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  1. I can respect that. The islanders falling flat on their face this year was the second best thing about this hockey season.
  2. “Sensed immaturity” during a first time HCs first season and his baby faced first time OC. Deep analysis from one of the many sports talking heads who continue to demonstrate that knowledge and intelligence are not prerequisites for success in that particular line of work.
  3. Saleh should invite Rex Ryan to Florham Park to pick his brain as to run defense. Rex always said he knows how to stop the run, and he did. As an aside, I found it odd that Rex favored a run-heavy O when he was so adamant that he could so easily stop other teams from running.
  4. Carl Lawson, Jermaine Johnson, Vinny Curry, Bryce Huff, Jacob Martin and Michael Clemons would seem to be the Jets top 6 DEs. Amazingly only Huff played games for the Jets in 2021. So, it is 5 new DEs. That is an astonishing change. I cannot remember the Jets ever being this deep at DE/Edge. They've had more talent at the top before in Klecko/Gastineau and Abraham/Ellis, but this group has the potential to wreak havoc by consistently throwing fresh bodies at the O. I foresee a lot of hurry up O against the Jets D to limit substitutions. Plus, teams will have to pick their poison when deciding how to block because Q and JFM will demand a double team on at least one of them. The Jets had 33 sacks last season with 12 coming from Q and JFM, I foresee a 50+ Sack season in 2022.
  5. My feeling has been less the WRs “fail on catchable balls” and more they “fail to make enough great catches”. Over the past 3 to 4 years the Jets WRs rarely, if ever make great catches. Although, that might be because we haven’t had grear WRs?
  6. I noticed he had a # in the 50s. Made me wonder if the Jets plan to use him at OLB and DE. My thought was Lawson, jFM, Q and clemons/huff/curry/martin (whoever is fresh or hot) on the line with JJ at OLB in obvious passing situations. How fast would 1 of those 5 get to the QB?
  7. cause Feeney is a laugh riot
  8. Hopefully some of that anger will rub off on Q. I'm not saying Q has played poorly, but I am saying that if Q played with some rage he'd be near unstoppable.
  9. One need look no further than the Jets performance last season with and without Michael Carter. And when you consider that the Jets O wants to run the ball and throw the ball to RBs, the value of the pick should be obvious.
  10. In the event Becton and Fant are not the Jets starting Tackles in 2022 or 2023, Max Mitchell will not be the answer. Either Chuma Edoga will step up or the Jets will draft a Tackle.
  11. Have we ruled out the possibility that his diet included beaver meat? It looks delicious. https://www.ehow.com/how_8560364_cook-beaver-meat.html
  12. Some may see a guy who takes beaver tranquilizers, but i see a guy who loves football.
  13. I, like several others, often had the Jets taking Sauce at 4, either Wilson or Johnson at 10, Breece Hall with a second round pick and Ruckert in the 3rd or 4th round. But, never in my wildest dreams did I believe the Jets would get Sauce, Wilson and Johnson. My error was looking for trade backs, rather than trade ups.
  14. And the fact that Hollywood body catcher Brown was their best WR is the root of the problem.
  15. If he is still on the block, the Ravens should be making a hard push. They have Bateman and a whole lot of nobodies at WR currently.
  16. What? Did someone misplace the cole strange highlights reel?
  17. Exercises to develop muscle strength for both the sheer advantage of strength and to provide joints and tendons protection from injury is a completely different animal.
  18. I guarantee Becton staying in Dallas was with the consent and approval of the Jets. No need to interrupt his rehab and he can participate by zoom in any meetings. Why interrupt his efforts to get into game shape? I mean that is what most seem to complain about. How in the world does a trip to NJ away from his nutritionist and trainer serve the Jets goals with Becton?
  19. I would argue that the Jets' DB coaches are the team's best positional coaches.
  20. Sorry, this is weird. Training with Olympic Sprinters? Shouldn't he be training with a track coach? Or perhaps just an overall strength and fitness coach. When exactly does a QB use his "sprinting" skills.
  21. This reminds me of something from many many years ago. Being raised in NYC college football was not really something that caught my attention until one friday after thanksgiving I watched Pitt and Tony Dorsett defeat Penn State in Happy Valley (1976 maybe?). The Pitt/PSU tilt was followed by Nebraska/Oklahoma. I remember the Sooners scored in the 4th Qtr to take the lead and win, but I was hooked on the Huskers who came off as the good guys against the Sooners. Anyway, from that point forward I was a huge fan of both Pitt and Nebraska. I was crestfallen that the jets didn’t draft Marino who is only a couple of years older than me. But I empathized with the Jets position - being concerned about rumors of drug use. Anyway, to the point of my long convoluted story. I was taking a review class for a graduate school entrance exam and I learned the girl seated next to me went to Pitt. I started to ask if she ever met Marino and before I finished she went on a 15 minute tirade about her being forced to share her notes with Marino, how he never attended any classes and was drunk or on something whenever she saw him on campus. So, i guess the Jet’s concerns were warranted? ps I was also pretty upset that the Jets didn’t draft IM Hipp (Nebraska tailback) a few years after the Marino draft.
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