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  1. I mean as Jets fan I don't see how you can't at least have a little love for Rex and some of the excitement and relevance he brought to this franchise.   At the same time, anyone who expected him to not say "outrageous" headline grabbing things as an ESPN personality obviously doesn't know Rex.  I think he has too much pride to do this but I would love to see Rex try to go that Wade Philips route and go be a D-Coordinator for a few years on a good team with an offensive minded coach and come in to sort of "fix" the defense.  Again, not sure he would ever do it but I would be interested to see him coaching again.

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  2. 14 hours ago, Samtorobby47 said:

    Makes total sense for those kinda teams to throw a late 1 for Sam. You’re prob never picking high enough for a top QB, why not take a shot at talented QB already with 3 years experience. Sam with Shananan would prob be a damn good pairing. 

    This, we're talking about teams like the Steelers and Saints so it's not like we're getting a top 5 pick.  It's a late first rounder for a team with an older QB who ideally wants to start thinking about the future.  Breese has looked pretty bad this year so I think the Saints make a ton of sense.

  3. I look at this way.  Yes, it makes more sense at this point to start over.  Get Lawrence on that rookie contract and build around him.  Yesterday our offense was run around Frank Gore and Joe Flacco.  Winning that game would do no one any good.  But one thing to keep in mind is we still do have what many consider a good young QB here in Darnold and if we actually do win a few games this year it's going to be because Darnold played well.  My point being, it's not like we're stuck with a McCown type QB, if we lose out on the Lawrence sweepstakes, we can still build around Sam with a better o-line WR, better defense an obviously better coaching.  Lawrence is obviously this can't miss prospect that we can't turn down if we do end up with the #1 pick, but the consolation prize of sticking with Darnold and building around him isn't bad either. 

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  4. 41 minutes ago, BCJet said:

    Fant has played too well to do that and frankly his contract going forward isnt bad.  Its far smarter to go into 2021 with Fant and Becton (we have $80 million in cap space, cutting Fant isnt necessary) and keeping Edoga as a very inexpensive swing tackle for the next 2 years.

    good point, didn't realize his contract was so affordable tbh

  5. 8 hours ago, slimjasi said:

    Yea, if you actually read the article, it’s basically saying Douglas would be in trouble if he didn’t fix the team with all of the draft capital he has + next year’s free agency class - but we already know that because we have upper primate brains.

    So Pauline should probably STFU 

    Exactly this is headline baiting.  I mean the report says, that they're not firing him this year but if the team doesn't start improving ownership won't be happy.  Well obviously that's pretty much the job of the GM.  The only interesting point here is their interest in George Paton but c'mon it only makes sense to put out multiple feelers when hiring a GM.  

  6. It's obvious JD's plan is his plan and he's not going to let Darnold's timeline interfere with that.  And unfortunately, I tend to agree with JD.  While I really like Darnold and want him to be the face of the franchise we've shown time and time again that a quick fix and winning free agency isn't going to get us there long term.  While I wish JD provided Darnold more weapons on offense to truly judge Darnold I do understand the strategy and building for the future.  Fixing Idzik and Macc's terrible decisions unfortunately isn't happening overnight and with the timing of JD's hire last year the clock really only starts ticking for him now since he's only had one draft.

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  7. Bottom line, no one ever denied JA was a great player but when you have a team with as many glaring holes as the Jets he becomes a luxury especially when factoring in this attitude and how much he didn't want to be here.  The key now is JD drafting well.  

  8. The Jets need a QB coach that isn't Dowell Loggains.  Gase is the HC and while I know he was hired to be that offensive mind he can't be expected to run the team and coach Darnold up.  I think what I gathered from this is that regardless of the talent around him on the roster he's not being coached up enough.  Maybe Flacco can be that guy? Idk but the Jets coaching staff have failed him

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  9. 37 minutes ago, Skeet Ulrich said:

    It's not unusual. The Steelers and Chiefs do it the same way(GM and HC both report to team pres/CEO).

    We just complain because the team sucks.

    They don't have an interim owner who knows very little about football.  Big difference, I'm not saying it can't be done but for the structure and team in-house it just doesn't make sense.

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  10. 8 minutes ago, Augustiniak said:

    Jd hedged.  He took a job with a good prospect in darnold, but he also got a long contract.  And every gm gets to draft his own qb.  So from jd’s perspective, if darnold pans out, great, he’s got his qb and can build an offense around him.  If darnold doesn’t improve, well, the jets are destined to have a top 5 if not a top 3 or better pick this year, and he’s got 2 1st, a 2nd and 2 3rds as ammo to move up (not to mention 2 1sts in 2022) to get a qb.  I think jd’s preference is that darnold pans out, obviously, since that means the jets will be that much closer to contending.  But if we see a few more weeks of this, most here will be rooting for a full tank and getting Trevor, who looks to be a pure stud.

    this is probably the better way to put it.  JD isn't necessarily looking for a reason to move on from Darnold but he's also willing to evaluate Darnold objectively instead of just assuming he has his qb.

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  11. I'm starting to wonder if JD is less sold on Darnold then we all think.  I mean looking at the evidence, he didn't draft Darnold, he hasn't exactly gone out of his way to give Darnold weapons in a really important year evaluation year, he drafted a QB in the 4th rd.  That's not to say JD is tanking for Trevor Lawrence but just maybe he's looking at this as a major evaluation year for Darnold as apposed to putting all the chips on the table this season to build around him (And Gase for that matter).  I'm assuming Darnold will be better than he was on Sunday but I'm starting to be of the belief that Darnold may really be playing for his job.

  12. I believe in JD more than any other GM in the Jets recent history (which isn't saying much).  I think he has a plan and is building for long term success.  The problem in the past going back to Tanny is we've always been more concerned with winning the offseason  and free agency.  This may give us a good year or two but we're never really building for sustained success.  You can't replace bad drafting with free agency eventually it'll come back to haunt you and that's what we're facing now.  Unfortunately Darnold throws that plan off a bit.  This is a big year for Darnold and may determine whether we invest in him long term or not but yet again we'll be in a position where we'll likely be wondering if it's Darnold or the weapons or is it Darnold or the coach.  I think unless we're really bad in a position to draft Trevor Lawrence Darnold will be given at least one more year but it would be nice to have that definitive answer once this season ends.  

  13. This first episode didn't change my opinion but I've always been a fan of Anthony Lynn, a shame we ran him out of town with Rex.  Offensive coach, seems well liked by his team, seems to be a leader, and worked his way through the ranks.  Would've been an interesting hire instead of the Bowles route.  Not that Bowles wasn't qualified at the time but we seemed to completely overlook Lynn which I blame Charlie Casserly for, he was obviously always going to pick one of his "friends" in the league.

  14. Not the Dolphins are a successful franchise but reading stories like this just reminds me how a** backwards Mac's strategy of building a roster had been.  He invested all our assets in ILB, run stuffing D-Lineman and Safeties and never did anything to try and build the O-Line, Cornerback position or edge rusher.  

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