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  1. Interesting point about the "veteran purge". Obviously a big part of it is the Jets trying to get younger and faster and give the young guys more playing time but another part of it that's becoming more and more evident is the idea of a culture change. That's not to say all these guys were bad locker cancers but I think there was a little a bit of the "inmates running the asylum" culture with the vets and Bowles and Macc are as much to blame for that as anyone. Just look at the whole Fitz situation last year and how vocal the vets were about wanting him back. Bottom line, there's a lot more to the veteran purge than just trying to get younger and save money. I think culture change and establishing new locker room leaders was a huge part.
  2. It's a total non story and a situation where a young ROOKIE entering his first TC was probably put in a tough spot. I get the Jets are trying to turn over a new leaf and really make him one of the faces of the franchise but they do have to remember the guy is still a rookie. Probably would've been more appropriate to pair Leo with Forte in that spot.
  3. So true, but trying to give Bowles and Macc the benefit of the doubt, the 2015 spending spree probably was what got Macc the job. He promised Woody and competitive team in 2015.
  4. exactly, his reaction to not show up (if true) says a lot about the guy and his character and speaks to why we are completely revamping our safeties.
  5. I know a lot of fans are mad that we took yet another defensive player with the first pick but I don't think it's fair to grade this pick based on that history. If we just look at Macc's tenure, two of the three first rd. picks (Leo and now Adams) were basically seen as can't miss best players in the draft who happened to fall to us. So in my opinion, not taking those players would've been the bigger mistake. You could argue the Darron Lee pick but even so, if you look at some of the players drafted after Lee you had: -Will Fuller: Flamed out after a good start, jury is still out -Josh Doctson: Barely saw the field and has major injury concerns going forward -Laquon Treadwell: Didn't do much either as a rookie -William Jackson III: Didn't see the field -Artie Burns: Solid CB at a position of need, could def. argue this one but it's very debatable I think you get the point we didn't miss out on any players significantly better that who we took and can we give Mac credit for resisting that temptation to draft for need in rd. 1? With the Jets roster, in rd. 1 we needed to go BPA and I think in Macc's tenure so far we've done that in the first rd. which is all you can really ask for. We're building a solid young foundation. Also, arguing about trading down is such a moot point cause you have no idea what Macc was really offered, I think once the Bears moved up for Trubisky we lost a lot of the leverage we may have had in trading that pick.
  6. This upcoming season will not be about win-loss records but about developing our young talent and hopefully seeing Hack get some playing time. I'm hearing a lot of overreaction to the fact the if Hack can't beat out McCown for the starting job then it's time to give up. I think that's a little bit premature , to start the year it's going to be McCown's job to lose unless Hack has a ridiculous training camp in my opinion, it would be more telling if he can't beat out Petty. As a matter of fact I wouldn't be surprised to see the Jets draft or sign another QB and let him and Petty fight it out for that last roster spot. The idea that Petty being on the roster is a given I think is a little premature, considering he's going into his 3rd year and was a 4th rd. pick this is going to be the year he either makes strides or is out the door.
  7. Stay the course of rebuilding, I'll wait and see how this offseason plays out but I like the fact that we're trying to get younger and build through the draft instead of signing these 1-2 year band aids with hopes of going 9-7 and sneaking into a Wild Card spot just to revert back to 4-12 the next year. If we want to build a SUSTAINABLE winner we'll have to accept the fact that years of bad drafting and shortsightedness have finally caught up with us and it's probably gonna get worse before it gets better.
  8. You know this move has to drive Woody nuts, I just hope we STAY THE COURSE. The Giants are in a completely different situation then us. They know they're window is closing with Eli and they have to make one last push while they can. The Jets in the opposite position and should be very much building for 2018 and beyond.
  9. Sign this beast and make him our Director of Scouting if the Skins let him go. Guys got an eye for talent and like I said earlier he shouldn't necessarily be running the team in a GM capacity but could really serve well as Macc's right hand man especially for a team like ours that needs so many players.
  10. I think (or at least hope) the Jets plan is to look for a viable insurance policy to compete for the starting job who obviously won't break the bank or mortgage their future. I agree, they are absolutely not sold on Hack or Petty and nor should they be but I also think both are going to be given a real shot to compete with a vet in camp. I can also see them drafting a QB in the middle to late rounds and letting him and Petty fight it out for that last spot on the depth chart and the loser getting cut.
  11. I'm ok with the idea of Glennon but obviously at the right price, can't have a Brock Osweiler situation on our hands. Since he basically hasn't played in two years I'd hope maybe Glennon would be more interested in a one year prove it deal where he can show his still a viable starter in the league and get the big money down the road. Rumors are he turned down the Buccs offer to make him the highest paid backup so you'd think he's betting on himself a bit.
