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  1. To be fair, the depictions of Asians and blacks in Dr. Seuss is pretty cringe-worthy. On the other hand, much of his work never touches such issues. But I do sometime wonder if Myrtle the Turtle might have been bi...
  2. Yeah, on my breaks from Dancing With the Stars. But I know you get my point. Ironic to say the least.
  3. Who the hell wants to watch grown men in funny pads and helmets groping each other?
  4. And I hope you banned his blow up doll too... er, I mean, his girlfriend from Hooters...
  5. What a complete and utter disaster that was. That was a dark time until I found this place.
  6. You could have replaced sh*tty with quality and your point would still be valid. Gilding the lilly.
  7. So all he's saying is that the Jets are not sure about Darnold and are considering all options. This is a scoop?
  8. LOL. A Freudian slip, but ironically appropriate. Darnold would definitely be "couchable" if he's bothering to read the high level analysis of his capability on this site. Without a doubt he has regressed badly, but I humbly acknowledge that I have no idea whether he can be turned around. He was once seen as having the highest upside of a gaggle of elite prospects. His one major drawback in college was ball security, not mechanics. He was seen as a playmaker out of the pocket, able to throw accurately on the run. He had games as a pro where he looked sharp and in command and too many games mor
  9. I always saw Jones as a rather pedestrian back made better by an elite O line.
  10. You can bet with this crew, there will be a detailed analysis of Darnold's future. Whatever they decide, at least you know these guys are pro's and will make a solid decision.
  11. Keep Darnold. Draft Jamie Newman in the 3rd. Watched a lot of Wake Forest football as my daughter goes there. He's a sleeper. Smart, mobile, good arm strength. 6'4" 230. Good NFL size. He'll be a very solid pro.
  12. You can say that again. Even Pittsburgh.
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