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  1. Wait he’s not a cross between Mahomes and Rodgers?
  2. Chuba Hubbard is a great fit for the wide zone. 2,000 yard rusher in 2019. Stupidly came back to school and had a miserable season mired by nagging injuries. His stock has plummeted to day 3. He’s now healthy. His lost could be our gain.
  3. I can see the Niners preferring the more polished Wilson over Fields as they are built and under pressure to win now. We’re a rebuilding team; we don’t necessarily need the guy most ready to start week 1.
  4. You are conflating the dumb trade with Trubisky being the consensus top QB and the fact that the “experts” (air quotes) thought it was a weak class.
  5. There were exceptions but he was the consensus top QB. Let’s not rewrite history.
  6. I disagree. There’s a clear distinction between the players feeling he is being slighted for whatever reason(s) and players feeling he is the 1st or 2nd best QB in the class. Those 2 takes are not one in the same. There are folks that feel he is being unfairly scrutinized and still have him ranked 3rd or lower.
  7. I think every draftable QB and even beyond passes that threshold.
  8. It hasn’t been across racial lines. White and black former “established” players from my vantage point seem to prefer Fields. It could be a product of Fields being more on the national scene for a longer period of time. Anyway time will ultimately resolve this debate. I’m confident on the side I’m on.
  9. I can do it quite easily. How you are going to tell what not to value? I value among other things his arm strength, size, athleticism, accuracy, leadership, toughness, battle tested-ness, his aptitude to learn the parts of the position that can be thought...etc....etc. Others value other things.
  10. That’s the beauty of opinions we all have them and they don’t have to agree.
  11. I am saying Fields has the higher ceiling. I don’t care if it goes against what the “experts” say. I haven’t agreed w/ the consensus #1 and/or 2 QBs for like 7 straight years.
  12. There seem to be a lot of Fields fans among former players when I watch draft shows across all the sports networks. I guess there’s a divide among players & “evaluators/draft experts”.
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