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  1. Nice. The hashmark issue also applies to running backs. Gayle Sayers pointed that out years ago. RB's were virtually forced by ball position to run to one side of the field. Which makes what guys like Jim Brown did extraordinary. They knew where he was running and still couldn't stop him.
  2. You're allowed to expect whatever you want, but it's usually customary to have a rationale for your expectation. This team has essentially been rebuilt in the last two years and faces a tough schedule. Legitimate improvement in all facits is a fair expectation, which should show in both increased wins and competitiveness. A fair expectation would be around 7 wins, given the above. If they're over, great. They exceeded reasonable expectation. If they're under, and it's not an injury epidemic, then coaching and GM have to be accountable.
  3. There's an obvious difference between an excuse and an expectation. The Jets are a very young team; that makes their progress unpredictable.
  4. I don't think we would have heard this last year or the year before. That's something.
  5. It won't be relevant at all, but if he sucks game-time, we're in agreement that it's not a good thing.
  6. If this is horrible news, then the fact that I misplaced my notebook this morning is a sure sign that I have dementia. The over-the-top reactions are priceless -- as in worthless.
  7. Okay, there's really no comparison. Joe Judge is a dope.
  8. I would remind you all that Einstein was a patent clerk.
  9. A cautionary tale of how being a fan warps your judgement.
  10. Funny. A very modestly positive assessment of very early pre-season progress brings out the "green kool-aid" and "fluff piece" brigade. Some people really, really have an axe to grind, it seems.
  11. Kaepernick didn't delay the game or make a scene, as you put it. A bunch of players running to the middle of the field to pray together at the end of a game is far more of a "scene." But in general I agree with you. If somebody is using the workplace as a vehicle for personal/ideological/religious statements, it's usually inappropriate. Personally, I'd scrap the National Anthem too, as it's a silly and empty exercise that literally says nothing about the actual meaning of patriotism. It's just a miserably bad tune. I can't imagine Thomas Jefferson doing anything but laughing at the idiocy of such Boy Scout BS.
  12. Fair enough, but I think it's pretty apparent that there is a very slippery slope from personal actions to personal statements. As long as no one would have a problem with a player scoring a touchdown, throwing down a prayer rug, and genuflecting East to Mecca, then all the Christian shenanigans can pass I suppose. I prefer the Zen Buddhist player who, when he scores a TD simply turns and asks: "What is the sound of one hand clapping?"
  13. Just curious: how do you feel about players praying on the field during a game?
  14. I'd drag race you in my Opel Kadett... You're going down!
  15. I think it's a "wait and see" situation. What do we really know as internet posters about his situation? Absolutely nothing. But that won't stop the usual arm-chair speculation of people who have nothing better to do at the moment.
  16. Which also makes it hard to take them very seriously. Becton got some proving to do this year. But missing some light OTA's isn't going to make or break anyone.
  17. Geezus, Item 4. is really lame. Sounds like a scene from the Andy Griffith Show.
  18. I was noting that the poster couldn't spell the name correctly, even as he was recommending it. Usually a warning sign. Ivermectin has its uses, but COVID isn't one of them, at least based on the research I've seen. But then who cares about double-blind studies when some plumber on the internet assures you that science is a conspiracy and only his buddies on 4Chan know the truth.
  19. I'm concerned about Becton, as most are here, but none of these are the reasons why. That he looked bad against Carl Lawson throughout camp and then looked scattered before his injury during the regular season.... those are reasons to worry. And the only answer to any of that is to see him in action again. The rest is internet panty-bunching.
  20. The cure is haggis, according to an old Scotsman I know. Seriously, hope you ride through this with as little difficulty as possible.
  21. fixed. I'm not sure what Ivernectin is, so I'll let that pass.
  22. Except this is a projection forward based on FA and the draft. The question would be whether for example we improved relative to the Texans, Jags, Giants, Lions, etc. And by your logic, how are the Gints at 22? Unless you're a fanboy, which Seth Walder is.
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