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    Tony Pauline Tidbits

    Man, reading these little tidbits coming out about Macc which makes sense by the way he's drafter and treated free agency, Darnold has to be ecstatic he's gone. I don't understand how any GM in today's NFL with a young promising QB can think that you don't need to invest in O-Line. Just look at the Colts as a prime example of what can happen to a QB without an O-Line.
  2. I'm sure Peyton has no interest in coaching but I would love to have him at camp just kind of shadowing Darnold, could be a great learning experience
  3. drsamuel84

    Macc's biggest flub

    I think that is one of the bigger flubs that goes unnoticed. Not specifically Skrine but the fact that the Jets and Macc doubled down on the 2015 season and basically gave Fitz the starting job and bringing back a lot of those over the hill veterans. They should've realize they caught lightening in a bottle and began breaking it down immediately after that. Not that the Bills have done anything yet but they were at least smart enough to realize that narrowly making the playoffs with Tyrod Taylor and that team in 2017 was not sustainable and instead of trying to go 9-7 again and maybe getting a Wild Card spot they chose to completely break it down. Basically all that did was buy Macc two years so essentially the organization looks at this year as the make or break year 3 of the rebuild.
  4. drsamuel84

    Todd Bowles Q/A on Bucs.com

    I'll be interested to see what happens with Todd over the next few years. He's a loyal guy and made a commitment to follow Bruce Arians who you have to think will yield a ton of power in the organization right now, with Arians being up there in age I can't picture him doing this for more then 3-5 more years and then maybe moving up into the FO. Basically what I'm saying is that if the Bucs have any sort of success I wouldn't be surprised to see him become the assumed next HC waiting in the wings for Arians to "retire" In the next 3 years or so the disaster of his tenure in NY will be long forgotten and he'll have another few years under Arians to learn from his mistakes.
  5. What is this the third or fourth time we've heard Hack's been fixed? Look it's not Hack's fault he was over drafted and never lived up to expectations that falls on the Jets and he is right he's only 23 so if he can show anything in this new league I wouldn't be surprised to see him get another shot to at least be a backup somewhere in the NFL next year.
  6. Trade Leonard Williams and bring back Sheldon Richardson!
  7. Here's what I'll say, at the end of the day we may end up with the perceived "safe" hire which would be McCarthy but I do like that it seems we're leaving no stone unturned and thinking outside the box. I don't know if CJ has anything to do with it or it's b/c of Darnold but I like it. In the past it seems like we would compile the list of top 3 up and coming coordinators and just hire one. This def. seems different.
  8. drsamuel84

    If Mac got his way

    Not saying it is, like I said Macc has done little to build a sustainable winner through the draft like he's preached since getting here. My point was that it's tough to just compare what the team looks like now vs. if we would've signed Cousins.
  9. drsamuel84

    If Mac got his way

    Not that I'm defending Macc b/c I'm at this point I'm on the side of just cleaning house but I would have to think if we had gotten Cousins we would've approached the offseason much differently and been in a more win-now mode, once that plan failed it was all about drafting a QB and building for the future. At the end of the day though, it shouldn't excuse the complete lack of talent Macc has been unable to acquire in 4 years. No true #1 Wide Receiver, no edge rusher, a mediocre at best o-line, a mediocre at best secondary in which we overpaid for Trumaine Johnson. Regardless of how Macc has tried to sell management on his plan the question that ultimately should be asked is how much better are the Jets today then we Macc got here and the amswer is not much at all. Getting Darnold doesn't excuse that either..
  10. I would put TE as low on the priority list, I think Hendon looks legit and Leggett has even showed promise. Neil Sterling could be that #3 if he can stay healthy but def. low on priority list IMO. I'm also intrigued by Nickerson as our nickel corner and would love to see him get some playing time down the stretch. Of course with Bowles knowing he's fired he'll try to get that extra win or two over playing the younger guys so I doubt we'll see him or Deontey Burnett or even more Rishard Matthews.
  11. drsamuel84

    Reggie Mckenzie

    I'm speaking more to the fact that our HC reports to the owner putting him and the GM on the same level. This organization needs to bring in a good football guy either at GM or above the GM and let him run the show. I'm not defending Macc but the way we're structured right now means Chris Johnson is our "football czar" c'mon. Either bring in a GM and let him run the show or put someone above the GM to run the show who isn't a Johnson.
  12. drsamuel84

    Reggie Mckenzie

    Yes but most of the other owners (at least the good ones) have competent GM's who run the football ops dept. Not a GM and HC who report to the owner which seems crazy, how would Woody or Chris know enough about football to decide on a disagreement between Bowles and Macc? Enough of these first time guys learning on the job it's time to get an experienced football guy in here either at GM or above the GM.
  13. drsamuel84

