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  1. So the Browns will pay Watson $45 million even if he's suspended for a full year? Crazy.
  2. We've all seen Mims' cellar, but on the other hand, his ceiling is much higher than Smith's. I'm not sure the Jets will "jettison" him yet. Douglas has some incentive to be proven right in the pick, but I don't expect the leash to be long.
  3. Namath. 1967. In a 14 game season. First ever to do it.
  4. The saddest thing is that he's not even the best safety on the Seahawks. But the Seahawks got the best of that deal, of course. LOL.
  5. Which also skews his performance in college as well as limiting his ceiling as a pro. But it's a great pick in the fourth round, despite that.
  6. I'm glad we got him, as it gives us flexibility at the end position, but by Kelly's own assessment, Clemons is mediocre against the run, has one spin move, and tends to overpower his blocker. What's his first step like? Unstated. How much bend does he have? Unstated. Basically this is a review of productivity on the college level, which is important, but ceiling is hard to judge. Seems a hype article based primarily on the LSU game with over-the-top statements like Johnson should have gone in the fourth and Clemons in the first... that's pretty ridiculous, both ways.
  7. From a strictly football perspective, this deal was treacherously risky to begin with and is now looking like bitcoin in a recession. I'm so glad the Jets didn't touch this with a ten foot pole... oh wait, bad choice of words...
  8. Nice. The hashmark issue also applies to running backs. Gayle Sayers pointed that out years ago. RB's were virtually forced by ball position to run to one side of the field. Which makes what guys like Jim Brown did extraordinary. They knew where he was running and still couldn't stop him.
  9. You're allowed to expect whatever you want, but it's usually customary to have a rationale for your expectation. This team has essentially been rebuilt in the last two years and faces a tough schedule. Legitimate improvement in all facits is a fair expectation, which should show in both increased wins and competitiveness. A fair expectation would be around 7 wins, given the above. If they're over, great. They exceeded reasonable expectation. If they're under, and it's not an injury epidemic, then coaching and GM have to be accountable.
  10. There's an obvious difference between an excuse and an expectation. The Jets are a very young team; that makes their progress unpredictable.
  11. I don't think we would have heard this last year or the year before. That's something.
  12. It won't be relevant at all, but if he sucks game-time, we're in agreement that it's not a good thing.
  13. If this is horrible news, then the fact that I misplaced my notebook this morning is a sure sign that I have dementia. The over-the-top reactions are priceless -- as in worthless.
  14. Okay, there's really no comparison. Joe Judge is a dope.
  15. I would remind you all that Einstein was a patent clerk.
  16. A cautionary tale of how being a fan warps your judgement.
  17. Funny. A very modestly positive assessment of very early pre-season progress brings out the "green kool-aid" and "fluff piece" brigade. Some people really, really have an axe to grind, it seems.
  18. Kaepernick didn't delay the game or make a scene, as you put it. A bunch of players running to the middle of the field to pray together at the end of a game is far more of a "scene." But in general I agree with you. If somebody is using the workplace as a vehicle for personal/ideological/religious statements, it's usually inappropriate. Personally, I'd scrap the National Anthem too, as it's a silly and empty exercise that literally says nothing about the actual meaning of patriotism. It's just a miserably bad tune. I can't imagine Thomas Jefferson doing anything but laughing at the idiocy of such Boy Scout BS.
  19. Fair enough, but I think it's pretty apparent that there is a very slippery slope from personal actions to personal statements. As long as no one would have a problem with a player scoring a touchdown, throwing down a prayer rug, and genuflecting East to Mecca, then all the Christian shenanigans can pass I suppose. I prefer the Zen Buddhist player who, when he scores a TD simply turns and asks: "What is the sound of one hand clapping?"
  20. Just curious: how do you feel about players praying on the field during a game?
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