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  1. What if Okudah falls? Would you take him over a receiver? Elite corner vs. elite receiver... both critical needs for the Jets.
  2. That fair. I'm really hoping as well that Thomas, Wirfs, or Wills reaches #11. It will make the rest of the draft much better. Guy like Pittman or Johnson (Minn) in Rd 2 would be better with a top OT than other way around.
  3. Too true. And completely irrelevant to a new GM and head coach. Let's see what they do before assuming that they are continuing some fractured tradition.
  4. Daughter at Wake so have followed the Deac's this season pretty closely. Newman is a very solid QB who is smart, has an accurate arm, and is mobile. Biggest problem for the Deac's in the last few games of the season is that they lost their two lead receivers -- Sarratt and Washington. Sarratt was really impressive until he went down. Great hands and routes. Keep in mind too that Wake is by far the smallest school in the ACC. Tough to compete against schools with vastly more resources in every way.
  5. Take away Tannehill and the Titans could have still won. Take away Henry and they didn't have a prayer. Just answerin'
  6. At least it wasn't Nathan Bedford Forrest. I spent about five or six years on a civil war forum. Informative if humbling experience.
  7. LOL. He's going to set his hair on fire next.
  8. why would Joe Douglas want to set his guns on fire?
  9. I got you all beat. I shook hands with Bronko Nagurski when I was a young kid and we stopped for gas in International Falls, Minnesota where he owned a gas station. He had really big powerful hands and was quite intimidating but had a bemused smile. Later on I learned that he had the biggest ring size of any championship NFL player at 19 1/2! Of course, I never saw him play or I wouldn't be here to tell the tale.
  10. Wait, so you thought Gase was wrong for engineering Mac's termination and getting Douglas to come in? How is that "bamboozling" anyone. It was absolutely essential to the Jets having any future at all.
  11. Firstpick is fun, but not terribly realistic. It allows you to rack up crazy trades and fantasize. Also, not sure where they get their player ratings, but i don't agree with many of them. In any case, it's fun. https://www.first-pick.com/Default.aspx
  12. Okay. I was worried. I promise not to define our success by others failures, just to enjoy seeing pricky teams crash and burn. I'm good.
  13. So which comments offended you? Because nobody bothers to post stuff like this unless their feathers have been ruffled. Personally, one can't help smile at the decline of the Pats or the complete cluster-f*ck that is now the NY Giants, our storied NY neighbors. Cleveland? Well, that's a bit of a stretch, although Baker Mayfield was certainly a topic here in the Darnold draft. Not sure why we can only speak about the Jets. Lots of stuff happens in the NFL that is worthy of discussion, unless of course your feathers are ruffled somehow.

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