    Reggie Mckenzie

    It's a fair concern but that's why I think maybe more of that "football czar" role would be intriguing. Gets him out of the day to day of being a GM and is positioned as a promotion. I'm not saying he would def. take it, I obviously know nothing about the guy but I think it would be worth exploring. The Johnsons are not knowledgeable football guys and should not be running the football ops dept. It also puts them in a position to have to fire Macc, let Newsome or McKenzie decide. Not to mention, it probably gives us a lot more credibility in finding a new coach if they know the "football czar" has signed off on it.
  14. drsamuel84

    Reggie Mckenzie

    money speaks, give him enough money and he'll come work for us. If he doesn't want to be a GM, give him a Tom Coughlin type roll and let him pick the GM.
  15. drsamuel84

    Reggie Mckenzie

    I'd rather throw a blank check at Ozzie Newsome. I don't believe he's retiring I think the Ravens are forcing him out b/c they know they can't hold on to DeCosta much longer. McKenzie wouldn't be a bad second choice though. Bring in an experienced GM and HC duo, no more time to learn on the job.
  16. drsamuel84

    Trade for Bortles?

    I saw this posted on twitter so I can't take credit for the idea but we obviously have a ton of cap space this off season and probably won't be able to spend it all wisely so why not make a similar trade that the Browns made with Osweiler and take that contract off their hands for possibly a 2nd and 6th rd pick? With all the cap space it should not hinder us for signing any of out targets and may even hinder us from making a bad shortsighted deal in an effort to spend money. And while Bortles is obviously not a starter in this league he would give us a decent option at backup, we don't need a mentor as a backup QB that's what coaches are for. It's an outside the box thought that actually makes some sense especially considering with JAX record it'll be a decent 2nd rd. pick.
  17. drsamuel84

    Trade for Bortles?

    Its around $20mm for 2019 but he can be cut in 2020 for something like an $6mm hit I believe.
  18. drsamuel84

    Trade for Bortles?

    Exactly my point, everyone seems to be getting too caught up in the name but we're not trading for him to be our savior and starting QB we'd essentially be trading $20m in cap space for picks and a backup QB. And given the fact we have $100mm in cap space this doesn't and shouldn't effect any of our free agent spending
  19. Harbaugh and Ozzie Newsome combo. I just posted this in another thread, I know he's supposedly "retiring" but I think a big part of that is promoting DeCosta before they lose him. Throw enough money at him and if he doesn't want to be GM make him VP of Football Ops and he hires the GM
  20. This may be out of left field but I wonder if there's any chance of nabbing Ozzie Newsome. I know he's "retiring" but a part of me thinks he's being kind of forced by the Ravens who know if they don't promote DeCosta soon they'll probably lose him. He's the type of guy that hasn't been mentioned but can really but that under the radar "football czar" we need. Let him hire the GM and coach, get things moving in the right direction for a few years and then if he wants ride off into the sunset. I'm sure we'd have to pay him a ton of money but a drastic move is needed to turn this thing around
  21. drsamuel84

    Dave Toub(Assistant HC/Kansas City)

    I would be very interested in a guy like this who has been around the league for a while and has been working under a successful, well respected HC in Andy Reid. I'm not saying we should def. hire him but on the surface he seems like a better choice then say the next hot OC flavor of the month sure it worked for the Rams but no guarantees it will happen again. If you are hiring a ST coach though, one of the most important aspects is who will be his OC and even DC. You wonder about his connections around the league and who he would have lined up in those roles. Especially at OC with Darnold being the most important commodity.
  22. drsamuel84

    Anthony Lynn

    Remember our former running back's coach? Seems to be doing a pretty damn good job with the Chargers. An offensive minded coach who was right in our backyard and we let him get away. Just want to give props to a former Jets coach who's actually doing pretty well as an HC. Of course having Whisenhunt as his OC def. helps.
  23. drsamuel84

    Sam Darnold Stats and Projection

    While what you've said is true it's also worked the other way too. Darnold has had more then a few sure INT's get dropped by DB's. With that being siad though I'd say Danold's lived up to expectations of potential franchise QB . The CS on the otherhand (Bates/Bowles specifically) has left a lot to be desired. Bates has been underwhelming and while it's only been 7 games does make me wonder if we were better off keeping Morton.
  24. drsamuel84

    Snacks Harrison to the Lions

    I'm not saying we would've gotten first rd. picks back for them but even getting 5th-6th rd picks to move them to a contending team you would think would've been a possibility, I think it came down to the fact that we just didn't want to admit who we were.
  25. With all the cap space we have and what free agency is shaping up to be I'm honestly off the belief we should be doing the opposite. We should leverage the cap space we have and start to trade picks for good young established players who are on bad teams. Let's start talking to Cardinals, Raiders, even Giants and see if we can take a big contract off their hands for a mid rd. pick. I know it's not a popular opinion but we'll have to spend that $100mm somehow. I'm not saying go take 33 year old has-beens who were good 5 years ago but I'd be very open to being aggressive and getting a guy like Chandler Jones in here.

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