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  1. Morton Wants McCown Back in 2018!!!

    Why is it not apparent to everyone at this point the Petty and Hackenberg are dog-meat and are not seen as the future by this organization. They're shelf-fillers at this point. Jets will completely reconfigure their QB situation next year.
  2. Okay. that was brilliant. Hats off to you.
  3. Look, I get it. You're bored, the Jets are going nowhere. So you decided to wing a turkey leg at JetsNation and see if it hits anybody. What will your next topic be: 'Hitler was a nice guy; you're all fools?"
  4. Ditto. I thought it was an enormous joke until the OP, with help from a sorry Sanchez groupie, actually persisted in his attempt to turn a turd into a gold nugget. Even the most eccentric alchemist would have shied from such a howler, but here we are, several pages in on one of the most idiotic threads I've read here in a while. It's good that a few here have memories else the old addage that a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth would likely prevail. All we have to do is imagine how well the Jets would have done with an average QB during those years to know just how inadequate Mark Sanchez really was. Not his fault, but then again, we're not here to discuss his personality, just his capability as a QB.
  5. List the good things about current day football

    The prison-like atmosphere (refs in stripes; bars on helmets... punks playing MLB, etc.)
  6. A Look at Some Possible Deadline Deals for Gang Green

    First the JFK papers and now this. It's a conspiracy of epic proportions.
  7. A Look at Some Possible Deadline Deals for Gang Green

    3-5? We already lost to the Falcons? What day is it?
  8. I AM SICK OF IT - This won't happen here anymore

    I think it just means he's finally decided to get the boob job.
  9. I should have added that basicallly Mark Sanchez is Kyle Orton in disguise. He has never been more than an average QB, completely lacks field vision, breaks down under pressure, and never showed a capacity to read defenses. Mediocrity in neon lights.
  10. This may be the best analysis you've ever done. Pristine accuracy.
  11. Yeah. Roethlisberger is done. Just like Eli. All of a sudden these guys get old. I know, Brady and Brees. We all get old at different points.
  12. keystone cops vs. laurel and hardy. Browns at least are moving the ball, but boy to they both look like stiffs.
  13. This Will Create A Long Thread

    I don't know what the QB ranking will be by the end of the year, so I agree with you there, but I'm pretty confident that whatever the order ends of being, the top three on that list will go in the high end of the top ten picks in the draft. So I really can't see D'Arnold going at 11, even if he drops to third on the list. Other than Rosen, are any of the other guys not projects?
  14. Poll: Rooting for wins? Or Tank?

    On the other hand, Alex Smith has grown as a QB and his team is the best team in football right now. Even if we win 6-7 games, we may still have access to a very good QB in the draft. It just won't be Rosen or D'Arnold, if D'Arnold even comes out.