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  1. One thing we have to remember, is while we are looking at it from the Jets side. Meaning this is the first time they're meeting someone like Saleh in person, it's also the first time Saleh is meeting the Jets. Yes, in the past a second interview usually meant an offer was coming but, this year these candidates don't have the luxury of touring the facility and meeting staffs the first time around. So the second interview becomes less of a formality and more of a chance for the candidate to really get introduced to the facility, the area they would be moving to etc... I think this is importa
  2. Could also play into the thought process that maybe we could actually get some real value out of a Darnold trade. If you're the Bucs, Saints, Colts or Steelers knowing you'll likely be picking later in the 1st rd. Are you better off taking Sam and giving up that 2 and 5 versus taking a chance on a guy through the draft. Sam is still only 23 yrs old and will have a few years of NFL experience under his belt. Let him sit on the bench for a year two and clear his head behind an experienced HOF type QB with a good coaching staff and maybe he can be salvaged. I'm sure a lot of teams will think
  3. I would love Cowher but I just hope Woody would treat it like a real interview and lean on JD and team. I can see Woody going for the headline grab and not even giving JD a say. Cowher would be a great coach to bring into this organization but it would be important to understand who his coaching staff would be, what he's learned over the past 15 years being away from the sidelines. My fear is Woody would get word he was interested in the job and just hire him without any due diligence.
  4. I don't even know if it's his inability to process post snap. Per the video, he looked right at Crowder but just couldn't pull the trigger. I think this is more about his confidence being shot. A fresh start on the bench for a year with a good org. and offensive mind like Reich in Indy could be exactly what he needs.
  5. I said this is another thread, but what about Sean Payton? Will he want to stick around for a rebuild? Not likely he will be available but you never know.
  6. Darnold is def. thinking about his future and I can't blame him. He sees the writing on the wall, I'm sure his agent and everyone around is telling him, not to risk his future for this team.
  7. Gregg's defense may not be playing that well this year but at least he was able to jack up Jamal's trade value last year. Seeing Jamal this year, he should sign wherever Gregg ends up next.
  8. Carolina also has a better WR corp, so while I haven't watched many of their games changes are he's not getting the opposing defense's #1 CB either which he likely would've gotten here in NY.
  9. Don't underestimate the Pats getting another win under their belt too. They are not a good team and are going to be in need of QB. I'd love to see them spend a few years in that 6-10/7-9 purgatory territory where they're never bad enough to have a top pick but never good enough to be a real threat. I'll never count Belichek out of course, but the Pats are a team that looks like they could be in for a rebuild.
  10. Complete long shot but I'd keep an eye on Sean Payton, the Saints may be at an inflection point with Brees looking old coupled with their salary cap issues they could be in for a rebuild which could open up the opportunity to possibly pry him away from New Orleans. Yes, I know why would he want to go the Jets but if we end up with the opportunity to draft TL, a ton of cap space and draft capital it could be an intriguing option for Payton. As for the Jets, if there was even the slightest chance I would hope they would open up the checkbook.
  11. I mean as Jets fan I don't see how you can't at least have a little love for Rex and some of the excitement and relevance he brought to this franchise. At the same time, anyone who expected him to not say "outrageous" headline grabbing things as an ESPN personality obviously doesn't know Rex. I think he has too much pride to do this but I would love to see Rex try to go that Wade Philips route and go be a D-Coordinator for a few years on a good team with an offensive minded coach and come in to sort of "fix" the defense. Again, not sure he would ever do it but I would be interested to see
  12. This, we're talking about teams like the Steelers and Saints so it's not like we're getting a top 5 pick. It's a late first rounder for a team with an older QB who ideally wants to start thinking about the future. Breese has looked pretty bad this year so I think the Saints make a ton of sense.
  13. This sounds like a few teams calling about Q and JD picking up the phone just like he did with Jamal. I'm sure he isn't being shopped but no harm in listening if a team is really willing to blow them away. Of course Manish has to stir the pot for a few click views which I'm sure he got out of it
  14. I look at this way. Yes, it makes more sense at this point to start over. Get Lawrence on that rookie contract and build around him. Yesterday our offense was run around Frank Gore and Joe Flacco. Winning that game would do no one any good. But one thing to keep in mind is we still do have what many consider a good young QB here in Darnold and if we actually do win a few games this year it's going to be because Darnold played well. My point being, it's not like we're stuck with a McCown type QB, if we lose out on the Lawrence sweepstakes, we can still build around Sam with a better o-lin
  15. good point, didn't realize his contract was so affordable tbh
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