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  1. 1 hour ago, slats said:

    Something happened a couple weeks ago that caused Bowles to do a complete 180 in the way he approached the QBs. McCown went from getting the majority of the reps to none, and Petty went from almost none to getting reps with the starters. I don't know if it's because of McCown or Petty's performance, or because of a directive or internal discussions where they simply concluded that there was no point in starting McCown this year - something they should've realized from the start. Better late than never, but Petty, in particular, lost a lot of valuable reps early. He might've had a better chance to win the starting job had they giving him a fairer shot from the start. 

     Maybe Hack has been worse than they thought shifting the discussion to Petty.  The FO knows there's no point in playing McCown and even though they may not be high on Petty they obviously see the benefit of playing him over McCown.

  2. 4 minutes ago, C Mart said:

    Good move. Now if SNY could replace Lucas w/Pennington and Cascadden with someone else they'd have a great team of analysts. IMO Coleman is excellent..Cascadden & Lucas are brutal.. 

    I like Lucas, I know he can be a little bit of Stephen A. Smith wannabe but he's honest and tells it like it is.  

  3. In no way am I making excuses for Hack or even placing the blame for his lack of development on Bowles but the truth is, Hack couldn't have been drafted into a worse situation.  For a guy that's clearly 3-4 years away from being ready to be an NFL QB.  He needed to go to a team like the Saints and sit behind Drew Brees for the next 3-5 years while having a chance to learn from an offensive guy like Peyton.  Instead he ended up on a team with a severe lack of talent on offense and a fan base so desperate for a franchise QB that he was never really going to be a given a fair shot to develop.  Again, I think there's an argument to be made that he's not and will never be an NFL QB but I do feel he's been put in a really tough spot from a development standpoint.

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  4. Start Petty, keep McCown "Warmed up" in the pen in case Petty is just awful and you need someone to just stabilize the game.  Petty gets at least the first 4-6 games, if he plays wells keep him in if not you give Hack some reps with the same caveat McCown is there in relief.  He's essentially becomes our long reliever/mop up duty man.  I know the Jets feel Petty isn't there guy but what other option do they have other than giving him a shot?  McCown's 38 and we all know what he is, Hack clearly isn't ready.  Give Petty the chance, even if he plays ok I don't expect the Jets to go into the 2018 draft thinking they have their guy.  You still draft a QB next year and let them battle it out in camp.

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  5. This team really has been a mess since 2010 and the lack of being able to find any stability at QB really tells the story but thats all stuff we knew.  The part of this that really stuck out to me is point #1 "It Starts the the Top"  We can continue to blame Manginini, Favre, Rex, Tanny, Sanchez, Idzik, Bowles, Fitzpatrick, Macc, and on and on but there's really been one constant through all of this, Woody.  I know he's tried to do the right thing but what he really needs to understand is he's just not a football guy and hiring these inexperienced GM's and coaches to report into him is a disaster.  I think if Macc doesn't work out it's time to bring in some experience, let them run the show from hiring the coach to picking the players etc.. and Woody can spend his time looking at financial statements.  I'm not trying to bash Woody but it seems like he's become this wannabe Jerry Jones but TBH at least Jerry has some football experience and knowledge  Woody's for intents and purposes and "Trust Fund" baby 

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  6. Not that the Browns are any sort of model organization to be following but I think the biggest difference is that (and I'm speculating here) Hue Jackson and that F.O. know there in year 2 of what is at least of 3-5 year rebuild meaning they're not nearly as concerned about winning this year and are building towards the future.  The difference is the Jets F.O. and Coaching staff probably don't have that same hob security and while I'm sure they're jobs won't be based specifically on wins and losses there's no guarantees Bowles and even Macc will be here next year.  And whether that's right or wrong it creates inbalance in trying to rebuild for the long term vs. win now.

  7. 2 minutes ago, Lupz27 said:

    Honestly he is right, AND the Jets tried to do what the Giants did sign both Vernon, and Harrison, and then pull the franchise tag off Wilk, but the Giants out bid them for Vernon last minute.

    I also did not read the article, I assume it's what the OP says.

    I agree, I know it's popular to hate Manish and to be honest this article is a little ridiculous given the timing.  But the move should've been to re-sign Harrison and flip Wilkerson.  In fact one of Macc's bigger blunders to me has been his inability to move Sheldon or Mo Wilk once we drafted Leo

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  8. 11 hours ago, detectivekimble said:

    Also, Sanchez blowing is his own fault.  His arm was always average at best on a good day and his accuracy was not good.  The OL play in 2011 and the lack of weapons in 2012 probably finished him off, but don't kid yourself.  He was never a great prospect.

