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  1. legler82

    god I miss rex and co

    You are making my point for me. The majority of those players were hold overs from the Mangini era. Yet under Mangini they were ranked in the lower half of the league. Suddenly overnight under Rex they became the number one defensive unit in the league. How do you proposed that happened? An objective person would surmise that better coaching and scheme was the difference but you sound like one of those Rex haters that can’t muster the decency to give him any sort of credit. Fans like you is why we will forever suck.
  2. legler82

    god I miss rex and co

    Rex also "inherited" a defensive group that could do better than middle of the pack under Mangini and coached them up to the top defense in the league. That defense had just as much to do with those teams success as did the offensive line. Rex was also hampered by young inexperience QB play. So spare me with that Rex won because of that Mangini crap. Both Rex and Mangini IMO were good but flawed "Jets" coaches while widely different but both were much better than Bowles.
  3. legler82

    OK..Fire Mac!

    Kind of like not passing on a potential FQB [...cough...Mahomes] for an in the box strong safety?
  4. legler82

    god I miss rex and co

    All anyone needs to know about the Bowles/Rex debate is that Bowles took over some of the defensive play calling this past week then we proceeded to give up 31 points and close to 500 yards to Blake Bortles and some back up skilled players. Case closed.
  5. legler82

    god I miss rex and co

    Defensive Rankings Mangini 2006 - #20 2007 - #18 2008 - #16 Rex 2009 - #1 2010 - #3 2011 - #5 2012 - #8 2013 - #11 2014 - #6 Bowles 2015 - #4 2016 - #11 2017 - #25 The Mangini's guys argument is total BS. It actually proves he's a good coach at least defensively as he took essentially the same personnel that couldn't do anything better than 16th best to 1st.
  6. legler82

    god I miss rex and co

    Rex 46-50 .479 + 2 AFCCGs > Bowles 21-31 .404
  7. legler82

    Chiefs-Broncos Monday Night Football

    This is dumb. There's no set order of operations. You get the great QB whenever he is available and deal with everything else before or after. He was available and we passed like the clown organization we are. There were 4 QB needy teams in the top 6 that draft: Browns, Bears, 49ers and Jets. The Browns passed for the best overall player in the draft. The Bears traded up to get their guy. The 49ers and Jets passed only to spend capital on a QB later. FAIL!!!
  8. legler82

    Andy Reid - QB Whisperer

    With or without Andy Reid, it was pretty for anybody with eyes, not named Mike Maccagnan, to see that Mahomes going to be good.
  9. legler82

    Chiefs-Broncos Monday Night Football

    Much like Darnold in his sophomore year and even more so Mahomes was used to playing with no line. The only difference is his numbers never suffered despite having to routinely run for his life. He was also used to the pressure of having to score on every possession because his defense couldn't stop a nose bleed. So he would have been the PERFECT ******* PICK!!!
  10. legler82

    Situational awareness

    I'll add one more. Situation-Final drive down 21-17, 1st and 10 less than a minute left on the clock with no timeouts on the Jets 31 yard line right after Darnold completes a 20 yards or so pass down the middle to Pryor. Why not spike the ball to conserve time? At this point, isn't time more valuable than downs?
  11. legler82

    Leonard Williams is flirting with busthood

    You don't make the Pro-bowl by being one dimensional at least you shouldn't. As good as Lee has been this against the pass he was been as bad against the run. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-jets-darron-lee-is-the-best-coverage-linebacker-in-football-through-week-2
  12. legler82


    Some of us can walk and chew gum at the same time. I can like Mahomes and be pissed we elected to pick an IN THE BOX SAFETY over him while still being a die hard Jets fan rooting for Sam Darnold.
  13. legler82


    Make that 3 TDs. So that's 7 TDs in 5 quarters of football ALL ON THE ROAD!!!
  14. legler82


    2 TDs already for Mahomes today.
  15. legler82


    Oh I get it now. Every QB we pass on suck or meh until they "prove" otherwise. Conversely, the ones we draft are great until they prove not to be.

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