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  1. Bottom line is that if the kid gets his pre-read right, knows where he is going with the ball and keeps his feet clean, he will look great. If he masters that part of the game, we're set because he seems to do more good than bad when the play breaks down and chaos ensues.
  2. I once asked a hard drinking friend if he ever considered that he might be a functioning alcoholic. He responded “I’m concerned for how low your bar for functioning is.”
  3. ... or does winning make stars?
  4. Don't sleep on Chuma Edoga being a quality back up for RT this season. I do believe he has been developing into a solid player right under our noses. He is turning 25 this season, I would not be surprised if he emerges from camp as the primary backup RT. People should remember that with Douglas and Saleh it is about player development. You don't make a decision on a players future after one or even two seasons.
  5. It would be great if the Bills lose an OT playoff game this year after scoring a TD on the opening possession.
  6. Lost out to the Lions again. Little known fact, George Plimpton asked Titan owner Harry Wisner if he could attend training camp with the Titans. Wisner agreed, but apparently forgot to tell anyone. So was born a Paper Lion.
  7. No, Sonny Werblin and his partners purchased the Titans from Harry Wismer. The purchase price? Assuming about $1 million in team debts for Wismer, who was pretty much a drunk. When Leon Hess and his bitter jealous cohorts forced Werblin to sell his share of the team in 1968, the franchise value had gone from $1 million to $15 million in five years - and that was BEFORE the SB win.
  8. His 2021 numbers are more than solid for a role player --- 2 PD; 2 FF; 3.5 Sacks; 3 TFL and 12 QB hits. That is a productive season for a non starter.
  9. If you are going to be a right handed run team (most are) it is the smart move. If the Jets feel confident in Becton's return, how tempting is it for JD to target Linderbaum to complete the rebuild of his O line.
  10. And I’m not. We’re allowed to disagree without getting all bent out of shape.
  11. You mean he made 29 of 35 field goals for 82.9%, which ranked 29th in the NFL. Whoopee lets give him a ticker tape parade.
  12. I really like the way this draft fell. Thib falls to the Jets and with a healthy Lawson gives the Jets a fearsome pass rush. Serious upgrades at WR with the Jets 2023 starting receiving corps projected as Moore, Burkes and Mecthie and Wydermyer waiting to take over as starting TE. The O line would truly be fierce with Fant, AVT, Linderbaum, Tomlinson and Becton shoulder to shoulder. Muma slides in as a starter from day 1, Cook joins the RB rotation, speedster Cross rounds out the secondary, Mays adds versatility and depth to the O line, and Ogbonnia gives us a big bodied run stuffing DT to develop into a rotational player. 4. Kayvon Thibodeaux EDGE Oregon 13. Tyler Linderbaum OC Iowa 35. Treylon Burks WR Arkansas 38. Chad Muma LB Wyoming 68. John Metchie III WR Alabama 69. Jalen Wydermyer TE Texas A&M 111. James Cook RB Georgia 117. Nick Cross S Maryland 146. Cade Mays OG Tennessee 163. Otito Ogbonnia DT UCLA Trade Details Received: Pick 10 - George Karlaftis Received: Pick 13 Pick 68
  13. 9 for 14 on 40+ yd attempts and missed 6 extra points.
  14. I didn’t say #1 or high end RB. I said a “cadre of RBs”.
  15. Wouldn't they have to for Miami to have any chance to be under the cap?
  16. Did he at least run in a straight line this time?
  17. The bottom line is NOT having cap space is bad unless you have a superbowl quality team. The Jets ain't even close and signing high ticket free agents now, before their is an answer at QB would not make them a superbowl team.
  18. Counting my blessings that circumstances saved the jets from signing a POS human because i could never root for him, or take any satisfaction in the jets success if it coincided with the POS human’s success. PS why wasn’t JD concerned that the POS human might mistake Wilson for a child?
  19. Fine young man. But, you know there’s more than one GM/HC moving him down their draft board because football is not a big enough priority in his life.
  20. I don’t know if they’ll get Brady, but Ross will move heaven and earth to try to make it happen.
  21. There really isn't much question in my mind that Lawson will fulfill expectations this season.
  22. As much as I enjoy mock drafts and discussing whether the Jets should have been able to trade for Tyreek POS Human Hill, it has occurred to me that the development and contributions from 3 players already on the Jets roster could have a huge effect on the Jets success. I'm a big advocate of a team developing players in their system and unlike others I fully realize sometimes it takes a guy 3 seasons to acclimate to the pro game, learn how to prepare for a season and really become a contributor during the season. There are 3 guys on the Roster who could make a huge impact if they begin to fulfill their potential. 1) Mekhi Becton - yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone's favorite whipping boy. But, the fact is, if he stays healthy and plays to 80% of his potential, he's a starting RT who is a mauler in the run game and needs help from the TE with speed rushers. Next to whichever starting G is put on the right side, he would be an integral part of a dominant downhill run game. 2) Ashtyn Davis - Let's hope he's come to terms with the fact that while he is really fast, in order to play deep safety in the NFL he needs to take less aggressive run angles. If he can do that and can settle into being the speedy, aggressive, hard hitting CF of the defense, the kid can create turnovers, which is something this D needs desperately. 3) Denzel Mims - He's an afterthought for so many. Some here even suggested he should be cut. Is he sitting at home stewing in bitterness over Braxton Berrios's success? Or, is he thinking that he needs to work harder and become a pro's pro? I hope it is the ladder and that he has locked himself in a room with a playbook, a bag of footballs, a jugs gun, and a food taster. His physical skills are undeniable. If he wants it and truly works for it, he makes the WR corps so much better because there are few DBs that can cover him 1 on 1. Practice your routes Denzel, because you can totally become the X factor in the Jets 2022 passing offense, and in the process earn your second NFL contract.
  23. Color me very surprised that the Jets were IN on Hill when it certainly appears that the guy is a POS human being.
  24. I agree with you, but the fact is the Jets would not pay the price to get those guys. Why? Because high end WR is not a featured position in the Offense. Linemen and a cadre of RBs are more important to the system then great WR play. Also, I do believe that the calls into the WRs you mentioned are part of the plan to be done with Davis in 2023.
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