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  1. You’re right; he’s not bad. He’s also not great either. I actually like Winston. My point was just to say that interception amnesia is not exclusive to the great ones. He popped into my head first but there are other examples.
  2. So the coach with Mark Sanchez instead of Bret Favre is the lucky one?!?!
  3. The premise was better than the execution.
  4. Broncos are a good team. They were a QB away from contending coming into the season. Teddy isn’t a world beater but he has come in and provided much needed solid consistent play at the position. I don’t see this as the week we get the ship moving back to the right direction.
  5. I’ll take the sucky coach with the 4-2 playoff record w/ my Jets. You can have the other one.
  6. Imagine putting more about importance on individual players than team success and playoff wins SMH. That’s why we’re the Jets and the Patriots are the Patriots. Our priorities are all ****ed up.
  7. Sure Rex may suck but Mangini sucks more. Who suck the most are those Jets fans propagating this tired Mangini deserves credit for Rex’s success narrative.
  8. Didn’t realize Rex & Mangini were GMs. Rex took “Mangini’s players” (air quotes) on defense and turned them into the #1 defense in the NFL. Mangini could only manage to get them to the middle of the pack even though they were “his players”. FOH
  9. “In my head they are trying to take food off my plate” -Corey Davis
  10. All the 1st round QBs looked as advertised I thought. This may be one of those legendary classes like 83 & 04.
  11. Thank you for your evaluation. However, you not knowing what quarter he actual played in kinds of diminishes the little bit of credibility/objectivity I thought you may have had on the subject. Doesn’t sound like you even watched the game.
  12. Struggled “big time” is subjective. What’s not subjective is what quarters he played in? 3rd & 4 at CHI 8 (0:40 - 3rd) (Shotgun) J.Fields pass short right to A.Pierce to CHI 10 for 2 yards (J.Perry). END QUARTER 3 4th & 2 at CHI 10 (14:59 - 4th) P.O'Donnell punts 61 yards to MIA 29, Center-P.Scales. M.Perry to CHI 49 for 22 yards (P.Scales). FUMBLE1 PLAY, 14 YARDS, 0:10 MIA13CHI17 1st & 10 at CHI 49 (14:36 - 4th) (Shotgun) R.Sinnett pass short middle to C.Myarick to CHI 35 for 14 yards (M.Christian). FUMBLES (M.Christian), RECOVERED b
  13. He didn’t play in the 4th & I don’t know how Jets fans suddenly became such experts of CHI’s depth chart. Why do we need to make things up &/or try so hard to discredit? It’s possible for multiple young QBs to play well. It’s not a mutually exclusive event.
  14. You can accuse him of forcing a couple throws into skin tight man on man coverage but nothing was really off target. All his negative plays came in the 3rd series where he had a fumbled low snap, a throw over the middle off the back foot & another fumble doing a spin move down the sidelines.
  15. Other notable QBs besides Allen that are near the bottom of the snap to throw rankings are: Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes, Baker Mayfield & Lamar Jackson. Other notables at the top besides Big Ben: Rivers, Brady, Fitzpatrick, Jimmy G, Dalton, Haskins. Another interesting observation when you study snap to throw stats throughout the years, is that players can improve their number. Early in Big Ben’s career he used to be at the bottom of list.
  16. Big Ben led all starters in snap to throw last year. Josh Allen was last. This goes to show you …. who gives a ****? You can be effective either way.
  17. I’ll take production over PFF grade every day of the week and twice on Sundays.
  18. Giants sat almost ALL their starters. They let it be know that was their plan for the 1st preseason game early in the week. It’s not a slight on Zach; it’s simply a fact. I was just correcting the record. I have no issues with the PFF grades. They are what they are. They grade performance & do not factor competition. I think most knowledgeable football fans already know this. “Coach Joe Judge sat almost all his starters, including Daniel Jones, so No. 2 quarterback Glennon started the game along with numerous other backups. He played three series in the Giants' 12-7 loss in
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