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  1. We'll see how long this lasts, we've seen this act before with wannabe Bellicheks including our own Eric Mangini. The act can wear thin quickly if they don't start winning.
  2. 8:30a.m. flight for me Monday morning after the Super Bowl, ugh.
  3. Not the Dolphins are a successful franchise but reading stories like this just reminds me how a** backwards Mac's strategy of building a roster had been. He invested all our assets in ILB, run stuffing D-Lineman and Safeties and never did anything to try and build the O-Line, Cornerback position or edge rusher.
  4. Please fix the o-line Joe before it's too late for Sam
  5. I'm in no way a Gase apologist and hated the hire when it happened. But, trying to look at this objectively, Gase was probably the most unpopular hire we could've made which leads to a very short leash with the fan base. With that being said, finishing a season in which your third string QB who isn't even on a roster right now had to play three games 7-9 does not justify firing a coach after 1 year. This team needs to show a ton of improvement next year especially on the offensive side of the ball. But now that we've hired Gase I'm open to giving a fair shot.
  6. As we've learned the hard way and even have seen from other teams like the Giants and Browns winning the offseason with big name free agents rarely leads to success. While it's time for the Jets to start winning it all starts with good drafting.
  7. Don't really care about McCarthy but this means the Giants are probably hiring Rhule which could be our worst nightmare.
  8. I don't think the CB position is as dire as it was going into the season with the emergence of Austin and Canady improving but they def. do need to resign Poole and get another guy in here to compete. With all the other holes I think we can get away with 3-4 good corners and not that shut down guy but of the 4 big position of needs I'd probably put this last on the list.
  9. I was at the game yesterday and Nate Hairston was a disaster. He was either holding or falling down, costs us at least a TD probably two. Things got much better when Bless Austin went in there. Could be a promising piece if he can stay healthy.
  10. There has to be something to this. Over the past few years the Jets have always been pretty good on the injury side of things now this season with the same training staff in place we've been killed by injuries Not sure what Gase does differently but something isn't right.
  11. I hate to be that guy but long term the Jets would be so much better off losing this game. Darnold needs to play well and that comes first but losing this game could be enough to open the Front Office's eyes to the fact that Gase is a joke. And on top of that screw up the Dolphins tanking plans while also getting us a better draft pick.
  12. Johnson invested a ton of money in Douglass and in turn in revamping our front office with guys like Rex Hogan and Phil Savage. These are guys who have been around the game and winning organizations for a long time. No offense to CJ but the reality is he's not a football guy, he's a glorified business man who inherited a family business. It's time for CJ to own up to this, back off and let his football guys run the show. Sure, I expect a GM to need final sign off from his Owner to make a decision like firing a HC but the idea that Gase and Douglas should be on the same level reporting to CJ is ridiculous. Its time to give the reigns to Douglas and his staff and see what they have. I get Douglas is new but you committed to him to let him do his job.
  13. I remember Scherff was drafted right before Leonard Williams and my friend who's a big Redskins fan being pissed they didn't draft Leonard Williams, haha what a joke that was.
  14. I mean in no way do I think the CJ and Douglass expected the team to be this bad but let's be honest, you do't fire your GM if you think you have perennial playoff team on your hands. I'm from the Head Coaching interviews and then Gase getting into the building he was convinced into the idea that this team was a lot further away then he initially thought. The upside to this ugly year is we're likely not looking at 7-9/8-8 type year and should end up with a top 5 pick as apposed to being in that no mans land of picking between 15-20. It's been too much losing and I'm tired of this as well but it gives Douglass a lot of options. He can take that top 5 pick or what I tend to lean towards is trading it for more picks. And with Darnold, Mosely, Adams and Lev here as the core we could turn this around pretty quickly The truth is though this was never the year, not after 4 years of just awful drafting from Mac and then 2 years of Idzik.

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