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  1. wonder if it is still showing me signed in.......I can't if i wanted to sign in because it says i have to pick a plan is it not free anymore?
  2. this or bradford are my top choices.
  3. i agree keep the thread open getting valuable info on how a site works thanks guys. Hopefully we can take the best of JI and JN and mix them for future use.
  4. this everyone needs to go even dunbar.
  5. if our owner don't want you no GM or coach will be able to get him even if they are just hired.
  6. does anyone really think any of these guys is going to hit FA? I think revis might just because he is greedy but I can't see him coming back to NY woody is the one that vetoed his return last season.
  7. yeah i think we both are getting used to how to layout a forum and once we find better rss feeds we will adjust accordinly.
  8. We are holding steady don't have the charisma of ragu but we are trying to be more proffesional like JI was and are currently looking to find ways to get our website promoted more as well as adding new content and thank Max for his help and open arms.
  9. we are around also if you want a second home http://nyjetsfanatics.com/forum.php
  10. Isn't that what free speech and the ignore button is for? just sayin everyone is not going to be the same. Some people have bad/good days you deal with it and move on. Crying over it never helps anyone just ignore it.
  11. the end oh well new sites to try out are being made and then you have JN which is now king of the hill.
  12. soemone's vagina was hurt i really wish we could beat them tonight.
  13. yep although our defense would prob suck if we kept mangini oh wait rex is calling.
  14. Been posting on JI for a long time, now they are closing I needed a new home and JN became a surrogate until I started helping this new website. I always wanted be there from the start now I get the chance, but will continue to post at JN because Max has been so cool and besides I might have to pick his brain more. lol became a jets fan because my step-dad was a Giants/Mets fan I was a young newly teen and step-dads yeah right I knew it all so I became a Jets/Yankees fan. At least I got one right.
  15. what if they only have to move up from number 3?
  16. nah i think tampa takes winston............as long as we can get a top 3 pick i think we have a shot at mariotta.
  17. not if we ever want to change this culture. We need to start making the right picks. We don't know what kind of coach we will have our his style hell might not even know what are oc's style is assuming marty gets canned. Why not go with someone like mariotta who is not going to make waves.
  18. not sure sooth cares anymore he got his money. They are not taotally un moderated though my post on my new site to scout alterantives where i mention mine,ragu,and JN were deleted.
  19. this proves it is all coaching we have prob the worst coaching staff in the NFL the last 6 years.
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