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  1. Which would then elicit a swarm of "Gase is a loser" posts.
  2. Long Island Leprechaun

    All Jets fans do is complain

    True. The irony is that Jets fans are so beaten down that getting to 10-6 and a wild card berth is enough to make even the curmudgeons euphoric. We're still at the "just be relevant in December" stage. I can only hope that somewhere in the future we will actually be disappointed if we're only 10-6...
  3. Long Island Leprechaun


    It became a music thread.
  4. Long Island Leprechaun


    Geezus. Enough already. Being stupid is not clever.
  5. Long Island Leprechaun

    JetNation Prospect Preview: Baylor WR Jalen Hurd

    Hurd mentality? I'm not joining the hurd.
  6. He's a genius, not a miracle-worker.
  7. Long Island Leprechaun

    PFF Pass Blocking Grades: Jets OL Wasn't As Bad As You Think

    Have to say that this makes Josh Rosen situation a bit better to understand and ups his stock as well. He was put in a completely untenable situation last year as a rookie. A shame.
  8. Long Island Leprechaun

    Spencer Ware visiting the Jets

    Good move. Take RB off the table for the higher draft picks and leaves room for other positions of need.
  9. Long Island Leprechaun

    So the president is now Ed Reed....

    Peebag only mentioned the record, as if that condemns the player. Which of course it doesn't. Jamal Adams is pumped. Doesn't bother me that he expresses it.
  10. Long Island Leprechaun

    So the president is now Ed Reed....

    Detroit was 5-11 in 1996. Barry Sanders rushed for 1553 yards and a 5.1 average. Therefore Barry Sanders sucked. Aristotelian illogic.
  11. Long Island Leprechaun

    If the Jets Draft Houston DL Ed Oliver?

    An undersized, 287 pound defensive tackle. Sound like a tiny dancer. Completely wrong for 3-4.
  12. Long Island Leprechaun

    The longest 3 weeks of the year

    Yup. I misunderstood.
  13. Long Island Leprechaun

    PFF Player Spotlight: Josh Allen

    Stiff. No technique. Zero bend. No aggression. He was a pumped up p*ssy.
  14. Long Island Leprechaun

    The longest 3 weeks of the year

    Why would we ever pick White. He's an ILB.
  15. Long Island Leprechaun

    Film Room: C.J. Mosley

    So we got a great middle linebacker in his prime -- an elite talent who will raise everyone's play around him... yeah, I'm worried about how much they paid him...

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