outplaying the Ravens everywhere but on the scoreboard.
  18. The Jets roster is no one's envy. Why would any team give the Jets value for players on the Jets' bubble?
  19. There is a great story Joe DeLamielleure tells about Klecko's rookie season. The Bills had a run play they really like that called for one of their O lineman to make a stretch block against Klecko. The OC kept calling the play and Klecko blew up the play every time. Eventually, the O lineman walked over to the OC and reached out with his helmet and said something to the effect "Here, if you call that god damned play again, you go try and block him." Joe D is one of Klecko's biggest supporters for the HOF. I find it telling that just about all (if not all) of the HOF OL that played against Klecko think he should be in the HOF.
  20. No they weren't. Also, Roger Craig. He did not really put up HOF worthy career stats, but the dude was an integral cog in 3 SB winners and changed the RB position.
  21. Baker was a walk on at two different Division 1 Power 5 teams and won the job outright in his first season both times. The problem in Cleveland is that he was the #1 overall pick and had no chip on his shoulder. I fully expect Mayfield to be more motivated than he has ever been in his pro career, and the results will show on the field.
  22. Love Chad and Mawae but I do not think they were Jets for a long enough time to be considered. Curious how Brick doesn't seem to make anyone's list? I guess being quiet and just doing your job on a consistently high level doesn't count for much.
  23. MY top 5 favorite Jets Bruce Harper Freeman McNeil Joe Klecko Wayne Chrebet Curtis Martin
  24. IMO the main reason for Darnold's failure to fulfill his potential is that for whatever reason (practice habits, brain, coaching, etc...) the game has not slowed down for him.
  25. The bottom line is that if you want to get drafted by the Jets as a QB out of USC, you just need a signature game vs Penn State in the Rose Bowl
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