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  1. Long Island Leprechaun

    This Jets/Vikings game is a MUST WIN. Here's why.

    17%. Lies, damn lies, and.... statistics. playoff. Fake news.
  2. Long Island Leprechaun

    The Wife Wants To Move To NJ

    I'm always struck when people in Florida, or SC, or Indiana for that matter say that they have great schools. If they live in perhaps a handful of neighborhoods in the entire state they may be right, but as a general matter the relative quality of secondary education in the vast majority of states in the U.S. is pitiful. I'm not a teacher or in education so this is not a diatribe from someone vested in the system. Quality of education from one state to another is now almost impossible to compare and states with slashed budgets for education game the data by dumbing down state testing standards. All you have to do is pick a subject test for a given grade and go on the internet and look at what each state expects. What passes for grade-level in one state will be three levels down from what the next state requires. Makes the state look better from a political perspective, but is frankly a sham. You get what you pay for (or what the wealthy in a high cost suburb contribute to make up the difference). Tread with care.
  3. Long Island Leprechaun

    Vikings fan here just wanting to talk game this weekend!

    Aurora Hoyt-Lakes on the Eastern end of the range. Have lots of family there and in Minneapolis (Blaine). Manage to get back up North once a year. Fishing, canoeing, sailing... snowmobiling in the winter... my brother has a nice cabin on a lake where we usually stay. Quite a change from Manhattan!
  4. Long Island Leprechaun

    Vikings fan here just wanting to talk game this weekend!

    The deep South At least you've got the Mayo Clinic.
  5. Long Island Leprechaun

    Jets O-Line Cracks PFF Top 10 Pass Blocking Units

    Remind me who the pass rushers for the Broncos were....
  6. Long Island Leprechaun

    Vikings fan here just wanting to talk game this weekend!

    What part of Minnesota are you from? I grew up on the Iron Range...
  7. Long Island Leprechaun

    Vikings fan here just wanting to talk game this weekend!

    Morris Claiborne will school him. And after he gets done with the three R's, Thielen will have a field day.
  8. Long Island Leprechaun

    Speaking of classless...

    If you saw the play, you wouldn't say that. He was running full tilt and it took him past the end zone. He pulled up and started to turn when the fan sprayed beer on him while the rest of those idiots gave him the finger. I'd sue the stupid bastard just for being a stupid bastard. Besides, Hill can use the money.
  9. Long Island Leprechaun


    Thank you, Hank.
  10. Long Island Leprechaun

    Boomer: Jets trying to acquire Chandler Jones

    Resolving defensive needs through trades/FA leverages offensive focus in the draft. FA for offensive linemen is poor in 2019. It's draft or nothing
  11. Long Island Leprechaun

    Why Bruce Arians is so bullish on Jets future

    Whoa, Man, Just whoa.
  12. Long Island Leprechaun

    Grade the Starting Offensive Linemen So Far

    About right. A tick above average overall. If you rate them based on expectations coming in to the season, they'd be higher, since everybody figured they'd be dogmeat.
  13. Long Island Leprechaun

    colts ruined luck

    Not really. If you look at the holes they had, it was a head-scratcher that they kept side stepping a basic need in the trenches with prize QB's to protect. But I'm not trying to sell you anything. I'm just remembering sitting through the drafts and thinking, the Colts f'd up again going after another receiver or a lightweight defensive lineman. I hated their drafts overall.
  14. Long Island Leprechaun

    colts ruined luck

    Before I posted I took a look at NFL Draft History to see the picks. But my memory remains strong that the Colts were desperate for OL over a course of years and failed to address it high in the draft. Other than Kelly in the 1st round (18th) in 2016, my recollection was correct. this was a team that needed to be drafting 1st and 2nd round years ago and only did it this last year.

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