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  1. Josh Allen to the Jets per Josh Allen

    I get the skepticism around Allen, but some of these guys act like they've been NFL QB scouts for the last 20 years. The number of absolute statements, arrogant assertions about the future, and dire warnings is really laughable. You've got a 50% chance of being right just by picking a position like a blind monkey. The rest is internet bravado. I can't wait for this to be over so we can move on.
  2. Anyone else like all 4?

    I'm with you on your analysis. Allen has boom-bust potential for sure. But so does Darnold, despite the hype about his amazing talent and potential -- he's stilll a very young college gunslinger with ball security issues. Mayfield will likely hit a wall very quickly at the NFL level. Rosen will look good out of the gate, but we all know the injury concerns. Every one of these prospects is a gamble and will require good coaching. But again, we will at least have a potential franchise QB to work with. Haven't really had that for a long time.
  3. Josh Allen to the Jets per Josh Allen

    I'm afraid the ridiculous post is this one. The word "inaccurate" doesn't accurately describe Allen's issues. He can be incredibly accurate -- even on the fly off his back foot throwing 30 yards. On the other hand, he can throw a duck on a screen pass. Inconsistency is the hobgoblin here, and it is in some part a product of mediocre receivers and poor protection. I think you're 100% wrong on Allen's future. He will be at least a very good QB in the NFL. I actually think he's got the temperament to do well, even on the Jets.
  4. Connecting the Draft Dots

    Good thread topic. It's more interesting at this point trying to unravel the smoke screens and propaganda than to argue for the millionth time over who's the best or worst QB. Giants remain the key player for us. But no matter what happens, we will have a QB.
  5. But it's a see-through wall, so it's all good. Gotta be able to see through it because those Bills and Pats trolls can climb like monkeys.
  6. Josh Allen to the Jets per Josh Allen

    Here we go. Now all the Anti-Allen, pro-Mayfield and Rosen societies are up in arms. Truth is, nobody really has a clue as to which of these guys will pan out with the Jets or otherwise. The rest is the usual cavil about the usual agendas.
  7. Will giants feel pressure not to hand Darnold to us?

    Darnold? The Giants have obviously not read this site, which has crowned Mayfield the best QB in the draft. If they're correct, we should be worried about the Giants going for Baker, not Sam.
  8. the trade that should have never happened

    Geezus, this is silly. So Darnold and Rosen are guaranteed to be in a different class than Allen and Mayfield? Says who?
  9. Trade Down

    I suppose I should clarify that when I said this earlier I was joking. It would be perhaps the dumbest move any GM ever made in the history of the NFL. Sadly, I think you actually are serious...
  10. Annual Pre-Draft Complaint Thread

    I think we should just vote now, since no matter what happens the opinions will not change. There's a cadre of posters here who are very much like the patient who went to his psychiatrist and claimed that he was dead. The psychiatrist asked him if dead people bleed. The patient said, "of course not." So the psychiatrist took out a needle and poked the patient's finger. Blood trickled out. "So," the psychiatrist says, "what do you think now?" To which the patient responded: "I guess dead men DO bleed!"
  11. the trade that should have never happened

    And tomorrow we will have a thread about how stupid Mac would have been if he had stayed at six and let the Jets be leapfrogged. Bottom line, this fan base can be droningly negative too often. We should actually be celebrating the fact that we will get a potential franchise QB, NO MATTER WHAT anybody else does. After all the churning of opinions literally for months, it should be apparent to anybody who's been paying attention that these four prospects all have virtues and flaws but that each one has the chance to do something special. Beyond that, it's like discussing your favorite flavor of ice cream.
  12. Trade Down

    I think we should trade with the Bills. 12/22. Big haul.
  13. Poll Darnold vs Mayfield

    Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous. I don't think the difference between the four top QB's is that great one way or the other. We're all fighting over floors, ceilings, readiness, potential, 'it' factors and on and on. If you're looking short run for a guy with higher floor/lower ceiling -- Mayfield. If you're gambling on a potential elite pro -- Darnold. But in the end, there will literally be nothing to cry about no matter which of the four we pick. Darnold and Allen will require more development with high ceilings, Rosen and Mayfield are more NFL ready in their way but with lower ceiling -- both are already pretty developed. Crapshoot. We will have a real, legitimate, potential franchise QB no matter how you cut it. That's sweet.
  14. Yeah. This is silly. Brady made far less in college. Brady plays in a timing system. Rosen actually has a better arm than Brady.