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  1. Steelers and Raiders knew how to draft in those days. Steelers are one of the best drafting teams ever. Raiders? Al Davis's senility didn't help. Just looked up the Steelers in the 70's re number of HOF'ers drafted. Amazing run: 1974 1 21 21 Lynn Swann Steelers WR USC 2001 1974 2 20 46 Jack Lambert Steelers LB Kent State 1990 1974 4 4 82 John Stallworth Steelers WR Alabama A&M 2002 1974 5 21 125 Mike Webster Steelers C Wisconsin 1997 1972 1 13 13 Franco Harris Steelers RB Penn State 1990 1971 2 8 34 Jack Ham Steelers LB Penn State 1988 1970 1 1 1 Terry Bradshaw Steelers QB Louisiana Tech 1989 1970 3 1 53 Mel Blount Steelers DB Southern 1989 1969 1 4 4 Joe Greene Steelers DT North Texas State 1987
  2. Yup. Me too. Imagine Namath in today's game! He'd still have his knees and his receivers would get that little bump a the line of scrimmage and be running clean routes. Today's game is a shadow of what it was back then. Football lite. Bigger, stronger, faster players who are so rule bound and limited that a good deal of that skill is neutralized, except for WR's and QB's, who have been given the golden ticket to drive up points.
  3. With few exceptions, pass completion percentages were considerably lower in those days. Namath was a great QB who threw for over 4000 yards in an era where that was unheard of. No West Coast Offense, no stacked rules protecting the QB, no stacked rules protecting the WR, no artificial turf, no domes, hash marks were spread wider meaning play was to strong or weak side of the field more frequently. Namath had a high interception ratio, which was more troubling, but he was a dangerous QB and a great vertical passer. Not to mention that he exuded a winning mentality. Bradshaw is another interesting case... a good QB during the regulat season who became Superman in the playoffs. Overall stats? Okay. They were great when it mattered.
  4. So you're outed as a troll with nothing useful to say. I've done my work.
  5. Yeah, we're really desperate to prove you wrong... you really are a moron. No one really cares what you think at his point. You have completely lost what little credibility to started with before saying anything. Now we all know you're a total fool and a troll. Good luck with that.
  6. MAJOR troll alert. Just pathetic. You really should stop. All you do is get demolished every time you post your drivel. Please, go root for the Nags.
  7. LOL. Denver is tired of typing, except to express dismay at being ridiculed of course. Every forum needs a hot-air troll to beat up on. Denver has signed up for the job. Now, I have no problem with wait-and-see posters who will withhold full judgment until the draft -- even pre-sesason cuts and waivers. Fair enough. I like what i see so far, as there is a lot of intelligence and systematic thinking in what Bowles and McCag are doing. They are making sense out of the box, which is refreshing. At least to me. There's reason to be confident about the draft, but we'll find out in a few weeks.
  8. I thought you had me on ignore? You've set up a straw man and now you're very busy knocking it down and insisting that we all agree with your premise. Truth is that I see no one here arguing for McG or Bowles being "geniuses," or promising an immediate SB. That all part of your phony schtick to create a point of argument. They made smart moves consistent with Bowles' system, they targeted the strengths of FA and have left the door open for a flexible draft that I will bet is heavier on offense where the draft is strong -- particularly WR, RB, and Pass Rusher. Is the build complete? No. But I do have confidence that these guys know what they are doing. That's what many here are saying. We do have a sense of their approach from what they've done so far and it is indeed savvy and professional. Now you either should step up to the plate and state what you would have done differently -- in specific - or admit that you haven't a clue, which I would suspect is the case based on your many many idiotic responses across multiple threads.
  9. So right now do you feel optimistic about that possibility based on the FA moves, or pessimistic? Of course the draft will be important. But if you can't see that B&M have positioned well for the draft and have left the Jets in a very good position re what's there, I don't know what you're looking at. If they follow that by picking guys we've never heard of, I'll be very very surprised. Idzik simply tanked the draft. It would be hard to match that.
  10. This is like deja vu all over again from the Cromartie-deal thread. Denver got roasted on a spit in that thread too, but just doesn't know when to climb back under her rock. They must have a few rocks in the Denver area. Could Denver be a Denver fan, perhaps? Certainly not a Jets fan.
  11. LOL. You should have stopped at "I do not really understand..." If you're a Jets fan, Lord help us.
  12. Sorry to have left you out from the "Piss in the Wheaties" club. Let's not consider Revis, Marshall, Skrine, or Cromartie (who is healthy and will contribute). Nah, nothing to see here...
  13. Amusing thread. Can you imagine early 80's rules with today concussion rule? There would be six players left on the field in every game.
  14. I think this pretty much sums it up. And it's what keeps every team trying to stay in the hunt -- maximizing what they can do well with what they have, staying healthy, and hoping they're in the zone at the right time. How on earth could Seattle have beaten Denver's offensive juggernaut last year, led by a HOF QB, if that wasn't true? Or the Pats have beaten the Greatest Show on Turf? Or the Giants do the same?
  15. Do you believe it's possible to build a SB team with an average QB? That's the crux of the whole question. If no, then 25 teams can go home now. If yes, how? Even average QB's have areas of strength that can be exploited, but the balance of priorities will change based on what the QB brings to the table. It's a fair topic. Your analogy is frankly idiotic.
  16. Wow. You completely missed his point. But then that would have required you to actually read what he said. There are around 20-25 teams in the NFL without an elite QB. I guess you're saying they shouldn't bother to show up. I thought the poster was actually stating a reasonable case...
  17. Agreed. But I could see Mannion climbing into the 4th. If the Jets had a way to package to form a fifth that would be about right. But he's the guy I'd be targeting.
  18. LOL. They both made some bad moves. Trouble was that Idzik stumbled on virtually all of them. That's hard to do with a dartboard. Anyway, Let's say for example that the Jets have Fowler rated at 90 and Williams rated 92 on their board. With current configuration, why would they not leap at Fowler, assuming they can't leverage Williams in some way? If they have Williams at 96 and Fowler at 86, it would be hard to pass up Williams and the trademobile would be set in motion. Underlying this whole debate is how much you believe in balance vs. super-units as Ham used to call them.
  19. I didn't say that it should never be done. I'm just arguing the point that you ALWAYS take BPA regardless of the extremity of need. If the drop off is incredible to the next best player, I get it, but if there's a few point differential and the next guy would improve your team immediately, it would be hard to make the case for pure BPA. And by the way Richardson was more usable out of the gate than we knew. Rex saw that.
  20. Wait... so you have a young Peyton Manning as your QB and you have Andrew Luck available at your pick. You can't make a viable trade. Do you take him? Opportunity cost of BPA no matter what is not a viable strategy.
  21. Yup. I think that's pretty accurate. Jets clearly looked to the draft for Chris Johnson's replacement -- lots of talent out there this year well into the 3rd round. Pass Rusher dries up after the early second. WR could easily carry into the early 4th. Good news there is that a lot of teams stocked up last year on first and second round picks so it may be a little more open for the Jets. So most likely would be Pass Rush, RB, then WR. Unless they bite on Mariota if he's there. I'd be surprised if they did.
  22. Not interested in takedowns. And as to your last point, that is most often the case. We honestly more often than not are blowing hot air and don't know sh*t. That's why I'm puzzled when posters take on airs like they have inside info or like they're Bill Parcells. A little humility always makes for more interesting discussion. Bottom line: you and I don't know anything about what Cro was offered. I at least offered something from the media citing the always popular "unnamed source." You offered nothing at all except your vast knowledge and experience posting on the internet.
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