    I don't disagree, I think Sanchez probably should've stayed in school another year but getting drafted by Rex did him no favors.

  9. 18 minutes ago, detectivekimble said:

    Yeah right.  The guy was the #1 overall pick and came in with a lot of hype.  He would have been good QB regardless.  Do you think Lovie Smith developed him?  How did Mark Sanchez do after he left the Jets?  That guy sucks and has always sucked.

    Eh I'd argue that Sanchez is more of a victim of the lack of QB development he got in NY while Rex lived off the team Manginin built with a strong defense and great o-line.

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  10. 26 minutes ago, varjet said:

    At the minimum Macc needs a capable new boss.   He does know how to scout, but they need someone who can knock some sense into people, and someone who has a vision of how to build a winning football team.

    In this draft you have Davis Webb taken in the third round, Peterman in the 5th and Kaaya in the 6th.  You can argue that all of them look better than Hack and Petty do.    Both Hack and Petty can end up to be something in this league, as can the above other players, but those players were not 2nd and 4th round draft picks.

    They still need Hack and Petty even if they draft a QB high next year, because they do not have the infrastructure for a good young QB like Dallas did/does.  

    I don't disagree with that point, maybe it's just been too big of a jump for Macc taking on a GM job and he could use a "mentor" of sorts.  When fans complained about our structure of both the coach and GM reporting to Woody, I didn't have a problem with the idea what I had and continue to have a problem with is that the guy they report into is Woody and now his brother. I don't want to turn this into a Woody bashing but what does he know about football in order to help make sound football decisions?  How is he ultimately able to decide situations where Macc and Bowles disagree?  I think the right way should've been either hiring a more experienced GM who the HC reports into or hiring a Senior VP who's a football guy and can contribute to things like player personal decisions and have Macc and Bowles report into that person 


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  11. 9 minutes ago, Jetster said:

    Please give up this argument with WASTING a 2nd rounder on Hackenberg. He was the 51st player chosen! My god, have you forgotten already about Stephen Hill, Vlad Ducasse, Geno Smith, Devin Smith, Hack might just be another 2nd round bust for the Jets, not the end of the world. So far Maye looks like a keeper so hopefully we've broken the 2nd round jinx.

    If we end up with the 1st pick in 2018 everyone will forget about trying to find a QB in the 2nd round. Hacks story isn't over yet either, most QBs take time. Guys like Steve Young, Vinnie T, even Favre got traded when he was young. One thing Macc has GOT to do is fix this f*cking Oline. No QB can be successful running for their life on every snap. You'd think the Jets learned something from those 2009-2010 olines they put out there. Those lines made the Jets go, similar to how the Cowboys line is leading the way for them now. Brian Winters better get his head out of his azz, that resigning is not looking good!

    I get the strategy when you're in the Jets position to "keep drafting a QB until you find one"  and I'm all for it but the organization needs to put more of a value on draft picks as a whole stemming back all the way to the Tannenbaum days.  These 2nd Rd. busts you mention could've been a rebuild o-line instead we're stuck with a QB who's not even close, a often injured WR and a bunch of guys who aren't on the team or even in the league anymore.  A lot of focus is always going to be placed on that number 1 pick but the lack of contribution for that second rd. pick over the last 5-10 years is really rearing it's ugly head.  And yes, if we find a franchise QB as far as many fans are concerned all will be forgiven but this team still has soooo many other holes on offense it's hard for me to believe we're just a QB away.

  12. 23 hours ago, Integrity28 said:

    3 years of B+M, and an asst. coach scapegoat purge, and the issues are all identical to the moment they were hired. Can't hide behind Rex/Tanny/Idzik anymore. 3 years is how long a turn-around should take. They shouldn't be 'starting' the rebuild now - they should be proving they've got the change in place, and underway successfully.

    Nothing about the state of this team is acceptable.

