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  1. Seen enough yet? What a literally horrible team. Not worth my time.
  2. Perhaps. But it's hard to believe. NFL players have a relatively small window of opportunity to play in their prime. The cost of not playing for two years is usually deadly. I can only guess Mosley was thinking very short term or frankly doesn't care that much about his career at this point. It's doubtful he will ever be the player he was.
  3. Or more likely he'd opt for the COVID escape and sit on a bar stool watching games with Mosely.
  4. This is a prime example of what the old schoolers used to call bad form. He who is without sin cast the first stone.
  5. This team is an abomination. Impossible to watch without wanting to vomit. Cardinals look like the greatest show on turf against this bunch of stiffs. I'm done for the day.
  6. Houston would be taking our leftovers if they hired Gase.... not a good look, or very tasty.
  7. So we'll have a worse defense than we do right now? Yeah, that's brilliant.
  8. Broncos are tanking for Trevor. That's the only reason it's relevant at all. And knowing the Jets they will help them succeed for their one win of the season.
  9. I would say that this is not the ideal treatment for hamstrings. Someone should let Gase know.
  10. Really? So Davis is not promising, or Clark, or Hall? Every pick after round two could be categorized as suspect for every team.
  11. With the exception of Morgan, which may very well have been a pick to disrupt the Patriots, each pick was actually quite thought out and rational. He balanced offense and defense, focusing on areas that clearly needed shoring up, such as corner, yet done with a very conscious awareness of value for the location of the pick. Hall was a good example of that. Virtually your entire post is a complaint about unexpected injuries, which can't be put on Douglas's plate unless the player had a history of injury. Mims, for example, had no history of injury in college, nor did Davis. Noting that injured players aren't helping the team is a rather circular argument. We will only know how Douglas's draft worked out when we see these players on the field. If they never get there, the pick was a waste. For now, it's far far too early to make that claim.
  12. For a reason. In the same way as an job seeker is strongly discouraged from bad-mouthing his previous employer, an NFL owner gains nothing from bad-mouthing his previous hires. It's common sense.
  13. Warfish is correct. You're thinking like a fan who doesn't have to hire the next guy.

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