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  1. 18 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

    You guys are working way too hard in defense of Becton. If he was what you thought he was, he’d be showing you that right now. Instead, it’s just excuse after excuse after excuse. Remember when he couldn’t block anyone last week because he didn’t have shoulder pads on? 

    I'm not seeing a "defense" of Becton, merely people wondering what new information is triggering the latest anxiety. It seems there isn't any. Rather the opposite -- coaches saying theyre pleased with his progress. That can be dismissed, but it's not negative by any means.

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  2. 1 hour ago, LIJetsFan said:

    OP I think we have a time line issue.  My time line included him not returning to the active list after 6 weeks, him showing up 30lbs overweight, and him being gassed way too soon after the first days practice began. 

    I said I read and understood that the CS was concerned etc.  What I was referring to were quotes I read by the CS re Becton during this entire period as well as my own takes on things I've heard the CS saying. 

    I could be dead wrong but my take is that they are or ought to be concerned etc.         

    With all due respect, you really haven't added any new factual information to the discussion. You were worried before and youre still worried. Ok.

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  3. Anyone who posts on a messageboard, even one as benign and community oriented as this one, is going to get annoyed by something. My two favorites are interlopers (usually from rival teams) who come here briefly just to stir up crap and make people angry or demoralized. Those are pretty easy to spot and dispense with. The other is the proverbial thread-killer. You know, the guy who comes into a thread about one topic and forces it to what he wants to talk about, usually of a negative spin, but sometimes just irrelevant, or some empty comedy schtick. Good thread goes down the tubes. I'm always prepared to take the bad with the overwhelming good here, but everything has room for improvement. It depends on some posters having just a tad more discipline and asking a simple question: "Am I contributing to this conversation or simply derailing it." Back to sharpening my rusty knife.

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  4. 26 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    F that.  Jets fans are among the most loyal in the NFL.  We complain a lot but we have every reason to. And nothing we say or do impacts the play on the field, so we’re not a “problem”.  

    Okay, if you say so. We got ourselves some whiners and babies here, but that's to be expected. I especially like the posters who sniff out any positive or optimistic post and try to crush as quickly as possible. But it's all good. Takes all kinds to make the world go round.

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