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  1. This can't be true. Where is his tinfoil hat? Where is the straightjacket? Where is the emergency psychiatric van? Could the antipsychotics be working?
  2. So am I, and even from the stuffy Midwest, and I can't for the life of me figure out how you are really trying to make this argument in this day and age. It's not a job interview. I'm amazed that you have this level of sensitivity with so much life experience. Frankly, anyone who would actually react to a silly T-shirt slogan is truly sheltered.
  3. True. See Lawrence Taylor. Guy was crazy driven and super talented. Character? Not so much. Also depends on how we define these terms.
  4. I'm trying to weed out the crabgrass before it takes over the lawn.
  5. And of course the media is right in there with the grumpy Jets fans. Jets get the man they wanted from the get-go after some tough negotiating. Media? "Did Joe Douglas even want the job?" "Did Chris Johnson handle this well?" "What did Joe Douglas get himself into?" "How will Joe Douglas survive the circus?" "Did Jets pay too much for guy with no GM experience?" "Jets lucky to finish hire before Douglas courted by Texans." etc, etc. (okay I made some of them up, but you get the idea)
  6. Jets hire Adam Gase... "What has Gase ever done?" Jets hire Greg Williams... "What makes Williams so special? Jets hire Joe Douglas..."What makes Douglas such a big deal?" Jets win Super Bowl... "What make the Jets think they're so special?" You can take the Jets fan out of the gloom, but you can't take the gloom out of the Jets fan.
  7. No complaints, but wasn't this posted before?
  8. Because I'm an expert on all these guys, having read every post on them in this board. The fact that I barely had heard of any of them before the Jets fired Mac is irrelevant, of course.
  9. Me too, except for the workout part. But I do start every morning with my "game-day face."
  10. Well, so much for the positivity. That didn't last more than a web-minute.
  11. So what's the definition of "failure" then? It seems wildy arbitrary.
  12. It's really not that hard to admit that you misstated. Gase had two under .500 seasons, not three as you stated. Just keeping you honest. Your response is simply evasive.
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