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  1. I'd say they are equally far along when you look at the starters since last season. The D added 3 new players to the secondary and 2 new D Lineman (if you include Lawson). So, 45 % of the starters are new. On O they added starters at WR, RB, G, TE and T if you include Becton. So that is also 45% of the starters being new. I see the starting units on an even keel as far as the rebuild. The big difference in my book is that JD has added good depth across all of the offensive position groups while he has only done so at DL and CB for the D.  Depth at S and LB will be a real issue if there are injuries, and there are always injuries. 

  2. 34 minutes ago, Drums said:

    Not sure why anyone is complaining about Q anymore. It has been a few years, there are no more surprises. He’s a good kid and if he plays better, awesome.  Time to get over it. 

    This. When engaged he can make some great plays. When not, he's pretty pedestrian. I think he will pull a Wilkerson and be fully engaged in a contract year, but JD ain't Mac and he wont be fooled by one season of real effort. 

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  3. 11 hours ago, Rhg1084 said:



    I like Fant and he had a really good season, but Fant is not to O lineman what Fitzpatrick is to DB's.  And it is not like the Jets have treated Fant like crap. They paid him $30 million already. Plus, we don't even know if he will win the RT spot this season, and we do know that he is a below average run blocker. Frankly, his retweet and comment are troubling

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  4. Very excited about Becton’s return. His shirt, the attitude, the confidence all make me feel pretty good about him this season. Also, listening to him makes me suspect he’s a much brighter guy than many imagine.

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  5. 11 hours ago, southparkcpa said:

    Was looking at HOF stuff and its actually sad how few homegrown Rangers are in the HOF from say after 1990.  Of course Messier, Gretzky etc….  But homegrown. Leetch and who else?? Richter?  Too tired to look it up.  

    Yeah, other than Leetch and Richter we won the 94 cup with mercenaries. After 94 that became the model and it failed miserably. The Rangers didn’t even begin to concentrate on the draft until a few years after the salary cap was put in place in 2004. But over the last decade they’ve really dedicated resources to scouting and developing and it’s paying off.

  6. 43 minutes ago, WhartonJet said:

    As someone who is not a huge hockey fan, but has really gotten into these playoffs with my 7 year old son, can someone more seasoned list the true elite stars the Rangers have vs. guys who may just be playing above their head in the playoffs?

    My personal favorite in the playoffs has been Zibanejad, and my son's is Chytil.  I know they have both been great in the playoffs, but are they top guys in the NHL?

    I know Shesterkin is elite, but where do guys like Panerin and Kreider fall?

    Chytil may become a great player. He’s been in the NHL since 19 years old. This is the best he’s ever played. Hopefully, he will sustain it into next year. His linemates on the kid line are in the same boat but were more highly touted coming into the NHL as overall #1 and #2 picks. They may become great.

    As to the best players not in goal currently on the team are considered top players at their positions in the NHL now, it is  the  its Fox, Zabinijad, Panerin, Kreider and Trouba.

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  7. 9 hours ago, JustEndTheSuffering said:

    Bad feeling Copp or Vatrano will get big deals that end up killing us.

    Strome is gone. So, they will sign Copp but I don’t think Drury just hands out money and i think copp will take a reasonable deal because he wants to win. I’m hopeful that Panerin will have Copp centering his line next year with Kratsov as the other wing.

    Vatrano should be counting his blessings because no other team would ever put him on their top line, and he did not help his case in game 5, he was terrible. 


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  8. A van that my brother and i customized. I actually cannot recall if it was a Ford or Chevy. Anyway, my brother and i Covered it floor to ceiling in shag carpet and installed benches and a table. I got pulled over by cops quite a bit when driving in quiet NJ neighborhoods near my girlfriends house in my white van with blacked out windows and NY plates, especially when a school was nearby. 

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  9. 2 hours ago, hmhertz said:

    Less than half the body fat of Fat Mahomes 17.6


    Lawrence Cager




    241 8% body fat

    It’s nice that he’s working hard in the gym and on his diet, but low body fat % has never been a key indicator of NFL TE success.      ….. or has it? 

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