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  1. I agree with you, but the fact is the Jets would not pay the price to get those guys. Why? Because high end WR is not a featured position in the Offense. Linemen and a cadre of RBs are more important to the system then great WR play. Also, I do believe that the calls into the WRs you mentioned are part of the plan to be done with Davis in 2023.
  2. I’m not saying he doesn’t have talent, I’m saying he probably will not have the same production without his mvp QB and a passing game savant scheming up play design.
  3. Trade for Ridley to replace Davis next season.
  4. I think JD wants to add a veteran WR, but not at the current market price.
  5. Hello! The jets want to RUN the ball! Look at SF in 2021. Jimmy G made 30 or LESS pass ATTEMPTS in 10 games with a 7-3 record. In 5 games he made more than 30 pass attempts going 2-3. if the Jets have their O line right, they’ll be running the ball, and they won’t need 3 really good WRs for the 15 or so targets for WRs during the game because a bunch of targets will be going to the RBs and TEs, and there isn’t a world where JD wants a roomful of high end WRs who want to be paid.
  6. Personally, I’ll wait to see what Hill looks like without an MVP at QB and Andy Reid drawing up the playbook.
  7. I’m curious how badly miami’s offensive minded HC wanted Hill. He comes from a shanahan system i.e a run heavy offense. Did he really want to forego that much in draft assets and cap space to add Hill to a receiving corps that already included Waddle, Gisecki and Parker? sh*t Jimmy G throws the ball around 25 times per game and 10 of those or more are to RBs. Frankly, i think this is another instance of the Fins front office not coordinating with its coaching staff.
  8. I feel like Sauce will be the pick as well. What do you think JD would do with Hall if he drafts Gardner?
  9. Unless the Jets get a willing partner to allow them to trade back into the middle or end of round 1 for good value, I see them taking Gardner and shopping Bryce Hall (maybe even in a draft day trade to net more picks). I can also totally see them taking 2 Edges between rounds 2 to 4. Plus, I think the scouts see the value in this draft at WR in the mid round guys. 5. Ahmad Gardner CB Cincinnati 10. Tyler Linderbaum OC Iowa 35. Breece Hall RB Iowa State 44. Sam Williams EDGE Mississippi 69. Myjai Sanders EDGE Cincinnati 73. George Pickens WR Georgia 117. Wan'Dale Robinson WR Kentucky 146. Nick Cross S Maryland 163. Myron Cunningham OT Arkansas 234. Tayland Humphrey DT Louisiana 2023 NYG 2nd
  10. Ironically, if Becton has a great season his twatter critics will take credit for motivating him.
  11. If the Jets do trade back with Seattle or Atlanta to 8 or 9, the return value will not be nearly as high as it typically is because the dearth of top end talent in this draft has devalued the picks at the top. Don't get me wrong Seattle or Atlanta should want to trade up to get their preferred QB, they just won't have to pay a kings ransom to do so. Don't sleep on JD selecting Sauce at 4 and packaging Hall with a pick to move up from where the Jets are in round 4 or 3.
  12. If they draft Sauce, I am convinced they will trade Hall, maybe even on draft day.
  13. I will be surprised if either is still on the board at 4.
  14. He had terrible technique in his 40. Lets see what he runs at his pro day on the 25th. His on the field football speed never seemed an issue. I’m far more concerned about his inability to return to play following a knee injury despite multiple plasma rich injections. Frankly, I’d rather trade out of 4, but i think if the Jets can’t, JD will be in a bad spot having to pick a guy higher than he deserves to fill a team need or pick the highest rated player even though the jets have less need at the position.
  15. Because teams hate using picks at the very top of the draft on non premium positions. If you’re not a QB, Edge, CB, WR or LT your chances of being a top 10 pick are low. Your chances of being a top 5 pick are even lower. That said, I could see JD picking Hamilton at No. 4 so long as JD believes the kid is a generational talent. Good talent evaluators not constrained by team dictates never pass on a generational talent. Add Hamilton, a LB and an edge with 3 of the top 4 picks and suddenly the Jets might have a shutdown D. That would really help the young QB especially if the other top 4 pick was a bruising RB.
  16. I really could see JD waiting for the second and third rounds to address edge and taking 2 players.
  17. Too thin at LB and RB. If Carter and Mosely miss significant time to injury, we’re screwed.
  18. Why do you think Adams would be willing to sign a contract with the jets?
  19. Adams would have to be willing to sign with the team trading for his rights, and he’s been pretty open about desiring a reunion with his college QB.
  20. The Ravens behave the same way the Jets have. If the Jets can mimic the Ravens success, why should we complain?
  21. This is a very good signing. You need rotational pass rushers to close out games. these days. Otherwise, the big fellas are just too gassed to create any pressure. With Lawson, Huff, Martin and the Edge Rusher we select in the draft we will be in an ideal position to close out games. I really do love the way JD is putting this team together. The only remaining thing I'd like to see before the draft is the signing of a LB, but that may not be necessary if their internal evaluations of Hamsah Nasirildeen indicate that he is ready to start.
  22. Is she a Dodger, Lightening and Bucks fan too?
  23. Classy move. Baker Mayfield would have texted her to meet him in the Ruby Tuesday parking lot.
  24. I think his value is lower because he’s played in only 7 games the past 2 seasons.
  25. 4. Kayvon Thibodeaux EDGE Oregon 10. Ahmad Gardner CB Cincinnati 35. Treylon Burks WR Arkansas 38. Breece Hall RB Iowa State 69. Brandon Smith LB Penn State 111. Jeremy Ruckert TE Ohio State 117. Wan'Dale Robinson WR Kentucky 146. Nick Cross S Maryland 163. James Empey OC BYU
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