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  1. Or more likely he'd opt for the COVID escape and sit on a bar stool watching games with Mosely.
  2. This is a prime example of what the old schoolers used to call bad form. He who is without sin cast the first stone.
  3. This team is an abomination. Impossible to watch without wanting to vomit. Cardinals look like the greatest show on turf against this bunch of stiffs. I'm done for the day.
  4. Houston would be taking our leftovers if they hired Gase.... not a good look, or very tasty.
  5. So we'll have a worse defense than we do right now? Yeah, that's brilliant.
  6. Broncos are tanking for Trevor. That's the only reason it's relevant at all. And knowing the Jets they will help them succeed for their one win of the season.
  7. I would say that this is not the ideal treatment for hamstrings. Someone should let Gase know.
  8. Really? So Davis is not promising, or Clark, or Hall? Every pick after round two could be categorized as suspect for every team.

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