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  1. Cameron Clark went to UNC at Charlotte. He was a Forty Niner, not a Spider.
  2. 4. Garrett Wilson WR Ohio State 10. Tyler Linderbaum OC Iowa 38. Breece Hall RB Iowa State 42. Sam Williams EDGE Mississippi 69. Nik Bonitto EDGE Oklahoma 82. Quay Walker LB Georgia 111. Darian Kinnard OT Kentucky 117. Chris Hinton DT Michigan 146. Charlie Kolar TE Iowa State Trade Details Received: Pick 35 - Desmond Ridder Pick 163 - Brock Purdy Received: Pick 42 Pick 82
  3. This is why I think they will draft a C and cut McGovern. It saves $10 million.
  4. I’m hoping that JD finishes strong and hits it out of the park by signing Chandler Jones, Myles Jack and either Allen Robinson or Smith-Schuster.
  5. For what it’s worth, at the very least he seems to be far more promising as a meaningful contributor than Shepherd ever was. And Marshall might be a couple of years younger this season than Shepherd (now 28) was when we drafted him.
  6. Loyalty is nice, even when it comes with a price tag, but it’s not like he actually turned down more money elsewhere. The simple fact is that the Jets were the team that valued him most because the current decision makers value his special teams skills, the fact that he stepped up and made plays when his number was called, and his close relationship to our young QB. And, don’t get me wrong ALL of those things have great value to the Jets. But , if someone offered him Kirk money, he’d be out of town faster than Spoc’s climax during Pon Farr.
  7. That was his dufass agent Erik Burkhardt.
  8. IF Marcus Maye is not liking what he is hearing in FA, the Jets should consider bringing him back on a 1 year deal.
  9. Wow! A great get. I guess my estimation of JD's confidence level as to his ability to sign a FA safety was wrong. I am shocked he left the Bucs. I'm pretty sure they were saying they wanted him back. Any word on the terms yet?
  10. Wow. If Thib does not fall to 4 I feel a trade back will happen.
  11. I never said we are set at safety. What I said was: Why is his confidence level low? Probably because he knows the amount he is willing to pay for a Safety is lower than that of most other teams.
  12. Played for Coach in Frisco and playing only in Frisco and Seattle, he knows the system.
  13. He is signing with the Ravens because the Jets were interested in him but not at the price it would take to sign him. In other words JD was unwilling to spend big dollars on a Safety, which was my point.
  14. Didn't Beachum, Shell and Osemele go on to start elsewhere?
  15. It is a pipe dream to think that JD is spending big dollars on S. It is a low priority position for him and the Jets D. Don't be surprised if by the time the season starts the top 3 Safeties on the depth cart are Davis, Pinnock and a third round draft pick.
  16. I thought the issue when he was drafted was whether he'd be a S or LB in the NFL?
  17. 10. Jameson Williams WR Alabama 14. Tyler Linderbaum OC Iowa 35. Trent McDuffie CB Washington 38. Jaquan Brisker S Penn State 45. Sam Williams EDGE Mississippi 69. Jalen Wydermyer TE Texas A&M 76. Isaiah Spiller RB Texas A&M 110. Wan'Dale Robinson WR Kentucky 134. Marquis Hayes OG Oklahoma 146. Micheal Clemons EDGE Texas A&M 163. Otito Ogbonnia DT UCLA 190. Zach Tom OT Wake Forest 231. Josh Jobe CB Alabama 241. Olakunle Fatukasi LB Rutgers 260. Connor Heyward RB Michigan State 2023 BAL 2nd Trade Details Received: Pick 4 - Evan Neal Received: Pick 14 Pick 45 Pick 76 2023 BAL 2nd Trade Details Received: Pick 116 - Yusuf Corker Received: Pick 134 Pick 190 Pick 231 Pick 241 Pick 260
  18. Jack is 6’1”. Mills and Thomas were 5’9” and 5’11”.
  19. re-signed 3 for a total of 5 under contract. Why do so of JD has any confidence he will sign a Safety? 21 - Ashtyn Davis 6'1" 202 Cal (S) (expires 2024) 29 - Lamarcus Joyner 5'8" 185 Florida State (S/CB) (re-signed UFA) 41 - Jason Pinnock 6'0" 205 Pitt (S/CB) (expires 2025) 39 - Will Parks 6'0" 200 Arizona (S) (re-signed UFA) 33 - Elijah Riley 6'0" 205 Army (S) (re-signed UFA)
  20. This. Plus we lost Foley and i believe Rankins is now the only big bodied DT left on the roster. So, I don’t see them cutting him at this time.
  21. JD re-signed 3 Safeties and now has 5 under contract. For this reason, think his confidence level for signing a FA Safety is low.
  22. I don’t think the CB pool is deep. I do think the edge rusher pool is deep. For that reason, i could see the jets not selecting an edge in round 1 and double dipping in rounds 2 through 4.
  23. I pretty much agree. While i indicated JD might be looking to upgrade at C in the draft, I didn’t indicate it would be in round 1. Perhaps if Linderbaum’s T-Rex arms push him into the second round, JD may pounce, but other than that, I don’t think he’d go higher than round 4 for a C.
  24. Jets biggest needs are now CB, WR, LB, S and RB. But don’t sleep on JD upgrading at C in the draft. He (smartly) loves the big fatties up front. While some may scoff at RB, look how much better the O was with Carter in the game. They need an RB1b because Carter can’t be expected to play more than 60% of the snaps, and they need someone who can be RB1a if Carter is injured.
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