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  1. 18 hours ago, FloridaJetsFan said:

    Nope - Saints have him on contract for 3 more years. Dallas would have to give compensation to "trade" for him. Probably two #1s in the upcoming drafts, but that would be on the very low end. He's leaving the Saints in bad way, so I don't see that organization cutting any breaks if he decides to coach elsewhere.

    Could work out for both sides though - Dallas is going all in on winning now and the Saints a ton of collateral for a rebuild.  

  2. 46 minutes ago, BurntDice said:

    You can say the same about ol and wr. They can easily be filled in fa. I’d say that safety is a bigger need than right guard right now. There are no solid starters on the entire team that you can rely on for next year and there are 2 safety positions on the field. Major issue right there 

    Yes but your less likely to get a top player and more likely to overpay just b/c of simple supply and demand.  It's also a less impactful position overall.  I don't disagree they need safeties I just don't agree with spending a top 10 pick on the position right now.

  3. 19 minutes ago, BurntDice said:

    Hamilton checks all of these boxes…

    It's a need but lower on the totem pole and def. a position you can fill in free agency.  Getting another O-lineman, WR, pass rusher, even LB to me, would be much more high on that list.  Especially when you factor in salary and the ability to have control of a top player at a premium position on a rookie contract.

  4. I really think if you look past the headline this is getting blown of proportion.  I get that we expected to Zach to be back by now and if he wasn't a rookie and we were in a playoff hunt, he would probably be playing.  I think it's pretty straightforward, he's not 100% healthy yet and they would rather not throw him out there against a team that blitz's a lot, but I think even bigger than that is the fact that we're home and coming off a blowout loss.  The fans are rightfully not going to be patient and if Zach gets off to a slow start, the boo birds will be out early.  Let him start on the road against the Texans, a much better landing spot given the situation.  

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  5. On 11/12/2021 at 4:57 PM, Maxman said:

    Hey I removed the image. Let the record state that you posted proof. I just didn't want the guys address out there.

    Fair enough, I get it but just for clarification, the image I pulled is 100% public information it's an official NJ website that doesn't require logins or anything.  Anyone can look it up.  With that being said, I get it.  If I was in any of these peoples shoes I wouldn't want my info out there like that.

  6. I liked the Saleh hire when we made it and I'm not in anyway giving up on him yet but one thing that's been surprising to me about Saleh is the lack of emotion I've seen from him on the sidelines.  When he was in San Fran. I remember constantly seeing him pumping up the defense on the sidelines, talking to the players etc..  I know things change when you're a HC but with him not calling plays I not only expected him to keep that intensity but be someone that's more vocal on the sidelines.  Very rarely do I see him talking to his players other then high fives and saying "Nice Play"

  7. 2 hours ago, isired said:

    Tampa Bay was averaging 4+ TDs and just under 38 pts/game. Last night they struggled to get a single TD and half their usual point total. The guy is doing something right.

    I wouldn't go as far as to say it justifies the poor performance of Wilson against N.E. but it does make me feel a little better when you see a first ballot HOF struggle against that defense as well.

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  8. I hate to beat a dead horse but this is the exact scenario that we were worried about with not having a viable backup QB.  I'm yelling to bench Zach, but with the game out of hand and the o-line getting killed yesterday's game would've been the perfect opportunity for him to reset, sit and watch for a while.  It's really criminal JD went into this season without a viable backup

  9. Not even close to Hackenberg.  First of all, Hack was a second rd. pick not a 4th rd. pick, second Macc realistically believed we didn't need to draft a QB when we could've had Mahomes or Watson which was the absolute worst part of the Hack pick.  I mean imagine not taking Zach Wilson this year because we drafted Morgan.

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  10. I mean I guess from a positive standpoint if this was going to happen at least it happen early enough that he has now close to a full year to recover versus this happening say week 12 putting a question mark for the 2022 season when we really expect to make that push.  

    On the flip side, I wonder more-so about the effect this will have on our secondary.  Everyone's talking about the pass rush but this defense was predicated on our pass rush so our secondary wouldn't be expected to cover as long.  While our d-line should still be good, that disruption Lawson was expected to bring does have a domino effect on our secondary.

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  11. One thing we have to remember, is while we are looking at it from the Jets side.  Meaning this is the first time they're meeting someone like Saleh in person, it's also the first time Saleh is meeting the Jets.  Yes, in the past a second interview usually meant an offer was coming but, this year these candidates don't have the luxury of touring the facility and meeting staffs the first time around.  So the second interview becomes less of a formality and more of a chance for the candidate to really get introduced to the facility, the area they would be moving to etc...  I think this is important just to remind ourselves that a candidate not signing after that second interview doesn't mean it's not happening, it just means that they also want to do their due diligence. 

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  12. Could also play into the thought process that maybe we could actually get some real value out of a Darnold trade.  If you're the Bucs, Saints, Colts or Steelers knowing you'll likely be picking later in the 1st rd.  Are you better off taking Sam and giving up that 2 and 5 versus taking a chance on a guy through the draft.  Sam is still only 23 yrs old and will have a few years of NFL experience under his belt.  Let him sit on the bench for a year two and clear his head behind an experienced HOF type QB with a good coaching staff and maybe he can be salvaged.  I'm sure a lot of teams will think this way.  

  13. I would love Cowher but I just hope Woody would treat it like a real interview and lean on JD and team.  I can see Woody going for the headline grab and not even giving JD a say.  Cowher would be a great coach to bring into this organization but it would be important to understand who his coaching staff would be, what he's learned over the past 15 years being away from the sidelines.  My fear is Woody would get word he was interested in the job and just hire him without any due diligence.

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  14. Carolina also has a better WR corp, so while I haven't watched many of their games changes are he's not getting the opposing defense's #1 CB either which he likely would've gotten here in NY.

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  15. Don't underestimate the Pats getting another win under their belt too.  They are not a good team and are going to be in need of QB.  I'd love to see them spend a few years in that 6-10/7-9 purgatory territory where they're never bad enough to have a top pick but never good enough to be a real threat.  I'll never count Belichek out of course, but the Pats are a team that looks like they could be in for a rebuild. 

  16. Complete long shot but I'd keep an eye on Sean Payton, the Saints may be at an inflection point with Brees looking old coupled with their salary cap issues they could be in for a rebuild which could open up the opportunity to possibly pry him away from New Orleans.  Yes, I know why would he want to go the Jets but if we end up with the opportunity to draft TL, a ton of cap space and draft capital it could be an intriguing option for Payton.  As for the Jets, if there was even the slightest chance I would hope they would open up the checkbook.

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