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  1. fixed. I'm not sure what Ivernectin is, so I'll let that pass.
  2. Except this is a projection forward based on FA and the draft. The question would be whether for example we improved relative to the Texans, Jags, Giants, Lions, etc. And by your logic, how are the Gints at 22? Unless you're a fanboy, which Seth Walder is.
  3. Yeah, as someone who follows Wake because my daughter goes there, I was surprised at that as well. Wake was putting up big offensive numbers all year and went to the Gator Bowl. They were a very good team (not elite by any means) but very good.
  4. Here's the great irony: there are at least five guys from 2019 and 2021 that are every bit as good as or better than the top five from 2020. I'm beginning to think the 2020 WR class was vastly overhyped.
  5. This list actually makes me feel better about JD's draft. There are basically five guys who came up as excellent to very good starters. The rest are middling contributors to non-entities. That's even with Mims showing very little so far, although I think he will be better this year.
  6. All good points. The Ravens are not in good shape at this point, although their draft was solid and will position them better with time. They're a more mature team re coaching and comfort with schemes, which cannot be dismissed. The stats on LJ posted above are alarming. He is indeed on a burnout course. But the Jets, while much improved in talent, are a very young team still adjusting to a fairly new system. Can they beat the Ravens? Absolutely. Will they? Odds slightly favor the Ravens, IMHO, but not due to relative talent of rosters. If the Jets come out with a conservative game plan (i.e., over-reliance on the run game) they will likely lose. They have to be aggressive and avoid a predictable one-dimensional game plan.
  7. The one thing that will derail the Jets, as always, is injuries. Play healthy and the Jets have a legit chance to be a serious competitor.
  8. Because every thread is an opportunity to remind ourselves of how miserable we have been.
  9. It should be remembered that Samuel is an unhappy camper at SF and has essentially demanded to be used less as a RB (barring a trade, which he prefers). That can't be good for SF's offense, although overall they are a better team than the Jets. Disgruntled stars don't usually lead to good chemistry on the field.
  10. Lamont Jordan was a great RB in a tandem. But once he was the bell cow for Oakland, his stats quickly converged to the mean. There were those who cried that Martin was getting the ball too much, which was probably true, but LaMont had his high YPC because he didn't carry the ball more than he did.
  11. Bull. You can't control the perimeter in today's passing attack and you're toast. You need good corners.
  12. The Jets are a very young team. Lots of rooks. Expecting them to all gel and perform at NFL speed is, well, optimistic. The future is bright, but I'd be very surprised if the Jets are anywhere near a playoff team this year, or handily beating teams like the Pats and Dolphins. We're in the mix, and competitive, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.
  13. This thread has given an idiot far too much brain time. Mods, please lock.
  14. That only makes sense if you have completely given up on Becton. The Jets clearly haven't. OL depth was certainly needed.
  15. I liked the Ravens draft, especially their deeper picks. But not one WR. Two tight ends in Kolar and LIkely, who should be good, but not one WR. That's strange, after trading away Brown.
  16. Johnson because he fills the single biggest need and has the markings of a vicious edge rusher. But it's hard not to love the offensive stars they added. Having a big time RB will really be a plus to the whole offense, and I like Carter. He just couldn't do it by himself.
  17. Agreed. It appeared that Douglas was giving a nod to his scouts in the last two picks, but I think that's too early to be gifting choices to the scouting staff to make them feel good. Round six or seven, maybe.
  18. Agreed. But I honestly don't know how the Jets' offense functioned at all last year with one decent RB, a mediocre WR unit that was banged up, literally zero quality TE's and a rookie QB trying to get up to NFL speed. This year's offense is world's better than last year's. Coaches can at least be creative when they have talent. Without it, they're hamstrung.
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