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  1. Brady knows a threat when he sees it. It was all good when Stidham's stellar play was relegated to just training camp but now the future years in his contract have been voided and now Stidham is dropping dimes in actual games for the world to see. Uh nah he don't like that sh!t, might have to pull a Garappolo on his ass. Brady with two very different TD celebrations tonight...Hoyer on left, Stidham on the right 🤔 https://t.co/ApOH7O6rts https://twitter.com/Michael_Pitts25/status/1159633577228812289?s=17
  2. Anita Marks from ESPN said this is not a Gase power play. There was an issue between Heimerdinger & Macc and both were let go. Also the Jets scouts really liked Heimerdinger but not Macc. Heimerdinger getting let go was a surprise.
  3. Could be since Mac and company did all the scouting and behind the scene work for the offseason throughout the season, CJ let them finish the job rather than have a different group come in at a disadvantage to the rest of the league. This has to shake up the players.
  4. Add in “the best QB prospect since Andrew Luck” and the best RB in football we should win 7 games...LOL
  5. Yes John Dorsey drafted both players. Thanks for playing. You deserve Macc
  6. The only conclusion I’ve come to is that Macc is bad at his job and must go. The Mahomes whiff is just to support my position. Mac supporters/homers try to twist it into some Mahomes vs Darnold thing which it’s not. Lastly, don’t care about other team mistakes, just ours.
  7. Passing up on a QB in your lap in 2017 was the bad decision. This forced you to trade up BLINDLY in 2018 to get a QB and save your job. RIF. Keep up
  8. Guess we will find out in a few years.
  9. Must have been a Friday https://youtu.be/q4rEuSbje2M
  10. You do realize that BOTH Mahomes and Mayfield were drafted by the same guy right? And both times those picks were considered “reaches” and/or surprised picks by the “experts”. Yet homer Jets fans believe that drafting Mahomes would have been a reach but trading up for Mayfield would not. Furthermore, they’ve convinced themselves that Mac, the man who passed on Mahomes for whatever reasons fit their narrative would have drafted for all intents and purposes his shorter less talented clone 3 spots higher. I think his history of drafting Petty & Hackenberg in consecutive draft suggest Allen NOT Mayfield was the target.
  11. Imagine, if you will, the trade possibilities if you had a top 10 pick going into the much anticipated 2018 draft with a young QB already in the fold.
  12. He was destined to “regress” as you call it the moment he decided to go back to Auburn’s QB dumbed out gimmicky offense. Like I said before I don’t evaluate prospects off of production. I evaluate NFL transferrable attributes; he has those.
  13. Kraft bringing new meaning to the “cut the cheese” expression.
  14. “I like Jarrett Stidham a lot. We talked about a lot of guys that were potential 1st round draft picks. I love Jarrett Stidham and...I wouldn’t of thought it was crazy for someone to draft him in the 1st round.” -Tim Hasselbeck ESPN NFL Analyst on SC today

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