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  1. Don’t forget I also gave them the option to blame those “Zach Homers” as you called them that inspired you to create the thread.
  2. You should direct your ire towards the OP and/or those who would inspire one to have to make such a thread. Without this avenue, those caping for Fields wouldn’t have any place to strut.
  3. The offense had ugly downs but I wouldn’t say Fields specifically had ugly and/or “gross” ones. I guess that’s where we disagree. To me a QB specific ugly down is something like this.
  4. I just never got the need to take away someone’s fan card because they think another player is better than one of our own. Argue the point but don’t question their fandom. One has nothing to do with the other. I see it all over social media.
  5. Fair enough. I come from the school where not all completions are good plays by the QB just as not all incompletions are bad one. I guess we differ.
  6. Maybe I’m naive but I don’t see why someone believing another QB prospect is better than our own automatically means he/she wants our QB to fail or will be bust. Why is everything so binary? I think fans ought to be able to compartmentalize QB evaluations from rooting for the team and players. Am I crazy?
  7. Like what? Also do you count all net zero and/or negative plays the same?
  8. Can Jet fans support other QBs around the league in addition to their own?
  9. Hopefully both stat lines improve or at the very least Zach’s does along with our win totals.
  10. I wasn’t accusing you of anything. I was giving my perspective from someone who watched ALL his games and not just the box scores. Take for what you will. I’ve watched every Jets snap of Sam’s and every snap of Fields thus far. If given a choice, give me Fields every day of the week and twice on Sundays. I also agree that he hasn’t been “fantastic”. Saying he has, undersells what he’s capable of. More context about on his struggles for those who care: His left tackle is 40 years old and was out of football a few months ago. His right tackle is a 4/5th string backup. They simply can’t block the edges. When forced to pass against teams with good DEs on either side (e.g. Bucs & Browns), it gets ugly quickly. He’s also been very unlucky with his INTs. 2 were tipped, 2 were deep passes thrown thinking he had a free play (offsides & 12 man on the field), 1 defensive lineman dropping in front of a shallow cross, 1 WR slips and the one yesterday where the defensive lineman makes a terrific play to jump and intercept at the LOS. All this is to say that he’s not getting INTs due to poor decisions, bad throws and throwing into coverage. I think there’s enough room in the NFL for Fields to become a good player and it has no impact on Zach Wilson.
  11. I watched every snap of his. Even the stinkers had more to do w/ his teammates than him. As everyone saw last night the Bears love to self sabotage. Watching them, you would think Fields is the vet playing with a bunch of rookies. Fields’ bad moment have been the run of the mill rookie stuff (i.e., getting fooled by an exotic look, holding the ball too long, ball security in & out the pocket…etc.). The long term stuff which I value like decision making, accuracy and ball placement have been very good. I don’t think we’ve seen his “fantastic” game yet. He can play much better IMO.
  12. Chris Simms is already saying he may have been wrong about Fields. That didn’t take long.
  13. Fields and Mills haven’t played as many games.
  14. Problem is pressing and sucking tend to look very similar.
  15. I see the defense playing their asses off for him. I don’t get that same vibe from the offense.
  16. Is SAR I ready to remove the “project” label off of Hall yet?
  17. Sure as long as Zach gets the added rushing yards and TDs.
  18. All I heard pre-draft was how Zach was perfect QB fit for LaFleur’s system. What happened between then and now? Did the system change?
  19. I think the constant Allen, Mahomes, Manning, Rodgers…[insert preferred pro bowl/HOF QB] comparisons do more harm than good. History suggests Wilson is more likely to fall short of these lofty comparisons than meet them. Expectations tend to skew people’s perception of success and/or failure.
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