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  1. Long Island Leprechaun

    I'm out on....

    I heard you were doing really well before the parole board before you started yelling "You can't handle the truth!" to Maxman. Being a beneficent and merciful Lord High Commissioner, her gave you leniency, but vaguely threatened banishment to an Australian penal colony if you persisted. P.S. I like the prison haircut.
  2. Long Island Leprechaun

    I'm out on....

    Geezus, this must be ex-cons day. The stripers are coming out of the woodwork.
  3. Long Island Leprechaun

    Kap and NFL Settle

    Wait. Why would the NFL agree to a confidentiality agreement if Kap had no case? And can you cite a case where the above actually happened? I've never seen such a case, but I'm ready to be enlightened.
  4. Long Island Leprechaun

    Free Agency game

    A $12 scotch? Why not just splurge on Thunderbird?
  5. Long Island Leprechaun

    Brian Flores to be named new Miami HC.

    Exactly. This is actually good news for the Jets. Dolphins just got Todd Bowles, part deux.
  6. Long Island Leprechaun

    Was this the worst Super Bowl you’ve ever seen?

    Not to mention the Rams' OL. Collapsed around Goff play after play. He had very little time to work and made the least of it, holding the ball, scrambling ineptly, launching inaccurate passes. One would think the Rams would have adjusted their game plan to exploit quick passes at the second level, but they seemed rigidly bent on their predictable game plan. They were schooled by Bellly.
  7. Long Island Leprechaun

    Saquon Barkley wins ROTY

    I don't see anybody hating on Mayfield, just acknowledging that Barkley had a great year as a rookie on his own merits (not what his team did). Mayfield was reasonably in the conversation, but as others have pointed out, he didn't have a full season a starter. That alone would make it difficult to pick him over Barkley.
  8. I think it's safe to say that you're not winning your argument. I haven't seen anyone here agree that it was a bad deal for the Jets. It was, as Beerfish already noted, an outstanding deal for the Jets. The question remains whether the real problem was that the Jets tried to force Sanchez onto the field too quickly and crippled his career. We'll never know for sure, but I'd wager he would have been a much more solid QB if he had been given at least a year to get his feet on the ground. He had all of 16 games at USC.
  9. Long Island Leprechaun

    How does the NFL deal with that no call?

    I know, but the vast majority of viewers aren't going to care a lick about that -- it was nearly 20 years ago. Two high-octane offenses led by young QB's on the rise would be more compelling. The Pats are frankly a stale old routine all ready. Seeing them again will not generate more interest.
  10. Long Island Leprechaun

    How does the NFL deal with that no call?

    Why? Rams-Chiefs is better storyline and I think many fans are frankly tired of the Pats being there. Not just Jets fans. Pats are a seriously disliked team outside NE.
  11. Long Island Leprechaun

    Our coaching staff - 2 HC's

    I would add that for Gase, focusing on coaching and not personnel management is a plus. He was given too much to handle in Miami for a relatively new HC and that was part of the problem. Having the GM handle personnel/drafting is a better organizational arrangement.
  12. Long Island Leprechaun

    So what the hell WOULD make you happy!?

    That's fair enough. Lean Homer = glass half full. Lean Skeptic = glass half empty. I can live with that. But I do get tired of the guys who literally make a trade of knocking EVERY move, every player, every coach, and actually do so with this kind of smug, ain't I clever routine that gets really old. A little optimism occasionally serves to provide a modicum of balance.
  13. Long Island Leprechaun

    So what the hell WOULD make you happy!?

    The OP has a point. There are some posters here who are absolutely mired in negativity. And don't tell me they're realists. That's BS. It becomes a personality trait when literally no matter what the Jets do the response is to find fault with it. I can't see any reason to apologize for our current situation. It's better than it has been for a long time. Reason for hope, at least for some of us.
  14. Long Island Leprechaun

    DC Williams... IT"S OFFICIAL

    Your perpetual negativity is really depressing. You honestly can't see anything positive in these Jets decisions?

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