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  1. Loved Snacks and no doubt this defense needs that kind of leadership but I still hold the belief he would've been a major luxury on this defense.  We would've most likely still been 5-11 with or without Snacks.   It was also the perfect storm with the Giants having a ton of cap room and a major need ti improve their defense.  Not saying they overpaid for him but we weren't in a position to allocate that type of cap number to him.

  2. everyone was so worried that putting Hack into a game without being ready was going to kill his confidence.  Ironically, it's looking like the opposite.  The media has nothing to write about the guy b/c they haven't seen him so they take the easy click bait approach of killing the kid and quoting anonymous sources.  I just hope he's able to rise above it and NY doesn't kill him before he has a chance to play. 

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  3. I know everyone likes to say why would a guy like Mike McCoy come here when he'll have so many options.  Well if you really think about it, it might make the most sense because you can dangle the HC job in front of him.  If the team stinks,  Bowles gets fired and you can be in consideration for the next HC, if the team does well that most likely means the offense improved which helps get his name out there again for HC jobs,  The one caveat would be not attaching any of these guys to Hackenberg and letting them give a fair evaluation


  4. I've given Macc the benefit of the doubt and actually think he's done a better job here than most people considering what he walked into.   I hope he proves me wrong but the more and more I think about it, the Hack pick just made no sense in the 2nd rd.  He knew he was drafting a multi year project and with this team in desperate need of that franchise guy he's just not a good fit here.  He needed to go to a team that has an older, established QB in place like the Pats, Saints, Giants etc.. where he can stand on the sidelines for 3 years and fix the mechanical issues without the pressure of fans clamoring for him to play.  I just hope Macc realizes the mistake and doesn't build the team and coaching staff around what's best for Christian Hackenberg instead of what's best for the franchise

  5. I think he hinted at it  but wanted to see how the season played out.  With the way things went and the Jets not looking like they're anywhere near a Super Bowl contender he probably decided to move on. I don't think it was as definitive as him telling the organization before the season this was it, I think he let them know it was a consideration.

  6. 8 minutes ago, johnnysd said:

    No, no no. No Glennon or Hoyer. No more dead end JAGS, and Glennon is a dead end journeyman JAG to be. Petty passes the eye test so far and he will need time to develop. Hack has already been labelled a bust but his ceiling is best QB in the NFL. In fact both QBs have franchise potential. QB development is all about reps. Bring in a draftee or UDFA as QB3 and let Petty and Hack get 90% of the 1st and 2nd team reps and 50% of the third team. Bite the bullet and develop one of our own QBs. All in. NO MORE HEDGING OUR BETS WITH USELESS VETERAN QBS. 

    I don't disagree but unless they draft a guy in the first rd. you're fooling yourself if you think they don't bring in an insurance policy.  You just hope that if Hack or Petty are even close to as good as the vet we bring in Bowles goes with the young guy.  

  7. Petty hasn't looked great but he hasn't embarrassed himself out there either.  I know this is easier said than done but Macc needs to convince Woody to bite the bullet next year and stick with the young guys.  Go into camp with Petty, Hack and Glennon (at the right place) or Hoyer and just have an open QB competition.  I was a huge believer that there was no way Petty could do enough to guarantee himself the job next year, best case scenario he leaves the door open to compete next year.  Still two games to go but I do think he's done that.  With the improvements made from last year to this year and with him getting 4 games under his belt I'll actually be excited to see what he's got for 2017.

  8. Hate go down this road again but firing our ST coaches two years in a row shows there's bigger problems.  Woody should open the wallet and bring Westhoff back as a consultant/asst. coach.  Let him work with Boyer and straighten out the ST's.  He doesn't have to travel with the team or be in the sidelines but bring him into camp, let him be involved in choosing the ST's personal and be in the building every week reviewing the schemes.  With how bad our ST's has been over the past two years Bowles should be sitting in on those meetings too, he is the Head Coach and doesn't just get absolved from this,

  9. 50 minutes ago, LIJetsFan said:

    What is it about ...we could have tagged him and gotten rid of Wilk do you not understand?  This and the Fitz signing are Mac's two grievous sins in my book.

