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  1. Hate to beat a dead horse but the Idzik years are really just killing us, especially 2014 when we had all those picks and have nothing to show for it.  Not saying Macc is the answer but you wonder how different things could be if we had a football guy like him in place, we may disagree on the guys taken but his strategy of taking a QB every year till you find one is absolutely the right approach.

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  2. Unfortunately we're still paying for the Idzik debacle.  What I mean is, Woody set it up this way because Rex reported to Idzik leading to a coach and GM who disliked each other and had completely different goals.  That wasn't Rex and Idzik's fault that was Woody's fault for forcing a coach on a GM.  Unfortunately this time around Woody ALMOST did it right but couldn't help himself, the right move was hire a competent GM, let him hire a coach and stay out of the way.

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  3. I was just as mad as most when I heard the decision so start Fitz this week but let me give this FO a little bit more of the benefit of the doubt.  The Jets see a QB in Petty who simply isn't ready and to me, that's not the worst thing in the world.  You never want to throw away draft picks I get it, but a 4th rd project QB who never played in anything resembling a pro-style offense not being ready in year 2 is not the worst thing to happen.  Petty was taken on the premise that the physical ability is there he just has to learn how to play in the NFL some pick it up sooner than others but regardless it takes time.  Hack on the other hand was drafted much higher and while also a project, should be much further along based on the offense he ran at Penn State especially in his freshman year.  I appreciate Macc sticking to his strategy and drafting a QB every year till you find one but if we look at the situation honestly the Jets didn't pull a move like the Rams and trade their next 3 drafts for either guy, these are guys with tools who need training.  With that being said, one of the two needs to be ready to play next year and this FO can't be scared to throw them into the fire.  That's why I think we end up with a guy like Hoyer or Mccown and basically go into next season with an open QB competition.  It's not exciting and leaves a lot of questions but it's the reality.

  4. 57 minutes ago, UnitedWhofans said:

    What about Dak Prescott? He's a young QB playing with a young elite running back and the best OL in the NFL.

    Fair overview, for the most part on Maccagnan, Wilkerson is the one disagreement because everyone liked the signing at the time.


    While I agree from the outside looking in everyone loved the Wilkerson signing but most of the fans and media didn't know about him not showing for meetings and his lack of leadership, knowing what we know now and we're assuming Macc knew when signing him I believe that we should've taken the best offer available and moved on from the guy.

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  5. This decision needs to be an organizational decision not just on Bowles.  What I mean by that is Woody needs to sit down with Bowles and even Macc and tell them you're jobs and this season is not going to be judged by how many games we win.  At this point whether we go 3-13 or 6-10 it doesn't matter.  I need to see progress going into next season a including the QB position so stop the best chance to win BS and start playing the younger guys so they can get game experience and we can get a better picture of what we may have going into next year.  It's not even just about Ftiz at this point but play the young WR's, give Juston Burris some playing time, heck shut down Mangold for the rest of the year and get Wes Johnson more experience.  The whole organization needs to come to terms with the fact that this season's over and start thinking towards the future.

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  6. 7 minutes ago, kevinc855 said:

    So what is your solution, roll the dice with petty or hack who hasn't even seen the field?

    Not sure yet, that's why I want to see Petty or Hack the rest of the way.  I will agree we need to bring an "insurance policy" veteran QB but I want to bring more of a Hoyer type someone who can compete for the job whereas if you bring Romo in he's your starter.

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  7. I hate to be dramatic but if Romo's our starting QB next year Macc has failed us.  As a jet fan believe me, I appreciate the talent Romo has always been underrated but he's a band aid and doesn't help this team moving forward at all. 

  8. The mental aspect seems to be there which is half the battle, once Petty feels a little more comfortable on the field and with more practice time with our receivers you hope some of those bad throws improve which is why Bowles needs to stop screwing around and name him the starter.  I mentioned this before but on the overthrown ball to Anderson yes, it was a bad throw by Petty but Anderson also slowed down and to me it was more of a situation where you had a QB and WR who just haven't had enough practice time together to gel.  Don't underestimate the injuries on the o-line having a major affect on the gameplan either.  That's a good d-line that can bring pressure, I don't think our CS trusted the O-Line enough at all to give Petty the time to let plays develops hence the focus on short passes and the running game.  All in all for a 4th rd project making his first start against a good Defense with our banged up O-Line I saw enough there to warrant giving him more playing time.

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  9. While it's frustrating to watch guys like Dak and Wentz get in there and play well Macc drafted Hack in the 2nd round knowing full well he's not going to be ready to step in and play but the upside he sees is huge.  It would've been easy for Macc to trade the next 3 drafts to go out and get Wentz or Goff but he's taking a chance on a guy that's far from a sure thing.  We all want that immediate gratification but I'll just keep reminding everyone that this new regime inherited a mess and there's a long term strategy in place to build a sustainable winning franchise and hey, if Petty can turn into a starting franchise caliber QB I don't think anyone would be upset we took Hack in the 2nd Round for once it would be a good problem to have.

