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  1. Geno Smith joins the flat earth “debate”

    Evangelicals. Gotta love them. And the King James Bible is the literal word of God. Flat earth meet flat tire.
  2. Tom Brady will be a Jet. Here’s why.

    Yes. Mine too. But I figured the reactions would be worth the ride.
  3. Translation: People are idiots and want to believe any stupid rumor they hear if it validates their prejudices.
  4. You're right. I remember that debacle well.
  5. Kiper's BIG Board

    I odn't think Price will make it out of the first round, but Daniels would be a great second round pick for the Jets, assuming they don't get Jensen in FA (Ritchburg is an injury machine).
  6. Yes, I'm aware of all that. But Mayock is no fool who's simply going to fall for the measurables card. Rosen was so significantly better than Allen in college that it's remarkable Mayock put Allen ahead of him. Perhaps the injuries and the motivation are that important re Rosen to drop him behind a small school guy with poor completion rate. There's a big red flag here of some sort. I personally think Rosen is the best QB prospect in the draft. He's just mechanically superior to Darnold and he's smarter and quicker in reading defenses. Darnold had 20 turnovers this year, including nine fumbles. That's very alarming. Gunslingers can get seriously burned in the NFL.
  7. Pretty much correct. Two points: 1. To me, the more interesting question is why Mayock has Rosen third behind Allen. What is driving that assessment of Rosen? 2. If Allen is indeed in the top five discussion, one would have to conclude that NONE of the top five is a world-beater, even Darnold. The case for poor decision making can be laid at Darnold's feet as well as any of the top five. Not to mention a very small body of work (27 games -- Rosen has 30, while guys like Mayfield and Rudolph are in the mid to high 40's) Have to consider convergence to the mean as QB's play more games. The more tape prospects give you the more there will be to criticize.
  8. Mayock ranking Josh Allen ahead of Rosen... interesting.
  9. I would agree with that. Rudolph will go higher than he should because there are so many desperate teams looking for QB's. But frankly all these prospects will go higher than they should for the same reason. The usual over-draft when it comes to QB's. Darnold still feels to me to be a question mark. There's a level of inconsistency there and brief resume that makes me concerned. I think there's actually less daylight between Rudolph and Darnold than the pundits would have us believe.
  10. Interception ratio this year for Darnold is concerning and much higher than Rudolph over a three year period. The few games I watched Darnold he appeared sloppy and risk-taking, and not a mature player. Compared to somebody like Rosen, Darnold has an okay arm. Just my opinion. CBS Sports has Rudolph number 1 among QB's. Go figure. I wouldn't try to make that argument, but I think Darnold is being over-hyped. He's got a ways to go. Rosen may ultimately have a lower ceiling or injury concern, but he's a better NFL QB right now. That's not potential, that's real.
  11. More interesting comparison would be Rudolph to Darnold. Darnold has an average arm and accuracy issues. And a brief resume into which scouts can project like they're reading a Rorchach. At least Rudolph meets the Parcells QB test. That's something.
  12. Josh Allen

    Well said. Allen might be another "siren" luring some QB coach to the rocks. He's a real project for a high pick.
  13. The fix should be simple..

    I wasn't even referring to your post. That was merely an apology for the empty posturing of the rat pack.
  14. The fix should be simple..

    Actually, he has a point. Thread after thread is derailed by the same tired sarcastic "look at me being clever" crowd that it crushes any conversation. Feels like high school all over again.
  15. The fix should be simple..

    Yeah, the smug sarcasm crew is getting stale. With that said, free agency is going to be difficult this year. The available talent is not strong or deep. Expect a couple of fixes from that direction, but not more. The QB dilemma will be most interesting to watch play out. The Jets do have the opportunity to be relevant and a potential contender with a handful of solid moves. There is really no such thing as gradual rebuilding in the NFL, at least by choice. Times have changed.