    In no way am I making excuses for Macc and Bowles but I think the kiss of death for these guys will end up being Fitz and the fact that he fooled the team into thinking they were close. With the money this team needed to spend and the embarrassment of the Idzik years Macc tried to do something very tricky and that was the infamous "competitive rebuild"  which I'm sure Woody played a major part in as well.  So with the team going 10-6 in year 1 and just missing the playoffs the F.O. and C.S. tried to recapture that lighting in a bottle and resigned Fitz, brought back the Vets and instead the team completely tanked and Fitz reverted back to what he really is.  Now, in year 3 the rebuild is actually starting and this front office and coaching staff have nothing to show over the first 2 years other than a missed playoff opportunity in year 1 followed by an awful season in year 2.  The talent is severely depleted and while the focus has been on QB the lack of rebuilding the O-Line is very concerning to me.  If the second preseason game is indicative of the type of year we have I cannot see Bowles and Macc surviving.  

  13. This is where the owner needs to step in and make sure this plan is being executed.  My concern is that Bowles and Macc are still fighting to keep their jobs next year and whether that's right or wrong is up for debate but the reality is Woody needs to let the FO and coaching staff know their jobs will not be decided on wins and losses but moreso on the development of the last 2 drafts.  

  14. With the youth movement strategy this team is taking there's absoultely no benefit to not at least keeping the guy on the roster to at least see if he can develop into a viable back up.  I'm in no way fooled into thinking he's going to all of a sudden figure it out but with the investment of a 4th rd. pick along with the two years we already spend developing him...Why not keep him around this year and let him compete for a back up job next year with a McCown type vet and either Hack or our newly drafted QB as our #1.  

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  15. 4 hours ago, jamesr said:

    Fitz had his best season under Bowles.

    One year later ... :bag:

    Yep, this is deja vu all over again.  Look, we're the last ones to be making fun of any team's QB situation but this is such a reminder of the 2016 Jets....Coming off an overachieving season with a rookie coach who's being viewed as the next genius believing they are closer than they really are to be a competitor.  Not advocating every team to fold the season and tank cause the Patriots are just too good but I also am just not ready to believe they're the next juggernaut and Gase is the next Belichek until I see more.

  16. 2 hours ago, BCJet said:

    I think Mac drafted the WRs he did for 2018 and beyond - its one of the most difficult positions to transition from college to the pros (Decker's first year he had 6 catches - then went 44 and broke out his third year with 85), so these guys need this season to get acclimated to the pro game and pro routes.

    That being said, although Im sure Decker is happy to be on the Titans, I dont see why we cut him given the need to develop Hackenberg.  Sure he would take reps away from Hansen and Stewart, but how many reps can one player really steal? 

    We are going to have guys in the wrong spots, running the wrong routes, and being a step slow as they "think" through their route or the play all season, and that will make it harder to evaluate a young QB.  Now hopefully these guys do get extra development and can contribute in 2018, but its going to be a real work in progress.

    Personally, I hope Jacksonville doesnt get a deal done with Allen Robinson, because he is a player worth throwing some cash at in FA next year.

    I believe that he asked for his release because he just didn't want to be a part of a rebuilding team that was going to stink.  The Jets took the heat for it but I do believe Decker, Marshall and possibly even Mangold asked for their release knowing there not getting any younger and want that last shot at a ring.  Worked out pretty well for 2 of the 3 and I think there's still a chance Mangold will land once a team loses an O-Lineman in the preseason.

  17. Reaching for a QB is only something that's going to delay the rebuild.  While this team isn't going anywhere without one it's still just as important to make sure we're building a solid young core at the same time.  I'm not going to pretend to know if Watson will be good or not, I do know a few training camps won't decide that.  However, with that being said it's obvious the Jets view Hack as having just at least as much potential as Watson and thought it was better to "roll the dice" this year knowing that the worst case scenario is Hack stinks and the Jets get an early rd. pick in a much deeper QB class.  

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  18. 47 minutes ago, Charlie Brown said:



    You may be right but...





    If Hack has a bad game or two fans out here will end up eating him alive, so the Jets have to be sure that he is mentally ready, cause once he is in, he is in and with our fan base don't let these "nice" posts out here fool ya.......



    Not only Hack but most likely Macc and Bowles too.  So in the interest of their own careers they are going to want to at least give Hack the best chance to succeed.  If Hack looks promising than Macc looks like a genius and Bowles a QB whisperer if he looks horrible the fans will start to question Macc's ability to find a QB and Bowles' ability to coach one.

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  19. I know A LOT can change but the upside of next year's draft is that the QB class looks to be fairly deep right now meaning even if we do not end up with the #1 pick, if we can position ourselves in the top 10 there should be an opportunity at the very least to trade down for 1.  Not rooting for the team to stink but I would much rather go 3-13 than 6-10.  Unless Hack looks like a stud.

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