  10. I'm not advocating firing Bowles but the argument that he's 70 years old and won't be here long is weak in my opinion.  If you were to make a move like this you set it up where Tom would be able to pick an Asst. Head Coach with the understand that he's being groomed to take over the job in 3-5 years, it's not ideal but it could work and helps keep that continuity.   Again, not advocating moving on from Bowles but unfortunately he's the type of personality this team needs; an experienced disciplinarian who has a track record to make the non popular moves. 

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  11. Which is why fans need to chill out, I hate to use this term again but the Jets really are in a "competitive rebuild" mode. Macc came in with a lot of money he HAD to spend and handed out a lot of short term deals to keep ownership happy while rebuilding the talent through the draft.  I have my concerns about Bowles who really seems to have taken a step back this year but I think in reality this was always a 3-4 year rebuild.  With that being said, the team still looks like garbage this year and theres no excuse for the lazy uninspired play from the guys that are here.

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  12. Yep the Rams game is a prime example of how we're just not good at "all three phases"  With a young QB making his first start and a banged up O-line we needed a big play from our defense especially against a bad QB like Case Keenum and we just didn't get it.  Our defense plays so passive and is more concerned at this point with just not giving up the big play then actually making a big play.  I'll say this too, I wish Macc could've pulled off his original plan of trading Mo and signing Olivier Vernon, the Giants may have overpaid a little but the guy shows up, plays hard and is actually a factor whereas you barely hear Mo's name.

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  13. 16 hours ago, mkajet01 said:

    They said Anderson hesitated on pass overthrown. Petty was constantly put in bad field position. I didn't expect Joe Willie. But in pettys 1st game he was okay against an lite defense

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    I think the play with Petty and Anderson was due to the two of them just not having many reps together.  I don't put 100% blame on either one Anderson slowed down which led to Petty overthrowing the ball.  Those things can be improved with more reps together the positive is that Robbie Anderson can be that fast deep threat we've been looking for.

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  14. 39 minutes ago, drdetroit said:

    Awful game.


    and then the NFL wonders why prime time ratings are down.  I know there's a rule about all 32 teams getting no prime time games but holy cow has the selection been hideous

    It's the NFL "cockyness" in thinking they can throw anything on Primetime and people will watch cause it's football.  They're learning their lesson big time.  I can see the Thursday night game being gone in a few years 

  15. 7 hours ago, detectivekimble said:

    He whiffs too much in pass protection.  He's the one who got beaten like a rented mule on the play that Geno tore his ACL.  He'll get Petty destroyed, too.  

    Oh he definitely has to get better but I think he's showed some promise.  Can't have Pro Bowlers at every position on the line but he's been good enough to warrant cutting Breno in the offseason.  BTW yes, I agree on the Geno play but Geno also has to know enough at this point to get rid of the ball not trying to pile on the guy but Geno should've known better at this point in his career.

  16. There's more to this just trying to win now.  They either want to wait after the Pats game to give Petty an easier transition and use the excuse that they're out of it or there is a chance they want to give Hack a few more weeks and then bypass Petty altogether.  I know everyone assumes Hack's nowhere near ready but they drafted him in the 2nd round for a reason don't think they expect him to sit for 3 years.

  17. 10 minutes ago, Ex-Rex said:

    He has looked pretty good on the right side, even though he has gotten some dumb penalties. The left side is an entirely different beast and against this Rams front four whoever the Jets QB is he is going to be in for a long day. Jets better run the ball until they run the legs off Forte and Powell because passing downs are going to be scary.

    Agreed it's night and day and he's really getting baptism by fire against a good D-Line but again, let's see what we got.  Clady was more of a placeholder anyway and with this latest injury he's just proven to be way too injury prone to keep around.

  18. 4 minutes ago, LIJetsFan said:


    I like Mac, like him a lot but I need to vent: 

    I'm getting sick and tired of us paying for injury prone players and or players coming off an injury.  Kiery Robinson and now Clady are prime examples.  Oh, and I'll throw Mo Wilk in there too.  

    I know I know, if they come back 100% we get a bargain.  I don't care.  Just stop it with this bargain basement strategy Mac, please.  I'm adding Mo because I didn't want to tag him or pay him his price and his coming off a broken leg made it all the worse.  

    So, what happened, we are without a power RB, we've still have a problem to solve at LT, and Mo is dogging it and or injured and or in too much pain.  Not to mention the misplaced cap$ in all three cases.     

    This is what happens when you draft poorly and need to fill in holes. There's only so much cap space to go around so you have to take risks on injury prone players cause their cheaper.  Good teams have 4th, 5th, 6th rders making significant contributions and they're doing it on minimum salarieS we don't have many of those guys other than Enunwa and Winters.  We don't have that late round RB that's stepped in as the starter which makes us have to go to the free agent well.  

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  19. Ijalana has actually looked promising and it would obviously be huge if he could develop into a LT.  A lot to ask out of the guy but Clady was never a long term solution so it's probably a blessing in disguise we get to see Ijalana there.  We do need to start paying more attention to the O-Line but it's not nearly in as bad a shape as we thought going into the season.  Winters has developed well and Carpenter's a good player, Ijalana may at the very least be able to be a starting RT, I think we're pushing our luck with Mangold as he's beginning to become more and more injury prone but Johnson has filled in fine.  We're not the Cowboys, but our O-line has really been more of a pleasant surprise.

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