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  1. I'm assuming the offer that was on the table from Dallas or anywhere else Macc was confident will be there in the offseason hence the decision to not move him yet.  There was no rush to move him by the trade deadline and maybe we get lucky and create a little bit of a bidding war.  No way we're getting a first but hey maybe a 3rd and 5th or 6th?

  2. 1 hour ago, Augustiniak said:

    the underlying problem is this farce of the 'competitive rebuild'.  you're either pregnant or you're not.  either rebuild and develop the young guys or let all the vets play.  the 'competitive rebuild' fail is that most of the veterans suck or can be replaced.  fitz sucks.  harris sucks.  revis sucks.  decker is not needed anymore - he's still good but they have height and speed at wr now.  mangold is also not needed anymore - again he may still be good but the jets run game looked good vs. the phins and the problems on the line are the tackles not the interior.  brandon marshall is still good but should not be the focal point of an offense anymore.  the roster will look very different next season and there will be a new class of leaders, hopefully ones to supplant the likes of wilk, who clearly shouldn't lead, revis, who has always been about himself, and fitz, who could care less how he plays as long as he remains the starter and is unwilling to hold himself accountable.

    You're not wrong but that's on our owner who's too concerned with selling tickets.  Not that a full rebuild always works but I do agree that a "competitive rebuild" is very hard to do just ask a team like the Redskins who go 7-9/8-8 every year.  I never believe with losing on purpose but I do think the main goal when Macc came in the door should've been to improve the talent and get younger to create a sustainable winner.  Instead it was: we need to be good coming off a 4-12 debacle while also rebuilding. 

  3. The underlying problem here stems back to "the inmates running the asylum" theory.  Whether you're Decker, Marshall or Robbie Anderson for that matter, when asked that question players should defer to coach with a canned answer like " I'm confident Coach Bowles will make the right decision to put the players out there that give us the best chance to win" It's not the player's job to decide who the starting QB is and it's beginning to look like all the concern from the vets like Mangold, Decker and Marshall politicking  in the offseason to bring Fitz back are coming true.  Sure, locker room dynamic matters but when players are backing their friends over what's best for the team you have a problem.  Bowles has 7 weeks to get this under control or he could seriously be out the door after this year.  Macc also needs to take a hard look at this roster in the offseason without getting caught up on big names.

  4. Unfortunately the way the AFC is shaping up this year the Jets are one good week away from being back in the WC hunt which could delay playing Petty or Hack.  Unlike last year where the Jets didn't get in at 10-6 I'm thinking 9-7 could win a Wild Card spot.  I'm not saying the Jets will be a serious threat but the FO and CS maybe able to use that excuse for longer than we originally anticipated.

  5. TBH while it doesn't excuse Fitz's comments last week about the Coach, GM and Owner not believing in him I actually do get it a little bit more now.  If he's getting benched why are guys like Mo and Sheldon still out there when they don't even have the respect to show up on time (or at all)?  It's all sort of piecing together now.

  6. At this point the Jets should just use Fitz's injury as an excuse to play Petty without committing to him for the year.  Why not just say Fitz is hurt and unavailable this week against LA so Petty gets the nod, if he plays well enough or shows promise you stick with him if not then you reevaluate.  Fitz spraining his MCL is the perfect opportunity to give Petty a game without committing to him.  Fitz is far from the only problem but he's the worst starting QB in the league so you really have nothing to lose.

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  7. 8 minutes ago, bostonmajet said:

    Benching them is holding them accountable. They know why they have been benched. The know what will happen if they keep doing this. If MO gets suspended for a game, he won't get paid. Airing the dirty laundry is a coaches way of letting the fans and the media 'punish' the players. If you ask me, keeping it in house and benching them is better than telling to world. Bowles kept it in house, the two guys were benched, and the world found out why. I don't think he could have handled it better (except for doing it sooner).

    He's also embarrassing them in front of the media. No need to state what happened the story will get leaked and the two of them will have to answer for it.  

  8. The Fitz resigning made a lot of sense at the time,  the Jets never folded and find themselves in a good situation not being tied to him after this year.  And yes, I agree Macc has greatly improved the talent on this team.  It's not an excuse but you do have to remember what Macc really inherited here, just look back at our past 5 years of drafts the team has absolutely no talent and that doesn't get fixed overnight.  Ultimately Macc and Bowles for that matter will be judged on whether we're able to find a QB but I think we're off to a good start. Unfortunately, while last year was fun, I think it fooled Jets fans into believing we had a sustainable winner.  The talent on this team is old and the goal last year was to spend the money Idzik left on the table to create an exciting team and make Woody happy by selling some tickets.  If you asked Macc truthfully he'd tell you this team is probably still a few years away from really competing.  

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  9. The idea of getting rid of the probable status I thought made sense but now I'm not so sure.  To me questionable is a 50/50 shot while doubtful is pretty much a no.  You need that designation that says "Most likely will play but there is some concern,"  Maybe I'll get used to it but so far not liking that they got rid of the "probable" status.

  10. I know it sounds cliche but this team really needs to take it one game at a time.  To hear players talking yesterday about running the table scares me.  A couple of wins against bad teams doesn't change much and the Jets aren't a good enough team to overlook anyone on their schedule.  If they play a similar first half vs. Miami like they did in Clev. forget it they'll dig too big of a hole to get out of.  Miami isn't a great team but they're better than Clev. and have played much better after a slow start.

  11. Not taking anything away from Norv b/c the guy has had a good career as an offensive coach but what I hope the Jets are doing from an offensive standpoint is grooming the next guy.  Chan's not a young man and was basically out of the league a few years ago so you wonder how long he'll be here.  Knowing that it would be nice to have someone from the CS be able to step in and take that job.  That's what good teams do the Pats, Seahawks, Bengals, Steelers etc... their coordinators get poached for HC gigs all the time but you rarely see them bring in a guy from the outside they usually promote from within.  I think there's something to be said for that kind of continuity.  Not looking to run Chan out of town just thinking ahead a little.  

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  12. Glennon could be a possibility but I'm just not sure the Jets will want to invest heavily in the guy.  Some team may come around and give him a long term deal and with the Jets trying to groom Hack I don't see them wanting to make that investment.  That's why guys like Romo and Cutler are attractive you can bring them in for a year or two and move on.

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  13. Remember how mad everyone was when we Dave Caldwell chose the GM job with the Jags over us.  Looking back, yes those two years of Idzik sucked and Macc still has a lot to prove I think we did make out much better in the long run with our FO.

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  14. Of course we could lose on Sunday we can lose any of these next 3 "easy" games.  Everyone is focused on these team getting to 5-5, let's get to 3-5 first.  The teams we play over the next few weeks think the Jets are just as winnable as we consider them.  

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  15. They need another RB, don't much about this Pope kid but you wonder how highly they really think of him considering the brought Spiller in for a look and he's barely seen any action.  I'd have to say while it's only been two years Macc's shown a tendency to now value the RB position much by bringing in veteran guys and not spending a draft pick on a RB which is why there's no way I see us taking Fournette in this draft if he's there.  

  16. 12 hours ago, bealeb319 said:


    I think they simply want petty to feel like he earned it.

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    Fair point, while I have some criticisms with Bowles relying too much on the vets he has shown a propensity to do exactly what you said with the younger players; "Make them earn it"  I also think they realize they can't wait 3 years for Hack and need to get him some serious reps in preparation to compete for the starting job next year.

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  17. This game is pretty much a no win situation for the Jets.  No one will be in any way impressed with a win and if we were to lose we'd be a bigger joke than we already are.  Team just needs to play well and not underestimate the Browns and obviously get a win.  

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