  12. Probably shouldn't have been hired right into a GM position so quickly. Guy's got a great resume but the move to make was to put him in more of an Asst. GM/ Director of Scouting position until he got his act together. Who knows though don't wanna speculate but this doesn't good at all, according to reports his grandmother passed away Feb. 6th
  13. You have to wonder what the mindset of guys like Decker and Marshall will be after seeing what's going on this offseason. I think we all learned from the Fitzpatrick situation last year that you cannot let your players dictate your roster but at the same time these are older guys who most likely won't be around if and when this team is a real contender again. I think Macc needs to have some serious conversations with some of the vets and determine whether they're buying into this strategy of rebuilding with youth. If they're not it's probably time to get rid of them too. Cap space is meaningless we're going to stink next year no point targeting high priced vets like we did two years ago just for band aid purposes. The benefit of keeping some of the vets around is to help the younger guys learn, especially if we're breaking in a young QB, it's certainly a huge advantage to have safety nets like Marshall, Decker and Q to throw the ball to.
  14. This has nothing to do with John Morton but I'm so tired of reading every article that starts with "he's the first one in the building and the last to leave"....I don't care if you work 40 hours a week or a 100 hours a week that doesn't define a good coach.
  15. Yep considering the circumstances they all seem like solid hires on the surface. With more attractive openings especially on the offensive side of the ball and a coach who is very much on the hot seat it was going to be a tough sell but with the state of this team let's find the next up and comer in a guy like Morton as opposed to a retread like Nor Turner. Nothing against Norv but at his age and experience you'd have to think he'd be better suited for a win now team.
  16. May not be a flashy name but based on his background would actually make a lot of sense. In a way, it would be a relief for Jet fans to know there actually was a plan in place ni grooming Dorell. At the same time, you can't blame Bowles for doing his due diligence and at least interviewing other candidates. We'll see though looks like a hire should be coming soon.
  17. ehh it's always easy to blame Woody for being cheap, hindsight is 20/20 none of us were in the room for the interview process, not like Quinn had a history of success they were both highly regarded d-coordinators that were pretty much on the same level as far as past success is concerned. At least Bowles had experience as a HC in the past. Quinn seemed to just be coming off a couple of years in Seattle where the thought was he was just maintaining what was already a good defense.
  18. No coach was choosing us over the Falcons a few years ago. The prevailing thought when Mike Smith got fired was that the Falcons job was far and away the best job available. Why? because they had a ton of talent and always seemed to under achieve. In no way am I taking anything away from Dan Quinn because I do agree you need more than just a franchise QB to win but I think the idea that they didn't want to wait for Quinn was a little saving face. I think the Jets knew the Falcons were offering him the job and that there was very little chance the Jets could compete with a loaded Falcons roster. So in the end the Jets took a the sure thing who by all reports was considered just as good if not a better hire than Quinn anyway.
  19. Agree with this point 100% the biggest part of building a roster is finding those role player/depth guys in rounds 3-7/UDFA and I think Macc has done a fine job of that. This team was a mess thanks to Tannenbaum giving draft picks away like candy and the toxic environment of the two Rex/Idzik years. As much as last year was fun, 10-6 was a mirage, this team is in desperate need of a full rebuild. Unless this team is a complete disaster next year. Macc deserves at least two more years before we start to see real results.
  20. LOL I'm sure his agent and the NFLPA didn't love his comments about playing for free next season. He's clearly backtracking.
  21. Very strange but all accounts he seemed like a great pick. At the same time he hasn't landed somewhere else yet so I'm not sure it's as simple as saying he chose someone else over the Jets. I just hope Bowles knows what he's doing.
  22. I think it makes sense from the Chiefs perspective to start thinking about the next guy. That's not to say they should trade their whole draft to move up and draft Watson in the frist rd. But if one of these guys slip and they like that QB then yes, spend a first rd. pick on him. Smith is an average QB who will win you 10-12 games a year but I just don't think he's ever going to get them to a Super Bowl and with the Chiefs young dynamic roster they should be "going for it". On the otherhand Smith makes absolutely no sense for the Jets, with our roster we'd be 8-8 for the next two years we'd be much better going 4-12 but developing a young QB for the future.
  23. And this is why, after 5 years we're only in year 2 of a rebuild. Idzik had the right idea of basically tearing it down completely but couldn't evaluate talent if his life depended on it. He could've been ok if he brought in a really strong scouting dept. and relied on them from a talent evaluation perspective but he didn't even do that he just kept the same scouting dept. in place from the Tannenbaum days.
  24. I get that point as well and there's always the fear someone like Lynn is just a flavor of the month assistant like every other coach we've hired in the recent past. That being said what proven HC is out there? These proven guys like Gruden, Harbough etc.. aren't coming here without a QB in place.
  25. No offense to guys like Norv Turner b/c I do think he'd be a great hire but with where this team is going I'd rather bring in a young up and comer like Lynn. Stop with the retreads and let's bring in a guy who has potential to grow into a HC if things go south with Bowles.
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