    What good would tagging him do?  I think Dion Simon will be a good player, you don't pay a guy that much money to play half the snaps.  Giants D looks good but Harrison is far from the only reason.  It's obvious our running game has certainly suffered without him but our defense wouldn't be much better considering how our secondary has looked.  I'll also hold out hope that Mo puts it together next year coming off a full offseason to get in better shape and Sheldon is out the door.  As for Fitz, I think that whole situation is being overblown, if we didn't pay him we'd probably still be a 4-10 team right now but fans would be complaining we were cheap and should've brought back Fitz and with the way he played last year Macc was in a tough spot.  I think Macc did a good job holding his ground and not handcuffing us long term.  

  10. The more and more I think about it, an open QB competition next year with Petty, Hack and Glennon makes the absolute most sense.  You want young guys with upside, not a hold the fort Cutler type.  What good is going 7-9 next year?  Go all in and try to build for 2018 and beyond.  With that being said, it has to be at the right price.  I know a lot of money was thrown Brock's way but it was only one team (the Texans) bidding on him and I don't forget Glennon hasn't played in almost 3 years so I don't see him getting absurd money.  One thing to remember is a team like the Bronco's are always out there while I see them looking more at a guy like Romo I wouldn't put it past them to go after Glennon as well and with their talent level on defense no FA is picking the Jets over the Broncos assuming the money is the same.

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  11. I go back and forth on this.  At this point in the season we are in an evaluation stage and yes, we should be looking at all the young guys.  At the same time, you want to be able to evaluate your young QB in the ideal circumstances.  It's not about making excuses for the kid it's just more about being honest in evaluating him.  The weather also looks like it may be crappy Sat. night too so I doubt we see a game plan like we saw against SF where he's airing it out every play.

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  12. The article is purely speculative but if true, Macc could be coming to the realization that he's not going to have another 3 years to develop a QB and if he doesn't find one soon he's going to be out the door.  I like his strategy and mindset of drafting a QB every year until you find one but at the same time this team and this fanbase has waited long enough and it's time to get our guy.  This could explain the strong push to go with a guy like Trubisky who could step in and start day one.

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  13. 27 minutes ago, SAR I said:

    This is a joke, right?

    SAR I

    No not at all why?  Free agent QB's are free agent QB's for a reason it's not like Aaron Rodgers is becoming available.  Not sure what names are out there that are so much better.  Glennon?  What has he done that puts him above Geno.  I don't even want to hear about Cutler/Romo, I like Romo from a talent perspective but we need to start thinking about finding our long term franchise QB and those types of guys don't help get us there.  I want a guy in the offseason who can compete for the starting position but isn't coming in as the clear cut starter.  Time to play the young guys

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  14. I think from a talent and experience perspective, Geno is exactly the kind of QB we should be targeting in the offseason.  A young but still experienced QB who will come fairly cheap and can step in and compete with Hack and Petty for the starting job.  Unfortunately for Geno I do think he just brings too much baggage to be worth keeping around next year.   I could see him going to a team like Arizona, could be very interesting to see what an offensive mind like Bruce Arians could do with him.

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  15. All the rumors on who we would've taken always make me laugh.  I have no proof of this but I'm pretty sure Rex has gone on record of saying he wanted to take everyone when he's asked about a good player on another team.

    A typical Rex interview:

    Reported: Rex, how do you plan on stopping [insert Pro Bowl Player here] this week?

    Rex: Boyitellya he's a hell of a player.  Funny story, I had him at the top of my draft board that year unfortunately the [insert team here] got to him first

  16. This sums it up right here.  Not making excuses for this regime but this was a much bigger rebuild than anyone wanted to admit.  last year was a mirage and a perfect storm of Fitz playing way above his head and an easy schedule.  Give them another year and let's see if we make some real progress.


    “Since the Jets drafted (D’Brickashaw) Ferguson and Mangold in 2006, they went from 2007 to 2014 drafting two starters (on offense) that are still with them, a guard (Brian Winters) and a third wide receiver (Quincy Enunwa),” he said. “Mangold’s on his last legs, Ferguson retired, so they make a move for Ryan Clady, which we all knew was going to be a risk. But there was no backup on the roster that was worth anything.

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  17. Makes sense, no reason to play through an injury for a 33 year old center especially when we need to see the younger guys anyway.  Mangold may still have something left in the tank and with plenty of good teams looking for O-line help it may be best for the Jets to work something out and let him  go spend a year or two  with a legit contender trying to get that Super Bowl ring before hanging it up 

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