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  1. Is there any interest for Jacoby Brissett?

    I wouldn't give up a2 for him but if we draft a QB I'd rather take him as our "insurance policy" type guy in case the pick isn't ready vs. McCown. At least the guy is young and has some upside. He's not great but he could hold the fort if necessary. If we were to go that route though I'd rather try and get Bridgewater if he becomes available. Again, not to necessarily be the starter of the future but to compete with our draft pick. Teams like the Eagles and Seahawks have shown that it makes sense to sort of hedge your bets at the QB position until you find one. Let McCown be the new QB coach under Bates if he's interested.
  2. Alex Smith to Redskins [MERGED]

    agreed not to mention QB's of Cousins caliber just don't normally become available, not saying he's an all-time great but he's a good QB who would immediately make this team better and set us up for the next 5-7 years at the position. If we had a top 3 pick I would probably be against signing Cousins b/c I'd rather draft a guy and have him under my control at a much cheaper rate but with our draft position it's going to cost a fortune to trade up and now all you're doing is setting that young QB up to fail b/c you have no draft picks left to build around him. The best plan right now is to sign Cousins and try to fill other holes through the draft and FA. I mean if we were to sign Cousins and one of the young QB's were to fall in the draft it could be us in an even better position to trade that #6 pick and acquire even more picks.
  3. Miami is interesting team with Tannehill getting hurt this year and the fact that he's never really shown the ability to take that next step you wonder if would take a shot at a QB in 1st rd. Someone like Josh Allen could be a decent landing spot for him with an offensive minded HC and the fact that they wouldn't need him to step in and start Day 1.
  4. Beningo vs Mehta. Wow

    This is exactly it. Whether Mehta was right or not in his reporting is irrelevant, what the real concern should be about is whether or not Woody was influenced by that article. Now, it's only speculation that Marrone wasn't hired b/c of this but if you take a step back and want to be fair about it, the whole way Marrone left Buffalo was a red flag and maybe after Woody and his people did some digging they realized on their own he wasn't worth the risk. Either way that's the story more so than Manish and he's desperate reporting.
  5. That's sort of the danger of this past season. Too much talk about this team supposedly "overachieving" at 5-11 and being competitive in most games and not enough talk about all the holes we still have on this roster. We desperately need a #1 CB, and a pass rusher on defense (both premium positions) and on offense we need to find a QB obviously, another WR, a Center (I think our o-line is actually not bad a weak link our center can cause havoc on the rest of the o-line), and a RB at least. Again, all premium positions. I know we have a lot of cap space but it's tough to see most of this getting fixed in one offseason.
  6. Cousins would be my first choice for the Jets just because he's a known commodity vs. any of these guys in the draft who are not Andrew Luck like sure things at all. But with that being said, if he doesn't end up with the Jets I'm hoping he either goes to Clev. or Denver. Both teams are in front of us so the hope if they wouldn't draft another QB giving us a chance to get a QB at six or possibly trade down. Still have a hard time believing he'll go to Clev. and obviously see it more as a move to try and drive his price up.
  7. Change at offensive coordinator?

    Bowles did mention in an interview that he expects Arians to be around during training camp to work with the offense, which may also explain how he feels about Morton even more. Morton can't be happy about that either.
  8. Change at offensive coordinator?

    What bothers me about this if true is that the Jets either like Morton enough to commit to him or they don't. Don't keep him here and then fish around talking to other guys to see if they're interested, it's dysfunctional and only creates animosity amongst the coaching staff. How committed do you think Morton will be to the organization if he does stay
  9. Grading the Jets 2015 Draft

    I think it's important when evaluating draft picks to look at the players picked after that guy. And while Leo has been a good to great player at times the pick should've been Beasley. At the time we already had Sheldon and Mo and were in desperate need of an edge pass rusher. I also think its fair to say that Leo was the "Safe" pick as he was regarded by most experts the consensus #1 can't miss of the draft. Again, not going to complain about Leo but when you look at the fact Beasley was sitting there and went two picks later, at a spot of a major need he should've been the pick. I just hope going forward Macc has learned to weight BPA vs. position of need meaning maybe Beasley was rated slightly below Leo, you should've probably still taken Beasley b/c of need and the fact he plays a more premium position. The rest of the draft sort of speaks for itself as none of these guys have contributed much
  10. Manish Mehta Got IT RIGHT this Time!!

    Yep, I agree. While I'm still not necessarily sold on Bowles there needs to be a little more anger directed towards the GM who over 3 seasons here now has left the HC with Ryan Fitzpatrick, Geno Smith, Bryce Petty, Christian Hackenberg, and Josh McCown at QB. It's time for Macc to show some conviction and get a franchise QB this year or he needs to he shown the door.
  11. What Teams Could Get Cousins

    I also heard Clev. is likely to double down on the QB position meaning they'll most likely draft a QB and look to sign a FA. I don't think Cousins would be that guy though since it they draft a QB with the first pick I don't see them wanting to be locked into a long term deal like Cousins is most likely going to get they may go the route of a Tyrod Taylor type who may be provide them more flexibility.
  12. Albert Breer Draft Column

    Agreed but it's just too much of a risk in our position, maybe trade our two number two's to get back into the 1st and get an o-lineman?
  13. Jets Teammates "Optimistic" on Hackenberg

    I'm ok with BPA available to a point but in that scenario you need to weigh the value of the position. For instance, if you have a D-Tackle ranked slightly better than say a CB you would think you would steer more towards that CB vs. the D-Tackle just because it's just a more valuable position in today's NFL. Obviously this also applies to the QB. Not that you want to reach for a player you don't believe in because that just sets the organization back further but you also have to take some risk. This is something I hope Macc has learned
  14. Agreed, but all we did was delay the rebuild that was much needed. Not to blame Idzik for everything but his two drafts and the lack of getting any real talent was debilitating to the organization long term and instead of trying to piece together a 10 win team Macc and Bowles should've went all in on the rebuild year one which I think the fans would've been much more patient of.
  15. I think it was moreso Woody's mandate to spend money and make this team competitive ASAP after the Idzik debacle. Hence the push to bring Revis back.