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  1. drsamuel84

    Report: Marcus Maye to Miss 3-4 Weeks

    I know neither have played great but I'm hoping we can get Trumaine Johnson and Skrine back to compromise. They were missed yesterday. Nickerson looks promising but I think still needs some time
  2. drsamuel84

    Bowles should go before Macc....

    I think if you keep Macc and get rid of Bowles you are very much limiting your coaching options. No one is going to want to take the job with a "lame duck" GM in place knowing they're likely only going to get one year. I think the best approach might be to bring a football czar like a Tom Coughlin type and let him oversee the GM and coaching decisions. I'm not sure who that guy is but the Jets are in desperate need of a football guy to run the football side. Let Chris and/or Woody stick to the business side. I've always thought if there was a disagreement between Bowles and Macc how could Woody or Chris ever be the deciding vote? They just don't have the football knowledge and the best thing they can do for this franchise is admit to this. I know there's plenty of cases of this not working out but it seems to be working for JAX
  3. drsamuel84

    So would Marone had been a better choice

    Yes we probably would be but the real story is their GM Dave Caldwell. That team is loaded with talent, I remember before hiring Idzik we reached out to Caldwell about our GM job but he turned is down even for an interview which I'm assuming was due to the fact he was going to saddled with Rex. I know Coughlin is going to get a ton of credit from the FO standpoint but JAX has been building the talent around that team for a while. Not taking anything away from Marrone who seems to have done a nice job but the real story with JAX is the talent on that roster.
  4. drsamuel84

    Andy Reid - QB Whisperer

    Andy Reid's special teams coach Dave Toub has been a name mentioned around coaching circles for a while now I know he's gotten a few interviews but no offers. He should probably be the first name on the list this offseason if we fire Bowles. I know everyone wants the next MccVay but the a special teams guy is an intriguing option considering you would expect they wouldn't be too heavy on one side of the ball. He may even be able to grab a KC offensive asst. to bring in as the OC.
  5. I think we have an average o-line but coupled with a rookie QB and a new scheme we probably look worse then we are. Macc does finally need to start investing some resources into the o-line but I really don't think it's been as much of a problem as some are making it out to be. Guys like Myles Garrett are going to beat even the best o-linemen in the league.
  6. drsamuel84

    Marrone Week!

    I remember before hiring Idzik, the rumor was the Jets reached out to Caldwell about the job and he turned us down, probably because Woody refused to let the GM fire Rex. I know Coughlin and Marrone are going to get a ton of credit but Caldwell has been building up the talent on that team for a while. If Woody could have only let go of Rex a few years earlier or at least let the GM decide his fate
  7. drsamuel84

    Vikings-Rams Thursday Night Football.

    Yep that statement fro Aikan absolutely stood out to me. It's like he was talking to the Jets, couldn't be more accurate
  8. I mean while Mehta obviosuly took it personal with the weeks of thrashing, that's on Woody if he actually didn't hire Marrone because of a couple of articles Mehta wrote, our ownership needs to be smarter then that I'm sorry.
  9. drsamuel84

    The Bright Spot

    I actually thought Parry Nickerson played pretty well when Skrine got hurt. I think he's a guy that needs to get more time, I'm not conceding this year but it's all about the future and Skrine should not be here next year.
  10. In no way am I making excuses for the kid but the 3 games in 11 days including two Prime Time games was just a tough ask and I think last night we saw the results of that. The defense looked gassed and that is honestly understanable to me considering how often they were on the field. Sam on the otherhand really just looked a little in over his head last night. I know it's JAX but the Jets need to come out and play well next week. Take this weekend to rest and get healthy and come back prepared. I also this young team is in desperate need of some consistency, give me a few Sunday games in a row to get them on a regular routine. Clev. has a very good defense and an experienced D-Coordinator who everyone knew was going to give Darnold a tough time. It was the perfect storm really. The coaching staff however, I'm losing faith in every game
  11. drsamuel84

    I've defended Macc

    I think Macc gets a bit of a pass because of the fact that it looks like we finally found a QB. And while I agree the draft can be a bit overrated and if you look around the league I'd say Macc has been average. With that being said though, I do worry about his lack of really being able to find impact players beyond the 1-2nd rds. There's always that fear that if Darnold does turn into what we think he'll be that we turn into the Colts or the Chargers. A perennial 9-7/10-6 type team who wasted the prime years of a franchise QB because we weren't able to build a team around him. Barring a complete disaster this year I'm willing to give him next year to get this team to the next level I mean at some point this team needs to make the playoffs. I just hope Chris Johnson recognizes this as well and doesn't give Mac or Bowles a free pass for the next 3-5 years just because he got us Darnold.
  12. drsamuel84

    Teddy Trade Thread (merged)

    How could you not root for Teddy I get it, but the truth is he is absolutely not the future of this franchise and at this point needs to be viewed as exactly what he is, trade bait. If we were a possible Super Bowl contender this year then you absolutely hold on to the guy but with what I'e seen he only looks to be slightly ahead of Darnold which means the different between 6 wins and 7 wins? Not worth it. Let Darnold play and learn on the job, it may be ugly at times but this season is all about preparing him for 2019 and beyond. With the holes on the offensicve line and the need for an edge rusher It would be nice to recoup a second rd. pick for Teddy since we lost it in the Darnold trade. I'd love to try and spend free agency money on an edge rusher and go with o-line on our first two picks next year
  13. drsamuel84

    Bruce Arians

    I think with all the inexperience on the offensive side of the ball from the QB to even the OC it will be good to have Arians around. I agree that he may be a little overrated as an HC but the guy knows offense, something much needed within the Jets coaching staff
  14. drsamuel84

    Decker to New England

    No hate for Decker, solid pro and good guy who worked hard while he was here. He'll make some plays with Brady being his QB but not someone who necessarily moves the needle much. Amazing how much him and Marshall have fallen off since that great 2015 season, one of the best offenses the Jets have put on the field that year really. Football is such an unforgiving game.
  15. drsamuel84

    Cimini: Q & A

    It's very early but I'm really intrigued about all the positive feedback Hansen is getting. This guy showed some flashes last year and can be a real weapon if he continues to come along. I mean with all these mid-late rd flier Wide Receivers Macc has been drafting it's only a matter of time I guess before you finally hit on one. Could be a real threat as that slot receiver type

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