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  1. Between not really being able to go to bars and the Jets being terrible I finally made the investment in Red Zone. I'll always check the Jets game first but I plan on watching a lot more Red Zone this year personally.
  2. Bottom line, no one ever denied JA was a great player but when you have a team with as many glaring holes as the Jets he becomes a luxury especially when factoring in this attitude and how much he didn't want to be here. The key now is JD drafting well.
  3. The Jets need a QB coach that isn't Dowell Loggains. Gase is the HC and while I know he was hired to be that offensive mind he can't be expected to run the team and coach Darnold up. I think what I gathered from this is that regardless of the talent around him on the roster he's not being coached up enough. Maybe Flacco can be that guy? Idk but the Jets coaching staff have failed him
  4. They don't have an interim owner who knows very little about football. Big difference, I'm not saying it can't be done but for the structure and team in-house it just doesn't make sense.
  5. Can the Johnson's please just let the football people make these decisions? It's time to remove this structure of the HC and GM reporting to the owner. They gave Joe Douglas a 6 year contract, he's brought in an experienced group to run the front office, let them do their job and stay out of it. How would Christopher Johnson really know better than Joe and his team if Gase is a good Head Coach? It's a ridiculous thought and poor management.
  6. this is probably the better way to put it. JD isn't necessarily looking for a reason to move on from Darnold but he's also willing to evaluate Darnold objectively instead of just assuming he has his qb.
  7. I'm starting to wonder if JD is less sold on Darnold then we all think. I mean looking at the evidence, he didn't draft Darnold, he hasn't exactly gone out of his way to give Darnold weapons in a really important year evaluation year, he drafted a QB in the 4th rd. That's not to say JD is tanking for Trevor Lawrence but just maybe he's looking at this as a major evaluation year for Darnold as apposed to putting all the chips on the table this season to build around him (And Gase for that matter). I'm assuming Darnold will be better than he was on Sunday but I'm starting to be of the belief that Darnold may really be playing for his job.
  8. I believe in JD more than any other GM in the Jets recent history (which isn't saying much). I think he has a plan and is building for long term success. The problem in the past going back to Tanny is we've always been more concerned with winning the offseason and free agency. This may give us a good year or two but we're never really building for sustained success. You can't replace bad drafting with free agency eventually it'll come back to haunt you and that's what we're facing now. Unfortunately Darnold throws that plan off a bit. This is a big year for Darnold and may determine whether we invest in him long term or not but yet again we'll be in a position where we'll likely be wondering if it's Darnold or the weapons or is it Darnold or the coach. I think unless we're really bad in a position to draft Trevor Lawrence Darnold will be given at least one more year but it would be nice to have that definitive answer once this season ends.
  9. These injuries are just getting crazy now, and if I recall correctly Gase does have a track record with injuries. He already changed the training staff, who's the next scapegoat?
  10. This first episode didn't change my opinion but I've always been a fan of Anthony Lynn, a shame we ran him out of town with Rex. Offensive coach, seems well liked by his team, seems to be a leader, and worked his way through the ranks. Would've been an interesting hire instead of the Bowles route. Not that Bowles wasn't qualified at the time but we seemed to completely overlook Lynn which I blame Charlie Casserly for, he was obviously always going to pick one of his "friends" in the league.
  11. Not gonna lie kinda surprised he survived the mass layoffs at The Athletic
  12. We'll see how long this lasts, we've seen this act before with wannabe Bellicheks including our own Eric Mangini. The act can wear thin quickly if they don't start winning.
  13. 8:30a.m. flight for me Monday morning after the Super Bowl, ugh.
  14. Not the Dolphins are a successful franchise but reading stories like this just reminds me how a** backwards Mac's strategy of building a roster had been. He invested all our assets in ILB, run stuffing D-Lineman and Safeties and never did anything to try and build the O-Line, Cornerback position or edge rusher.

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