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  1. legler82

    Tweets from Rookie Minicamp.

    Bowles looking like a man who's job may have just been saved.
  2. legler82

    Sam Darnold, NFL draft diary

    The Brown tie gave it away.
  3. My obscure comp is a bigger more talented version of the "good" Ryan Fitzpatrick a.k.a. Ryan Fitz"Magic".
  4. legler82

    Did the browns blow this?

    Fun fact, Baker Mayfield was the only Big 12 player taken in the 1st round this year. The Big 12 has had only 12 players taken in the 1st since 2013, that's 13 fewer then the next closest major conference. 2013, coincidentally was the year Geno was drafted.
  5. legler82

    Did the browns blow this?

    There is something about the current reincarnation of the Browns that turns formerly good football players, coaches and executives into bad ones.
  6. legler82

    The interview.

  7. legler82

    The interview.

    Dude wore a Brown tie. He didn't think he'd be going to NY.
  8. legler82

    Jim Mora: Josh Rosen is made for the Jets

    Rosen seems to have some Kobe in him. His weekly pressers should me must see/hear TV.
  9. legler82

    Jim Mora: Josh Rosen is made for the Jets

    Sure if you say so. The draft is tomorrow, I'm not about to be sucked into the old, tired and low brow Allen is Hackenberg 2.0 debate. I will say that when you are swinging for the fences, your probability of striking out increases.
  10. Can Rosen consistently throw opposite hash deep out on a rope like guys like Allen, Mahomes and Stafford can? You can't have the best arm talent in the draft when there is a guy [or guys] in your class can make certain throws that you can't. If Rosen has the best arm talent in the draft, then that must mean he is in a tie with about half of the QBs in this class. As your criteria is not hard to meet. thought it was a pretty unanimous that Allen had the best arm talent in this draft. Several scouts have even gone as far as calling his arm talent "generational". The topic at hand is arm talent, NOT accuracy, touch, timing and/or throwing with anticipation. Those other categories are what make him the best pure passer but NOT the best arm talent.
  11. He is certainly the purest passer and throws probably has the most beautiful ball of the bunch but I vehemently disagree with the notion that he has the most arm talent. Arm strength may be a small part, IYO, of arm talent but it is still a component thereof.
  12. Just learned from NFLN Total Access that Jedd Fisch, Rosen's OC at UCLA last year, was Jeremy Bates' QB Coach when Bates was the OC in Seattle. I vaguely recall that Fisch being reported as a possible member of Bates' short list for QB coach once he got promoted to OC job here earlier this year. So Rosen is the most ready to see the field, the one that provides the most job security for the FO and our OC has a direct connection with his college OC. Plus the Jets made the trade that after Rosen's pro day. Now I'm pretty much 99.9% certain the pick will be Rosen. I prefer my QB to have a bit more athleticism and arm talent but I can live with that pick.
  13. legler82

    Jim Mora: Josh Rosen is made for the Jets

    If Bowles and Mac are interested in saving their jobs, it pretty much HAS TO BE Rosen. If they are trying to hit a potential homerun with job security be damned then you take Josh Allen. The other 2 fall somewhere in the middle.