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  1. That's surprising; how is the nut supposed to get to the eye?
  2. Calling Mogglez......

    The article left out the amazing job he did as our QB coach in 2005 when he had to coach-up 4 different starting QBs and had Brooks Bollinger look like he belonged on the NFL. I remember back then thinking that whoever our QB coach was had to be the team MVP.
  3. Just because you don't like him, it doesn't mean every GM does too. If you like a QB, you draft him and don't play games.
  4. The Milliner comparisons would be what tortures him.
  5. If the top of the draft fell this way, I would sit tight because I don't believe Denver will draft a QB. Also, if they do, it will not be Darnold.

    This will be Hack's 5th OC in his last 6 years. Yikes!!!
  7. Best pre-game speech ever!!! Chills to this day.

    Morton didn't see eye to eye with Bowles? Sounds like a smart man then.
  9. Shurmur to Giants, McDaniels to Colts

    So the Giants will get one of the coaches and likely the QB I wanted this offseason. I swear if I had a time machine I would go back and tell my 8 years old self to pick the blue team. Stay away from those boys in green and white they will bring you nothing but misery.
  10. Mularkey Out as Titan's HC

    Titans - Mularkey 3rd season 9-7 1 playoff berth and win = fired Jets - Bowles 3rd season 5-11 no playoffs = extension
  11. All his HC did was provide him a #1 and #3 defense in those years.