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  1. Take Evan Neal (move Becton to RT), Karlaftis (Edge), McBride (TE) in the top of the second.
  2. Actually, what they've shown is that both are elite. Brady at 45 or whatever he is, is a freak. And Belicick just keeps building winners. You have to respect that even if you hate it.
  3. He needs weaponz. Where have we heard this before?
  4. Who would have thunk it. The Bills look like the Jets against the run. Can't stop a nosebleed.
  5. Refs working hard to keep OSU in the game, but Sanders keeps throwing interceptions and foiling them. LOL.
  6. Baylor has got Oklahoma State on the ropes. I fear they're going to let the Cowboys back in the game. That fourth down conversion was nuts.
  7. If Perrine was mentioned here, I missed it. And the OP simply stated Zuniga is improving from being lost, not that he's "gonna be good." Talk about setting up straw men...
  8. Draft Neal at Left Tackle. Move Becton to Right Tackle. Giant bookends. Pick up a Right Guard or Center in a later round. You've got a dominant OL for the future.
  9. You should have conceded your ignorance in the first place. This is simply lame.
  10. That describes the Jets win perfectly. Veggie stuffing and veggie meatballs... lol
  11. I truly can't stand Alabama. So sick of them. They're the Patriots of the NCAAF.
  12. OSU dominance comes to an end. It will be good to see a different team in the playoffs.
  13. And in the big game of the day, Wake Forest is clobbering BC.
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