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  1. what do u think about the 2020 draft?


    1 rb chubb hubba hes nasty outside when you give room speed


    2 cb Julian love he got the long arms he can knock the ball free with that long reach


    3 wr Brandon aiyuk hes a deep threat down the field speed

  2. as a former  northern  iv been thought to my self maybe  its not about the Sam darnold falt to just comein into league its the gyes around him who cant seem to be on the same psge as darnold or Adam gases book

    1. Sonny Werblin

      Sonny Werblin

      Probably so, both Gase and Darnold said that their lively sideline discussion last week was not an argument but rather both of them venting their frustration that other players did not do what they were supposed to on a given play. 

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