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  1. God are we going to cry every time a less than favorable story comes out about Wilson?
  2. The NFL always gets it right.
  3. So tired of these scary West Coast QBs.
  4. My record is pretty good. It’s better than the NFL at least.
  5. Yes, cause the NFL always get the QB orders right.
  6. College Football: Ranking all 127 FBS offensive lines through CFB Week 13 2. BYU Say what you will about BYU’s cupcake schedule — the team genuinely has the second-best offensive line in the entire country. Left tackle Brady Christensen and his 96.2 overall grade are on pace to shatter the PFF College era record for highest single-season PFF grade among tackles. Whether he is pass protecting or run blocking, Christensen has been elite. He has allowed just two pressures on 293 pass-blocking snaps en route to a 96.0 pass-blocking grade, and his 95.2 run-blocking grade is also the best i
  7. Smart football people thought Trubisky was better than Mahomes and Watson, Baker and Darnold better than Allen, Tua better than Herbert...etc...etc.
  8. Not a fan of the “don’t throw it” throws. We’ve had a lot of those in our history, too many.
  9. Bruce Feldman of the Athletic in the past month has spoken to 2 dozen NFL coaches and scouts talked to coaches about the QBs in this draft. Here are what 3 coaches had to say about Zach. QB Coach 2: I definitely have concerns about the level of competition. This guy goes from just being a guy in 2019, and now all of a sudden he’s being talked about as a top-5 pick? It happens, but he’s not playing against an SEC defensive front or a Pac-12 or Big 12 front. A lot of his throws are space throws. You don’t see him in a tight pocket a lot of times, and our league is a tight-pocket league.
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