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  1. Not to mention Mosley and Herndon. No doubt they were slanted toward the Cowboys being the better team.
  2. He was fine. He was actually more balanced than Nance, who's a Patriot *ss licker.
  3. Jets season in a nutshell: https://www.usatoday.com/videos/news/have-you-seen/video/2019/07/05/hundreds-horses-galloping-circles/1659453001/
  4. How many apples can one human pick? Apple pie, apple strudel, apple butter, caramel apples, applesauce... And when apple picking is over, there are pumpkins to carve, and just around the corner a nice roast turkey with cranberry sauce.
  5. It wasn't actually "bang bang" at all. In real time it was obvious that Jones came in on the play late and lowered his helmet and drove into Allen who was being dragged down. I don't care if Allen is 500 lbs. That's irrelevant in this case. What I saw was that Allen was unable to react to the hit at all because he was being pulled down. He was completely exposed to the hit. You're truly grasping for anything to make this right. It wasn't.
  6. That's idiotic. Allen was in the grasp of a defender being brought down when Jones showed up and lowered his helmet and drove into Allen's helmet. I watched it in real time and Jones simply lowered his head and dived at him. So your comment is ridiculous.
  7. It was deliberate as hell. He had the chance and he took it to take out the QB.
  8. Hits nail on head. No Gase, no Douglas. We've got two fat losers running the franchise. This is called grasping at straws. Gase has been poor to say the least -- game planning as if he had the Cowboy OL. But to think that McCarthy would somehow save this pile of dog-doo is really ridiculous.
  9. To be fair, he's giving up on the Jets season. As have many many posters here. The inverse of Dr. Johnson's famous quip about second marriages as the triumph of hope over experience. Well, most here have been burned by the fires so many times they've learned the triumph of experience over hope. Sad but true. I actually feel sorry for Le'Veon Bell. That should tell you everything.
  10. Pick another team for this year. Play fantasy football, where teams don't matter at all. Or watch and suffer. But I like Warfish's suggestions. Apple-picking is always nice.
  11. So basically you picked out some tall skinny HOF WR's and then proceeded to discuss Robbie Anderson. This is just a pile of rosy smelling crap. You wanted to "counter" the vast conspiracy that blamed Robby and not Darnold? Because of one throw? Geezus. I can hardly wait until we mop up after the Patriots debacle. Fortunately, some of these inane posters will have successfully jumped off a high bridge by the time the post-game rolls around.

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