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  1. I see the defense playing their asses off for him. I don’t get that same vibe from the offense.
  2. All I heard pre-draft was how Zach was perfect QB fit for LaFleur’s system. What happened between then and now? Did the system change?
  3. I think the constant Allen, Mahomes, Manning, Rodgers…[insert preferred pro bowl/HOF QB] comparisons do more harm than good. History suggests Wilson is more likely to fall short of these lofty comparisons than meet them. Expectations tend to skew people’s perception of success and/or failure.
  4. How does a fan go about rooting against their team? Does it involve pom poms?
  5. Rewatching this video and Matt Waldman pointed out EVERY single one of the issues we are seeing now with Wilson. Credit to him and his evaluation skills.
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