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  1. Long Island Leprechaun

    Jets - Titans Game Thread

    Nothing to see here.
  2. So much for that. 0-2 with McCown. No jobs will be saved.
  3. Long Island Leprechaun

    Bucky Brooks On PIT Without Bell

    Well, they would be a little more talented with Bell. So there's that. Better to light one candle than curse the darkness.
  4. Long Island Leprechaun

    Jets OL 5th highest paid, ranks 24th

    I'm leaning to this as well. Bell would seem a luxury, but the Jets have the capital, so why not improve a key position out of the box. it can only help. The Jets will not be paying exhorbitantly for a QB for a few years. Use that differential to bring in a superstar. And use the draft to target OL. If lucky, grab a decent veteran for the line to ease the equation a bit. I think many people here would agree that the Jets' issue has not been having the resources to improve the team, it's been their priorities in doing so. Not sure if Mac will change his stripes though.
  5. This is really not about the money. It's about timing and priorities. From that standpoint, it would be reasonable to pick up Bell and save the draft picks for OL, which is thin in FA.
  6. Long Island Leprechaun

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    I honestly don't think it's a slam-dunk, but I can certainly see the arguments for both sides re his getting another year or going at the end of this year with Bowles. There is something to be said for continuity. That said, I don't feel either option is ridiculous or terrible.
  7. I feel much better now about being completely trashed by the 2-7 Bills. So we're an average team that loses to terrible teams. But FO says we're okay. Thanks!
  8. Long Island Leprechaun

    This is what we wanted, no?

    I forgot the game was on. Lucky. The Jets are just painful to watch. I sit in front of the tube watching a train wreck then wonder why I wasted my time. The Jets have frankly taken the joy out of football at this point. I can't get "excited" about the debacle we are witnessing on the pathetic hope that firing the coach will solve anything. It's more than Bowles, although he's just utterly mediocre. Hard to put in the time at this point until the Jets can actually show that they are for real.
  9. Long Island Leprechaun

    Craig Carton found guilty on all fraud charges.............

    He was an arrogant, smug pr*ck on the morning show, and now we know it wasn't an act. No sympathy at all for him. Kids, yes. Wife-- who knows. If she was aware of what he was up to and took advantage of it, she's hardly sympathetic either. Hard to believe she knew nothing about what was going on.
  10. Long Island Leprechaun

    Robby Anderson is PISSED and it sounds directed at Bowles/Bates

    Which is relevant how? Does it make him less correct in his assessment?
  11. Long Island Leprechaun

    Jamal Adams: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I’m not a loser!!

  12. Long Island Leprechaun

    Jamal Adams: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I’m not a loser!!

    There was nothing wrong with Adam's play. He was all over the field making plays. The offensive line was as tough as a marshmallow. Just got destroyed.
  13. Long Island Leprechaun

    Congratulations SouthernJet

    What? No blue suit? Seriously, congratulations.
  14. Long Island Leprechaun

    Congratulations SouthernJet

    If you're under the age of 25 I'm going to be annoyed.
  15. Long Island Leprechaun

    We need to move Leo

    Yeah, Williams was indeed double-teamed the whole game. Agree with you completely.

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