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  1. Trading down will be the best thing this team could do! Get more picks! Center,edge,cornerback! If we do this correctly we can build like the saints did! One draft and they were back in the playoffs
  2. If we win and get back at 3-3 what are realistic expectations for the rest of the season..?
  3. The patriots don’t have the best O-line in the league.. and they still make it work!
  4. Why can’t we use a offensive system similar to the patriots.. short quick throws, and let the WR, TE, and RBs get some Yac!
  5. Why aren’t the doing more roll outs with Sam Darnold! Or quick screens with Robby Anderson? This offense has the speed and height from the receivers to be even better with Sam Darnold!
  6. Anyone else think Bates hasn’t even opened up the play book yet for Sam Darnold and is waiting for the season to start to do so?
  7. http://www.nfl.com/labs/clubs/stream/dev?club=nyj
  8. Just checked the guide for the jets game tomorrow and it’s not on the fubo app.. is the game going to be live streamed on the ny jets app? Or anywhere else? Thanks
  9. Jets should trade for Khalil Mack now!! And info on this happening?

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